Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free from exam... :)

Finally finished my 1st term exam last week. Phew~ Err... Overall is ok for me, I GUESS. Haha... As time flies, tomorrow start my 2nd semester lor. Feel sad? Scare? Very fast then gonna end my KDU life. Sigh. I don't wanna leave my friends. Haha... Well, went Batu Cave that park flying kite with Ling Sze and Sharon. As Ling Sze request that since long time ago, before she went NS. Hahaha... Today's weather not bad, so as her wish. :) Some pictures to share...

Once you went in, you can saw......
Woah~! Many kites right?? xD

Then, many kites on the sky... :)

 Spot the SAPO's face expression. =P

The PRO is coming to help. Hehe...

Trying hard to fly the kite. ><

Finally, they success to fly the kites. Haha...

End of the day. =)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First college's EXAM!!

Almost forgot I got a blog... =P Too busy recently. Haiz... College life is fun but busy also. Settled my 2 mpw subjects presentation. PHEW~ Hehe... But I not so satisfy for my Malaysian Studies presentation lar. Its my first time and seriously I'm freaking nervous. Presenting that time can see my hand and voice shaking. Haha... Second, Moral Education is better. I think is because I know the topic well and group member all look stable. Lol... but before the presentation I keep go pee due to too nervous. Hahaha... As what Mr.Oo comment, I'm happy n shock to hear what he say. Its a COMPLIMENT. Hehe... As time passed, gonna end my Sem1 studies lor. And Sem1 exam is on Monday! Yeap, its on MONDAY and I'm just start reading. Although compare to SPM, its already less to read but damn freaking much things to memories lar. Eeeeyer... But, no choice! AND~! Its a MUST for me to score. God help me please... : (