Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back!!

More than a week I din update my blog. Haha... Recently quite busy until forgot to update blog. There's a bunch of eforum, assignment, presentation and homework waiting me to touch it. Lol... Term test coming very soon, not even one month, stress is waving hand to me. Haha...  Unfortunately, this few days my old sickness, migraine is back... :'(  Damn it!! God ar~ Don't torture me lar. I want improve myself again, haiz... Can someone motivate me??
I want the words blur and don't know dissappear in my study.
I want myself to be strong in everything.
I want improve my badminton skill.
I want myself not that kind of 3minutes heat people.
I want my guitar skill back.
I want many wants..... Lol...
Haiz... Can someone slap me awake me?? Sigh.
Anyway, think positive... Haha...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Its Sunday again...!

Almost forgot I got a blog should update. Haha...
As time flies, one week passed really fast. :(
Assignment and presentation are welcoming me. Lol~
A bit cant catch up for math?? So fed up with myself.
A useless brain I got, what also forgot. Sigh. :(
A special Friday, accidentally have a chance yamcha with Michelle.
A nice heart to heart talk among us. Haha... I felt great. :) 
A great day on Saturday, badminton with LS and Eryn.
After that discuss about presentation stuff at LS's house.
Afternoon we still ate dim sum as lunch and continue our discussion??
Actually is we 3 peoples take an hours nap together on a bed. Haha...
At night me and high school friends went lantern festival right opposite high school...^^
An apologize to Eryn that I wasting your time end up didn't go dinner with you.
And.... I got a new puppy! Heheheeeee....
WOW... All sentences start with the letter "A". Haha...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clear the lazyness...

Clear my mind and back to study!! Wasted this whole weeks holidays did nothing at house. Sigh... Shit lar! Before this lecturer still keep remembering us this holidays is for study, not play play geh. Term1 exam is coming SOON. My goodness... I had no idea at all how to face it. Shit man! If failed, need retake argh! Damn it! Its time to be serious, wake up and start your study Pearly Lim!! *SLAP*

Well, how I passed this weeks?? Hmm... I had no idea at all. As time flies, dreaming a while then few hours gone. Lol... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I rotted in house. Lifeless, wasting time, nothing do there. :(

Thursday went Starplus badminton with LS and Ker Jean. After sent LS back, me and Ker Jean go Lorenzo there badminton again. Crazy~ @@  That's something very unbelievable and paiseh happened on us. Haha... We recognised wrong waja, though its my car keep on and off the lock see why cant open. After Ker Jean told, eh where's our badminton bag? Then only I realised, SHIT! This is not my car, my car is beside. =.=''' *Was showing the wth face* Hahahaha... How stupid lar, dreaming blur there. Lol... And when we eating at mamak there, I keep spoil the forksss and spoonsss. Cause the spoons and forks there too lousy ok?! Then Ker Jean more pro, straight give me the whole bunch of fork and spoon. =.='''

Saturday went badminton at Starplus with LS, Eryn, Jia Xin, Ker Jean and Lim Chee. Thanks Eryn purposely drive come Maluri so far to badminton with us. Haha... After badminton we went Manjalara? Had our lunch, "ma lat ban mee" with Emily and Joel. :) Around evening, LS house no water due to tangki repairs, fetch her go my grandma house bath. Most funny is I forgotten the bathroom lock spoil already de. Hak Sei her. Hahahaha.... That's all for this week. :)

Today lerh?? Hmm... No plans at all and just will go Kepong night market with aunt later. :)  Tomorrow school day, hope it is a new starting for me  : )