Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thank you for nothing

All this while suffered from migraines, thanks a lot to friends that help me and care for me. I feel so blessed to have you all and I appreciate what you all had done. I REMEMBER THAT FOREVER! =D Nothing important than the support from you all to hold me up when I am sliding downwards. Again, THANKS and I heart you all! Haha. Well, thoughts come and go, nothing stay. I am blurred and I am blur... LOL. Thoughts and feelings so complicated recently, always will get angry due to very little stuff. NO, YOU CANT CONTROL THAT MUCH PEARLY! They grown and they don't need you, they got their own life. Let it go~ Let it go~~  =)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

SUFFERING process of migraine

Sunday went KDU work for education fair as usual. While driving, I start feel something pulling on left side of my head. My first though was migraine? Nola also one and half years didn't happen already, so I continue drive towards KDU. Unfortunately, once I reach KDU, dammit!! Its really migraine, pain like shit and suffer like... INDESCRIBABLE! Then luckily called Ling Sze come and pick me up. Thanks a lot babe! Only her know about mine condition and can make me feel comfortable and relief. Sorry for making the guys worrying there but cant do anything to help me. Lol. At last went clinic for injection due to the serious pain. Damn no image because of no strength vomit here and there and rest/sleep here and there. I got no choice. HAIZ.

Thursday planned to buy all the materials and print all the wishes to decorate Ling Sze's room for her 21st birthday celebration. UNFORTUNATELY, migraine attack me again. Haiz. Sad. So, dad bring me go clinic for injection to release and relief the pain.

Friday once wake up at 10am. MIGRAINE attack me AGAIN! Got no choice this time dad sent me go DPC SimeDarby hospital. Went in their emergency for almost 2hours... That process is really really suffering then admitted. Haiz again. Go through all the MRI scan for brain and neck bla... Then forced to pass everything of my plan to Carmen and Eelyn to finish it. Thanks! While all my friends enjoying celebration out there, ME ALONE suffering in the hospital. How sad is that. GOD YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! No choice Pearly Lim, deserve it. :'(

Saturday reports out, brain nothing no tumors and all. YAY! Butttttt... Neck bone got something wrong. NAY! The behind neck and shoulder bone, one of it deep inside and pressing down the nerve which linked to brain, cause brain high blood pressure and blood vessels cramp, blood cant flow smoothly in brain and cause serious pain. Its hard to explain clearly here. Once i show u all the X-ray and explain face to face is easier. So, rushing the doctor to let me discharge at night. I SUCCESS! Haha...

Sunday feel so happy when I am home. So sad to say that I migraine again. This time I took the medication prepared by doctor and called Dr.Guna to help me to relief the pain. She keep remind me not to get angry and stress, need chillax and breathe. LOL. I need to bear it until Friday to meet another spinal chord specialist. Dr.Guna said she will gave me one week MC to rest, but I don think I need it. Skip one week class will have a lot to catch up. HAIZ and SIGH for my life now.

What else I have to go through? What obstacles god still wanna challenge me? I am tired~  Really really tired... :(

Friday, May 9, 2014

7 MAY - Happy 21st Birthday to ME! Haha...

Happy 21th Birthday to me! Yoohoo… Officially went into an adult world. Don’t know should feel happy or sad. @@ Late update my birthday post due to my laziness and tired. Anyway, later better than don’t right? Hehe. Well, Wednesday afternoon I went sing k at LoudSpeaker KD with my unimates. At first, we plan to sing from 11am-2pm but some of them late come so we extended to 5pm. Crazy enough! @@ Enjoy and had a lot of fun during this sing k session. Hahaha. A must to mention, friend A n B were trying to cross railings on roadside, friend A facilely passed it but friend B get stuck due to his “not thin” body size. Seriously, laugh my ass out wey! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay okay, don’t so bad Pearly! Hehe. Ahemm… Come to the appreciation part, thanks Tarn Sheng for attending this sing k session, thanks Danny for the Adidas tumbler and thanks Vincent for the Sakae Sushi, Bowling and Cake treat.

Adidas bottle from Mr Danny

Adidas t-shirt from Ling Sze

Nike jersey from Eelyn, Carmen, Sharon and Emily

Cow leather bracelet from Yew Xin, Min Hua, Kalye and Wen Ting

Ok let’s talk about the night part. After I fetched them all back KDU, and then I quickly rush back grandma house bath and NAP. I don’t know why once I back home I am dead tired. Around 7.45pm Ling Sze fetches me to Publika and the party begins. Haha. We had our dinner at Ben’s, as tradition birthday song singing part then everyone BYE BYEEEE. I understand, because it is a weekdays so probably most of them have class or wok the next day therefore we can’t have second round. =(  Well, due to everyone include myself also tired so the dinner ended at around 10.30pm. Haha. Oh yea, the scrapbook... I am really surprised on this and feel touched. this is what I want long time ago but just I don't say it out. The 1st birthday scrapbook is made by Xin Yan which make me always take out, flip it, read and recall memories. You don't know how great it feels when you're reading all those notes and your mouth automatically =) HAHAHA. Now i got my 2nd birthday scrapbook with DAMN DAMN DAMN a lot peoples included. Thanks! Besides thanks I really don't know how. Ok, let the pictures talk!

Group photo of the night. WE, US! xD

My superwomen aka organizer! Hehe.

The most valuable thing in my life - Birthday's scrapbook

Anyway, you all know me well that I dont know how to express much on my feelings and appreciation towards you all. Sooooo... Thanks my brotha and sistasss! I Haha! Once again...


No excuses... Keep moving to be a better person Pearly! You can do it! =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


如果有一天~ 我悄然离去~ 请把我埋在~ 在这春天里~ This song keep replay in my mind since this morning. So much feels for this song. Love it! Haha. Today tumpang Ling Sze's car,I reached KDU at 7.30am and breakfast with Vincent and Danny.  After that we went computer lab play guitar and listen songs until 10am then go office work. =) Ended my work at 12.30pm then ls come and pick me up. Hehe. We had lunch together and accompany her went to see Chinese doctor for her bad stomach condition. Oopsss... HAHA! Then went shopping and she bought me an Adidas t-shirt. Love it and love ya! Hahahaha.

Wokay, countdown an hour to my 21st birthday...
Well, I know... One year older. ==

Monday, May 5, 2014

Five Five Two Zero One Four

Got no idea on what to put as title so... Haha.

First of all, Imma came out with my very FIRST own lyrics. Yayyy! Managed to write a whole song lyrics and now still figuring the melody part. Hope I really can successfully compose the song with the help of my partner. Hehe.

Today accidentally went KDU work and my friend told me he wanna go Tropicana City Mall to buy things, so I decided to follow since I also got my personal stuff to do there. Who know he said buy things actually is to buy my birthday present. Lol. I was shocked when he said he went several shops to find jersey for me but he dont dare to buy because scare I dislike the design. Lol. So, today purposely CHEAT me go and choose myself. Once I heard that, I was scolding him... "Are you mad? Jersey so expansive! No need la." He said RM100+ ma, as long you happy and he feel that 21st birthday is very important. Touched. @@ Haha. He even told that he already prepared debit card to pay and ask me no worry about the price. ==''' At last get a Adidas bottle as my 21st birthday gift la. Haha... Thanks a lot Danny!

Feel so great to know new friends through KDU student helpers. No regret of joining this because the environment of working is too awesome. Haha. Besides knowing a lot of good friends, the happiness while working is hard to describe. This is the first time I work until so happy and comfortable. Where to get a job with good pay and come work or go home whenever you want? Where to get a job that you can actually work and chat with whole gang of friends all the time? Where to get a job that you can play games, listening songs and Facebooking while working? KDU student helper can! HAHAHA! Oopss... Well well, I will try to be a responsible worker ok? Appreciate every moment I have now... Thanks! =)

Lastly, a picture of me working in the office! xD

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 6 of sem break

This few days keep go One Utama shopping, eat, movie and bowling. Haha. First is pre birthday celebration, second is farewell then is just go to kill time. LOL. Spent quite a lot this few days. @@ Time to control Pearly Lim. =)  Changed my guitar string today. Hehe... Thanks m size driver! Haha. Watched Spider Man2 3D today, a not bad movie. Sum up for this few days = saturated! What an adjective... Lol. Well, we know what we did, god's watching, we will either get rebate or revenge. It's all begin with the letter "R". Good luck peeps! Imma watching... ;)

To do list for this holidays :
1. Exercise more
2. Eat clean
3. Touch up guitar skill
4. Produce a lyrics
5. Finish a book

*Hope I can do what I listed   ><

Thursday, May 1, 2014

3weeks breaks like FINALLY!!!

Ok, I am too lifeless until I can remember I have a blog AGAIN. =='''
Well, sem break officially started yesterday. Yoohoo~ Realized I am the most free people among all the friends. Dammit... This is so sadddddd... Should figure out a way to keep on improving myself and fulfill all my time. Hng. Actually half of the emotional problems is due to my next semester stuff. I gonna take that freaking fu**ing RESEARCH METHODOLOGY subject. Haiz... Looking on how the seniors suffer and survived from that, I can feel the stress is waving at me. Lol. Plans on and off, I cant take it. Shooooo SICK. Few more days, I gonan feel the same as last year. Deserve it Pearly Lim! Deserve it badass... LOL.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Once in a blue moon

After so long, I came back! Lol.
Sudden remember i still have a blog?! O.O
Time flies, gonna 21 soon. OMG!
Well, life isn't that smooth, same goes to human's~ship.
I am clear with my weakness just dont know how to motivate myself to change.
The goal is there, just I cant push myself to strike it. damnnnnnn
God, please give me a candle to light up the dark road in front of me.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7 May 2013

 19年以来, 一直渴望有个宁静而孤单的生日

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to the Town

Alright alright, I know I had been long time didn't update my blog. Well, I should say I am too busy until I don't have time blogging. Haha. Degree sem2 life is not easier, go through a lot of up and down, stress, mood swing, brain collapse and mentally disorder? LOL. It's tortured and suffered me to rushing up bunch of assignments, tests, presentation, debate and exam in that short time. I almost get mad during this sem2. Gosh! Thanks god I passed it with flying colors. Hehe.

Imma having two weeks breaks. Yay!! But then feel kinda lifeless recently, hope time can pass faster as I am excited to start my sem3. Stress, challenges, here I come!! Haha. Frankly speaking, I am very enjoy my Uni life now although I always complain about the stress I went through. Actually I am enjoying solving those big and difficult task. I really learn a lot from that and I feel that I am growing. Haha.

I am glad to have bunch of friends in Uni, at first I still afraid of cant get any friends cause I am not the outstanding people. Thank god it give me lot of new friends that actually help me in difficulties and stay by my side giving me support. Without you all, I wont keep reflecting myself and keep push myself to improve and become a better people. I know sometimes I am stubborn, I just stand still on my own ways own thinking, but I am trying my best to change it ok? Haha. Its shocked me that there's one of my friend forces me to speak English with her. The reason she give is because I gonna study until master, so I have to improve my English. Once I heard it I feel awwww... Haha.

Let 's get into my heart. I learn how to view a things from every different angel, it seriously helps a lot and can clear our mind when making some decision. People just too likes to take things for-granted, I will just stand on every point and tell them about the good and bad side of the problem. But seems it is not welcomed my opinions for them, its just a friendly advice, they treat that you're crapping. Can I just say, mass commer's thinking only mass commer will understand? Outsiders just cant understand my point and keep disagree with it, they didn't even have prove for things they said and don't try to listen to my middle side opinions. I wonder, is it my problem? Their problem? Or i see things more clear as compare to last time? Is it I changed to become more annoying or their have not grown? HAHA! Ok, I will stop by here, lots enough to express. Again, I feel released. =)

*Think out of the box!! Try your best to be the perfect one.*