Sunday, December 30, 2012

Before 2012 end

Don't know why really lazy to blog. Haha. So fast my sweet holidays gonna end!! And the year 2012 gonna end too. I am getting older and older. OMG! Gonna be 20years old next year, OMG OMG!! :( Anyways, went Malacca with my college mate during this holidays. Its awesome and thanks much my beloved friends!! I manage to recognize the road in Malacca because I keep sesat. >< We actually didn't plan and go anywhere we want by searching place and guide by gps in car. Haha... Wish next year is a better year for me. Gonna countdown in DPC also, hope to meet you all there. Ciao~

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back to December

I'm officially free!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, come and date me out! Haha. Finished exam and assignments all, and also done my 1st year 1st sem!! Yay! Having 1 month break now. Holiday mood ON! Hmm... This break I'm not gonna work, so what should I do huh? EXERCISE! Yeap, must be an exercise freak, sweat like mad on this holidays. Wahaha... Yesterday went 42east? (not sure the name) with my collegemate, Sze Wei, Yenny, Jia Win and her friend. Its located at Taman Tun, its KDU's lecture pub. My future lecturer which teach entrepreneurship? Haha... Long time did not touch alcohol le. Yesterday don't know drink what, half cup only, very fast feel VERY dizzy and cant walk in line. Lol. I also paiseh to tell my friend, later they say I so balia. Haha! Shhhhhh.... Waiting for a nice trip with friends, but it seems gonna disappointing me. No people plan any trip out one?! I WANT GO TRIP AH!!! GO OUT STAY 3DAYS 2NIGHT DE TRIP CAN ENJOY GAO GAO WITH FRIENDS! I dont want waste my holidays like that. Hope my wish come true. Hahahaha...