Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday I skipped school and went badminton with my gang.
Thanks kk for training me. My badminton skill improved...^^
This time play until most shock. Haha...Win all the time lerh.
Hehe...Better stop. Later people say me LC here not good. : )
After that went Kar Yee house. Bath and order Mcd eat there.
Ohya!! Uncarefully left my racket at the SEI YE house...Xp
See when I free only take back la. Dont need so gan jeong.
Around 12.30pm we rush to school with xyan them. =='''
They got PPS farewell party. After they went in library...
Me n kkuan go loitering around. @.@ Went Alibaba...Xp
2++pm, me and kk went back school to meet them. Hehe...
Agree fetch kk n Meri back. then sudden got place go lerh.
My first reaction was...Cham~ The hardest decision to make.
Try to ask the couple back by themselve. But failed~ X.X
So, sorry ya...Not purposely de...Haha... Not counted!! Blek~ 

At night went TARC *visit* with Ms.Ng and the gang...Xp 
Around 8pm Ms.Ng fetch all of us go. For me, its quite far to go.
Haha...Cant imagine always have to drive half an hour go there.
Sienz lor...Xp  Hmm...Its ok la, the place there quite big and clean.
Then we go those place which TARCIAN like to loitering around.
Wa~ Its crowded... Its nice~ Its GOT MANY FOODS there!!  ^^
Those shop ah, restaurant ah, anythings. Walau~Much dao... XD
After that, Ms.Ng plan fetch us back after that but we dont want! 
Hehe...We want follow her go sing-k. Dont know what the place.
Its nearby Ikano,The Curve.....that area...Xp  (if not mistaken)
So, Ms.Ng go sing-k with her friends but we decided go eat...^^
Around 12.30pm only we back. Waaa~~1am only I reach house.

24days to SPM!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boh Song!!!!!!

Wa... I also dont know why now I so angry ar!
Feel like wanna scold rough words!
Body temperature sudden raise freaking high in short time.
Cham~  X.X   I'm outta control~
Well, today go school morning ok.
Recess time SHIT!! After school BULLSHIT!!
Stay back time WHAT THE HORROR SHIT!!
(Dont bother~ I'm getting mad now)
What kind of attitude is that?!
Just dont have my appearance in yourS eyes? Wtf~
Treat me as what? Can dont so FU YAN me?
Very fake until I also can realised it. What the hell~ What the fish~
What the frog~ What the stupid asshole!!  (Just ignore it)  Xp
Challenging my patient eh?! Thought who are you?! Go bang the wall la!
Go see mirror! Look at yourself! Lifeless people! Get a life for urself la!
Dont make people feel annoying there please!  (Special for 2 people!)
Ok, enough! Back to normal Pearly Lim!!
Calm down in process............... O.O

Ok, tomorrow I'm not gonna go school.
Because plan have badminton with my gang.
Someone just like last minutes confrim things.
Someone just like NG DEH NG DIU.
Someone just like people pleasing them.
Seriously, I dont like that! ( Sorry to say that, I'm just tolding the truth )
Walau eh~  Sick of it...  Piss off~  Xp
HOPE can have a happy + enjoyable day with my gang tomorrow.
Yes! My gang!  Lol...
Ohya, planing go TARC with Ms.Ng tomorrow to have a look on it...Xp
Ckuan and Pkim maybe will follow. Go together la, if not I feel weird lerh.
Saturday, no tuition and any others activities. Well, its quite boring.
What to do?! No choices~ Better keep my heart for study!
Dont think so much! Dont dreaming!  Lol....

The most important, thanks for purposely staying back to  teach me add.math.
But I think I'm not serious on that time and its wasting your study time.
Yea, I feel guilty now. @.@  Lol... Sorry~ Very SORRY!! Sorry X 1000
Haha... Crazy liao me, sudden angry, sudden ok. Lol.... K la, that's all.

Girls and Guys!!
Stop talking those nonsense 
and wake up!!! Its......
26days to SPM!!!!  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Everythings increses except my knowledge... : (

Thought today din go school can sleep late abit due to last night late sleep.
But, 6am mum wake me up. She thought I got go school. Zzz... @.@ 
I forgot to told her on yesterday that today I skip school AGAIN. =.=
Nevermind, after that I continue to sleep. On 6.45am, grandma phoned! 
She knew I skipped school and ask me accompany her go market. ~.~
Waliao eh!! Faint~ I cant even have a nice sleep lerh...Xp  Yeeyor!
Have Dim Sum as breakfast with grandma at nearby Kepong Baru's pasar.
Long time din go dy... Michelle Wong Kitt Yue! I go there Dim Sum lerh.
Your favourite Dim Sum place? Dont envy... Haha...Xp  ( Sot sot me )

Half way, received people's message. First message is to wake me up.
Eh, I already wake up la, thought I'm you meh PIG! (I dare to say that?)
Second message is said that got news related to SHE (Selina) Get burn!!
For sure I quickly go buy the newspaper~Guang Ming & Xing Zhou. : )
Grandma so good buy both newspaper. Haha... Xing Zhou laobeh lar!!
Only a little part about it. Guang Ming nicer, front page whole page lerh.
Haiz...Seriously, its REALY sad to know that news. I hope I'm dreaming.
Everyone, please pray hard for Selina. Hope she get well soon... : (

Instead of that, my tuition will have some changes.
Honestly, I dont like it!
My class maybe will combine with JK them. And some timing problems...
Mich will have her own tuition which means she din tuition with us jo. : (
Sienz lar like that...Xp  Aiya, speechless tim... ><   Haha... ( Mad~ )
Seriously, I maybe will not use to it lar...Xp  Yer~ Haiz... See how le. 

Just realised that SPM is realy NEAR us!  What the Fish... Stunt there~
Its leaft 29days!! Walau eh! What I gonna do? I gonna get mad! Omg~
Heartbeat increses, blood pressure increases, madness increases...Xp
As time realy pass so fast. Its torture me! Its boring... I'm very sienz...
I hope SPM comes on tomorrow, can fast start and fast end.  @.@ 
Dont need torture me like that. I'm gonna get crazy! I'm outta control!
Besides, I wont be less online SDO~ing, blogging or facebooking...Xp
This is because I dont wanna get mad and go nerd. Haha... Balanced!!
Ok la, that's all, I REALY NO MOOD TO WRITE ALREADY! Boring~

p/s : Nah, as your wish, got write dao you already la....Xp

Drag me to hell!!
29days to SPM!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Now its real, realy left 3 MORE 10 DAYS. Shit!! 1month only!
Gonna get mad already. Study all half way. No mood sudy tim. : (
Today wake up early, plan to study de. After brushing, MYGRAINE!
Hate that!! So, sleep again and woke up on 12.30pm... Zzz... @.@
Blur blur like that whole day lerh!! Very boh song lor~ Waste time!
Monday until today I already migraine for 3 times. Damn it! Ish! : (
Parents say cause I under stress so will pain frequent! Lol...Walau~
Cant eat cheese, coke, coconut, chocolate and under stress??
So ma fan one?! Can I be normal a bit? I dont want that special!
I piss off la! I realy piss off of it!! How many years I should tahan it?
Seriously, I piss off~ I dont want migraine la! Got ways to treat it?!
I realy beh tahan jo lar! Its killing me! Very hyper damn freaking pain!
Cant imagine if during SPM exam time pain how? Get 0 marks lor?!
Haiz... Just forgot about it. Dont want say about that already. Sad~ 
No one will know+understand how SAN FU is it... : (

Lunch at dont know what place...Xp Forgot the name lar! Hahaha...
Realised a drinks very nice! Sprite+ribena+lemon. I like it much!
Seriously, Its realy nice! Next time wanna do it myself! Hehe..
After that went dad office a while. Play SDO with Mich and sis.
Haha...Thanks ya Mich. Thanks for purposely online play with me.
Then went shopping with family. 1U,The Curve,Cineleisure, Ikano...
Have dinner at KimGary~ Shuang cause long time din eat those things.
Once start I din go shopping with family, I less eat those yummy food.
Always cincai eat myself only. Ish... Haha... Ok la, that's all for today.
Ohya!!! Tomorrow I'm not going to school!! Hahaha....

Drag me to hell!!!
30days to SPM!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


My SPM countdown days got a bit wrong due to someone...Xp
I think is add on 1 more day la. Watever... Will correct it soon.
Today as same got tuition. Wake up early in the morning. @.@
Around 7am Mich's dad come fetch me. We go market. Haha...
At first we plan have nasi lemak as our breakfast de. But....
Dont know whether our eyes got problems or wat... X.X
We din saw the nasi lemak stall. Decided have a walk 2 market.
I brought Popiah and "yao za gui" as my breakfast.....^^
Mich brought nasi lemak but not at the stall me wanna buy de lar. 
After that we went coffee shop meet Cat. Having our breakfast there.
Then back that time, we SAW the nasi lemak stall tehre! Its there!
I wonder whether our eyes got problem or not.
Just now din have dar?! How come now got already?? Xp
Then?? We walk to tuition center tuition lor! Haha....

I almost get mad today. Sudden feel very stress up. Dont know why.
Seriously, I feel the stress from parents, aunt, teachers and friends.
Lol...I also cant control it what. I also hope I can score well la! : (
Besides, I alone for whole day at grandma house. Sienz dao~
Boring dao~ Wanna crazy liao...Xp  Outta control liao~  : (
Anyways, I dont like that feels! Dont make me feel stress please! Xp 
Between, I had uploaded some baby that time de picture on facebook.
Hahaha... Go to have a look on it. Its funny...Xp

Friday, October 22, 2010

15+20-4 days

Today went school, once I reach tapak there saw the countdown board.
My first reaction was... Woah! 
I told Kit Teng, Walau its left 3 days?! @.@
My heart DROP out, day left 3 for SPM?! 
Stunt for few seconds only awake! Lol...Wanna crazy already eh? 
Cant even analysis first? Though that's real?!  Haha....
As same have lunch with my gang after school and then go tuition...^^
Ohya! I get 108 out of 130 marks for my BM paper1. 
Haha...A bit happy on it.  Its realy out of my expectation.
First time teacher praise me lerh.(An~Shuang)
Ok, nvm just forget about it. Dont need feel happy on it. 
Di Diao~ Di Diao~  ^^
Nothing MUCH special to write on it la. 
I quite bored in blogging already...Xp

Besides, there's something very important I gonna mention+warn out here.
Heard that most of my friend stress up due to SPM is just around the corner.
I bet most also got this problem de la...XD (Acting pro thr...Xp)
Some we can saw straightly on their action, some maybe well self-control.
What I can do is..... Listen up my friends! 
I'm very serious to say that... Relax!!
Please dont stress up until you get mad ok?!  
I beg you lar, dont feel stress!!
I know its not much time for us to study, 
but at least give yourself a proper rest.
Dont think always study like nerd, 
force yourself facing those book are good.
Plan some time out facebooking instead of facing reference book. 
Same wat~  Both also book...Xp
But one bring knowledge and another bring happiness? Hehe... 
Human what, should got balance. 
Besides study, go do something relax yourself.
As Pn.Sugitha told us today. 
Never ever think of burn midnight oil during SPM!
You will got all blank when you are sitting for the exam. 
Take proper rest!!  Please take care of yourself!!  : )

As time realy pass that fast. 
Nowdays always heard the same topic from friends.
All chat about take what courses after SPM and will leave each others... : (
All say until very sad like that. Though after this I wont go find you all??
Ish... We should think positive! After graduate, we are free!! 
Free to hang out!! Hehe... Can go disturb any one of us in anytime! 
I sure gonna disturb you all one by one.
Dont worry, I wont forget any one of my friends de! 
I will still stick to you all!  I treat friends as number1 remember?! 
But, of cause still can feel the sadness of leaving lar.  : (
Can you imagine people we see and chat everyday sudden cant meet?!
Honestly, will you feel not use to it?  Lol... 
Seriously, I scare I realy not use to it. Haha...
Ok la yor~ Dont talk about it already... I'm scare of it.  Hehe...

p/s: Dont try to talk something and make people feel annoying lar! 
       Save your saliva lar! Concentrate in your study for SPM lar! 
       Talk such nonsense for?? Can help in get straight A's in SPM eh?

Drag me to hell!!
31days to SPM!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Start from today our BC class will be on Thurs one period and Fri two period.
Means we dont need purposely stay back on Thurs for BC class le... Yeah! Xp
So, today our class until 1.10pm only. After that we decided to have lunch together.
Went mamak with PK, PM, KK, GR, KS & Sum. Have to mention out here...
Mr.Ong Kai Seng was damn GIAM SIAP with his RM2 (RM200) !!  XD
Then, we went library STUDY a while due to our parents have come. ( Rajinnya! )
Meet XYan them at library, but din be with them cause no place already.  : )
Well, around 3pm I back house. Wow... So good girl? Quite early huh? Haha...
At bus stop that time they whole gang out. Purposely wait me take $$ from dad.
Because I need to pay it as soon to Carmen Heng for help me register Sejarah seminal.
Sorry for let you all wait around half hour there. Sorry + paiseh ah~ Thanks CH!
They was sooooooo greenies...Xp  All sat a roll in bus stop there. Lol... Haha...
When my dad reach all of them  keep shouting bye to me. Lol... My aunt in car lar.
You all make me feel funny and paiseh. Ya, today my dad's car so full because of...
My aunt and uncle just back from London today. After fetch them from airport.
Straight come school fetch me. That's why my dad's car seem so full today! Hehe...
Today not so good oh, once back house then online. Din study also. Around 4pm!!
I go bath and then only start my revision. Do add.math the whole day today. @.@
Many questions forgot how to do lerh. Wanna faint~ Do until wanna crazy~ Haha... 
Honestly, I found that I just interested in add.math. Others I dont feel like wanna read.
Lol... Seilo then! How can like that ha? Should balance! Ya! Yup! "Self-controlling~"
While doing those revision, the table was damn messy. Messy until I very angry of it.
I felt very angry because I lazy to tidy up! And I beh tahan the table so messy!! Lol...
What I'm talking about? Hate messy table but lazy to tidy up? Yup! Ish... : (

This the messy table! Focus in between calculator and the book. Its my biscuit! Xp

Those food were accompany me while doing add.math...Xp

Drag me to hell!!!
32days to SPM!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double 3......

Today was wasting time at school! Seriously, its wasting my time!!
I cant study and do revision at school. Keep on chat with classmate.
Lol... How can like that? I feel guilty on wasting MUCH time. : (
So, ladies and gentlement~ Please do revision together tomorrow!!
Dont chat already, dont waste time le! Dont disturb my studies...Xp
Hahaha...Own self-control very weak still wanna blame on others.
Lol...  Besides, saw her blog TITLE just now and shock me......^^
The title : 3 more 10 days. But I saw as 3 MORE DAYS.  Lol...
My heart sudden wanna pop out and my eyes wanna drop out !!
Its scare me, then I saw again only realised...Its 3 more 10 days.
=='''  Scare myself pulak. Ish... Got abit feel like wanna faint.
Haha... Pearly Lim!! You sot jo!! Awake lar wei~~ Xp

Heard that 5A will have a class trip?? To Genting on Dec15,16,17.
XYan them got go and for sure I will join them...^^ Parents allow!!
Hehe...Once back house I ask my parents about it and they allow!!
Yeah~ Yes! Waiting the coming of that day. My freedom is coming!
Hope that all my gang member can go too...Xp Pray hard for it~~
Today I stayed back. Purposely stay back go lunch with XYan them.
I know that we had not much time to lunch together next time.  : ( 
Better treasure the time we been together. Say untill very sad like that.
Ish....Must be influence by XYan...Xp  Always think negative. Lol...
Tomorrow as same, stay back again and lunch with them. Haha...

Between, its started today. I let them tease kao kao!! I speechless...
Lol...How can like that one? All pakat then win already lor!! Sienz la~
Sad lo, all dont want me lar! Throw me same room with her lar!! >< 
(I'm not saying that I avoid her but... Dont tease like that lar...Xp)
Boyed me lar?! Xp  Last year already lerh, want like that meh? Lol...
Stop teasing us lar, I feel annoyed on it lerh. Its realy nothing de la...Xp
The whole afternoon realy let you all tease untill TOTALLY speechless!
Especially Carmen Heng!! Geli enough lar you!! Yeeyer~  Beh Tahan.
Realy bored one you all.  Aiya, suan!! Used to it, numb already.....^^

Hmm... Its somethings happen among she and he. Its realy troublesome.
Those things are realy hard than add.math...Xp  SPM coming lar!!
Add.math some question still got formula to help oh. This kind of things.
No formula can help and will affected our mood and emotional de.
Lol... What I can say is, single life are always the best...Xp  Hahaha...
Put aside and just concentrate in your exam lar. Dont do anythings jo!
Hope you two nothing la.... Back to normal lar~ Hahaha....

Ooh ya!! Discussed with aunt just now about my future...^^  Wow~
Well, since my aunt got quite much experiences. So, chatted with her.
After listen her explaination about all things. I got an idea for future.
Hmm...After my hyper long of wondering and... I majority will take...
Phycology as main subject and Mass Communicatinos as sub subject.
As my aunt said, phycology not only consult people. Its related to others.
Such as can work with bank, sales and marketing stuff. Wide career~
Mss communications good also but the working time will up side down.
Means we only will got 3/4hours per day to sleep. Woah~ Crazy! Xp
Instead of that, aunt still introduce a job. I forgot what's the job name.
Its work in hospital. We need to study how to use those big machines.
Only study for how to function those machines. (X-ray machines...)
Its quite simple I think. Quite bored facing ONLY machines...Xp
The most important is its has a flexible working time!! Wow~ XD 
Its only need work for few hour per day. And its salary quite high...^^
Means we can had much free/personal time.  *Wink*  Hahaha...
That's what I want----FREE TIME!!!   : )

 Drag me to hell!!
33days to SPM!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In a sudden... (Graduation's GELI talk...Xp)

Just finished read Xin Yan's blog. Its realy touching. 
She made me recall back many previous things of us.

Remembered when I was form3, the time just transfered school to here. 
I was damn emo and quite.
At first, I'm very scare of this new environment. 
Second, I was afraid of making new friends again. @.@
I dont like big change in my life. 
But transfer school was realy make me gonna be crazy! I admit that...
I'm hard to accept new study environment, teachers and friends. 
I'm very pengecut. Not brave enough.
But luckily got those people appear in my new study life...XD 
They realy help me much in new study life.
Michelle, XinYan, Catherine, Sweet Yee, Kit Teng, Kar Yan and Lai Yenn. 
Lai Kuan, Poh Yin and Kah Kee.
They are my best friends when I was Form3. 
They help me in everythings when I was so strange to it.
For sure, now got a bit changes. But still got some friends remain the same. 
I just listed out those VIP.
Michelle, XinYan, Catherine, Sweet Yee, Kit Teng, Merissa and Ling Sze. 
My life cant without you all!!
Wow...Yucks! Sound geli huh? Who cares? Its my blog!! Hehe...
They are too important to me!! Haha...
Well, I gonna told out about them one by one. 
So, please lend out your HOUR to read...Hahahaha.....
Ohya!! That's some special + important people to mention out too. 
My tuition teacher~Ms.Ng.

Ms.Ng Yoke Kean, was born to be ciaoz! 
She's the awesome teacher that I haven met before! Xp
Her's teaching ways and patience to me was good!! Xp 
She never give up in forcing me study. XD
The most touching part is when my grandma fall siick that time. 
Even my family also not free bother~
I'm worry about my grandma and phoned you fetch us to clinic. 
You realy help us. Thanks!!
Haha...She will never let me feel like she's my teacher but just a friends. 
Please allow me copy...
I miss when you told us your story . 
I miss when you spread the photostate papers to us , 
I miss your homework althought I really did not did on it. 
I miss you when play badminton with us .
I miss when you belanja us to eat at " GEI DAK SEK "
I miss when you belanja us to drink at " TIN PAN GO GO " 
I miss when you pack 8 packs of KFC to us. 
I miss when we together go and sing-K together.
I miss when we have a gathering like BBQ at your house and of cause yours center.
I miss the time you scold me "SI FAT GUAI" and "SEI LUI BAO"
I miss the time you care about my exam's result. (actually is the afraidness...Xp)
I miss the every moment with you. Actually is WE miss!! 

Lai Kuan, Poh Yin and Kah Kee.
This three girls~ One word can describe them as well. Crazy!! Lol... 
If you feel stress, go find them.
They was so funny and damn ciaoz sometimes. 
They can talk non-stop whole day in school. : )
And! They are good in counsel people. 
They good in make people happy. I heart you three!! ^^
Form3 that time, I sat with them due to no choices...Xp 
I always got emotional problems that time.
Because just transfer school ma, feel strange in everythings.
 Is them! They taught me to be happy.
They taught me to accept my new study environment. 
They taught me the stupid rules in SMKTBM.
They know all my previous things in SMKTBM. 
They trying hard to help, advices and comfort me.
I'm happy to have a friends like them although we less keep in touch now.
I'm Sorry for that. Xp
I'm glad that you three appear in my life. Thanks much! 

I can still remember, Michelle that time damn like 张栋梁.
I always  tease her about it. Xp
We always quarrel, argue, teasing each other in everywhere and anytime. 
We wont feel bored de! Haha...Can quarrel until everyone also know it. 
Once got we 2 feler de place sure will be very noisy.
I'm not hate or dislike her. 
But just maybe that's the ways we communicate...Xp Its last for 2years.
Hmm...Let me think ya, when we stop quarrel? When we become good? 
I mean peace...Xp Haha... The day we stop quarrel~~~
Aha!! Because of Jia Wei. I cant remember clearly what she say but... 
We change cause of her...Xp
I remember she told me before, why you two can quarrel so much? 
Got that dislike her meh? Why cant you two people be good with each others? 
Good friends lai de ma. Should not do that. 
What she said had make me awake. 
And that start I keep on tolerate you, MICHELLE WONG KITT YUE!
Hahahaha... Therefore, we become very good already ma. 
So, must chat everydays lo...Xp  =='''  Since we gonna graduate liao. Ok la...
Honestly~  Finally I admit out here. I text and phone her everyday!
The topic we can chat will never end! We share everything out. 
Happy, angry, sad or anythings...Xp  But of cause I did not do that now. 
Maybe we are big jo. Mature? Lol... Topic can chat also less. : (
As time past so fast, things will change. So, we changed!! 
Lol... I dont like that...Xp  Speechless...XD
Anyway, thanks for your appearance in my life. Thanks! My forever best friends~~

Well, lets talk about Catherine and Kit Teng
Still remember the time we go eat "PAO BING" together??
The best moment and memories with you two was in Pao Bing shop...Xp 
Form3, we go eat after school.
As usual, no people that free always hang out with me after school de. 
But you two did that! Hahaha... We chit chat a lot in the shop. 
We use the time on there to chat a lot of things. Until I forget what is it.
Haha... Hey, long time ago lerh. Forgive my forgetful la wei...Xp 
You two the most wont let me worry.
What I mean is, Catherine just act as a mum among us. 
Haha... Sorry to say that. But, you realy good!
Everytime I got problems, sure will ask her to help me solve it de. 
I just act like small kids...Xp  ==''' 
Your adviced for me were always strong enough! 
Your words very powerful one lerh... Hehe... : )
For Kit Teng. I feel that I seldom talk with you my things de. 
I duno whether you feel that or not....XD
I duno why, feel weird to talk with you my personal problems. 
Or can I straightly say, I feel strange. ~.~
I dont know la, dont sad of it. You are one of my important friend remember!! 
Haha... Speechless tim.  Lol...  @.@
Sometimes, I duno what's my feel, weird? Touch? Sad? 
Watever...  Oh gosh!  I yu wu lun ci jo!
Last time pbsm happen something, neh those slip de things ah. 
Teacher scold me simply use the slip...
I dont know what'w wrong with me. I scold? Shout? 
Dont give you a chance to explain? I make you cry?
I also cant remember clearly what happen on it already. But you CRY!! 
Because of me? I very sad that time. Seriously, I feel damn sad that time. 
I out of control that time, sorry if I did anythings wrong to you. 
I'm bad in handle my emotion. 
I always simply vent to those people who are actually trying to comfort me.
Sorry for let you feel innocence. 
Actually you can be a good listener which alble to give out good advice...Xp
Honestly, I'm heart pain to see you cry that time. 
That's  why my tears come out too.  I'm outta control. : )
Anyway, thanks for your appearance in my life. Thanks! My forever best friends~~

Now is Sweet Yee and Merissa's turn. 
Put the most soft and most fierce de friend in 1 paragraph.
Lol... Kidding~ Kidding~ Honestly, Merissa is quite fierce...Xp 
Sometimes I realy will scare of her. Haha... 
But sometimes she's very good to me de. 
Although she's fierce but what she did on me is for my own good. 
Aha! If get bully from who ah~ Can go find Merissa. She will help me... 
Hahaha... You are awesome Meri!! Between, she always bit me de...Xp 
I know its playing. But sometimes will until I get angry with it lerh.
I dont know whether is me small gas or is you too over. 
But nevermind la, I use to it already lo now. Haha...
Sweet Yee? Hmm... She's the most tolerate with me among our gang. 
I mean her patience with me. 
Remember that time, they teach me add.math chp1 functions. 
One by one non-stop take turn to teach me. 
But I still cant understand and dont know how to do. 
Untill they piss off and scold me. 
I badly feel sad. Sudden, you voice out....... 
Come Pearly, I teach you. Dont give up, you can de.... Wow~ 
I will teach until you know...Xp Wow... Still can talk in a soft sound wei... 
I also stunt that time. Hahaha... Besides, in my memories...
Things that related to you sure cant run awasy from computer games la.
SDO, HotelCity, Maple... You are pro in play games and study wei~ xP  
I miss the time we playing games together... Hahaha...
Anyway, thanks for your appearance in my life. Thanks! My forever best friends~~

Now, our Ms.Ling Xin Yan's turn. Hahaha... 
I bet she's waiting and just interested to read this part...Xp
Hmm...What can I talk about you huh? Haha...
Ok, Form3 that time you like Jiro Wang and I like Wu Chun.
The only things that I keep on tease you is this la I think. 
I tease you bad taste like Jiro Wang. Hehe....
Because that time I dislike him and said his face like monkey! 
Sure you boh song and tease back Wu Chun.
Lol... Those things...Haiz... Hard to say much on it la~ 
Forgive our childish on that time. Wahahaha.... You always worry about me? 
I heard that from others la, but I also can feel that. Hehe... You are good!!
I'm confuse whether your over worried bring benefits or bad to us. 
Sometimes its usefull to us lerh...Xp
Because of your over worried character, we'ill be very careful in doing our things. You teach us to becareful!
Becareful in doing everythings, think wisely before we make a decision so that we wont feel regret.
Your over worried character had protect us been hurt... 
Woah... Sound geli lerh... Hahaha...  ><''''    Ohya!! 
Dont know whether izzit you saying me. I admit that... 
And its true~  I'm realy use to it......
I will think of you when crossing the road, but no one is reminding me whether crossing or not ,
because you are not beside me.  Hahaha.... Yalar, you are important la...Xp
Instead of that, I know its quite many things happen among us. 
I also dont know why. : (  I mean bad+sad things which affect our friendship. 
I also cant control what. Sorry la~ Forgive me~
But the most Important is our frienship still the same although many things had happen! XD
Anyway, thanks for your appearance in my life. Thanks! My forever best friends~~

Lastly, talk about the special one~Yap Ling Sze. Haha...

What can I say to her is WOAH!! AWW!! I found a taurus!!
Lol... 1st impression of her was not that good.
Because I dont realy know her la, just heard her name before only.
Hmm... In my memories... That was a girl keep calling me "zhen zhu".
Everytime saw me also will call "zhen zhu".
Therefore, dont know why also. I simply called her "Nai Cha".
Lol... Dont ask me why, I dont know!! Hahaha.....
And there start our friendship...Xp Started talk to each others.
The things we chat much and much...Wa~ Haha...
Err... Its true to say that. 
We start to be close since the Trans-advanture camp.
UNLUCKILY she same group with me.
And UNLUCKILY I be the group leader.
Walao~ How can a people dont have leadership be a group leader? Haha...
For sure, those got leadership's people will stand OUT to help me.
And she's the one!
Those things make me so piss off and helpless.
Of cause among and after the camp, its something happen on me.
Know her much in that camp.
Therefore, she's the one who beside me in low tide of my life.
Woah~ Say untill like that? Beh tahan~ Hahaha...
Honestly, she help me a lotssss!!
I know its quite weird we can be that close in short time but... 
Its FATE!! Xp  Well, we can close until people suspect us...
Close until our parents shock on it...
Close until make people jealous...
Only things I can describe about it. "A lightning friendship!"
Wa~ Pro! Nice described method lerh? Haha... Lol...
Dont know when, I realised that my aunt know her mum.
So, this also affected our friendship in short time! Xp
Why say so? It is because…. Hahahaha.....
We have a chance to hang out together often which others friend wont have.
Ok, as same we can chat everyday without feel bored and annoyed.
Din chat a day also will feel not use to it...^^
We had damn much topic to chat, never end that type.
And also argue, quarrel and teasing each others. Haha...
Know why? Cause we are taurus! We realy had too many same part.
I mean character. Both stubborn enough! Xp
Sometimes I will feel like OMg! How can she can read my mind?
How can she know what I'm thinking now? Lol...
Wanna lie to her also hard le. She's understanding and keep on tolerate me.
Treat me as kids!! Ish... Hehe...
I mean this type de people I din meet before lerh. Such a special friend.
That's why I feel special on it. Haha...
Hmm... I dont know la, what I can see on her is...
She realy GOT HEART for helping me in everythings. Thanks!!
You had taught me many things. You changed me. 
You lead me to the better study ways. Wa~ Geli til I beh tahan.
The things she do is out of my expectation.
Any problems I face, I will go ask help from her and she will never reject!
Damn yeng man!! Haha... Nohing impossible to her~ Xp
Its hard to told out her awesome good side in here la...XD
Wanna know details? Please call 017-2*1*1*6. Lol... Go friend with her lar!
Haha... Joking + Kidding = nothing. Xp
Of cause, nothings perfect in this world. Human wat~
We also got quarrel before. Will affect friendship that type ar!
Most of it is my fault la, but her kindness~~ 
Had forgive me in easier way...Xp
I know you good la. Wont angry long.
I dont like people who can angry me for long time although I appologise with them... You are not that type!
Lol... "SOMETIMES" only lar! I'm glad that I know you.
Sometimes until I feel myself too over bully you...Xp
Yeah~ You always help me do everythings without complain.
Hahaha... Finally I admit that I bully you eh? Shock boh?
Its real, its shock me. I din think before I can know you.
Maybe it is my graduation's present from god? Lol...
As conclude, your good side is much than I can say...
Wa~~ (bet she happy like hell after read this)
Seriously and honestly, I enjoyed the time with you although you are KINDA noisy...Xp
Anyway, thanks for your appearance in my life. Thanks! My forever best friends~~

I'm here to say sorry to all my dear friend which I had did wrong to them before.
Please forgive me......Xp
Its been 3years I study in SMK Taman Bukit Maluri.
And I still not dare to say that I LIKE SMKTBM... : (
I hard to put down my SMKTE.... Its realy hard! Its make me crazy!
But now, as ur (Michelle) wish....
I miss all the time I play, eat and study with you all...
I'm not feel sad of leaving school but leaving you all.
I dare to say that now......
I had never regret to transfer school to here because I can know YOU ALL my friends!!
Finally, I had finished my loooooooooooooooooooooong post....
Haha.... Hope, enjoyed reading it...Xp

p/s: Dun feel shock on this post because I wont say those touching and GELI things. 
        But... Actually I will, juzt not dare say face to face...Xp  Its me!! Its Pearly Lim!!

Drag me to hell!!!
34days to SPM!!!!