Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tell the truth??!!!!!

Well, I kena Mr.Ong Kai Seng aka Fake LeeHom's virus jo...Xp
Nw ah, alwys gt such unexpacted things happen n moody de wor.
Its alwys make me very super hyper freaking damn angry argh!!
Last few Tues angry lik hell, 2day oso lik tht!! Wtf!! Wth!!
Bt 2day quite diff la... Its quite fun n realy shock!! ><
2day phy period, v went library cuz of those brainless ppl.
She ask us find information abt our phy things in library.
After tht, Wen Ting ask me go toilet. Thn v jz go by pass.
Our pocket was full. So, "I" decide hang on door's knock thr.
Whn I cum out frm toilet tht time,sudden realise tht pass lost.
Omg!! Thn my 1st reaction sure thnk Wen Ting~ U dun ply ah...
Gv out d pass... She was... She oso tot tht I'm cheating her.
Omg~~ After few min ny v trust each other tht v din cheat...Xp
Thn v nervous til sot...Xp Try found everywhr. Bt its fail. :(
So, decide jz act ntg whn back library. V try hard 2 acting. XD
After tht Sze Mei pura-pura go ask Samini d pass 4 go toilet.
Tht time only she realised tht her pass lost. Omg~ Such a pig!!
She tld WTing, I knw gt a gurl take my pass bt I cant rmb hu...
Wahaha...Such a joke? WTing, u r damn lucky wei~ She cant rmb u.
Bt its very funny lo, wat sch is this?! Pass oso 1na steal?!!
Walau~~ Its realy troublesome me n WTing lo!!! C2pid thief!!
If u dun lik Samini n try 2 revenge jz go on la... Support~~
Bt y u troublesome me n WTing?!!! V very "wu gu" de lerh.
Thn nvm lo, its ok n over...(v tot) N as normal v back clas study.
As a smart ppl sure can thnk tht d PIG wil hv a sport check on us.
So, pass my handphone 2 5B fren n ask thm hlp me keep it. Thx ah~
I took it back on last 2nd period. Actually I'm stupid lo...:(
Y dont me after sch only take back?! C2pid me!! Unlucky me!! X.X
Finally, last 2 period it had a sport check on our class. ==
Wendy, Song Yuan, Fabian, Kar Yan, Joel n Zi Han went in sport check.
Bt its ntg... Jz WENDY found my hp n she din rampas it.
Others phone, Joel thm saw oso din rampas wat~~ Jz Kar Yan....
Took some mirror n liquid paper. I knw tht, u all shld at least..
Rampas sumting back 2 shut d teacher mouth off!!! Its ok 4 tht.
Its ok all d time, bt jz after tht THEY called me n WTing!!!
Wat d hell... 1st I'm happy 2 knw tht cuz u all r my fren...
2nd I'm very dissapointed 2 it...Who d hell betray me?! WHO D HELL!
If nt u! I'll b ntg happen. Cuz of ur selfishness...Troublesome me!!
If nt u go tld Samini tht I hinding phone 4 fren... I wont kena!!!
U!! Damn u!! U're student oso right?! Y u!! Brain sucks!! Selfish!!
U tot if u do tht, wat benefit do u gt?!! Teacher wil lik u more?!
Or jz 4 ur own proudness?! Cuz of rampas hp, u wil b very powerful?
Huh?! Wat the hell is tht?! Seriously, wat benefit do u gt?!! Grr~~
Ah, I knw... Ur benefit is... In our eyes, U r a DOG!! Waliao eh~~
I'm very dissapointed lo... Go home n eat ur dog snack la! Fxxker!
Do u knw tht hw d brainless n senseless teacher torment me?! @.@
She try 2 blame on me everythings!! She treaten me! She trial me!
She: Pearly, I knw u nt tht bad... Tld d truth~~ I'll hlp u.
Me : Huh?! Wat d hell u talking abt? I cant gt wat u mean.
She: I gt saksi say tht u r hiding hp 4 ur fren... Tld d truth~
Me : Wat? Wat hp? Whn is it? Who said? Whn I did it? Y I duno abt it?
She: Tld d truth......(I was angry 2 heard she keep on repeat tht)
Thr r some choice she gv out.....
1st, U gv me a name n brg me d hp, I wont deduct ur marks.
Me : I din do tht hw can I gv u a name?!
She: Tld d truth, I gt saksi... If I knw u lie, U'll b deduct 10marks.
Me : I realy din do tht hw can u want me admit it.
She: 2nd, u jz admit it n I deduct u 3 marks. Its tht simple.
I oso dun1 troublesome u. Cooperate wif me, make it simple n end fast.
Me : Wa~~ Lik tht jz treaten n trial me only lo...(Show black face)
She: No, tht's jz simple.... Tld d truth n deduct u 3marks n settle kes.
My heart was... Walau eh!!! U C2PID OLD LADY!! I wont listen 2 u de!!!
She: Ok, seem its 1.10pm, u back 1st, 2 b continue 2moro.
Me : == K fine... Thx teacher... X.X!!!
Hmm... Hw I gonna 2 descride it out as.....
Our sch most brainless n senseless disiplin teacher-Pn.Samini.
Argh!!! Dun gonna to mention abt it agn!! Rolf!! Grr!! Sucks!!
C lah mum!!! Dun alwys say tht Maluri sch is btr than Taman Ehsan!!!
I'm disagree abt it!! D thief much thn Taman Ehsan lo!!
D teacher lik 2 seksa student!!! D teacher r brainless n senseless!!
Everythings d teacher r right!! Student alwys d wrg!!!
Sum student oso...LC, look down , dun k abt others n selfish!!!
Argh!!! Wat had I did wrg b4?!! Y 1na treat me lik tht? Y?!! Y!! Y!!
Principle, teachers n my fellow friends frm SMK Taman Ehsan...
U al r awesome! U r d best! U al r understanding n alwys thr 4 me...^^
I miss u much~~~~

p/s: 4 all my 5C classmate, thx 4 urs support. Thx...
Some remind here, is btr 2 dun brg hp durng this week. D c2pid wont let go

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special day....XD

Well, for me ytd was a special day...^^ Y say so?!
Cuz after ttn, me,Yan,Cat,Jeat n small Carmen hang out.
Hmm...Can say as 1st time went out wif F3 ppl ba~~ Xp
So, fell quite weird outing wif thm bt special oso...XD
1st v plan went Manjalara tht badminton court bt....
Unluckily some function held thr, so v cant ply badm thr.
Altot its tired v walk thr 4 ntg. Bt nvm! Its ok... ><
V plan went bhind Jusco tht court ply. Thx small Carmen!
Hahaha...Thx ur mum fetch us frm Maluri 2 Jusco tht court.
Jeat n Carmen was well in ply badm. Its out of expactation.
Hehehe... XYan loose, loose n loose~~~ Wahahaha... ==
After tht ard 2pm, Yan 1na back. So v oso stop plyiing le.
Me,Cat,Jeat n small Carmen decided went Jusco lunch... :)
Hmm... V let Jeat n small Carmen make decision all d time.
So gud lerh me n Cat...Xp Finally decided ate MaryBrown.
After lunch, Cat 1na back 1st. Leave me n 2 of thm... Owh~
Its paiseh...Xp U knw dela, me 1st time hang out wif thm.
Tht time my heart was scolding--C2pid Cat dum dai me~~ Xp
Hahahaha.... Err~ While shoping, v meet Min Hua n Ben thr.
Jeat say Min&Ben was hugging each other bt whn saw us...
Thy quickly seperate thmselve into a certain distance...^^
Whn Jeat tld me tht time, its funny.... Hahahahaha....XD
Aiya, watever.... Skip skip skip.....
Ard 4sumting, v back. Thx small Carmen'. sis fetch me back.
I'm here 2 say sry to Jeat n small Carmen.... ><''
Cuz 1st time ask u all bt seem lik troublesome u all...Xp
Thx ya small Carmen, realy thx 4 ur transport.... XD
Tht's all 4 tht. At night parents ask 1na eat wat as dinner.
I was recall back tht Cat thm decided eat steamboat buffet.
Thn me jz cincai tld my dad lo. Go eat QQ steamboat as dinner.
Sunnde... Fuyoh!! Saw Cat's mum n bro sit bsode table...^^
Walau~~ Cat oso thr lerh... She hvg dinner thr oso...XD
Hahahaha.... Such a~~~ Realy so gt "yuan fen" meh?! :)
Omg, my brain was... Saw Cat d whole day lo... Ciaoz...Xp
Morning 7++am-11++am ttn, 11++am-2pm badm, 2++pm-3++pm Jusco.
Now!!! 6++pm stil meet her agn... Sienz lo, alwys c dao her.
Wahahahaha.... Nola, nola... Joking nia~~~~
C!!! Such a special day~~~ XD
K la, tht's all, gud9 my dear fren...Xp

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weird me~~~

Err~~ Wat I gonna tld nw? Hmm... Wait a minute, let me thnk.
My brain r blank! I lost direction...Oh gosh! Lifeless la...
This few days duno y, lost my own direction. Hw 2 say lerh?
Erm... Duno wat I'm thnking? Wat I'm doin? Who I am?!!! ><
Walau eh! Sudden sot jo la me! Wat causes make me lik tis?!
Oh no~~ Mayb I'm too free? Too free 2 thnk tis thnk tat?!
Too free 2 "research" myself?! Bt its wrg! I'm BC lik hell!
Wat make me BC actually?! BC thnk hw 2 avoid seinz n borin lo.
Argh!!! I oso duno gonna hw 2 describe myself nw... C2pid?!
Actually I gt many sch work n ttn work do de wor. Y?! Y me?!
Y I seem lik dun k abt it n alwys fel sienz?! Y so lifeless?!
Sumtimes I realy wil piss of of those c2pid homeworks!!! X.X
I fel lik 1na tear my books all tht into pieces!! I hate it!!
Can I bcum my fren lik tht alwys study n do homeworks huh?!
Can!! Sure can!! Use rope tie me up n ask ppl watchout me la.
Zzzz.... I'm lost~~ I cant even diff wat is important 2 me!!
God~~~ God~~~ Hlp me pls~~ SPM is jz ard d corner....Xp
Well, Tues v go celebrate Sweet's birthday. Means gt stay back.
So, after lunch thy back/ttn. Jz me n Mich at sch tht time.
Mich gt sum PPS things do... So, I'm alone~ Damn ZD tht time.
Cuz I plan 2 ask sumting while hv d chance of jz v 2 ppl. @.@
Watever, I went out d sch... Try 2 find sumting fill my time.
Sudden saw Win Yee n Alex playing basketball thr... I was~~
Waliao eh! Yahoo!! Throw bag on floor n jz run 2wards thr...^^
Bt after a while, thy go ttn oso. Leave me n d basketbal thr.
So, wat 2 do?! Sure ply alone lo... Ngam ngam tht time no ppl.
Err~~ Me, while thnking sumting while ply basketball.
Its make me hv a sudden angry. So, d basketball "papan"....
Up d papan thr gt those iron stuff. Duno hw,I spoilt it...Xp
A piece of duno wat wif nails fall on d floor...^^ Shock me..
Tht time I realy 1na laugh at myself. M I a destroyer huh?!
Alwys spoilt things whn I'm nt happy... Hahahaha... Zd~~ ==
Hmm... Sms sum1 ask sumting... Duno y cant control myself...Xp
Finish all tht...Only I realise, y I 1na do so?! Its NOMB~~
I sot jo?! Or I realy put fren as no1 important thn anythings?
Hmm... Its jz a piece of cake... Wateveeeeer~~~ :)
N~~ I wonder y sum1 so moody n emo since Tues. Wat happen huh?
Wat ur blog latest post mean? Wat's tht? Izzit related 2 me?!
If real, jz straightly tld me. If nt, u can ZAT me perasan oso.
So, jz tld out la...XD Alwys gt pro thn keep in heart own.
Ltr wil sot dar~~ Wat's d FuNcTiOn of fren? Sharing prob ma.
Wa~~ Me sudden so...Hehe~~ Learn frm my classmate dela actually.
Thy taugh me "SHARING IS CARING". U can share out anythings...XD
If u alwys "shao mai shao mai" oh, ltr ur brain memory full...Xp
Nyiek~~ Watever la har. U lik la... Wont force if u 1na lik tht.
Haiz!! As time pass so fast~~~ Its almost 8pm... @.@
SMS wif me pls~~ Hehe... Only tht can lock me wif d chair...Xp
N thr is d chance 2 let me do those homeworks!!! Wahaha... ==
Oh!! Yalo!! I repeat agn!! I realy very hyper "beh song" liao!!
Realy wil fel angry of those ppl who din ans call n reply msg!!
Or gt reply msg bt jz nid u wait half or few an hour of it!!
Wth!! Challanging my patient izzit?! Warao eh!! So lazy?!
Lazy 2 bother ppl n reply sms or ans call those things? Sotplug!
Human being lerh~~ Nid communication de lerh... Wth...
Fine la, tht's all, goin 2 force myself do homeworks! Succcess?!
Lolx.... Cant promise here tht I realy gt do. Haha...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Yee's 17th Birthday celebration

2day after sch few of us went above Old Town d cafe shop??
V walk thr lerh...Celebrated SYee's birthday thr la...XD
Hmm... D food thr is ok ny, nt delicious at all! >< ^^
Bt nvm important is v can 2gether hv fun+enjoyed thr..Xp
Gt me, Mich, XYan, Syee, Mk, Cat n her little bro thr.
D cake was nice! Awesome Cat buy n brg it come de....XD
Hmm...V dy took some pic, bt at Yan thr hvn upload. :)
Altot those pic din hv wat I expected to b bt its ok.
Nvm...If I cant collect wat I wan, I give up 2 did sumting.
Its nvm since u all dun1 cooperate wif me. I'm ok. I'm fine.
Its sound...huh?! Duno la, jz voice out wat I'm thnking only.
Hope some of u dun k abt it.....XD
Well, jz read Yan's blog, duno y she so unhappy 2day... :(
Actually same here...>< Can I copy her sentences frm her blog?
"I'm nt happy 2day
Very unhappy
Something happen
R mine scheming weightty
Izzit I'm jealous of it?!
I wonder wat was in my mind
Wat r u thinking"
Argh!!!! Sigh!!! Ah~~~~ U jz cant control urself?! Hw lauzy u!!!
I look down on u Pearly Lim!!!! U realy hv a bad self control!!
Go n think wat had u done 2day!!! C izzit surpose u do lik tht!!
Ltr make ur fren unhappy u jiu die Pearly Lim!!! (God~~Hlp~~)
Dun troublesome ppl Pearly Lim!!! Such a stupid dude u r!!!
Who can hlp me?! Who can hlp me?! Who can analysis wif me?!
Who analysis wat I'm thinking?! Who can?!! Who can?!! Grr~~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

National Service....(NS)

Last few days, almost whole sch r talking abt hot topic---"NS".
I'm hapi din kena NS! Bt gt a bit dissapointed of din kena oso.
Half hapi half sad la...Xp Cuz heard sum ppl say it's fun. ==
Hmm...If much of my fren kena, I'il sukarela register join NS.
Hehehe... 4gt dy which day la, early in d morning, all abt NS.
Almost whole F5 student talking abt NS. Al check it trough hp.
Heard tht sum of my fren knw tht thy kena, straight cry thr...
Ouch~ No nid cry my dear fren, jz NS, ntg worry, it shld b fun.
I hv decided nt 2 check de, bt bb affect by classmate dy. ~.~
Ppl 9sumting check n I(penakut) wait til 11sumting ny check.
While waiting rply tht time damn nervous wei. Heartbeat 200++.
I wait for 5 hours lerh... K watever its end of topic...Xp
Its sumting sad happen 2 my grandpa, dun fel lik 1na mention it.
Its freaking effect my mood!! I'm jz...... Haiz!!

2day late wake up, almost 1na late for ttn. Bt luckily din...Xp
Cuz, sum1 sms me ard 730am. I heard d msg alert n wake up jo.
Owh, thx dude! If nt u msg me, i thnk i wont wake up...XD
I gt set alarm ytd, bt jz duno y I cant heard it...^^ (lazy)
After tht rush 2 ttn, jz late a little bit nia~ Hmm...Haiz!!
2day ttn, blur all d time. Duno y... @#$@#%@#%$ Wat the hack!!
I kena hukum copy things 140 times...Waliao eh~ Anyway, its ok.
Its ok 4 me!!!!! I jz accept n do it!!!!! Haiz~~~ Sienz~~
After ttn went Jusco wif KT n sweet. V watched ECLIPES! ROLF~
Its nice!! Bt realy zadao lo d part tht Edward cant warm Bella.
Edward nid hlp frm his enemy 2 protected his gurl?! Wth...Xp
Overall its ok la.... Nice movie~~~ XD
Oh ya, thx Mich's dad too, he fetch us go Jusco...XD
Thx uncle!! U're awesome!! U're damn good! Hahahaha...

Monday, July 12, 2010

YEN shabu shabu.......

After d jualan minggu koperasi, thy plan 2 go YEN shabu shabu as celebration?
I dy tld thm early tht I cant go cuz parents nt allow n no transport oso. :(
Ytd I sudden gt go dy cuz dad c me moody whole day n he allow me go jo...XD
N thx 2 my grandma, she keep on talk gud 2 let me go n sponser me $$. Xp
Thx grandma!!! U alwys r the bestEST.....XD Hahahahahahaha..... ==
Once I make decision 2 go, thn Mon I sure cant go sch. Nt bcuz of I'm lazy.
Is once I went out at night, I shld slp at grandma hse. As u al knw....
My hse so far, no1 can fetch me back dela. So, 2day din go sch lo... ><
So, I quick tld thm n arrange my time,transport. Thx Joel's mum fetch me go.
Sweet, Kt, Xt, Mich n MK reach thr early. Me, Joel, Fabian n Jk 6++pm reach.
Yjuan 7++ reach cuz b4 tis he had been Pavilion wif his family. Watever...Xp
D food thr is ok la, bt compare wif QQ, I more like QQ buffet steamboat lo.
I felt tht QQ more food n more choice. YEN shabu shabu oso gt its own gud la.
8++pm v decide go Tesco...XD Walau, Tesco agn?! Haha... Yea, I go OCEAN agn.
Ply thr a while, thn go buy sweet's birthday present. Thn shop a while thr.
Xt buy mask at Cosway. Ard 10pm v 2gether walk back YEN shabu shabu thr.
Cuz their parents wait thm at tht shop, nt Tesco... ><''' Speeechless...
Plan 2 go YAM CHA, bt most of thm dun1. Haiz! So,Yjuan fetch me n xt back.
Thx lo Yjuan, alwys go out oso ask u fetch me back...XD Thx... thx...
Along d way v back, d car dy "sei fo" 2 or 3 times. His skill~~ Haiz! XD
10++ I reached hse. Sienz lo... 1st time went out so early back hse. ==
Take nt much pic, all thy dy upload at FB. Can go thr c....
Altot early back, bt stil late slp. Cuz after YEN shabu^2 stil went out.
11++pm went pasar malam eat steamboat wif aunt...XD Wait my Jiu jiu back.
Ard 1am western food. Wait til 230 watch football. Til morning ard 5++am.
After received Mich's msg ny slp...XD Tht time realy tired. Mind nt clear.
So, let ppl zat oso no respond. Mich! Dun scld me slp slp slp... Blek~
I din slp d whole night ytd k. After msg u ny slp til ngam nw wake up!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


2day after ttn me, yan, cat n car went star plus badminton.
Meet Joel thm thr... 1st time ply til sooooo...Geng?! XD
Din fel d tire n muscle pain. Gt a bit borin cuz less ppl.
So, go kacau those I oso duno who our sch de form1/2 gurl.
Go partner wif thm play double... Ofcuz mine win. Hehe...
Thy was so paiseh n make me 1na kacau(buli?) thm...Xp
She worry tht she cant ply wel n I wil scld her...@.@ Ha!
Hmm... Erm... Err... Haiz!!! I cant make decision ah!! :(
Actualy I'm wondering 2moro 1na go dinner wif Mich thm or nt.
I fel lik 1na go, bt cuz of sumting I fel lik dun 1na go...><
Wat m I talking abt?! Hoiyo!! Duno 1na go or nt la!! Hlp me~~
Scare go wil c sumting tht I dun lik 2 c...Xp Its borin thr.
Jz scare borin lar!! Cuz gt sum les communicate de ppl thr.
I wonder y Kelab Rukun Negara "qing gong yan" wil hv such ppl!
Nowonder Ckuan & YY din go. I thnk thy hv d same thinking wif me.
Walau... Let u lik tht do watever u lik withou any discussion.
I wan go oso wil fel a bit bu shuang jo la... Waliao eh~~ X.X
Sumore, I stil duno y those ppl stil wil go altot.... Haiz!!
Watever...Go or dun?! C 2moro mood lo since din hv ppl bother.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Err...Finally its over...XD (I mean sumting happen tis few day)
Phew~~~ Ytd, after BC class... Haiz!! I loose jo!! Yeeer...Xp
Can I describe out al d tings happen on ytd?! (Hope sum1 dun k)
Hmm...Start my very stupid+funny+paiseh story. Duno hw 2 say...
Whn I recall back wat I done ytd, I oso 1na laugh at myself. ==
Ytd BC clas recess tht time saw sum1 action gt a bit weird.
Bt I din bother it. Thn, Yan very nervous n tld me wat happen.
I din trust thm, cuz I knw I had no ability 2 make tht happen.
As normal, finish buy food, went in clas continue my BC lesson.
Heard my classmate say abt it. Say c dao sum1 cry til very cham.
Thy stil say sum1 cry til "beng kui" lik tht. I was...Wow...
I wondered...As a warm-blooded human, sure wil worry de ma...Xp
After BC clas, I stil ask sum1 hlp me 2 c sum1's mood izzit ok.
Sum1 hlp me finding sum1 until she late Ms.Ng ttn. Thx n sry...
Thn went out bus stop confirm wif Yan thm izzit real lo.
Bt thy seem lik very lost patient n angry while ans me... :(
K lo, I had decide dun k anytings le, went in sch agn ask byself.
Finally saw sum1 bag outside library n unkful saw sum1 in it.
So, jz pura-pura went in wif lyenn. Fel 2 talk wif sum1 tht time.
Bt duno y I nt dare 2 do so. Nt longer sum1 went out library jo.
Lost d chance 2 ask. Duno y, I damn nervous+flurried+worry+scare.
Thn sit on zying's tht table, thy can c hw flurried am I... ><''
Sit thr quite long thnk wat 2 do. Can c my hand was shaking...Xp
Finally gt an idea n zying would hlp me too...XD Its works!! :)
Sum1 sudden appear in front of me, I nt yet respond back n say...
"ni ku gang cai zuo mo" (False)
Thn realised tht I'm wrg sentences n quick say agn...
"ni zuo mo gang cai ku" (False)
Walau eh, realised tht I'm stil wrg n correct it 2....
"ni gang cai zuo mo ku" (True)
Oh no... Pearly Lim! U cant control ur mind tht time huh?! XD
U cant control wat u 1na say huh?! U r lost Pearly Lim!! @.@
Omg...Damn shit! Wat m I talking abt?! Up side down d words dy.
Whn recal back tht time I realy 1na laugh at myself "kao kao"!!
Thn knw tht its non of my buisness. So, din fel nei jiu lo...Xp
Watever... Settle tings, wait ard 5min dad come fetch me back.

2day I din go sch, cuz my mum slp late nmake us oso slp late.
I knw u al shld say me jz lazy n simply blame mum. Its up 2 u.
I lazy 2 explain oso seems u al wont trust me... X.X
Yan dy say 1na take photo 2day de bt I din cum. Sry ya...
Bt, ard 12.45pm I gt go sch c d singing competition la...XD
Same as last week, late 1/2hour go ttn. This time c half ny.
Hoiyo!! D singing competition late start lo!! Wth.... =.=
If I c finish d competition ah, sure 3pm ny can go ttn.
Bt cant lik tht, last time Ms.Ng dy nt lik me late 1/2 hour jo.
So, tis time wan die meh 3pm ny go late 1hour lerh...Xp
Hmm.... Saw those pic frm Yan's camera...XD Haiz!! Its....
Haiz... Din go sch, if nt I oso wil b in d camera...XD
Feeling of d day....Xp

( sTEAL IT FRM yAN'S BLOG....xP ) Sumore 1na put twice...XD

K la, actually stil gt things 2 write de. Bt lazy...Xp
Tht's all 4 2day...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tesco, Tesco, Tesco & Tesco.....XD

This few days went Kepong Village, the new shopping mall--Tesco.
Went thr wif fren/family on Sat, Sun, Tues n Wed. Ciaoz dy...@.@
Haha... Sat n Sun went wif family la, cuz mum 1na buy things thr.

Tues went thr wif aunt. Purposely go thr release my angryness ny.
Y say so?! Hmm... Cuz ytd happen sumting which make me hyper angry.
I duno y, jz a little c2pid smal tings, dy can make me damn angry!!
Hmm... I jz... Jz... My patient 4 u dy reach limit lor!! Walau eh!!
As u knw, I had been very patient n gud 2 u right...Wat's wrg huh?!
Wat's matter wif it?! Did u knw...Dont u thnk...Dislike thn...Haiz!
Anyway, suan!! U jz cant realise tht u... Fine! Its ok! I'm c2pid!!
Bt, sumting make me shock...Hehe... Yan was d one who phone me ytd!
She keep on say sry wif me, bt I dun thnk I'm angry wif her lo...Xp
She non-stop chatting abt it 4 make me away frm moody. Thx la Xyan!
Bt d way she...Very fun lo...XD Its my things bt she jz seem lik...
She k my things(those c2pid ppl stuff) more thn myself...Xp
D sentences she tld out make me feel lik 1na laugh or.... Is...
"U dun lik tht la, u angry wif Mii izit?!"
"U dun angry wif her la."
"U dun1 lik tht la, I feel lik 1na cry lerh."
"U dun gao zi bi leh!"
"U gt any problem u tell me la harh!"
"Dun do any silly things a!"
"Sry! Sry! Dun angry!"
I was stunt 2 heard tht...Xp Its realy nt urs fault la wei...XD
I din angry wif u all la. Jz d attitude ah, I cant accept jo!!
After her call, I had decided ask aunt acc me go Tesco. @.@...
Go Tesco agn?! Haha... Ya! Go thr play d basketball machine...XD
Cuz very angry ma, angry til 1na kill ppl ma, so go play lo...Xp
I spend RM10 play 10times on it. Play til my hand cramp only stop.
D basketball oso let me throw til spoilt jo...Xp Nt spoilt la...
Jz... Duno hw 2 describe it. Sumting lik "lou feng" dy...Haha!
Geng lerh! Xu~~~ Dun let ppl knw I spoilt it...Wahaha...Xp ==
After tht, I was damn tired n play til whole body sweat. O.O
Sudden shop til OGAWA shop, I jz sit on d massage things thr.
Its wan damn comfortable n nice d new massage stuff. XD
N thn saw my aunt keep chit chating abit it wif d OGAWA staff.
Nt longer, my aunt brought it. Washeh, its RM500++ lerh...
Its awesome! My aunt damn gud wei! Bought it back hse share use.
Muahahaha... No matter whn I oso can use it... Shuang!! Haha...

Wed, its 2day. V had PBSM meeting abt choosing d nxt badge ajkS.
Overall ok, bt jz 1 things I nt so agree wif their decision lo.
I swear I din pilih kasih or wat. Its real! D post suit her!!
Lol... Suan lo thn seem gt ppl dun agree wif my idea... :(
Watever lo... I'm jz a little ajkS, no ability 2 choose it. ==
Bt important is teacher thr la! Ltr d teacher nt lik our choice.
She sure wil simply choose agn by herself!! She c2pid one!!
As u all knw, our Pn.Afipah. Damn senseless!! Brainless!! X.X
She wont gv d ajk's place 2 d ppl which she cant recognize. @.@
Haiz!! C hw lo... Hope tht its din hv any chg of d name list.
After d meeting, me, Cat, JYinn, Meri n Kkuan went Tesco by taxi.
Lolx... Tesco agn?! Hehe... Watever la... V hvg lunch thr.
Meri buy pencilcase n shoes... Sumting funny happen thr. (KK)
Ohya! Besides, me n Meri buy d same style sun glasses. Haha!!
Hmm... Jz fel tht its cheap n look nice thn buy lo...Xp
V shop til ard 5pm, my dad cum fetch us back.
Tht all 4 2day......... ^^

p/s : "U make me lost my own characteristic"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sick jo......

Friday, our sch open day, bt my parents nt fre on tht day.
So, my ttn teacher-Ms.Ng come sch hlp me take report card.
Hahaha...Geng lerh, me can gv out such an aWeSoMe idea...Xp
B4 I make this decision, I dy can imagine wat wil happen.
Its real, Ms.Ng was shock whn saw my result. I knw its bad!!
Bt! Wat shld I do?! Wat can I do?! Kk...Stop mention abt it!

2day I din go sch, nt lazy la!! Cuz nt feeling well (fever).
Its start frm ytd... I fel cold & headache all d day... :(
So, slp at ard 10am ytd. Fuyoh, seldom so early slp nerh...Xp
Sry I din ans dao urs call, cuz ytd me abnormal early slp dy.
Until 2day morning plan 2 go 2 sch. Bt cant, early wake up...
Brush teeth n wash face all tht prepare go sch in slow motion.
In half way, I feel dizzy n no physical strength. Haiz... :(
So, lie down on bed n slp agn. @.@ Can fel things turn ard me.
Its bad!! Its cham!! Its damn "sun fu"!! I hate it! Pity me...
Few hour ltr, dad fetch me go grandma hse. I slp agn thr...@.@
I fel blur blur al d day...(I hate it) Its damn nt feeling well.
I very "sun fu" ah!!!!! Argh!!!! Aaaah!!!! Hlp me!!! 555....
I slp almost whole day, until 4sumting only feel btr n normal jo.
Y say so? Hmm...Cuz whn I nt feel wel, I'l bcum nt active...Xp
Juz keep on slp, slp n slp. Din eat oso... Quiet til very terror.
Nw, I'm ok!! Walau, jz nw realy "sun fu" dao me ah. I'm back!!
D real Pearly r back!! Nw normal dy... Turn back talkactive dy!
Wil on9 dy! Wil watch TV dy! Wil sms dy! Wil play n talk dy! XD
Wont b lik tis morning "nyawa nyawa ikan"... "Sei yu" lik tht.
Hehe... Feel very shuang jo nw!! Hope lik this wil last longer.
2nite, dun nt feeling well agn ah!!! I want go sch 2moro dar!!!
I miss my sch, I miss my class, I miss my FRIENDS!! Hahaha....
Any1 c this, pls dun feel geli...Honestly, I miss u al. Hahaha...
N whn I nt feel well tht time, I had did sumting tht r funny. XD
I did sumting tht I oso 1na laugh at myself. Hahaha... Noob me!
Bt dun feel lik 1na mention out here la...Xp 1na knw? Ask me lo.
Wahahahaha.... N!!!! Jz nw!!! I phone sum1 oh!!! Duno y!!! She!!
So fire up oh!!!! Sot sot her!!! I almost kena bakar jo lo...Xp
Hoiyor!!! So high tone 4 wat?! 1na fight ah?! Come lar!! ><'''
I duno la, jz fel tht she seem lik very angry lik tht... Zzz...
Hoiya, ppl nt feel wel jo almost whole day. Once fel btr dy...
Sure'il quick find ppl chat 2 avoid borin ma. U lik tht... @.@
Dun even gv me a chance 2... I din talk 4 whole morning lerh.
Waliao eh!!! Watever lo... Fine lo... I find wrg ppl lo...
K la, tht's all 4 2day....