Friday, July 29, 2011

Today was a fairytale...

As what I mention at my title... Yeap, today was a fairytale~! Why say so lerh? Because early in the morning went college, rushing for math assignment to pass up by today. Who knows? Math class cancelled!! Means today went college for just the 50minutes economic class. Ish~ Always cancel class de! Math cancel, computer cancel or else change time, lecturer late for 1hour come class. So many problems lar! KDU's time arrangement really not good.

After that we went Restaurant 'Yao Yi' to have our brunch. Then visited Carmen and Jackee's house and we chit chat there. : )  Non-stop laughing with you all lar. My god~ Haha... I love my college friends!! Hehe... The Carmen simply hang her *ahem ahem* around ah~ Hang also did not hang properly, we keep teasing and laughing there. Lol... As happy time passed really fast, around 12.30pm we dismissed...Xp

Stayed at computer lab while waiting Sharon and Ling Sze. Around 2pm we went The Curve Red Box sing k. Hehe... Not llonger, around 5pm we backed. Have a nice day today. : )

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Carpool with Ling Sze and Sharon recently. Should take turn tolerate and wait each other's time. So means I need 8am go college and back on 5pm everyday. Lol... Save money, should do so. Haha... Today wait Ling Sze after class, 11.30am we (Jia Huey, Li Kuan, Hsiu Jiuan, Shinova, Carmen, Jackee, Julie, Ling Sze and me) went Jaya1 had western food as lunch. Its nice and the price is reasonable! : ) Hsiu Jiuan and Julie drive us there, thanks friends! Xp  And also thanks Shinova for the strepsil! You're soooooo good, I just say I'm having sore throat then she purposely go 7eleven buy Strepsil for me. Lol... Touched  and thanks ar my friend. You all are awesome!! You all shine up my life~ xD

Unfortunately, we get scolded by our english teacher!! Ish... Asshole her~! Cheh!! Late few minutes can't ar?! The guys later than us but she din scold also. UNFAIR!! And also went basketball and playgroud with Shinova, Carmen and Jackee. Unfortunately again, there's a busybody aunty come scold us?? Say what playground for kids but not us? Mention about KDU somemore. Go die la you aunty!! Who are you?! BITCH! You got that ability meh? Its a public place!! Slap you asshole! Too free at house nothing do then spot people who go playgroud, hormone imbalanced! Cheh!! Forget it, don't wanna angry with my brain! : )

After basketball, we went Choy Kee yamcha while I waiting for 5pm. Haha... Thanks frends! You all make my day. : )  I enjoyed college life much!! But then, homeworks... Haiz... Brain stop function for 7months, basic math(add.math) also forgot how to do liao. Cham... Really lazy to bother if I dont know how to do, can say as lazy. Dissappointed with myself. Angry with myself. Why I so useless?? : (


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oops!!! xD

I know I left out my blog for few days. So, I'm back to update it~! Xp Actually I got many things to blog but no time and lazy. Hehe...

Saturday celebrated Kar Yee's, Merissa's and Wen Ting's birthday?? Haha... Planned go Sunway Giza, too bad its some problems appear. Changed to Manajalara Thai food as dinner, but then don't know why change again. ==''' Decided went De Fortune, too bad its no place. Then we went Desa Park City Kay's Garden, too bad its closed! At last we had steamboat at DPC. Lol... Such a SPECIAL day? Haha...

Sunday celebrated Teik Man's birthday with the gang at De Fortune. : )  I be the driver for Ms Ling Sze and Eelyn. Haha... After that went Desa Park City ( our tradition ) to loitering around?? Lol... Not longer, mum phoned and rushing me back due to my driving skill not that pro yet. Sorry yea Eelyn n LS, I make you both force to early back with me. : )

Monday as usual went college but this day special a bit, I drive to college. Haha... Thanks Sweet Yee for accompany me go and back college. Hehe... Cause I scare to drive alone, so far wei...Xp Hmm... Sudden got a good news?? Our computer class on this day cancelled. WOW~! We got 4hours break?! So, drive my collegemate to 1U. Played pool and some token's machine? After that lunch at McD and then back college continue our class.  Pocket bleeding wei...Xp

Tuesday, its today~! xD Class start on 2pm but I 9am reached college because dated the teratai girl. Haha... Went her hostel to have a look, environment not bad lar, overall ok ok only. Haha... Then went teratai's mamak to had breakfast. xD  Went 7eleven buy ice-blended drinks?? 
 Its hard to describe out, Jia Huey's hand "kiap" by the machine because of me. Hahaha... Sorry la~ Her hand got a *cute* bruise liao. Cham~ Xp After being "kiap", she's like lost control. Keep do those funny siao things there, so high. Lol... Haha... Hit me lar, keep say I fat hao lar! Actually she's the one who FAT HAO ther!! Xp Hit with the card and key man~! Pain tau? xD But nevermind la, I deserve it lor, fair enough since I make you bruise. Hehe...

Yeap, driving to college tomorrow too~! Hahaha... Gonna sleep~ Tomorrow need 6.30am wake up and go fetch Ling Sze and Sharon on 7.15am?? Oh god~! Nitez my dear friends! xD

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Its Friday~! A happy day for me because mood very good . Haha... Have fun in college today~! As usual joking and fooling around. Love my classmate~! Hehe... Thanks Leong Jia Huey!! Your virus spread to me, very serious that type. LOL~! Addicted to kpop's song. Cham lor~ Haha... Still so good help me different out folder by artist name. Then when I put in car listen with pendrive ma need press folder by folder lor? Haha... But nevermind la, thanks anyway. And also because of I get my car today...xD And brought a pair of shoes...^^ Michelle Wong Kitt Yue, you say want those back part high de sport shoes ah, Adidas got. : )

Wondering tomorrow how. Haiz... Want go Merissa and Wen Ting there or not lerh? Parents outstation wor, better stay in house de. Most big problem is I no transport go anywhere la. I know got car but parents not allow I drive at night yet. : (  Sigh... Very fan le~ How lerh?

I wish everyday could pass like weekdays, joke and fool around, laugh like siao people, play like mad. Very fast then passed a day le. Hehe... Yeap, next Monday I start driving to college. Too bad Ling Sze having holidays untill Wednesday lar, drive alone scary wei...Xp

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time flies

Time passed very fast, its my third week of college. Everything go well and I'm enjoying my life now. Haha... As its the third weeks, which means will start our busy study life soon I guess. Sigh... I felt that my lazy's virus will meet me soon Haha~! A bit works also lazy to finish it on time. Always want wait until last minutes only rush there. What happen to you Pearly Lim?? Cant you remember what had you promise before? Lol...

Well, I'm really fed up with math lecturer, Mr.Anuar. Damn him~!! What a stupid teaching method, make people blur only! Just a simple question simple method can done it what for make until so difficult lerh?? He just like to make things complicated while people would make it easier. Lol... Luckily I got learn add.math before, if not can die under his teaching. Pity those Art stream student, can saw many ??? on their head. Haha... Hell ya~! Can change him away ah? If continue let him teach I'll gonna crazy lerh...Xp

Yesterday 2pm-4om class. Hehe... So early morning 10am went The Curve with Ling Sze and my collegemate. : ) After that only back to class. We had our lunch at Kim Gary and after that go shop around Padini Outlets.  My collegemate damn funny lar wei~! Back that time go wrong ways, they did not u-turn and back to Kepong. LOL~! Hahahaha... Luckily I got the correct ways, thanks to my dad! Hehe... The funniest part is my collegemate's car temperature raise in half way. They were busy cooling down it with water. Hahaha... After meet them at campus all sweating there. Unfortunately, our english classroom air-cond spoilt! My goodness~! Hahahaha....

Later dont feel like wanna go college, but no choice. Haiz... So sienz lar~ 1pm-3pm class. Zzzz.... Always waste our time, petrol and toll fees go college for just 2hours class. Ish... Can't just arrange a nicer timetable for us?? Aiyer... ><

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hmm... Thurday~ Letcha think anythings happen on Thursday?? Lol... Seriously, my mind totally blank for it. *old liao* Hahaha...

Friday, Ling Sze came college to have a look and prepared for her studies. Help her settle her stuff, but still haven completely settle yet. xD Very busy this day, keep running here and there. Rushing to meet LS n rushing for my class too~! Xp Scare she bored nothing do loitering around college. So, once got break I will run up and down to meet her. Although just a 10minutes small break. Haha... Anyway, so envy she got 1week holidays... : ( Which mean she 25July only start class. Aiyer~ So unfair de...Xp But then gek sei her~! If know earlier she will having holidays for one week, she will choose 25July only back from NS ler. Hahahaha... Aiya~ So waste hor, can't enjoy in NS one more week...Xp After that we went badminton with Joon Kiat and Christopher. Thanks Joon Kiat always be the driver. Thanks friend! Appreciate~ xD That feler, say borrow me racket then I ok lor, once reach badminton court. Who knows?? She don't know bring what racket for me, its not a badminton racket~! LOL~! Laugh sei us lar...xD

Saturday went nearby HELP university college have Pizza Hut as our dinner. Then go 1U shopping and plan to watch movie but failed. After that go Tropicana City Mall beside there de shop cut hair with Ling Sze. Thanks Roney for fetching! : ) Night went her house watch Astro Start Quest and overnight there due to we had to go McD run on the next day. xD

Today, 5am alarm rang twice, off it and sleep back. LOL... 5.25am only wake up, a bit late for the train. But its still ok for us la, cause can reach Dataran Merdeka on time. :) Finished the marathon on 8.45am. Then rest a while there and we back by ktm. Lunch at Desa McD and she fetch me back. Thanks! Evening, LS, Eelyn, Carmen, Emily and me went Sharon's grandmother's funeral. RIP. Take care Sharon!! Stay strong and happy! :)

That's all for today le, damn hyper super freaking tired today. Dont know why keep falling asleep. Haiz... College tomorrow~! : ) See ya my frieds!! xD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tired from mentally to physically

Don't know why I feel very tired although I did not do anythings. LOL~! Don't know how to describe out the uncomfortable feel. Haiz... : (  No mood...

Yesterday plan went Tropicana City Mall movie with college mate de, but our plan failed. Because of some reason and I also lazy to say out. : )  At the end we went 1U bowling...^^  First time get so LOW marks in bowling. : (  My hand hurts due to ball sudden drop. Cant even take the ball at last two games. Just simply throw it and end the game. After bowling, we pool!! After that take taxi went back college study...xD

Today we went same roll with Choy Kee's shop there pool again!! LOL... My life now ah, can't live without bowling, pool and badminton. Hahaha... Today got those club joining registration. SUCKS wei!! Even high school de more better lor. Heard that got 23clubs to join but today we only saw 3clubs. ==''' Stupid KDU!! Cheh!! U SUCKS!! Sienz liao lar like that. But I oined Laser Tag?? Ohya!! Michelle and Sze Mei with their friends from seksyen13 come DJ campus visit me!! Hehehe... Thanks ah~ I feel good...xD

Times flies~~ Tomorrow is the day...  : )

Monday, July 11, 2011


Just get her A-level science timetable today. Oh craps~!! We had different time of class. Shit~!! Then how to car pool?? Lol... Will plan and arrange see how after she back. Yeap, its Thursday 9am she can back le...^^  Anyway, nothing special happen on my college life. Its fun and awesome always. Haha...

Hmm... Today finally economic class start le. I mean start got notes to copy. Damn it~ Our lecturer just talk talk talk and did not mention which is important to copy, and his handwriting like shit wei!! I just simply copy and don't even know what is it. Lol... Nevermind, I will borrow Sweet Yee's first semester's economic notes to refer. Today I forgot bring calculator also borrow from her. Hehehe... You're such a good friend! Haha... Thanks Sweet~!!

Ok, let's talk about computer class. Mrs.Shirley is good and friendly! ^^ She keep recall back where did she meet me before. LOL~! She told me, I try hard to recall back when and where I meet you before but failed. Haha... It doesn't matter la Mrs.Shirley. Well, we learnt about Microsoft Words today. Its fun and useful~! Haha...

Tomorrow got class on 2pm-6pm. But dated my dearly classmate, 8am meet at KDU and go Tropicana Mall for movie on 10am. Decided watch Green Latern. Hehe... Then 1.30pm only rush back KDU...Xp Ohya~! Today was so funny, 4 of us did not pakat you know. 2 of us wear white and 2 wear blue. LOL~! That's all, good night and sweet dream everyone!  : )


Saturday, July 9, 2011


As you all know I'm very enjoy my college life now... Meet quite much of new friends. They're AWESOME! Haha... As usual, teasing each other, joking around and laugh non-stop always. We are crazy enough in college, if u saw a group of girls make much of noise and laugh loud, its US. =P  We go computer lab that time lagi siao. Got student card don't want use it to access but squeeze or jump in. Then teach us computer's lecturer say, I don't want see my student jumping like kangaroo like that come in ah. LOL~! Hahahaha... Sorry Mrs.Shirley, won't do that next time. Hehe...

So far, math, econ and computer's lecturer is good but not ENGLISH! : )  I enjoy studying here. Haha... Those lecturer and my lovely classmate make us can't feel any stress in the air. xD Ohya~! I'm one of the monitor of class. So sad... : (  But nevermind, I can cope with it!! Haha... Seilo~ Still can't get any idea how to do my STUPID english homwworks! Ish... Put it aside... =P

Yesterday after college, 2pm Joon Kiat come fetch me go 1U bowling with Christopher and Chee Seong. Lol... Crazy la we all always meet  for badminton and bowling only. Haha... Well, this week Tuesday and Friday I go bowling. Thursday and Saturday go badminton. Unfortunately, today I din join them for badminton cause I'm lazy and hand pain due to yesterday bowling 2hours non-stop. Fuyoh~! Haha...

Here's some picture to share and introduce to you all my classmate @ lovely friends... : )

Me, Lim Hsiu Juian, Wong Li Kuan

Hsiu Jiuan, Nastya (She's the Russian girl I mention)...

Hsiu Jiuan (Crazy girl, every picture also got her.), Leong Jia Huey (Pretty girl~!)...

Lol... Jia Huey always that shy to face camera...xD

Kausalya (Such a special girl that always make people speechless... But she's "cute ". xD)

 Tengku Adina (Pretty girl also~! And family background very strong one...Xp)

The monitorSS... : )


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Third day of college!!!

Today 1pm only got class. English as my first class, then math. Hmm... Our english teacher, Mrs.Zach? Math teacher is Mr.Anuar. Mr.Anuar is good, he did not let me feel the stress on air. Haha... I can say that, math is add.math!! Its such a waste if can't get high marks in that since we learn before. So, I wanna fight for it~!!  : )

As you all told me lor, english teacher was SUCKS~! First day of class, she request us to do an essay entitled Influences in life. 250words per paragraph, need write 3 paragraph. The point is we need hand up in 30minutes?? Of cause I fail to do so. And my group kena scold by her in class. Ish~ Cant talk meh? Mouth is use to talk de ma. So lan si de her. And give us such senseless useless homeworks. Lol... Admit a bit dislike her la, but overall its still ok. I can cope with it~! Hng!! There's some homework for english...
1) Go youtube see what's about TED talk
2) Find some words we don't know on daily life and write in a book
3) Read newspaper or news from TV n radio, write journals about it
4) Think got what general knowledge can share out

Lol... I'm so speechless on that. How to do? How to start and where to start?
TAN SWEET YEE, Boleh tolong tak?? xD


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New friends

Well, today 9am-12.30pm got briefing. Who knows? It ends on 10.36am, means we can early back! Lol... Hmm... Know new friends aka classmate. : )  Sorry, I can't remember their name. Hehe... Its 4 chinese, 1 Indian, 1 Russian, 3 Malay. They're good and friendly, most important is got a chinese girl as talkactive as me. We just teasing or even morking each other non-stop. Haha... Lunch with them, thanks Hsiu Jiuan for treating us drinks. Gosh~! Such a hard remember name huh?? Haha... My class all together got 20+peoples if not mistaken. We will start our class tomorrow onwards. Ohya~! We got a handbook. Quite cool, front and every page is printed our name. Lol... Facing a problem too, I fail to remember our lecturer name. Haha... Like today a women incharge of foundation, she just told call her Ms.?? Just a awhile, I got things wanna ask her, but I forgot what her name le. Lol... Until now also I cant remember, so I give up to ask. @.@

Here is my timetables... Its only until 14 Ogos

Monday : 11am-11.50am(Econ), 1pm-2.50pm(Comp)
Tuesday : 2pm-4.50pm(MCom), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Wednesday : 12pm-1.50pm(ActHour), 2pm-2.50pm(Eng), 3pm-3.50pm(Econ), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Thursday : 1pm-2.50pm(Eng), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Friday : 10am-10.50am(Econ), 11am-12.50pm(Comp)

Its ok for me la. But the time of math class got a bit weird? Always at last class de. Lol... Anyway, its not as pack as I thought. Hahaha... Still can hang out with friends. Not bad~ xD


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Second day of college!! :)

Today I skip orientation, 10am only reach college. Meet Chen Hui at Cafetaria and chit chat there for an hour. : ) Around 11am Ai Juin and Ker Jean finished class, we go 1U bowling and movies!! Lim Chee going with us, we meet up at McD~! Yeap, we had McD as lunch. After bowling Lim Chee back first because he still got class. Then 3 of us go watch transformer~! Unfortunately I cant finish the movie due to some personal problem. Haha... Lazy to tell lar, long story. xD

Hmm.... Tomorrow I will be at college 9am-12.30pm. After that go badminton with Ker Jean, Lim Chee and don't know. But then Chris is joinning. Boleh tak Ker Jean?! I know you will read my blog. xD  As tradition went starplus badminton on 2pm-4pm. Now ah, my days were so exhauted!! Haha...


Monday, July 4, 2011

FIRST day of college!!!!!

Today was a fairytale~!!
Hahaha... Yeap, today is my very first day of college...
New study place... New friends... New environment... New chapter of life...

Hmm... My orientation is 9am-4.30pm. FRIENDS of mine are huge! Heart them! First step in KDU, Sweet Yee is waiting me at the front door there. She show me the way to auditorium before heading to her class. Not longer, Fabian come meet me in auditorium, he accompany me and aunt travel along kdu. Lol... Then show my aunt the way out from kdu. After that went back auditorium accompany me. At the same time Cheih Yin texted me told that she will meet me up on 11pm.

In a sudden, heard someone was shouting my name... Its SHARON!! Hahaha... Twinkle of eye, its my break time. So, meet Zi Han, Juliana Tan, Sweet Yee, Kalye, Chen Hui, Vivian Tan, Qian Ying, Cheih Yin, Ker Jean, Ai Juin, Yi Juin and Sunnie Lu Jia Xin at Cafetaria. I though I was blur untill recognise wrong people. Haha... But its real, that's JIA XIN!! Oh my God~ She's having study break and come kdu for....?? Haha... Well, tomorrow she will back Nothingham le, take care friends! xD

We lunch from 11.30am-1pm. After that they go class, me and Jia Xin go computer lab. Stay there from 1pm-3pm while wait others after class. :) Then realised that Jia Xin not feeling well. So, I fetch her back around 4.30pm by driving her car. Thanks for trusting me, allow me drive your car!! We straight go Pn.Teh husband's clinic before back. Unfortunately, I bang Jia Xin's car when parking that time. Luckily its nothing serious. VERY SORRY LU JIA XIN~!! I feel guilty now!! Paiseh~ Thanks for trusting and sorry for the mistake... If need $$ repair, just told me. :(

Anyway, I knew few of new friends there...xD But then I dislike my group, very weak~! Not powerful and active enough!! Those guys ah... *shake head* Na pek!! Shout and talk very soft one. Group cheer that time even girls voice louder. =='''  That's why I give up, no eye see. After lunch break I din back auditorium le. Imagine a group leader missing?? A group without leader?? Heheheeeee... I know I'm bad! Xp

Tomorrow, I would not join my orientation. I will go college on 10am and go computer lab wait Ker Jean them after class 11pm. We go 1U bowling~!! Muahahahahaha.... Ok, that's nothing much I could say. As conclude, I felt GREAT~!! Its fun!! Its awesome!! Better than stay at house right?? Haha...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chill peoples...

Wondering for so long but at last I choose to blog. LOL~! Don't know why I very lazy to blog le...Xp Today early in the morning 7am wake up go back smktbm's sports day. : ) 7.45am, Michelle WONG's dad come fetch me. ( not Chia not Tan...Xp ) We go 'gou yuen' had our breakfast with Min Hua, Kar Yee and Emily. Unfortunately, they start earlier, so we force to rush back school by not having breakfast there. SORRY for troublesome you, Kar Yee. Once back school go their PPS's 'dao'. See them busy preparing for marching. I KNOW I'M OUTSIDER!! You all just won't know the feel... Haiz... No direction at all. : (  As an outsider, help them record videos and take pictures.

Meet Jin Min, Joel, Christopher, Fabian, Zi Han, Sharon, Shan Hoe, Song Yuan, Sweet Yee, Xin Yan, Catherine, Ai Juen, Yi Jie and some ex 5E & 5F students there. After they marching, few of us went double seven lunch?? While few of them staying in school accompany pps's waiting for the marching results. Luckily, we still can rush back to see the results. Hehe... PRS won this year. Its good~! Means din have any unfair judgement. So, PPS~!! FACE THE FACT and don't give up. Try your best next year since its fair judgement now. : )  Its no point to be sad peoples!

Another funny mistake happen. Some problems appear, at first teacher say overall winner drop to Rajawali (red team) then after that they say got mistake. The overall winner actually is Jentayu (green team). Hahaha! I WAS DAMN HAPPY MAN~! You know the feel from dissapointed to surprise happy? Hehe... Thanks god, Jentayu won back!  Yeah~! Marching, PRS, Scout and Rajawali are the winners. :)

Just now went Jusco with family, saw new Myvi... Its awesome~! DAMN YENG! Cheap, nice, high tech, interier design good, very worth~! Haha... I like it! xD  Then mum sudden told aunt brought that, tomorrow will drive come show us. Weeeeee... Hahaha... Ok, time to sleep. Good night friends!
: )    ( :



Invited Feng Ling, Siew Hwa, Keat Ming and Roney Yap go badminton with me due to too bored~! Went badminton at starplus from 3pm-4.30pm. : ) Spend an hour to learn basic, how to 'kai qiu' height ngam ngam pass the net and can reach the line. Lol... Its seem easy but actually not! ><  A bit piss off that time keep cant do so. Haha... Thanks Roney purposely come fetch me go badminton. : ) ( I think he use to it le. Haha... )  Around 5pm dad come fetch me back and fetch Feng Ling go ktm station. Have a nice day. : )