Thursday, March 31, 2011

Driving test tomorrow~!!!!

Yeap~!! I'm having my driving test tomorrow with Catherine and Sweet Yee. : )
So, tomorrow need wake up early, 7.30am reach the driving center.
Oh man~!! 7.30am lerh!! A bit lazy for that. Haha...
Haiz... Well...
I dont know how to describe my feels now. : (
Worried?? Nervous?? Excited??
I scare I forgot those steps. Repeat mistake again and again then cham.
Just wish us good luck tomorrow~!!
God please bless us... : )
All the best Pearly Lim!!!
Good luck my friends~!!!! 
: )  ( :
ps : Nervous untill sot liao~ Xp

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To be or not to be?? xD

As what I had posted at facebook... I should choose Diploma in Business at KDU or Foundation in Art and Psychology in HELP better?? xD Argh~! Its soo annoying man~! But seems most of my family also suggest I go for Psychology. Heheeeee...

So, what's my decision now?? Omg~ I still dont know yet!! Gosh~! LOL! I think I know what I want to study, what they told were true also. Just go on what I interested in. Haha... Phoned Zi Ying last night and chatted half an hour plus. Xp Hmm... I'm more clear about what i gonna go next. Thanks! Haha...

Hmmm... Err... Erm... Half decision made~~ : )
I think 50% will go for Psychology and 30% will go for Business and 20% for others...Xp
And of cause not to forget, I shall be more independent!! Yes~! INDEPENDENT!! Then only I can survive at my new study environment--College without friends. Haha... Good luck to me~! : )

But there's some problem here. Parents suggest me go TARC take A level first then only go HELP college take Psychology. Cause they say maybe after A level I will change my mind dont want study psychology already. Lol... I'm speechless... But, watever~ As long as I can study what I really like than ok liao...xD

Ohya~!! My driving test had change to 1April due to 4April full liao. ><  1April~ April fool huh?? Then if I pass liao told people ma nobody trust me lor?? Or else I fail liao told people want them comfort me ma also nobody trust me lor? How funny is that?? LOL! : )


Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPM result...

Tuesday I overnight at Emily's house with Eelyn and Min Hua. Because we planned Wednesday morning together go school take results. xD At night, LS, CarmenH and Kalye came and meet us. Around 9.30pm we go mamak nearby Spicy with Joel, Teik Man, Zi Han and Joon Kiat.

Wednesday morning, its the day!!! We all went McDonald had breakfast before heading to school. : ) After having our plentiful breakfast, we start felt the nervous. Lol... They keep on saying what felt like butterfly in the stomach?? Hahaha... Before went school, meet Michelle Wong, Hui Theng and Kah Kee them at Tuck Kee. Lol... Then we straight went school with heartbeat 250++.... Xp

Hmm... Among the gang, I'm the first to take my results. I cant wait for that, should fast know better than tortured by the nervous feels. After I got it I feels its ok for me although its NO A's. I was surprise that I PASSED my Sejarah and I get B for add math. Lol... My feels was not sad and not happy also... : ) Actually I'm kinda satisfy with it. As people say, the results is depends on how much effort you put.

 Unfortunately, I cried at school. At first is ok de, I still can tahan, but after saw Michelle Wong cry, I cry too! Lol... Your fault~! Xp So paiseh. Ish~ I'm very dissapointed and sad of why all my friends can get sooooo good results. And why I cant one? Got a feel like we are not same level, I'm far away weaker than them. Lol... So sad.... Really sad untill I dont know how to describe the feels...Xp Sorry Ms.Ng, sorry for those who put high hopes on me... Sorry dad~ : )  And also thanks my friends~! After all get their results, me and my gang went 1U neway sing k. Hahaha... You all brighten up my day...Xp

And now~! I'm having seriously headache on those auntiesssss and unclessss... Ish... All keep on ask my results from grandma to parents and aunt. Gosh~! I make my family no face and should face those peoples teasing me all the time. Omg~! That's what I dont like and dont want!!!! Rolf~! Get lost auntiess and uncless... Dont show off there~! : (

Monday, March 21, 2011

Innermost feelings~

Its two more days, I gonna take my SPM results. Gosh!! Its killing me~! But how come I dont have any nervous and worried feels? Izzit someone forgot to remind me about it?? Lol... Or I'm nervous+scare+worry untill numb already? : (  Last time still saw those past SPM candidates back school take results. Just a twinkle of eyes, my turn to take the scary results...Xp

Hmm... How I gonna face it? How if I got an extremely bad results compare to my friends?? How if those aunties and uncle ask about it? Then what should I told them? How if I really get bad results and how would those peopleSsss look on me? What will they think of me? Will they look down on me? Its so horrible terrible.  : (

Dont you scare the feels like... People stare on you with a dissapointed face? Or even their heart was thinking, this fellow really USELESS~!! Especially those parents's friends, how if they teasing me all the time and make my parents no face? Omg~ I seriously cant withstand of it! : (  Damn it! I just dont wanna know my results can? Take it and burn it! Hahahahaha! ( Admit that I'm useless in everythings. )

This few days, something flash back make me think twice of it. I feel like everything goes wrong! How come like that? It shouldn't be like that. That's not what I hope to be. Every picture of my life showing in my mind just like movie. I saw back what I had done this few years. Fuyoh~ Abstract huh? Xp I wish time can reverse... Then I will treasure my time second by second. Lol... Eveythings went wrong and its not perfect at all, its called life. Alamak~ What I'm talking about? Siao~ Wake up Pearly Lim! xD

Well, went KDU college's open day on last Saturday. Err... Sorry that I still blur on my future! Xp I really dont know what to study now. I dont know how and what to do. Guide me please...Xp As parents say, I'm not allow to spend their money much if I cant manage to study what I want. Haiz... They suggest me choose an easier road to walk for my future. Lol... I just dont know how! How ah?!  Ish...
Lastly, I DONT KNOW HOW TO FACE PROBLEMS! God please help me to solve it! Lol~ : )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm backed...!!

I'm backed!! So, what I doing on this few days??
Hmm... Let me think~ ... ... ...
Thursday and Friday was my holidays. : )
So, I went to 1U with the sapo and her\s borthers on Thursday.
We played bowling and snooker, then watch I am number4! xD
Of cause a very important and happy things......
I had bought S.H.E latest concert DVD!!! Hahaha...
Thanks for your treat for everytings... : )

Friday, had driving lesson with Catherine. Its funny and fun! Xp
Two people keep take turns drive. Another sit behind laugh...xD 
I'm having problem on went up d stupid hill. Lol...
Dont know why my hand no strength to pull down and up the handbreak.
I was keep repeat the same things several times, but still fail to settle it.
Catherine was so pro in went up hill, but her's 3point turn is suck! Xp
Haha... Admit that my 3point turn also not good lar. : )
Planning to change driving test's place. Hope success.
Some information from the uncle, went test on Bangi, Kajang will be easier.
Ohya~! We will have our driving test on 4April. Wish us good luck. : )

Today went KDU's open day with LS, Mich, Cat, Sweet and CarmenH.
My dad drive us there with LS's avanza. 7seater ma~ xD
So, meet kinda much malurian there. Soooo good to study there.
Know why? Because quite many friends there. Hehe...
After that we backed kepong and have our lunch.
And now~! I\m blogging in Sweet's house...xD

We gonna get our SPM result soon!! Aww~ Its so scary~ 
God bless all of us...  : )

Friday, March 11, 2011

Heart bleeding...

A short update here! : )
Today, I get my salary~! Heheheeeeee...xD
I have to spend more than half of it for my driving stuff.
BOOO!!  : (
So, I feel so DEATH~ Lol...
( Heart bleeding iin process~ Xp )
Anyway, tomorrow 11am-1pm I will have my third driving lesson.
After that I'm freaking free. Haha...
Anyone have any outing plans? DRAG me out please...Xp
I wanna spend my time WISELY... xD
Working froom Monday to Friday.... (A bit cham. Lol...)
Saturday and Sunday of cause hang out with friends lar!
: )      : )      : )

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awesome days with awesome people... : )

Today's traffic was SUCKS! Malaysia's traffic was sucks too!

Early in the morning come out from house, wasted 45min jaming on the road.
Reached Kepong's church, mum said...
"I was late to work, can you go your destination byself?"
I was... @.@ What the hell? Ish... No choice~
I WALKED from Kepong Baru to Maluri. Lol.
Its so horibble terrible and vegetables. Vegetables? Xp
Anyway, I spend 15min for my journey. Lol... After reach whole body sweat.
Alamak, so tired ah my leg+sweaty. Beh tahan~ =='''
Luckily, we did not late to work. Haha...

Well, since Ls get her's car. We I can go anywhere we like in anytime. Hehe...
Nowdays she fetch me go and back from work. Thanks!
Everytime after work we will spend few minutes to think where to go. LOL!
Facial, cut hair, eat, hang out all also she gao dim my transport.
This few days just wasting your billion's time do my things.
Fetch me go here and there take things bla bla~ So sorry for troublesome you.
But...... No choice~ Hehe... What lar, no choice pulak. Lol...
Go out also will text me whether wanna follow or not...^^
Haha... See! How good she are! Xp ( Treasure IT~ xD )
Thanks much my friends! : )

Saturday, March 5, 2011

GoodBye... : (

Yesterday, Eelyn texted me... "How's your uniform??" 
I get shock of it because I almost forget have to go ask the recycle uncle about it.
So, ask help from Eelyn since she's downstair.
Had confirm that I cant get back my uniform liao! How sad~! 555...
But, its fate, admit its FATE. Its fate to let me lost anything related to old school.
Haiz... FATE~!!! What to do? Anyway, thanks Eelyn for helping me... : )

Later hang out with my aunt, dont know go where lunch. (No choice)
Because of MUST go out with aunt, I should cancel my driving lesson. 
Aiyerrr~ Kacau kacau there.  My time very precious lerh...Xp
After lunch then will go facial with working partner. Lol...
The reaction my gang give me is, WOW! You go facial eh? Ai mei dy err~
Chee Kuan, WA! You finally go facial eh? Good lar~
My classmate, facial beauty pulak... You finally will go facial hor? Lol...
Actually quite scary~ Hahaha......

Tonight, will have gathering with my classmate. Miss them so much~!
After that will have some celebration for Sze Mei and Kanmanial birthday??
Yea, after facial face red red dont know dare to go or not.
Hahaha.... Will see how later...Xp

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A short update here! : )
Nowdays I'm KINDA lazy to update my blog... xD
Its nothing special to blog also, everyday passed as same. ( So boring! Xp )
Today, Ms.Lu told that newspaper got date of SPM's results releases.
Me and Ling Sze quickly go find it on newspaper. Lol...
Yahoo~ Its on third week of March! Yeah~!
My heart was.... Phew~ Luckily not really on March8... xD
Means what? I dont need face the bad result so soon...
Hehehe... ( Running away from the problems. Lol... )
So, here to say I'm sooooooo sorry for all my 4C/5C's classmate!
This Saturday's gathering I cant make it. Very sorry~
Will have the chance next time right??  : D
Best of luck everyone! : )

ps : Tomorrow is Friday! My ONLY hope and chance to find back my PBSM's uniform! God bless me~