Thursday, June 30, 2011


As time pass a bit fast~~~ A BIT?! Lol...
I can't wait for the every coming of Friday night. Haha... Tomorrow don't need 'fat mou' at house le. Yeah! Because I'ma going badminton with Feng Ling, Siew Hwa, Keat Ming and Roney Yap. xD ( ps: Chris might be joinning us. ) Hmm... Will badminton on 2.30pm-4.30pm/5.30pm? Depends lor~  Hehe...

Err... Going back to SMKTBM sports day on Saturday! Kinda much number of us going back. Yeah~! Haha... Aftet that maybe join CSeong, Chris, Fabian and SMei them bowling at 1U!! Again? Haha... Yup! Addicted to bowling and badminton nowdays. Whose fault?!! Lol... 

Michelle Wong Kitt Yue, Catherine, Carmen Heng, Sweet Yee and many..... I hope you all can join bowling too~! Haha...

Ohya~! I'm selling handphones recently. Samsung, Sony Ericson, Nokia, Apple iphone4 and ipad2 also got! Its my OWN part time job from dad. Don't ask why so sudden...Xp Long story, lazy to explain and talk. Haha... Who wanna buy phones, come find me ya. : )


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost myself....

Passed Monday as normal... : )
Today badminton with Carmen Heng, Kar Yee, Hui Yew, Merissa and Kok Kuan at starplus from 3.30pm-5.30pm. I don't know why I'm not in the mood to play. Keep missed balls. : (  After that back house, its damn tired! Did not feel that tired before, although tired than last time de chicken run. What's wrong with me?? : ( 

Ohya~!! Have to mention that... Thanks Alex Teoh for helping us register for McD run...xD  He was damn sot~ Help us go register but he's not joinning. LOL~! Anyway, thanks friend!!

Few more days, I gonna start my college life~! New friends, new things to learn, new study environment... Don't know feel happy or scary. Haha... Or should I say, I GONNA ROCK THE COLLEGE?! Lol... Still thinking about transport problem. Ish...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awesome Saturday...

Yesterday went The Challenger which locate beside Jusco? Err... Anything la. Haha... Badminton with Divyaa, Christopher and John from 10.30am-12.30pm. Emily join us for lunch after this. Had lunch with Chris and Emily at Oldtown. Then we go Zi Han's house play?! Actually is Chris wanna install and copy some movie and games from ZHan. : ) Meet Lim Chee and Chung Yao there. Not longer, Emily fetch me back. Thanks! xD

Let me perasan a bit, have to admit that my badminton skill had improved. Hehe... Thanks friends for teaching me and reminding me this and that. Haha... How awesome you guys helping me all the time! Haha... Thanks Chris and Divyaa, appreciate. : )

Reached house, bath and eat! Haha... Then went Ikano, Cineleisure and The Curve shopping with family. I wanna buy cloths for college ma. Hehe... Long time didn't that high profile. LOL! Brought two long pants and two polo-t cost almost RM400. Fuyoh~! Parents pay ma... Hehe... We had nyonya food as dinner at The Curve. Damn nice wei~! I like nyonya food! Haha... Friends, we should have a try on it. xD


Friday, June 24, 2011

1U again...^^

Hanging out with the same fellow... =.= Went 1U bowling with Christopher, Joon Kiat, Fabian and Chee Seong. Joon Kiat be our driver this time. Thanks very much la!! Haha... All guys. @.@ Luckily got Fabian, make me wont feel weird. Hehe... Had our lunch at McD. Plan go ask about McD run register stuff de. Who knows? It need go KL Wisma OCM to register. Haiz... Damn far wei~ And I don't know how to go also. Sigh... I think I will miss out this McD run le. : (  So sad~! Who can help me about this run?!! I will appreciate much! Haha...

Hmm... After that we play pool~! Fabian play with me, Chee Seong and him teach me all those rules and technique to play. ^^  We had our bowling after two rounds of pool. This time more fun! We play 2hours, which mean 3 and half games. Worth!! : ) So far so good. Lol! Haha... Other than that, we learn spin's bowling. JK and Chris pro in spinning. Too bad I still cant handle how to spin. But don't know why I still can get the highest marks in spinning wor. Hahaha... Its luck!  

Besides, going badminton at starplus tomorrow on 10am-12pm with the almost same peoples. xD Well, some picture share out here, but no human being! Lol... All boys ma, don't like to take picture de. : )  If Sharon them come sure will got many picture. Haha...

1st game~ Yea, I'm third high score. Hehe...

2nd game~ All also drop due to tired already. I become last. ~.~

3rd game~ Spin's bowling...xD


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Middle of the week....

Yesterday, follow grandma mix with those aunties chit chat there. Lol... I'm that bored, force to follow. Haha... Then lunch, I drive grandma and uncle out. Hehe... We meet uncle's girlfriend at the restaurant on 1pm. After lunch, uncle ask me try drive to Jalan Ipoh, outing with them. Too bad, grandma disagree, she say if Pearly drive I don't want go, very scary. LOL~! So, uncle drive back lor. At first we go temple, then go eat dessert. Actually its road side '"tong sui'. Damn nice wei, but its REALLY dirty, I mean environment there. The bowl we use to eat ah, didn't wash properly de, after use simply sink in a pail with water, then take out and let other peoples use again. == After finished eat only I saw that. Eeewww~!

So, start on yesterday night. I feel something wrong with me. Finally knew it!! I got food poison AGAIN. Ish! Plan to see doctor today morning, but mum checked fridge still got medic left. So, dont need purposely go see doctor again. Fuyoh~ Seem like the sick I always get is food poison huh?? February, April and June also get food poison. LOL! Gonna be careful after this, cant simply eat le. Yesterday just heard mum say, after SPM you boring at house keep eating hor. That's why look fatter now. ISH! I KNOW LAR YER! That's why I'm trying to keep fit and good to know I from 48kg decrease to 45.8kg now! Hehe... So, exercise more, less meat, more fruits and vegetables is works for me!! Hehe... Hmph! Now, should work hard for my tummy! ( Not until six pack so scary lar. )Haha...

Add oil for me!! I can do it!! You guys gonna help me right?! Hahahaha.... Ohya! 2more weeks, I gonna start college le. Waaaaa~ Very scary ah... Haha...



Wake up early in the morning, plan lend car from uncle go LS's house find her de. Who know its fate~ Many problems stopping me to do so. Sigh... : (  So, just face the fact! Haha... Gonna wait a month only can meet. Aiya, one month only ma, very fast de la. Hehe... Glad that still got chance to chat with Lai Yenn on facebook before she's heading back...xD No worry friends! After you back, I will come find you yamcha with Xin Yan them de. : )

Hmm... Went De Pastry breakfast with aunt and grandma, after that rotten in house. : (  Wait until afternoon, went Jusco Sushi King had lunch. Yucks! Sushi again! My goodness... @@  No choice~ Haha... Of cause back house face computer whole day lor after lunch. Haiz... That's my lifeless life so far~ Xp


Monday, June 20, 2011

Take care friends!

Just knew from Ms.Ng that Xin Yan hospitalize!! She's having appendix problem which need surgery. : ( Take care! Add oil! We all also very care and worry of you lerh. Get well soon ya! : )

Since yesterday, I already not feeling well. Then went clinic, knew that I'm having fever. Yesterday night, damn torturing man! Cant sleep whole night, dizzy and felt cold. Whole body bones pain and no strength. Felt like my tears gonna drop out from eyes...Xp  After have medic and bla bla around 8am only feel better. : ) After that, keep take medic on time and sleep.

Not longer, heading to Ling Sze's house. Evening, Yen Ping come fetch us go Tesco watch Kungfu Panda2! == Haha... Thanks Yen Ping! Before back grandma house, Ling Sze allow me to drive her AUTO car. Woohooo~ Feel fun wei, din touch auto before. Hehe... But then seriously should improve my driving skill. Should be more caution. Haha...

Hmm... Keep went out this few days, I feel so good! Haha... Hope time could stop on this moment. ^^ Good time passed quite fast until make me feel like its just a dream! Xp So, SLAP me! I gonna wake up from dreams tomorrow onwards. LOL... Haha... Yea, buddies! I need yours help again! Siao with me again tomorrow onwards ya! Haha... Thousand of words hard to voice out. Aiks~! Who can help me?! Haiz...

Oh ya! She's back to camp tomorrow. Sigh. Anyway, take care! : )  ( Heard until sienz right? Lol...)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome days. : )

Yesterday went 1U bowling with Ling Sze, Eelyn, Zi Han, Chris and Fabian. Had sakae sushi as lunch since LS craving for it. : ) After lunch only know the bowling all full! Lol... So, forced to bowling at Curve. Shop around Curve after bowling. Then Eelyn fetch me back take stuff and went Ms.Ng's center BBQ! Haha... Thanks Lyn! Too bad LS cant join it cause she got dinner with parents. Who knows? Around 10pm she came. Yeah! Haha... I plan straight go her house fetch her come de, once reach her house then her brother told, I just fetch LS there. LOL! Nevermind, Michelle, Kheng Fai, May Kei and me back to Ms.Ng there. Treat as "yao cheh hor". Haha... Ok la, thanks Joel for trusting me and lend your car for me to drive. Hehe... Appreciate! Sei yeh aka Yumiko Chung Kar Yee~! Din even dare to allow me touch her car...Xp Well, after the party most of them back and left few peoples cleaning there. Sorry, when Chris and Catherine sweeping the floor I still disturb there, I'm not purposely de. Haha... I think some picture will be uploaded by Carmen Lim and Zi Han soon, wait for it...Xp

Well, today? Hmm... 4pm-6pm went behide Jusco that badminton court with Ling Sze, Chris, Joon Kiat and Teik Man. Argh~! Sad man, starplus and others court also full! Force to went here lor. Its expansive and environment not as good as starplus. : (  Anyway, had a nice day too! Better than stay at home right? Thanks friends! xD 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teacher's Day

Thanks Yen Ping's mum fetching me. Dated Yen Ping and Yit How back school meet at bus stop on 10am today. : ) Yeap, its teacher's day~! So, we back school to visit teacher lor. Good student lerh? Haha... Honestly, this year teacher's day was so BAD~! Boring like hell man~ Nothing special to see, those performance sucks! (Sorry ah, say until like that, but its true. >< ) When we haven graduate that time de performance most good ler. Hehe... Well, it ends an hour earlier than estimated time. So, me and Yen Ping force to loitering around while others gone. Yen Ping stay in school chat with teachers. Me and Yit How go Jusco buy his girlfriend's flower...xD (They celebrating their 1year anniversary.)

Then around 12.45pm Joon Kiat come fetch me and Yen Ping go lunch. Too bad Joon Kiat house got cook, he couldn't lunch with us. Thanks bro~! Purposely fetch us, sorry for troublesome you. Hmm... After lunch, Christopher come fetch us and Divyaa go starplus badminton while Joon Kiat go by own. Divyaa keep tolerating me and Yen Ping at first and teach us some skill. Thanks friends! After Yen Ping back, JK&Div, Chris&Me compete. We won wei~! Hahaha... Best teamwork huh? Xp Around 4pm, JK fetch Div back while Chris fetch me. Have a GREAT day with you guys~ ^^ Thanks~! Especially those who were fetching me here and there without complain...Xp Appreciate... Haha...

Looking forward for tomorrow's outing...xD  Hope you can join us as well. : )


Thursday, June 16, 2011

SMKTBM, I'm back...xD

Just know from Yit How, tomorrow is my ex-secondary school celebrate teacher's day. Haha... So, I'm back with Yen Ping, Kar Yee, Yeow Xin, Yit How, Catherine and Joel? xD Feel so great and a bit excited for tomorrow. Honestly, don't know why I miss SMKTBM oh. Haha... Well, tomorrow early in the morning need go market buy some BBQ foods. Then 10am will go school and 1pm go starplus badminton with Yen Ping, Christopher and Joon Kiat. After that go yamcha and back house. : ) Saturday, morning go friend house give things, then put those BBQ stuff at Ms.Ng center first. Afternoon go 1U with Eelyn, Sharon, Carmen, Christopher and Zi Han. Night BBQ!! Heheeee... I feel good wei~! Long time did not make my time pack already. Everyday also stay at house so cham. Now, its the chance!! Hahaha... Thanks much my friends... Specially thanks and appreciate for those who fetch me here and there without complaining. xD


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its Wednesday!!!

Its Wednesday~!!
Yeap, rotten at house until forgot the date liao. ><
Time pass really slow nowdays. : (
Seriously, I cant bear of it anymore!!! Argh~!! I gonna get mad!!
It was very super hyper duper damn freaking BORED~!
My life sucks wei~ How come so lifeless one??
Stayed at house from Saturday to Wednesday!!
Two more days to go, which mean I gonna stay at house on Thursday also. ==
No choice, all friends start college already. Haiz... Pity me~ : (
Luckily Friday still can go badminton with friends...
Thanks dude! xD  Lol...
There's no other words can describe out what's my feel now. Jeez!
Very piss off~ Very sienz~ Very bired~ Gonna get mad~
Well, Saturday will have BBQ party at there.Heheee...
Cant wait and looking forward to it. Haha...
Hope everything goes well and smooth. xD
At the same time, LS will having 4days holidays. : )
But then, I know its non of my business also. Happy for what? Lol...
I shall not bother so much to make myself tired. :) 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lifeless me. : (

Boring boring boring boring...!!
Emo emo emo emo...!!
Lol... Was damn freaking bored this two weeks.
Haiz... Why nobody drag me out one??
Its true hard to find friends out nowdays. : (
All college, work. Left me lifeless in house. ==
Argh~!!!! I cant bear of it anymore!!
I gonna get mad~! Get crazy lor~!
I don't care, who ask me out I also will go de.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Aww~!! Ouch~!! First time drop my w995 from so high... Haiz... Luckily nothing. Haahahahaha...

Today went timesquare buy cloths with Michelle, Catherine, Kit Teng and Carmen. We went there by ktm. ^^ Feel so good?? Long time did not use public transport go here and there already lor. Haha... Malaysia's ktm SUCKS!! Walao eh~ The people much dao~ Beh tahan~ Become sandwich inside. I'm bread, Mich is meat, Cat is cheese, KT is vegetables and Car is mayonese. Lol... Lame! Haha... Mich most pity, always stand in middle. Let peopleSssssssss 'giap'. Haha... Back that time most scary, I try hard to block and not to move inside. I'm trying to not allow more peopls come in ktm cause its really no place liao. Finally I not as strong as those Malay's girls. Lol... Heard they shout and straight like rocket like that come in. We stunt! Mich pity, let them knock dao her stomach. Hahahaha... But we not very good also, let them stick until near near, smelly +hot+ uncomfortable wei. Ish~! Anyway, brought 8 cloths and accessories. Ok~ Let's see some pictures here. xD

Black shirt for presentation. : )

Singlet~!! Xp

Justin Bieber~ Heheeeee...

Normal T-shirt. Nice? xD

This one was so tight for me, thinking how to settle it. : )

Plain black long sleeve. : )

Red jacket. : )

Grey jacket. : )

26days. I feel bad. : (

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today didn't hang out anywhere, whole day face computer facebooking only. Haha... So good girl eh...Xp Had planned many things, but don't know really can do it or not. Don't know whether can success what I had plan and aim for or not. : (  Hope all goes well for my future. Haha... Last time say very looking forward for college life, but now actually got a bit scare of college. Hehe... Lonely~ I got to lonely~ I got nobody~ Lol... Singing? Hahaha... Trying to be independent!! Trying to change myself to be a better person. Hehe...God bless and help me please~ Lol...
Ok~!!! Tomorrow gonna hang out with Michelle, Catherine, Kit Teng and Carmen Heng.
Unfortunately, we have to go timesquare shopping by ktm. ~.~ How sad is that? Haha... Nevermind, important is we can meet each other. Hehe... 
: )  ( :


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RE-Decided. : )

Its fate~!! Its fate!!!!!
After been torturing for so long, facing so many problems, finally and LASTLY...
I had decided, confirm take Foundation in Arts at KDU college.
Well, I take 5 subjects which is English, Computing, Math, Econ and Mass Com.
After this foundation I will go HELP college continue my degree. Heheheeee...
So, don't need think also know I will take what at HELP college ler...Xp
Erm... Hmm... Letcha tell you. : )
Bachelor Of Business Psychology (HONS) 
 For sure many peoples wonder why I don't straight take foundation in HELP college??
Oh~! Because.... I also don't know how to tell. Haha...
July intake, I'm coming...xD


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today wait Xyan come grandma house fetch me hang out on 11.30am. : ) Got XYan, KYee, Jxin, ZYing, Carmen and Meri. At first we went Jusco, had Kenny Roger as lunch because we got the voucer.  Haha... Then go Tesco for movie. They watch X-men, but I did not join them. I early back, around 3pm their movie start and its my back time too~! Because after this I need go KDU meet the counselor, Valerie Tan. Before the movie we go play machines basketball. Lol... Adictated to it liao. Haha... 

After back from KDU, went Jusco and Tesco again with parents. =='''  Meet Pkim again~! Lol...  Morning meet Pkim with her sister. But night meet Pkim with her sistaSSSSSS. Chatted a while there. : ) We just teasing each other, your house eh? Morning until night also here. Hahahaha.... Funny~ Ohya~! Brought guitar tunner. RM55, paid by own. Feel so expansive~! Haha... Stingy people is like that de la...xD

Yeap!! BAD NEWS~!! Confirm AUSMAT July intake postpone to January!! Why I so bad luck de?! Ish!! Haiz... Fate~ What to do? 1st, change to Foundation in Art. 2nd wait until next year January. Suffering~ The counselor say if  remain take AUSMAT January intake the half year I boring at house. Can try to work in KDU's office, don't know help typing what stuff. Lol... This idea not bad. But if don't want then need change to Foundation in Art le.

Heard some comment, AUSMAT is better than Foundation in Art. Few number of people suggest me wait. Because they think its not worth to change the things I wanna study due to the intake time. Haiz... Actually both I also ok de. Will see how lar. If the work condition is good for me, mostly will remain take AUSMAT. If not, I will change Foundation in Art.  : (

Parents strongly suggest I work in KDU  half year to wait my AUSMAT January intake. They say can got work de experience and can early use to KDU's environment. ( For preparing next time easier go aunt there study also. Hurstivalle Town, Sydney, Australia. ) Lol... So how? I dont know. God~ Why always need give me such make decision de things to suffer?? Fed up~

21days Fed up also~!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Spec!!

Today went optical shop take my new spec~! Hehe... Its full white, because I like white. xD My opinion, its ok for me la. But then sister say not suit me oh. : (  So, take a look on some pictures here. Haha...

Front view...

Side view...

Me with new spec...xD

Nice huh?? Suit me or not?  : )

Yeap, from now onwards I need 24hours wearing the spec. And MUST spend 2hours everyday to close a eye with gauze+tape for practicing my lazy left eye's muscle function.. Lol... Its so tiring my eyes. Gosh~! So not use to it wei~   : (

Additional picture : 

Medium and Big... Haha...
Last time go shopping, Yamaha shop saw small size guitar. Its soooooooooo cute~!  xD

Received call from Ms.Lu just now, told that she will go travel tomorrow onwards. My god~ So, we need early a bit go work and late a bit back from work. Lol... Sure will be a busy and tired day tomorrow. Haiz... A good news also, I will work until this Friday. Hehe... But then Ms.Lu is requesting me work more one week for her, which mean work until June17. I still thinking of that~ Haha...