Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back in Action!

Suddenly remember I still got a blog. LOL. Time flies~ Enrolled in Bachelor of Communication (Hons) few months. Yeap, maybe until now still got people ask me what you studying now. Haha... Cause I din't really expose to everyone about what I choose in my degree life this time. So fast! I gonna end my degree first year first sem. Had go through every up and down, happy and sad part within this sem. Many unexpected stuff happened and it really take my time and brain juice to solve. Assignments really kills me!! Gonna get mad during the assignments time, sleep few hours in few days. @@ For now, finally I can have a deep breath and relax, a short break to prepare myself in the following exam. OMG! Yea, so soon. Once finished assignments then had to face the bloody hell exam. Its just a week for us to study and prepare. FML! Though we are robot meh? Lol. Luckily, I still got whole bunch of friends/coursemate who support and help me in my degree life. I appreciate it. Thank guys! Haha...
Ohya!! Have a 2days 1night genting trip with the a-level on tomorrow. But dont know what I had no feel at all. No excited feel. So weird la me. Lol. They are leaving us! Graduated! Good luck in your future! I will miss you all.
 Anyway, wish me luck in exam. All the best for me. =)