Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worry + scare....Xp

2day add.m paper is ok. Ok doesn't mean can gt good marks ah.
Dun misunder my meaning. Hehe..Easier thn wat I expect la...XD
2moro~ Moral exam. Ish...I knw u all sure say "sap sap sui la".
Bt,  I quite worry abt it.  : (  Cuz I cant memorise thngs...Xp
I gt short-term memory lost disease...^^ (direct translate...Xp)
Stil gt much nilai I hvn finish memorise lerh!! YeR! Hw? Hlp~
As I said b4, I dislik thngs tht FIXed 2 memorise de... Grr!!
Can dun1 study Sej, moral n Bio ah?? Xp  All same type de~ 
Serously, I'm nw very scare+worrying abt 2moro moral exam.
Worry thn add.math!! Lol... I knw wat's u all thnking abt it.
No choice, I'm diffrent, I'm tht special la~ Haha...(perasan)
Honestly, actually wat subjek oso wil scare n worry de la... ><
Alwys say ny la, after d exam, I fel ntg on it...Xp ( geh geh si )
Ohya, 2moro gt ttn. Planing lunch 2gether agn b4 go ttn...^^
Since holiday, long time din lunch 2gether dy. (wah, say til lik tht.)
Instead of tht, I hope much PPL can lunch wif us...Xp ( crowded ma)
Btw, I had ntg 2 say dy... Lol... Good luck my fren~~  ^^

ps: Dun complaint my post TOO short, I had ntg 2 write abt it dy. Xp

Drag me to hell!!!!
53days to SPM!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2days in 1 post...Xp ( 2 in 1 )

Ytd after sch din back hse tht early cuz gonna study math-transformation.
Wanna bcum crazy liao....@.@  Almost piss off~ (I mean transformation)
Btw, had McFlurry....^^  D point is I eat 1 cup BYSELF, din share~ Xp
Quite full lo finish a set of McChic n 1 cup McFlurry.... ( Share btr...Xp )
Hmm...Thnk wat's nxt?? I din realise she pay 4 it!! Ish...1st time so noob!
Hahaha...Went back hse at night tht time ny knw my wallet gt extra $$.
Yeeyor!! U win lo~  ( Izzit I shld fel proud can let stingy ppl treat?? Xp )
Haha...Kidding~  So, slp at grandma hse cuz gao mm dim d math things.
Bcuz back hse very troublesome, cant on9 til mid9 n burn mid9 oil...Xp
Thn 2day morning go sch by bus.  : (    Luckily din late 4 sch 2day......^^
Ytd realy din slp wel~ Duno y, cant slp...XD  Whole night lie on sofa thr.
Doin math revision while watching tv. Ard 2am++ I slp... (if nt mistaken)
Thn wake up agn at 5am....@.@  Sit thr day dream thn duno whn fal aslp.
6am Heard my alarm ring~ Wake up prepare n go sch...... : )
Btw, she had do somethings 4 hlping me in d math-transformation.....XD
Let's hv a look on this......^^   ( A bit touching lerh...Xp )

                                      Ignore the green words....Xp

So, after this exam whr shld I kep this paper?? Can throw ah? Hahaha...Xp

                           Nola, it wil b lik this.........   : )   ( good lerh~ )

Thx u la...Hlp me so much!  I wil appreciate it n kep in my heart AGN~  Haha...

Well, abt 2day...Math exam overall is ok. Luckily~  
Haha...It almost killed me...Xp
Btw, I realy boh song on 2day his behaviour n d thngs he had done...
Wat the f***
Fine~ Jz 4gt abt it...Its non of my buisness...XD   
( I~ Dissaponited wif my class. )
2moro... ADD MATH PAPER!!!!  
I'm speechless on it...XD  God bless me pls...Xp
Besides, RAINing jz nw. I'm being "chicken in soup"on d way back hse.  ==
Hoiyo!! Whn I walk tht time jiu rain heavily, once reach hse, rain sudden stop.
Ish... Purposely rain 4 me de izzit?? 
I din looking 4 a rain god wor~  Lol... ==
I'm nw start worrying abt my moral paper on "22moro". 
( purposely type tht...Xp) 
Scare I cant memories all d nilai..... ( dislik FIXed thngs...Xp )
Honestly, I'm worry abt moral > add.math... XD
Hope time pass faster nw... 
I wan faster over this trial exam!! 
Thn can rest 1month. Wat I mean is......
Dun need being torment by exam's stress...Xp  
Bt after 1month~~ 
Our SPM is come!!!!!!!  
Ish..... Gonna crazy of it!  Xp   
Good luck my fren!!

Drag me to hell!!!
54days to SPM!!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

27/9/2010 (rainny day).......

I liked 2day's weather agn......^^  Its raining!!  N its cold!!   Xp
Ok nw! Wasting of time 2day. Went back hse early bt done ntg... : (
Slp... On9... Loitering ard... Eat... On9.... Watch TV... Listening song.
Tht's wat I'll do whn I panic 4 exam n duno wat 2 do......^^   ==lll
I oso duno wat happen 2 me nw...... : (   Weird~  Empty~ Lost~  Xp
Wow.... Sound weird huh???  Haha...Lol...Sienz lerh...Very bored nw...
I cant wait until d day I graduate!!  I 1na hang out play kao kao~ Xp
Ish...Hope SPM tht time pass as fast as it can...Xp Wont fel lik b tied up.
After long time of holiday. 2day start as normal went back by bus... ><
Its hot n jz wasting of time sitting on d bus 1hour go round n round...X.X
So, decided as last time half way walk back hse byself...Xp   Its btr lo~
Half way walk back byself can save time n wont fel borin kep sit on bus. 
Btw, walking back CAN 15MIN EARLIER REACH HSE!!!  XD
So, walk back 2day, its damn tired cuz long time din walk lik tht.....^^
Bt, who k? As long as  I can save time n wont fel bored at d moment..Xp
Well, 2day BM exam is ok... Bt jz d tatabahasa part gt a bit duno do.  : (
Nvm... As Jia Xin said, its pass...Xp   Try my best on 2moro BI exam!!
Hmm... Duno wat surpose 2 do nw lerh~ I'm lost direction agn... @.@
Ntg much 2 blog oso... I'm totally blank~ Searching 4 sumting bt cant gt it.
Aiya, wat 2 say agn?? K la.... Enuf 4 2day..... All d best for 2moro!!!  ^^

Drag me to hell!!!!
56days to SPM!!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


2day ttn Ms.Ng early 15min let us back cuz I wan her 2 do so. : )
Duno y very tired among d ttn especially at phy d last 1hour..Xp
Tired til fel lik 1na headache dy, bt luckily it din realy happen.  : )
Thx her's bro fetching me frm ttn center 2 bookshop buy things.
Thn stil fetch me frm bookshop back theirs hse. Wat u say r right.
I go ppl hse, stil wan ppl n her bro come fetch me...Xp  Geng~
Haha... Aiya, u all too good ma...Xp ( actually fel paiseh n guilty)
1st time ask fren lik tht come fetch. Weird~ V mz b crazy dy. XD
Went her hse study, nt in d mood. Bt at least gt study BM & BI.
V take turn explain 2 each other all d Drama, Cerpen...bla~bla~
After tht plan study phy de, bt both of us din hv d MOOD study!
Ish... Nt din hv la jz less thn last time...Xp (wat Am I saying huh?)
Hehe... Ply Wii a while thr. 1st time knock ppl's leg...Xp  Sry~
Paiseh ah, suddden din realise u thr...I oso fel shock thtt time. =P

After tht v study agn...Xp  Duno whn n wat happen dy......^^
I kep looking? searching? checking? touching? Her's things in room.
Found a toy? Giraffe toy? Colourful de... Its quite cute n funny. : )
So, sudden addicted 2 it...Haha...Ply non-stop, almost 30min wif it.
Hehe...I'm nt childish la wei~ Jz cant control my curiosity ny....@.@
Hahaha...Cant stop my imagination on it. Kep on  investigate it. Xp
Thn she jz kep on laughing...Duno wat's d prob wif her...Sot jo~ XD
Btw, duno wat 2 do lerh...D time pass so fast...SPM is near!!! Shit~~
Nw fel lik my study system break down dy. Din hv d heart dy. Hw?
Haha...Study gt systen eh? Watever, smart ppl wil gt wat I mean. XD
Seilo~ Hw? Cham lo~ Wat 2 do?  Geng lo~ Wait die?  Lol...Haha... 
I had no idea at all... : (   Jz ZAP SANG myself lo... ><  
May god bless me~~ xP  Ohya, pls bless all of my fren oso. Haha...
Eh~ Eh~ Tht's ntg else I can say....Eh~ Eh~   (Singing pulak...Xp)
K la, ntg much 2 say dy.....  Wish all d best 4 us......^^  
Ohya, those 2 facing PMR kids!  Gambateh ah!!  Hahaha....

Anyway, thanks you so much!
I realy will appreciate it & keep in my heart...  : )

Drag me to hell!!!
58days to SPM!!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


After few days din go sch, 2day go sch realy gt a bit nt use 2 it......Xp
Early in d morning hard 2 wake up bt hv 2 force myself 2 do so... ~.~
Emo in d morning cuz of 1na slp n too tired...Xp  Blur blur lik tht 2day.
Exam tht time realy very slpy, ofcuz fast finish it n slp. (Useless la Pearly!)
So?? Use our ass 2 thnk oso knw...Fast finish means duno+cincai do lo.
Jz 4gt abt it only TRIAL?!! Fiine, its pass...Still gt 9 more sub 2 go. @.@
Faint~~ I dislik full paper exam!! Write non-stop de. Very tired lerh...Xp
Hmm...Ntg spcl abt 2day since I hv a boring life...XD  Actually is lazy write.
Hahaha... Sumting happen jz nw la, make me fel very freaking angry la!!
Dun fel lik 1na meention it out... Since its pass...Xp Calm down ok dy...^^
After sch saw 3 of thm go nearby behind sch thr.... Eat?? (sure dela)
So?? Gt a bit beh song?? Honestly, Ya! Yup! Yes!  Expact ppl do wat?
So?? Wat u wan?? No, ntg... Dun bother abt myself...Xp (gt mad dy)
Haha... Btw, ttn work hvn finish ah!!! shit!! Its driving me crazy...Xp
So nw, gona on9 a while n quick go rush it....XD

Drag me to hell!!!
60days to SPM!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.........

Hv a short post here due 2 lack of time...Xp
Btw, I wil nt update my blog everyday since trial exam has start.
Skipped sch this 3days. Mon, Tues n Wed... (dun b jealous...Xp)
Bside, I nt gonna go sch on Fri n Sat oso. Means 6days I jz go 1day.
Hahaha... Nt lazy lar~~ This call smart! Can manage time well...Xp
Go sch oso waste time ny la. Study at hse btr. Its true~~  Haha...^^
V're lack of time rmb? Trial start!! SPM coming!!  Wake up ppl!!
Gt some motivation 4 urself!! Motivate ur fren oso!! Study!!  XD
Shit lo~ Actually damn scare...TRIAL EXAM IS START 2MORO!!
Yea, its gonna drive me crazy....Xp Study on this 3days. A bit ny la~
Haha... 2day while study tht time my mygraine-headache come AGN. ==
Ish...I dislik it lar!! Hate it much!! Its wasting me 2hour time 2 rest. : (
Hv chicken rice as lunch 2day. N ard 5pm ordered Mcd delivery...^^
Sumting hv 2 mention here. Mcflurry had change size? Smaller thn previous.
Haha... Can say as MINI Mcflurry?? Lol... Haha... Err~ Duno wat 2 say dy...
K la, for all my dear fren... Gambateh!!!! We gonna ROCK d exam??! Lol...
Hahahaha....... Add oil la every1!!!!  Wish us good luck.... : )
Din play candles n latents wif cousins this year lerh... Fel loney n sienz...Xp
Nola, cuz exam n gt sch 2moro... Ish... So..... Can join d party lo... : (
Nvm, can ASSUME tht I had celebrated on last Sat dy.... Haha....
Ohya, almost 4gt 2 wish.....
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!!!

Drag me to hell!!!
61days to SPM!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Functions!!!!!! XD

2day I din go sch, same as 2moro oso...Xp 
Nt lazy!! Jz 1na use d time 2 study.

Heard tht only few ppl absent 2day  bt luckily din teach...
Nvm... I dun k abt it~ Xp
Wake up ard 8.30am 2day...Xp  
Quick prepared n hv breakfast b4 went her hse.
Yea, I did my studies thr... 
Its was great 2day cuz I din wasting much time... : )
Jz spend ard 1.5hour 2 watch TV n ply Wii ONLY......^^  
Shld relax abit bside study.
Did some revision 2day...( 4 me is quite much dy lo...Xp)  
Thx u sooooo much~ : ) 
Ya, duno y altot I learn 4 long time bt stil very blur on 
F4 Chp1 Functions...... @.@
N nw!! Finally I knw it!!! Hahaha...... 
I cant believed tht...Xp  Lolx... (get mad dy)
Thx 4 everythings tht u had done/hlp me.  
I appreciate it & keep it in heart......^^
Btw, nw still doin add.math stuff... 
Plan ltr revision on chemistry......^^  
As u say...  I realy gt mad dy...Xp  
Sudden gt motivation....Very strong tim...Xp
Lolx....Watever la....  Hehe...... ><
Pearly Lim had changed!!  ( duno good or bad...Xp )
Hmm... 2moro as same wil hv "group" study......Xp  
Btw, I'm planing 2 move in my grandma hse frm nw until end of SPM......XD
Bt thn I hv some transport problem on goin sch early in d morning... : (
My auntie bus gt fetch bt jz she alwys wil b late. I dun 1na line up in lewat line!!
So, decide nt 2 go sch by bus. Btw, any idea huh?? 
Can any1 hlp me??  XD    Hv 2 solve it as fast as I can...
Exam is jz ard d corner, I dun 1na waste time! Xp
Err..... I duno wat else 2 say here..... So, tht's all 4 2day......^^

Drag me to hell!!

63days to SPM!!!!!! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

XYan's Birthday + Lattern Festival

Ytd was Xin Yan's Birthday...So, after ttn v went her hse 4? 
Celebrated her Birthday! Her parents fetch us...Thx! 
There were 9 ppl went 2 her hse + herself = 10 ppl
XYan, Carmen ( big & small ), Jeat, Sweet, Cat, Meri, KTeng, JXin n me...XD
Btw, on d way 2 her hse I dy nt feel well...
Start my c2pid Migraine~HEADACHE!!Ish...Realy angry abt myself tht time...
Ppl go ply tht time headache pulak. ><
Its very damn super hyper freaking pain!! Realy very san fu tht time. Dislike!!
Thn finally reach XYan's hse n she gv me hv a rest in her air-cond bedroom. Xp
Thx much ah XYan...N sry abt it...U birthday I stil nt feel well n disturb dao u.
Ma fan u kep on watching me n take medic+water 4 me...Paiseh~~ Bt Thx much!
Slp ard 1++hour at her room...My pain bcum btr dy...Start went out join thm ply.
Wahaha...D real Pearly is back!! Start my playful charac...Xp Make noise anywhr.
Hehe...V locked CarHeng n XYan at d kitchen...Xp Jz ply 4 fun. N its realy fun!!
Their reaction was funny. : )  I gt video it n uploaded at fb. Go check on it...Xp
Hmm...V had our lunch (KFC) thr, home made? dessert (jelly) n birthday cake.   
D cake was extremely ugly whn v' were eating it...Cuz v din cut it out into pieces.
Hahaha...V jz take fork n straight eat 2gether...Xp Meri early back, JaiXin late cum.
Btw, b4 v prepare d cake n sang Birthday song,v locked XYan outside her hse...XD
Hahahaha...V close all d window too...Xp (So bad lah) She was sweating thr...Xp
N thn while open door tht time, she came in, v start our Birthday song. Surprise??
Hmm...V played guitar, piano, hide&seek, chat, on9, n watch movie thr...XD
Took quite much pic. As conclude, all d photo n video were uploaded at FB...^^
Ard 6pm, sweet's dad cum fetch us back. Thx uncle n sweet!!  : ) 

He fetch me go LS Dino's hse........ ( I bet u all wil fel sienz n AGN...Xp )
Erm...Went her hse bath n had dinner thr...Xp  So paiseh alwys eat thr...Haha...
After tht, her bro fetch us went 2 tis Lattern Festival near Menjalara.  Thx thx!!
Went thr bcuz aunt's fren, LS Dino's mum n YHow's mum was performing there. 
V went thr quite so v missed d Lion Dance. V went thr 2 show support...Xp
Ohya, meet Guan Ren wif his family thr oso. Btw, v had took some pic thr...XD
Its took me  a looooong time 2 hv a nice pic wif d LS Dino. Ish...Gonna piss off.
Her bro skill ah? Haiz....Xp   Luckily, v did it n she can edit it much nicer...^^  
Thx la... Btw, stop talk bad abt my W995! Gosh~ Its sumting wrg abt it jo...Xp
Yea, realised tht my w995 gt prob dy...Lol...Duno wat happen on it...><
After tht, v went mamak "Yam Cha". (duno wat Kanasai shop, aunt tld tht...XD)
Those auntiessss sit 2gether, n ofcuz 4 of us sit others table. (smart) Haha...
Take a look on those  pic of ytd...........Xp   Nice~~~

                          Some singer thr... Damn yeng+pretty...Xp

                                     Dancing Queen???  Xp

                                     Exactly lok lik Yap Ling Sze (pikaciu)...Xp

                                Wow...Blur enuf huh? Whose d photographer??

                                     *Tadah*!!! Its him...Skil nt bad right? Xp

                                           This btr thn previous...Xp

                                           Awesome pic......Xp

                                         Photo of d day....XD   Nice~~

Drag me to hell!!!

64days to SPM!!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

GreatZ ! ♥ Day....Xp

I lik 2day's weather!! Its raining n make me comfortable+cold...Xp
Cuz duno y last few days d c2pid weather was freaking hot. Ish...
Even I'm staying in air-cond + fan room, I oso fel very very hot!! : (
Luckily 2day morning heard d sound of rain n can feel d cold air...XD
I'm totally in a very good mood 2day cuz of d weather... Relax~~
Bt til ard 5.30pm, I fel d hot agn!! Ish... I dislik lar!! Sucks weather!!
Wat cause tht huh? Malaysia's weather bcum worse dy.... Hot enuf!!
Hope 2moro r nt d same...Xp Oh yea, 2day I gt ttn frm 2pm-5.30pm.
I tot I had ntg special post de, bt ttn tht time Emily had reminded...Xp
She sudden found those pic frm my phone n I plan 2 write it out here.
BUT!!!! I cant uploaded those pic lerh... Ish!!! Damn slow.... Haiz....
So, sry.... If nxt time gt chance I sure will post up here...Haha....
Btw, 2moro gt ttn as same, after tht v go XYan's hse...Xp
Dun complaint abt my post r short pls...
K la, tht's all 4 2day....
2moro gt ttn early in d morning.....
Shld slp early lu~~~  =P

p/s : Dun HURT+SAD dy la.....Xp   B happy alwys....^^

Drag me to hell!!!!
66 days to SPM!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loooooong post......

Well, alrdy 2 days I din update my blog. Its many things 2 write out nw... : )
Ladies n gentlement pls spend ur half an hour or more thn tht 2 read tis post.
Cuz sum1 complaint abt my post too short n can finish in few seconds...Xp
Let's talk abt tis 2 days... I'm sure tht u all r interes of tht? Haha... (perasan)

Ytd I din plan 2 go anywhr cuz I dun fel lik 1na.... Jz thnk of studies ny...Xp
Sry Yit How 4 put ur aeroplane 3days. Btw, went her hse study AGN...Xp 
I'm sure u all read my blog til 1na vomit right? Alwys her hse...Xp Hahaha...
Hmm... Ytd me 11.05am reach her hse. I can rmb d time cuz I miss a show!
Ish...Its Hebe!! She text me on 10.36am say tht gt a show til 11am gt Hebe!
Thn I rush my aunt 2 fast fetch me go her hse watch it. Unluckily, I miss it!!
K jz 4gt abt it. : )  Thn start do my trigo paper thr. Walau, much dao...@.@
Most of d ques r totally d same! Especially graph! Draw til I 1na vomit! Xp
I bet tht sum1 was complaint abt it tht I learn her alwys say vomit... Haha...
While d half way doin trigo, tht's a guy come her hse tunning her piano. Lol...
Its start Ding Ding Dong Dong thr... N, her kakak was funy, duno vacuum. 
She gonna piss off bcuz of tht...D way she tease? scld? her kakak. Hahaha...
Ard 3pm she went piano clas, me alone at her hse 45min 2 do my trigo. XD
After 45min her bro n me go fetch her back frm piano clas cuz she 1 take hp.
Ya, her's wait for 6dayssssss HAZEL!! Finally gt STOCK n she gt it ytd!! 
Haha...After settle her hp things, her bro fetch me back. Thx her bro much~
Thn...Dinner, after tht rush on my trigo agn until mid9 3.30am lerh... Ish...
Gud lerh me... Bt sum1 realy PRO n geng... I gt shock of it!! Washeh~~ ^^
Half way she teach me do d trigo, she went out eat? I phone her tht time.
She teach me through phone, she brg d formula out too!! I gt shock! Walau~
I'm realy gt short while touching~  I was... Fuyoh~ Y gt tis type ppl?  Xp
K la.... Very thx u 4 alwys so GT HEART hlp me in my things... Thx much!

Hmm....Abt 2day? I gt ttn frm 11am-2.15pm. Cant went badm wif thm... : (
Bt nvm, after ttn I went her hse AGN! Haha... Go thr do TRIGO la......^^
I dun thnk so. Hehe...Say go thr do trigo is jz an excuse. Actually 1na hlp her.
Yalar, hlp her in her wait for 6dayssssss HAZEL...Xp Hlp download themes.
Walao, proud of myself... Hahaha... I finally done it! 1st time lerh...Xp
I din download themes b4 cuz alwys oao fren send me de. Bt her's special~~
Format nt same wif us pulak... >< Almost 1na gv up n piss off... Luckily~~
Finally I can gao dim...Wahahaha...Damn happy tht time. Thx Michelle oso!
Thx Michelle 4 teaching me b4 tis... I kep on text her 2 learn n ask wat 2 do.
On d other hand, its... Its... Haiz... Duno hw 2 describe..Anyway, its fun! Xp
Open sch nxt wek lo, wont gt chance 2 went her hse kacau dy... Hahaha...
As conclude, very thx u 4 giving me a chance 2 disturb u lots on tis holiday.
Hahahaha.... Memorable holiday huh? I mean 4 me... Din went out oso...Xp
1st time so good lerh, holiday din went out... Kep on go ppl hse ny....Hehe...
Err.... Duno wat else 2 say lar..... Tht's all 4 this.... Xp

              THANK YOU SO MUCH! !
                      I appreciate it & keep it in heart

Drag me to hell!!!
67 days to SPM!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


2day 10am badminton at starplus wif DinoLS, XYan, Sweet, KYee, Carmenss n Jeat.
Actually 2day's weather is nice cuz its raining in d morning n its nice 2 slp...Hahaha...
Bt v gt 2 go 4 badminton, so...(btr dun say so much)  Hmm...Quite relax 2day...Xp
Cuz exam jz ard d corner n I'm full of stress. :(  While playing tht time I realy enjoyed.
After badminton, v go lunch at KOK HING. After tht, walk go LS hse ply wii......^^
Its fun! Theirs face n reaction while plying Wii.. Haha....Err...Duno wat else to say tim.
Those things no need 2 mention hrer la. Ish... Ard 430 LS bro fetch me back. Thx agn.
Well. nt much to say..... I'm nt feeling well n lazy to type much...Xp  

Drag me to hell!!!!!
69 days to SPM!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Din blog 4 ytd cuz its ntg 2 say abt it...Xp (ppl say me gv excuse pulak)
Hmm...2day went her hse study. I'm late 2 thr. Its nt enuf time 4 me...Xp
Ish... My dad lar!! I dun he off 2day, if nt I morning dy went her hse lo.
Wasting my half day time. Ard 3pm ny I reach her hse. I quite lik 2day.
Cuz I din wasting time on thr, I realy do my work. Do non-stop tht type.
Lik very serious...Play less, talk less...Xp (ppl sure disagree tis) Hahaha...
Once c add.math trigo paper, I wil fel lik 1na faint! C2pid paper ah! Xp
D ques much dao~ Walau! Waste many time on it oso cant finish 1page!
Err...Ard 8pm I back hse...Xp  Paiseh din gv u a chance 2 kick me...Xp
Its ntg much (SPECIAL) to say abt here.........

              ( better dont tell out your embarrassing part )

On d other part. I realy duno wat's goin on wif u all. Izzit my pro or...??
I fel sumting among us. Izzit a wall?? I hard 2 communicate wif u all dy.
Honestly, wat's d pro huh?? Cant jz gv a chance 2 hv a good chat on it??
Its seem lik all chg... Dun lik tht la, exam ard d corner dy make ppl piss off.
Stil 1na...Aiya, dun fel lik 1na mention out n dun even knw hw 2 say abt it!!
Can jz straightlt tld out wat's goin on?? Izzit my mistake?? Tld out lar! Wth...
Thnk of it! Clear ur mind. Thnk wat cause tht happen. Thnk wat make it chg.
Thnk of wat had v done 2 let ppl make mistake. I'm serious. I realy duno hw.
Its troublesome me. I nt dare 2 face d fact. I scare/worry til try 2 run out of it.
Yea, I try 2 b away... I avoid...I NT DARE TO FACE D PRO LOR!! Ish...
Lol.... I duno hw n wat 2 do.... I 1na back 2 last time tht normal life...Xp
Which is sms n phone each others always!! Sum everyday tim... ><  Haha...
K la.... Tht's all 4 it... I weak in express out my feels. If I did anythings wrg...
I'm here 2 say sry to all of my fren.......^^

Drag me to hell!!!!!
71 days more to SPM!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wasting time......

1st of all thx LS's bro 4 hlping my sis book d badm court...XD
Hmm...2day my sis n her fren went starplus badm bt me go ttn.
Haiz... Hw cham me cant join, LS n her bro oso badm thr lerh.
I went ttn frm 11am-2.15pm. Ard 2.30pm I went her hse study.
Nice 2 hear right? Study!!? Actually I oso duno wat I'm doin thr.
Mayb my brain tired jo after ttn. Haha... So, no mood+lazy dy.
Lol... Sry 4 wasting her tiime. I'm wasting ur study time!!  @.@
Very sry abt tht. I'm guilty nw...Xp  Realy very sry sry sry sry....

I dislik myself dy!  Alwys wasting ppl time! N cant even help ppl.
Wat I mean is, own result too lauzy... : (   Alwys nid ppl teach me!
Bt whn ppl gt prob in study I cant even hlp! Cuz I'm C2pid thn~~
Yea, I fel regret... So hw? Who gonna hlp u if u dun1 2 hlp urself.
Argh! Alwys talk ny la, wont do de. Tht's me! Right! Useless ppl~
Do u all knw wat's d fel of... Ur fren btr much thn u in study?
Its seem lik v're nt same level... Lik I'm useless 2 thm. Ish... : (
D most sad is whn thy ask me ques wif high hope bt I cant ans.
Thn thy wil show d face~faint. Wow...I fel lik 1na die. (learn FL)
Or sumtimes I wil found tht cant communicate wel wif thm....><
Cuz while thy chating abt studies stuff. I dun even knw wat is it.
Thn hw can I join into their conservation lerh? Funny enuf! Haha!
Btw, I'm nt only weak in self-controling. I hard 2 force myself oso!
Dun talk abt tis dy!! Ish... Dissapointed n look down 2 myself!!

In stead of tht, 2day duno wat happpen I slp quite long in abnormal time.
Haha... Mayb too tired? 1st time slp 2hr lerh. Sumore frm 8pm-10pm.
So nw, I'm nt gonna 2 slp sooooo early. I wil enjoy my midnight...Xp
Btw, 2moro plan force myself 2 study whole day!! I muz do it!!! Hmph!
Besides, sry Kalye... I jz knw tht its ur Birthday celebration 2moro.
I tot jz a simply hang out 2 Midvalley. I din thnk much n straight ignore u.
Sry abt tht. Very sry Kalye. Bt my parents oso wont allow me go out dy.
Cuz as u all knw, exam is jz ard d corner. Wil hv d chance nxt yr...Xp

Drag me to hell!!!
74days to SPM!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chg my mind.....

2moro I gt ttn frm 11am-2.15pm which replace frm this Sat de.
So?? Yea,  mean tht this Sat I DUN HV ttn! Wahahaha.....XD 
Yeah! Yahoo! Yes! I dun nid wake up so early on Sat jo...Xp
Its very borin + sienz u knw. Especially sch day. 6/7 days... >< 
Mon-Fri dy nid wake up early. Nw, Sat oso nid wake up early!.
Sumtimes I realy wil fel very angry abt it. Only Sun can slp late.
Bt, no choice oso! Who ask me shld face SPM this year. Haiz...
K....  Jz 4gt abt tht...Xp    Skip......

Hmm... 2moro 11pm only ttn, the time quite weird. (for me ny la)
Knw tht 2moro Ls thm gt badm at starplus frm 930am-1130am.
Sudden... My brain lightbulb lighted n my eyes shining...Xp Lol...
Sumting is running in my mind... Nyiek nyiek nyiek~~ (bad smile)

1st, I plan go badm frm 9.30am-10.30am thn only go ttn at 11am.
Bt, I dislike whole body sweat n straight go ttn. Tis make me wonder.
Besides, sum1 disagree my appearance n dun1 2 met me thr oso.
Scare alwys met me til sienz jo. ><  So, I btr dun appear thr la...Xp

2nd, jz knw Yan thm 2moro b4 ttn mayb go breakfast 2gether...^^
Aha!! Tis make me wonder agn n more attract me 2 go Hahaha...
V long time din 2gether hvg breakf b4 go ttn liao lo.  Miss last time~
B4 Ms.Ng gt center, most of us gt hvg breakfast 2gether b4 ttn dar.
I stil can rmb--Loong Kei.  Those image flash back in my brain...Xp

Hmm...Its some ??? here...Xp I wonder y sum ppl very worry abt exam.
N sum! Feel ntg 2 d exam?! Exam jz ard d corner! Stil can ask ppl out.
During tis holidays, can say as gt quite much fren ask me hang out...^^
Wah~~ Its killing me, let me knw bt I cant folo thm hang out pulak. ><
Watever, my self-controling very gud jo. I ignore all of thm...Xp (fake)
Nw! I'm here 2 say... I dun fel lik 1na hang out! Dun ask me go shopping.
Dun ask me go movie. Dun ask me go anywhr 2 ply. Pls... EXAM rmb?! 
I jz wan study!!  I wan d time 2 study!! I dun1 wasting time anymore!!
Lol... Agn~ Weird me...Hello, wake! m I hvg fever nw? m I Pearly Lim?
Wat I'm talking abt?? Lol.... Well, see!!  SPM is driving me crazy!! Xp
Spin me ard~~ U make me crazier~~ crazier~~ crazier~~ Hahaha....
Anyway, shld stop here. Cuz its late, I fel slpy n .............
Eh~ Tat's ntg else I can say. Eh~ Eh~ I wish u never look at me tht way.
Lolx!! Hahahahaha!!  Xp

Drag me to hell!!!
75 days to SPM!!!!!


2day was my grandpa birthday. As usual, whole family go out celebrate 4 it.
V dinner at night n take dy some pic. Bt I wont expost those pic...Xp
Its ntg more 2 describe abt tht..... Borin~~  Hahaha....

Afternoon purposely brg movie went LS's hse watch.  Quite sienz...Xp
As time pass so fast, ard 4.45pm, aunt come fetch me back hse. XD
Ntg funny n special abt 2day, so ntg much 2 say oso. Haiz... Sienz agn!
Hahaha... K la... Actually gt sumting 1na voice out de, bt nt so dare. 
Honestly, I realy very serious de. I realy hope tht I come ur hse study.
As exam jz ard d corner, I can fel d stress. Even slp oso cant slp well.
Pearly Lim!! Wake up!! Dun ply le la, u had nt much time dy!!  X.X
If can, pls dare go voice out ask ppl teach u!! Haha... Weird!  ~.~
Eeeyer~~ Pearly Lim!! U very weird eh!! Suddenly so k abt ur exam!!
Ish... Muz b sumting wrg wif me jo!!! Shit!!!  ==lll   Haiz....  @.@ 
Its nt a joke, I realy scare!! I beg al of my fren....Teach me if u can...Xp
Owh!! Stop tht Pearly Lim!! U weird enuf!!   XD   Xp   : )

Btw,,,,, Wat's this?? Any idea huh??  Gt brg benefit 4 me or nt??  Xp

Lol.... I'm sure tht sum1 saw this pic wil let me Boom dao....Xp

Drag me to hell!!!!
75 days to SPM!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The first and the last time....Xp

Hmm... Tot ntg 2 blog 2day bt...Unluckily happen sumting bad. : (
The same mistake I done bt wif diff ppl. I knw tht, tht's my weakness.
I'm troublesome!! I alwys b d destroyer!! Making ppl mood nt gud!
I'm sorry... My self-controlling realy very bad. I am selfish enuf. X.X
I'm realy very sorry... For all my fren tht I had made u angry b4....
I'm here to say sorry... I'm serious of tht! Very sorry......

I an wonderful! Just the way I am.
I build my own life with love, kindness and courage.
My eyes are wide open to see the beauty around me in nature and in people.
I treat others the way I like to be treated.
I love myself! for all that I am.
I use my kindness to sort out my problems.
I am save to say how I am feeling.
I am a fantastic friend.
I am listening for all that my day has to teach me.
I am so important in this world.
Mean words don't hurt me. I have a sheild of love for myself.
I feel calm. I am ready to learn.
My smile like the sun, it warms the world.
I am happy! and my world is happy.
I always use my manners, they make others smile.
When I feel angry, I know my loving heart will calm me.
I am proud of myself! for all that I can do.
I am a good sport. I play for fun and try my best.
I use my kind words to express my feelings.
I am healthy! I love to eat good food for my growing body.
I enjoy doing my very best in all that I do.
I take pride in myself and in the things I do.
I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.
I say sorry to people I have upset. It is important.
I am happy. I love to smile.
It's O.K to make mistakes. I do learn important lessons from them.
I am a star at everything I do.
I enjoy sharing with my friends. It makes me feel happy.
I am thoughtful. I think of others and their feelings.
I am smart! I love to learn.
I am creative! I have fun expressing myself.
I am honest with myself and those I love.
When I feel jealous, I remember... I am proud of who I am.
I am the best at believing in me.
I am feeling peaceful.
I enjoy playing fun games outside-in the beauty of nature.
Some people may lie... I know the truth, it is safe in my heart.
I am happy to forgive the people I love.
I move happily along life's path. I like to try new things.
I am helpful. I enjoy helping those I love.

Drag me to hell!!!

77 days to SPM!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pearly Lim is Lost!!

I'm lost, I realy lost... I duno wat I'm doin nw... Haiz!!
As time pass so fast, 2moro is Monday bt its Holiday! XD
I feel half happy n half afraid of this holidays. Y say so??
Honestly, I'm realy very super hyper afraid of this holiday.
I had been study n gt experience in exam 4 so many years.
Bt tis time duno y I realy SCARE of Trial exam!
Hw?? I oso duno wat shld I do! I start feel panic n lost... : (
Once holiday end, I shld face trial exam which is quite important.
After trial 3weeks I shld face SPM!!! Hw?? Wat shld I do?
I knw it, as my situation nw... My results can throw into dustbin.
If I can gt good results, sure I wont gt this type of feelings... ><
I very scare+afraid+panic+worry abt it... Can time jz stop thr?
I dun1 face d exam!! I dun1!! I dun1!! After exam jiu graduate!
I dun1 leave my fren!! I dun1 leave sch life!! I dun1 face d fact!
I dun1 face d results tht I gt!! I dun1 all those prob appear!!
Gosh!! Hw ah?? My brain is blank nw. I duno wat 2 do...@.@
I fel lik 1na shout~~Hlp me ah!!! I very afraid of d exam ah!!
Any ideas? Hw ah? Hw ah?? Wat can I do?? Wat shld I do??
Can any1 hlp me? Plan 2 hv group study on this 2 weeks holidays.
Bt success? No! All 1na study byself. No1 same as me so special.
Haiz..... Hw ah??   Ms.Ng~~~~   555...... X.X
Haiz!! Suan la... After express out my feel, its btr dy...Xp
I had no idea 4 2moro, very sienz lerh. Anyplan pls tld me as soon.
I dun 1na stay at grandma hse d whole days n whole 2 weeks!!
Sum1 pls hlp me...Xp  Plan sumting out 4 me... Pls....XD
I beg................................ Haiz~~~

Drag me to hell!!!
78 days to SPM!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

In between.........

My mood 4 2day is in between happy n sad... Lolx...Xp
2day was Ms.Khor retirement... Ofcuz our sch gt celebration on it.
Hmm... This time special a bit, I lost d chance c those persembahan.
Cuz I'm playing in 5A. Keep on kacau Yan thm especialy LS...XD
Its happen a lot of funny things thr. It wil b my best memories 4 tis yr.
Well, duno y I sudden so gud b her photographer d whole day...XD
Took many many pic... Bt my own pic oso gt quite much in it la...Xp
The unluckily + sad part.....
Ling Sze lost her phone... C2pid Malay guy!! Go die la u!! Asshole!!
D story start lik tht... After I finish hormat thr, I quick rush back 5A.
Thn saw her keep finding things, after ny knw tht she lost her phone.
So sad lar wei... If early I hlp her kep phone&camera, it wont happen.
I'm jz C2pid!! Cant thnk tht?! Only hlp her kep camera bt nt phone!!
Bt, its oso lucky 2 say, if nt I hlp her kep d camera, it wil lost oso.
Haiz... Watever la... I'm realy sad of tht. Can even hlp  fren 2.... : (
Argh!! N I saw she cry... Wth... I most scare fren cry de le... X.X
Its killing me... Its realy sad lerh, knw ur fren gt trouble bt cant hlp!
K, watever its alrdy pass. 4gt abt it k? Dun b sad anymore LS! Xp
Since its lost, thnk +ve k? Its d chance 4 u 2 chg a new phone...Xp
Bsides, Sry Yan, Cat, big n small Car, Jeat, KYee, Meri n KKuan.
I din do wat I had promised agn. Very sry abt tht I din lunch wif u all.
Cuz I dun1 troublesome  u all 2 wait me. I dun1 wasting u all de time.
Finally, she's mood ok n v go eat. Unluckily same lunch at KOK HING.
I'm very paiseeh tht time. Very sry... N sry 4 I din go ttn. Its own prob!
After eat I go airport wif my dad 2 fetch my aunt which back frm London.
Ard 9.30pm only I reached hse lerh... Tired~~ K la, write til here....
I'm realy laazy to type much n I'm tired 2 death......Xp
Details n more photo pls visit Ling Sze's profile...... : )

Drag me to hell!!!
79 days to SPM!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, d story is lik tht......4gt dy whn I knw tht Walter gonna sell his guitar.
One day, in sch I confirm tht wif YJuan. Its real! Its cheap n worth!! XD
Reason 4 Walter 2 sell his guitar is increase his budget 4 an electric guitar.

So, here's some information abt it......
Morrison Acoustic Guitar... Model : 2000/41C (2nd hand, 5month old) 
Good condition rating 9/10. Only RM100 wif guitar strap n bag!!  O.O
I was lik...Wow...Its realy worth!! I gonna buy it...So, decided ask dad.
Our conservation as following......
Me  : Dad, I 1na buy a guitar. Its only RM100 realy worth!! I cant let it go! Xp
Dad : Gv me a reason y I 1na buy a guitar 4 u?
Me  : Bcuz I lik it! U oso knw wat.... I wan it long time ago...XD
Dad : Nope.....
Me  : Bcuz its cheap n in good condition so its worth enuf!!  Xp
Dad : ............
Me  : Err... Buy dy I can learn n play song 4 u ma...^^ (taught by Yjuan)
Dad : No, tht's nt d reason n I din say 1 u ply song 4 me oso.
Me  : ==lll  Dad! Its Morrison Acoustic Guitar... Model : 2000/41C (2nd hand, 5month old) Good condition rating 9/10. Only RM100 wif guitar strap n bag! Its worth lar!!!

Dad : Price or whether izzit worth r nt d reason... I wan d reason Y I 1na buy 4 u?

Few hour later.........Xp

Me  : Dad, u buy 4 me lar! Pls...Its realy worth! U dun tld me tht its a waste 2 buy 4 me...
         I promise wont "3min heat"...Xp  Only RM100, ur dinner dy gone RM300++ la.
Dad : O.O....... 
Me  : If u buy 4 me, it can make me less go out shopping, loitering n play wif fren lo.
         If go out oso go fren hse learn guitar n study lo. Reason acceptable? Deal??
Dad : U rmb wat u said ah. U promise tht! U btr study hard ya!  K la, buy la...
Me  : Yeeeeeah!! Ok... Thx dad!

So, 2day Walter take me d guitar. After Ali testing all tht 4 me, overall its ok......XD
Finally, I gt a guitar. N dun need worry much tht I'll "3min heat". Cuz its cheap...Xp
If nxt time I realy dun lik n put away it dy ah... Dad oso wont scld... Hw bad me...^^
Wat's d nxt 4 me?? Aha!! Finding ppl teach me!! Bt SPM is jz ard d corner wor... : (
Who gonna teach me in our "war" time?? Watever... I can leave it  1st, as long as.....
Now I got a guitar!!!!!!! Wahahaahahaha.... Here's some pic 2 share.......Xp

                                                   *Tadah*  Not bad right??  XD
                                                      With its bag......^^

                                                      Side view......Xp

                                            So, hw to keep? I hang lik this... Haha...

*I had been death for d 7th days....*

Drag me to hell!!!!
81 days to SPM!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D world r REALY so small!!!!

Ytd, merdeka day, family day. As I said on d last post.
Hv dinner at Sekenjang whole family. Seafoodssss...^^
Those food is awesone nice n d view oso nice...Xp
Err... Lazy n duno hw 2 describe la. 4gt take pic oso!
Anyway, saw ckuan thr. Wow... I was realy surprise.
B4 tht she gt tld me she wil went Kuala Selangor de.
Bt nw?? Chg 2 Sekenjang dy? Haha... N v meet thr.
Whn reach thr, I was BC~ing sms wif  perasan "ppl".
Altot I heard sum1 is called my name bt din bother abt it.
N I said in heart, went til so far, wont meet fren here dela.
So, altot I heard sum1 shout my name 4 few times...
I had no respond wif it oso. Haha! Heard agn wif strong tone.
Pearly Lim!!!!! Thn only I start searching whr's d voice frm.
Wow! Fuyoh! It was ckuan! Gosh! I cant believe my eyes.
Hahaha... So hv a short chat wif her thr. N v realise sumting.
Our parents knw each other since 10years b4... Lol...
Thy din meet 4 10yeras bt sudden meet thr... Funny right?
Ard 9pm, v back hse. Dad is complaning abt me! Alwys sms!
Well, ofcuz I din bother abt it. Jz started this few days ny ma.
Knw wat he said? U so many things talk wif ur fren de meh?
Y dun u straight away phone n talk? Y 1na sms? Lol...
Whr gt alwys? Hahaha... N sms wont waste $$ dela UNCLE!
N u wont feel d fun whn sms compare wif direct chat in phone.
As I said, uncle! Followed our new generation foot step la.
Hahahaha..... Anyway, its quite late nw. Gtg... Slp....
Bye n nitez every1......XD

*I had been death for d 6th days....*

Drag me to hell!!!!

82 days to SPM!!