Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sem break = Holidaysssss??

Finally started my break a week liao. Our "dearly" lecturer give many holiday worksssss. Gonna mad at them! Got lots of homework but don't know why don't have the mood to do. Maybe I'm just born to be last minutes feller. Haha... Anything lar, lifeless wasting time at house day by day. Twinkle of eye, 1 week passed without doing any USEFULL stuff. Lol... And so UNluckily, dad use my car because he haven got his new car yet! Aiyerrrrr... People most need car during holiday de lor. :(

Done quite much stupid things recently, my stupidity increases therefore it lower my EQ. Lol... I also don't know what I want, I'm lost control. I'm pissing off... My brain damage... I don't wanna... I dislike... I'm sick... Please don't bother... It only will get hurt...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gonna burst...

God please help me... 
Just give me a bright road to walk when I'm facing darkness of my life... 
I will kill people if it won't be jailed. :(

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm back and it is alive... : )

Hello Everyone~! I’m back! Know you all craving for my update. (Perasan) =P

Almost a month didn’t update my blog. If not heard Ling Sze say she blogging last few days, I TOTALLY forgot I got a blog. Haha… No choice, I wish I could blogging every day but I’m really out of time. Hmm… What Happen and what I doing recently? Should start from….

As I mention on last post, finished my 1st term exam and results were out! Heart attack~ Overall is ok except computer. I did it badly! L Never mind, its passed and I will work hard on next sem exam. Haha… Don’t so fast happy there, MPW exams are waving hand and smiling with me.  It is on next week! And I got a bunch of homeworks, assignment, test to go on. All pack up my next whole week time. Gosh! I’m so dead…

"You are the Apple of my eyes" Yeap, you! Don't turn ur head around, its you! Haha... Lol... Wtached this movie twice, which is with collegemate and Ling Sze. Damn awesome movie! I like it... Haha...

I’m fainted in lift~!!! Yeap, don’t know what happen to me that day. After college, I back grandma house then fainted in lift in sudden. Thanks an uncle and aunty carry me back? I heard that from sister because I fainted until don’t know what happen, no respond. Once I awake, I’’m already lying on sofa. Lol… Of cause parents brought me went visit doctor. Found of the reason is I’m having Low Blood Pressure. WTH?! Because of that I’m not suggest to use lift and aeroplane due to the pressure problems. Doctor still asks me eat more fruits and meatssssss…. Hahahaha…. Such a joke?! I always eat much meat and avoid vegetables de. Anyway, I’m taking medicine for low blood pressure now.

I get my NEW laptop. Hehe... Craving for it long time ago. Its acer aspire 4752G, sky blue. Ok, admit that I choose laptop more depend on its outer look than inner. Haha... But why suddenly can buy new laptop?? Because old that laptop after update some software in, can't support then spoil. Wahahaha... God bless~ Give me a chance to get new laptop. Weeee~ Haha...

I got no car use for two weeks. Yeap, its true and freak me out! Dad change his car, old car sold out and new car haven arrived yet. =.=  So, I'm been forced to sacrified myself to lend my car out for dad. CONCLUDE, NO CAR FOR ME USE THIS TWO WEEKS! Poor thing~ Ish... Again, thanks Ling Sze to be driver this two weeks. Hehe...

Yesterday was our dearest tuition teacher Ms.Ng Yoke Kean wedding's party. Wow~! As time flies, can't believe that our tuition teacher gets married. Haha... Attend the party with all the students that Ms.Ng taught before. Here to wish... Congrate, Happy Wedding Day!

My house is under renovation. So, my family forced to move out due to inconvenience. All of them move to grandma house for 5days 4night. It is kind of SQUEEZ there, so I choose to stay at Ling Sze house. Hehe… Thanks for adopting me. Have to pack cloths and all stuff later, gonna get mad of thinking what to pack. Lol…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free from exam... :)

Finally finished my 1st term exam last week. Phew~ Err... Overall is ok for me, I GUESS. Haha... As time flies, tomorrow start my 2nd semester lor. Feel sad? Scare? Very fast then gonna end my KDU life. Sigh. I don't wanna leave my friends. Haha... Well, went Batu Cave that park flying kite with Ling Sze and Sharon. As Ling Sze request that since long time ago, before she went NS. Hahaha... Today's weather not bad, so as her wish. :) Some pictures to share...

Once you went in, you can saw......
Woah~! Many kites right?? xD

Then, many kites on the sky... :)

 Spot the SAPO's face expression. =P

The PRO is coming to help. Hehe...

Trying hard to fly the kite. ><

Finally, they success to fly the kites. Haha...

End of the day. =)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First college's EXAM!!

Almost forgot I got a blog... =P Too busy recently. Haiz... College life is fun but busy also. Settled my 2 mpw subjects presentation. PHEW~ Hehe... But I not so satisfy for my Malaysian Studies presentation lar. Its my first time and seriously I'm freaking nervous. Presenting that time can see my hand and voice shaking. Haha... Second, Moral Education is better. I think is because I know the topic well and group member all look stable. Lol... but before the presentation I keep go pee due to too nervous. Hahaha... As what Mr.Oo comment, I'm happy n shock to hear what he say. Its a COMPLIMENT. Hehe... As time passed, gonna end my Sem1 studies lor. And Sem1 exam is on Monday! Yeap, its on MONDAY and I'm just start reading. Although compare to SPM, its already less to read but damn freaking much things to memories lar. Eeeeyer... But, no choice! AND~! Its a MUST for me to score. God help me please... : (

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back!!

More than a week I din update my blog. Haha... Recently quite busy until forgot to update blog. There's a bunch of eforum, assignment, presentation and homework waiting me to touch it. Lol... Term test coming very soon, not even one month, stress is waving hand to me. Haha...  Unfortunately, this few days my old sickness, migraine is back... :'(  Damn it!! God ar~ Don't torture me lar. I want improve myself again, haiz... Can someone motivate me??
I want the words blur and don't know dissappear in my study.
I want myself to be strong in everything.
I want improve my badminton skill.
I want myself not that kind of 3minutes heat people.
I want my guitar skill back.
I want many wants..... Lol...
Haiz... Can someone slap me awake me?? Sigh.
Anyway, think positive... Haha...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Its Sunday again...!

Almost forgot I got a blog should update. Haha...
As time flies, one week passed really fast. :(
Assignment and presentation are welcoming me. Lol~
A bit cant catch up for math?? So fed up with myself.
A useless brain I got, what also forgot. Sigh. :(
A special Friday, accidentally have a chance yamcha with Michelle.
A nice heart to heart talk among us. Haha... I felt great. :) 
A great day on Saturday, badminton with LS and Eryn.
After that discuss about presentation stuff at LS's house.
Afternoon we still ate dim sum as lunch and continue our discussion??
Actually is we 3 peoples take an hours nap together on a bed. Haha...
At night me and high school friends went lantern festival right opposite high school...^^
An apologize to Eryn that I wasting your time end up didn't go dinner with you.
And.... I got a new puppy! Heheheeeee....
WOW... All sentences start with the letter "A". Haha...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clear the lazyness...

Clear my mind and back to study!! Wasted this whole weeks holidays did nothing at house. Sigh... Shit lar! Before this lecturer still keep remembering us this holidays is for study, not play play geh. Term1 exam is coming SOON. My goodness... I had no idea at all how to face it. Shit man! If failed, need retake argh! Damn it! Its time to be serious, wake up and start your study Pearly Lim!! *SLAP*

Well, how I passed this weeks?? Hmm... I had no idea at all. As time flies, dreaming a while then few hours gone. Lol... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I rotted in house. Lifeless, wasting time, nothing do there. :(

Thursday went Starplus badminton with LS and Ker Jean. After sent LS back, me and Ker Jean go Lorenzo there badminton again. Crazy~ @@  That's something very unbelievable and paiseh happened on us. Haha... We recognised wrong waja, though its my car keep on and off the lock see why cant open. After Ker Jean told, eh where's our badminton bag? Then only I realised, SHIT! This is not my car, my car is beside. =.=''' *Was showing the wth face* Hahahaha... How stupid lar, dreaming blur there. Lol... And when we eating at mamak there, I keep spoil the forksss and spoonsss. Cause the spoons and forks there too lousy ok?! Then Ker Jean more pro, straight give me the whole bunch of fork and spoon. =.='''

Saturday went badminton at Starplus with LS, Eryn, Jia Xin, Ker Jean and Lim Chee. Thanks Eryn purposely drive come Maluri so far to badminton with us. Haha... After badminton we went Manjalara? Had our lunch, "ma lat ban mee" with Emily and Joel. :) Around evening, LS house no water due to tangki repairs, fetch her go my grandma house bath. Most funny is I forgotten the bathroom lock spoil already de. Hak Sei her. Hahahaha.... That's all for this week. :)

Today lerh?? Hmm... No plans at all and just will go Kepong night market with aunt later. :)  Tomorrow school day, hope it is a new starting for me  : )

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Seems like average I will update my blog once a week? Very lazy ma. Hehe... Having Hari Raya one week break now. Its a holidays eh?? Or time to let us recharge ourselves?? I mean time to start serious in my studies?? Lol... Hmm... Busy with 3 presentation in 3 weeks time. Malaysian studies, I same group with Carmen, Jackee, Constance and Yee Leng? We are in Group8 to present the title of "Does the system of checks and balances still work in Malaysia in 21st century?" What the hell is that?? Lol... We had no idea at all. Sigh... Moral education, I same group with Ling Sze, Eryn and Pravin. We are in Group9 to present the title of "Is Racism hidden but existent?" This is better for me at least I know what does it mean. :)  And the last is Mass Communication presentation about some advertising stuff with Maeve, Lynette and Tony! Anyway, god bless please we could do very well in all this presentation...xD 

Recently addicted to Jason Chen's song, thanks to Jackee! Haha...
Friday skipped math class and went 1U watched Final Destination5 with Jia Huey, Carmen, Jackee, Tony and Hsiu Jiuan. Hehe... But a bit disappointed with it, the movie not as disgusting as what I thought. Then meet with Ling Sze, Sweet Yee, Xue Ren and Fabian later to buy Emily and Ms.Ng's birthday present...^^

Yesterday morning breakfast with grandma and fetch her go here and there. After that go Sweet Yee's house do homework. Hardworking lerh?? Hehe... Then we fetched Michelle and Catherine go prepare stuff to celebrate Ms.Ng birthday at "Gei Dak Sek" in the afternoon. :)  Around 7pm+, me and Ling Sze went Emily's birthday party. Have fun on yesterday...^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a boring day....

Today is...?? SATURDAY!!! So? Yeap, the only day I can rest and play. Unfortunately, I had no plan on today! Haiz... Badminton cancelled twice, make me so no mood. Ish~!  Sienz lar... God ah~
Since I so free and bored, I'll blog out the things I left out few days ago. :)

Our first day to have MPW subject which combined all pre-u in a class. Of cause, I feel good~! Hehe...

Mass Communication class cancelled!! WTH~! It surpose to be 5pm back but cause of this I 2pm can back le. Unluckily, I'm the drive of the day. LOL~! ==''' So, Lynette brought Maeve, Carmen, Jackee and me went SS2 there eat n drink bubble tea milk...^^

Its HOLIDAY~! My very first holiday in college life. Hahaha... So, morning went to her house due to nothing do. ( Actually is let peoples FFK... =P ) Lol... Then afternoon went 1U with dad to buy some cloths from Padini Concept Store due to big sales? xD At night, me and Ls went a charity dinner at Restaurant Emperior at Goldhill which offered by my dad. Theme of the night is "Thai's Night". So, once we heard about THAI, what's the first word will appear in our mind? Yea!! Its AH GUA!! LMAO! Hahaha... We watched Ah Gua's show... Felt so geli but shock? Lol...

OMG~! I'm totally mind blank for this day. Haha...

Oh my~ Math and Economics test freak me out~!! Early in the morning 8am start test. Before this I did not do any revision and read anythings also. How dare me. Lol... Because of Friday quite busy for me, so time passed very fast 1pm finished class. Haha... As our tradition, went 1U with Ling Sze, Eryn, Carmen, Jackee, Shinova and Julie. We had our lunch at Sakae Sushi and then watched a movie, The Fortune Buddies. Haha... Damn funny la this movie...^^

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Is it true I'm that busy recently?? Busy until left out my blog for 5days?? Argh~! I also don't know why I'm soooooooo lazy to blog now. Maybe nothing special or memorable happen?? Or my life was that bored, as same pass everyday?? Same time meet same people go same venue do same things. LOL~! College, basketball, hang out with collegemate...
After today my feels was like, PHEWWW~ Why say so?? Because some test and the quite stressful english play had finally over~! Hahaha... Good job monkey butt~! xD Got try our best then enough le.  : )
Aiks~ Damn it~! Although see from outer I'm nothing but inner are totally not same? I'm so care about it but no choice. Its not under my control right? Just don't know why can angry for no reason. Actually its got reason but maybe just I'm small gas enough. Haiz... Annoying man~!
Aha~! Tomorrow gonna go PJ fetch Eryn come Maluri starplus badminton. Hehe... Its my new friends?? Lol...

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Don't know why I feel tired on this few days. Keep sleeping but still tired + weak. Very lazy to do everythings. Tired from mentally to physically. : (  Assignment and homework leave there like a mountain haven done. My mass communication presentation haven start do anything yet ar!!!! How?? Monday need show teacher le!! 
I feel helpless... :'(

Today 9am-11am went Starplus badminton with Ling Sze, Sharon, Carmen, Christopher and Joon Kiat. After a while Joel come join us a while for fun?? Lol... Then the guys went back but girls 4.30pm went Tesco movie...^^ We watched Rise Of Planet Of The Apes!! Its such a nice movie for me. Haha... While waiting 4.30pm as usual went Ling Sze house bath and bla bla. Online there, let her kacau my msn and facebook. Hsiu Jiuan and Maeve must be blur that time. Haha! But a bit surprise and touched that Maeve ask me go movie with her. Lol... Sorry I can't make it. : ) 

Craps... I feel very tired now~! But I don't feel like wanna sleep yet. Sigh... My mind and heart were sick! Haha...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back In Action...^^

I'm backed~! Having serious fluid+cough+sore throat recently. Damn uncomfortable and dislike it!! Ish... Anyway, carpool with Ling Sze, Sharon, Sweet Yee and Kalye. As conclude, we need go college on 8am and back on 5.30pm everyday. >< Wanna save petrol's $, should carpool and tolerating each other. So, end up all should wait cope with the time. : )

Monday there's something happen and make me feel depressed, dissapointed, sad or frustrated?? I feel like wanna give up and don't wanna bother anything of it. Lol... Seriously, it hurts badly. : (  But after all thanks god it back to normal. I still can cope with it. Hehe... Ehemhemhem... Skip it~! Haha...

Tuesday and Wednesday what happen huh?? Letcha think first... Hmm... 1min... 2min... 3min... Err... No idea at all~! Old liao, memory also not that good le. Hehe...

Thursday~! Have a small steamboat party?? Yeap, Thursday morning they go Giant supermarket buy those drinks and foods. After class around 3pm we start preparing for our steamboat as dinner at Carmen & Jackee's house. Haha... Steamboat with my collegemate, Ling Sze, Hsiu Jiuan, Jia Huey, Li Kuan, Shinova, Carmen, Jackee, Maeve and Tony! Thanks to my beloved friends. You all were such a huge! Xp Have an enjoyable and great day with them... Haha...

Today as usual went Ling Sze house early in the morning. Her turn to fetch us go college. Unfortunately, her car get stuck in house by her parents car. Lol... Rich people is like that, one people one car until the car no place park and blocking each other's car...Xp So, she forced to drive her brother's car to college. How dare drive the car without "P" there. Haha... Had economics test on today, the question is simple if I got do revision on it. Lol... But unexpected is 15marks per question need draw 5graphs and explaination. O.O  So, of cause I can't manage to do that. Hehe... Re-test on next Friday 8am-9am!! : (  Ended our class on 4pm and back house sleep~!! Don't know why keep sleeping and yet still feel very tired. Lol... What happen to me? I dislike this feel, keep sleeping wasting my time...xD

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today was a fairytale...

As what I mention at my title... Yeap, today was a fairytale~! Why say so lerh? Because early in the morning went college, rushing for math assignment to pass up by today. Who knows? Math class cancelled!! Means today went college for just the 50minutes economic class. Ish~ Always cancel class de! Math cancel, computer cancel or else change time, lecturer late for 1hour come class. So many problems lar! KDU's time arrangement really not good.

After that we went Restaurant 'Yao Yi' to have our brunch. Then visited Carmen and Jackee's house and we chit chat there. : )  Non-stop laughing with you all lar. My god~ Haha... I love my college friends!! Hehe... The Carmen simply hang her *ahem ahem* around ah~ Hang also did not hang properly, we keep teasing and laughing there. Lol... As happy time passed really fast, around 12.30pm we dismissed...Xp

Stayed at computer lab while waiting Sharon and Ling Sze. Around 2pm we went The Curve Red Box sing k. Hehe... Not llonger, around 5pm we backed. Have a nice day today. : )

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Carpool with Ling Sze and Sharon recently. Should take turn tolerate and wait each other's time. So means I need 8am go college and back on 5pm everyday. Lol... Save money, should do so. Haha... Today wait Ling Sze after class, 11.30am we (Jia Huey, Li Kuan, Hsiu Jiuan, Shinova, Carmen, Jackee, Julie, Ling Sze and me) went Jaya1 had western food as lunch. Its nice and the price is reasonable! : ) Hsiu Jiuan and Julie drive us there, thanks friends! Xp  And also thanks Shinova for the strepsil! You're soooooo good, I just say I'm having sore throat then she purposely go 7eleven buy Strepsil for me. Lol... Touched  and thanks ar my friend. You all are awesome!! You all shine up my life~ xD

Unfortunately, we get scolded by our english teacher!! Ish... Asshole her~! Cheh!! Late few minutes can't ar?! The guys later than us but she din scold also. UNFAIR!! And also went basketball and playgroud with Shinova, Carmen and Jackee. Unfortunately again, there's a busybody aunty come scold us?? Say what playground for kids but not us? Mention about KDU somemore. Go die la you aunty!! Who are you?! BITCH! You got that ability meh? Its a public place!! Slap you asshole! Too free at house nothing do then spot people who go playgroud, hormone imbalanced! Cheh!! Forget it, don't wanna angry with my brain! : )

After basketball, we went Choy Kee yamcha while I waiting for 5pm. Haha... Thanks frends! You all make my day. : )  I enjoyed college life much!! But then, homeworks... Haiz... Brain stop function for 7months, basic math(add.math) also forgot how to do liao. Cham... Really lazy to bother if I dont know how to do, can say as lazy. Dissappointed with myself. Angry with myself. Why I so useless?? : (


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oops!!! xD

I know I left out my blog for few days. So, I'm back to update it~! Xp Actually I got many things to blog but no time and lazy. Hehe...

Saturday celebrated Kar Yee's, Merissa's and Wen Ting's birthday?? Haha... Planned go Sunway Giza, too bad its some problems appear. Changed to Manajalara Thai food as dinner, but then don't know why change again. ==''' Decided went De Fortune, too bad its no place. Then we went Desa Park City Kay's Garden, too bad its closed! At last we had steamboat at DPC. Lol... Such a SPECIAL day? Haha...

Sunday celebrated Teik Man's birthday with the gang at De Fortune. : )  I be the driver for Ms Ling Sze and Eelyn. Haha... After that went Desa Park City ( our tradition ) to loitering around?? Lol... Not longer, mum phoned and rushing me back due to my driving skill not that pro yet. Sorry yea Eelyn n LS, I make you both force to early back with me. : )

Monday as usual went college but this day special a bit, I drive to college. Haha... Thanks Sweet Yee for accompany me go and back college. Hehe... Cause I scare to drive alone, so far wei...Xp Hmm... Sudden got a good news?? Our computer class on this day cancelled. WOW~! We got 4hours break?! So, drive my collegemate to 1U. Played pool and some token's machine? After that lunch at McD and then back college continue our class.  Pocket bleeding wei...Xp

Tuesday, its today~! xD Class start on 2pm but I 9am reached college because dated the teratai girl. Haha... Went her hostel to have a look, environment not bad lar, overall ok ok only. Haha... Then went teratai's mamak to had breakfast. xD  Went 7eleven buy ice-blended drinks?? 
 Its hard to describe out, Jia Huey's hand "kiap" by the machine because of me. Hahaha... Sorry la~ Her hand got a *cute* bruise liao. Cham~ Xp After being "kiap", she's like lost control. Keep do those funny siao things there, so high. Lol... Haha... Hit me lar, keep say I fat hao lar! Actually she's the one who FAT HAO ther!! Xp Hit with the card and key man~! Pain tau? xD But nevermind la, I deserve it lor, fair enough since I make you bruise. Hehe...

Yeap, driving to college tomorrow too~! Hahaha... Gonna sleep~ Tomorrow need 6.30am wake up and go fetch Ling Sze and Sharon on 7.15am?? Oh god~! Nitez my dear friends! xD

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Its Friday~! A happy day for me because mood very good . Haha... Have fun in college today~! As usual joking and fooling around. Love my classmate~! Hehe... Thanks Leong Jia Huey!! Your virus spread to me, very serious that type. LOL~! Addicted to kpop's song. Cham lor~ Haha... Still so good help me different out folder by artist name. Then when I put in car listen with pendrive ma need press folder by folder lor? Haha... But nevermind la, thanks anyway. And also because of I get my car today...xD And brought a pair of shoes...^^ Michelle Wong Kitt Yue, you say want those back part high de sport shoes ah, Adidas got. : )

Wondering tomorrow how. Haiz... Want go Merissa and Wen Ting there or not lerh? Parents outstation wor, better stay in house de. Most big problem is I no transport go anywhere la. I know got car but parents not allow I drive at night yet. : (  Sigh... Very fan le~ How lerh?

I wish everyday could pass like weekdays, joke and fool around, laugh like siao people, play like mad. Very fast then passed a day le. Hehe... Yeap, next Monday I start driving to college. Too bad Ling Sze having holidays untill Wednesday lar, drive alone scary wei...Xp

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time flies

Time passed very fast, its my third week of college. Everything go well and I'm enjoying my life now. Haha... As its the third weeks, which means will start our busy study life soon I guess. Sigh... I felt that my lazy's virus will meet me soon Haha~! A bit works also lazy to finish it on time. Always want wait until last minutes only rush there. What happen to you Pearly Lim?? Cant you remember what had you promise before? Lol...

Well, I'm really fed up with math lecturer, Mr.Anuar. Damn him~!! What a stupid teaching method, make people blur only! Just a simple question simple method can done it what for make until so difficult lerh?? He just like to make things complicated while people would make it easier. Lol... Luckily I got learn add.math before, if not can die under his teaching. Pity those Art stream student, can saw many ??? on their head. Haha... Hell ya~! Can change him away ah? If continue let him teach I'll gonna crazy lerh...Xp

Yesterday 2pm-4om class. Hehe... So early morning 10am went The Curve with Ling Sze and my collegemate. : ) After that only back to class. We had our lunch at Kim Gary and after that go shop around Padini Outlets.  My collegemate damn funny lar wei~! Back that time go wrong ways, they did not u-turn and back to Kepong. LOL~! Hahahaha... Luckily I got the correct ways, thanks to my dad! Hehe... The funniest part is my collegemate's car temperature raise in half way. They were busy cooling down it with water. Hahaha... After meet them at campus all sweating there. Unfortunately, our english classroom air-cond spoilt! My goodness~! Hahahaha....

Later dont feel like wanna go college, but no choice. Haiz... So sienz lar~ 1pm-3pm class. Zzzz.... Always waste our time, petrol and toll fees go college for just 2hours class. Ish... Can't just arrange a nicer timetable for us?? Aiyer... ><

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hmm... Thurday~ Letcha think anythings happen on Thursday?? Lol... Seriously, my mind totally blank for it. *old liao* Hahaha...

Friday, Ling Sze came college to have a look and prepared for her studies. Help her settle her stuff, but still haven completely settle yet. xD Very busy this day, keep running here and there. Rushing to meet LS n rushing for my class too~! Xp Scare she bored nothing do loitering around college. So, once got break I will run up and down to meet her. Although just a 10minutes small break. Haha... Anyway, so envy she got 1week holidays... : ( Which mean she 25July only start class. Aiyer~ So unfair de...Xp But then gek sei her~! If know earlier she will having holidays for one week, she will choose 25July only back from NS ler. Hahahaha... Aiya~ So waste hor, can't enjoy in NS one more week...Xp After that we went badminton with Joon Kiat and Christopher. Thanks Joon Kiat always be the driver. Thanks friend! Appreciate~ xD That feler, say borrow me racket then I ok lor, once reach badminton court. Who knows?? She don't know bring what racket for me, its not a badminton racket~! LOL~! Laugh sei us lar...xD

Saturday went nearby HELP university college have Pizza Hut as our dinner. Then go 1U shopping and plan to watch movie but failed. After that go Tropicana City Mall beside there de shop cut hair with Ling Sze. Thanks Roney for fetching! : ) Night went her house watch Astro Start Quest and overnight there due to we had to go McD run on the next day. xD

Today, 5am alarm rang twice, off it and sleep back. LOL... 5.25am only wake up, a bit late for the train. But its still ok for us la, cause can reach Dataran Merdeka on time. :) Finished the marathon on 8.45am. Then rest a while there and we back by ktm. Lunch at Desa McD and she fetch me back. Thanks! Evening, LS, Eelyn, Carmen, Emily and me went Sharon's grandmother's funeral. RIP. Take care Sharon!! Stay strong and happy! :)

That's all for today le, damn hyper super freaking tired today. Dont know why keep falling asleep. Haiz... College tomorrow~! : ) See ya my frieds!! xD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tired from mentally to physically

Don't know why I feel very tired although I did not do anythings. LOL~! Don't know how to describe out the uncomfortable feel. Haiz... : (  No mood...

Yesterday plan went Tropicana City Mall movie with college mate de, but our plan failed. Because of some reason and I also lazy to say out. : )  At the end we went 1U bowling...^^  First time get so LOW marks in bowling. : (  My hand hurts due to ball sudden drop. Cant even take the ball at last two games. Just simply throw it and end the game. After bowling, we pool!! After that take taxi went back college study...xD

Today we went same roll with Choy Kee's shop there pool again!! LOL... My life now ah, can't live without bowling, pool and badminton. Hahaha... Today got those club joining registration. SUCKS wei!! Even high school de more better lor. Heard that got 23clubs to join but today we only saw 3clubs. ==''' Stupid KDU!! Cheh!! U SUCKS!! Sienz liao lar like that. But I oined Laser Tag?? Ohya!! Michelle and Sze Mei with their friends from seksyen13 come DJ campus visit me!! Hehehe... Thanks ah~ I feel good...xD

Times flies~~ Tomorrow is the day...  : )

Monday, July 11, 2011


Just get her A-level science timetable today. Oh craps~!! We had different time of class. Shit~!! Then how to car pool?? Lol... Will plan and arrange see how after she back. Yeap, its Thursday 9am she can back le...^^  Anyway, nothing special happen on my college life. Its fun and awesome always. Haha...

Hmm... Today finally economic class start le. I mean start got notes to copy. Damn it~ Our lecturer just talk talk talk and did not mention which is important to copy, and his handwriting like shit wei!! I just simply copy and don't even know what is it. Lol... Nevermind, I will borrow Sweet Yee's first semester's economic notes to refer. Today I forgot bring calculator also borrow from her. Hehehe... You're such a good friend! Haha... Thanks Sweet~!!

Ok, let's talk about computer class. Mrs.Shirley is good and friendly! ^^ She keep recall back where did she meet me before. LOL~! She told me, I try hard to recall back when and where I meet you before but failed. Haha... It doesn't matter la Mrs.Shirley. Well, we learnt about Microsoft Words today. Its fun and useful~! Haha...

Tomorrow got class on 2pm-6pm. But dated my dearly classmate, 8am meet at KDU and go Tropicana Mall for movie on 10am. Decided watch Green Latern. Hehe... Then 1.30pm only rush back KDU...Xp Ohya~! Today was so funny, 4 of us did not pakat you know. 2 of us wear white and 2 wear blue. LOL~! That's all, good night and sweet dream everyone!  : )


Saturday, July 9, 2011


As you all know I'm very enjoy my college life now... Meet quite much of new friends. They're AWESOME! Haha... As usual, teasing each other, joking around and laugh non-stop always. We are crazy enough in college, if u saw a group of girls make much of noise and laugh loud, its US. =P  We go computer lab that time lagi siao. Got student card don't want use it to access but squeeze or jump in. Then teach us computer's lecturer say, I don't want see my student jumping like kangaroo like that come in ah. LOL~! Hahahaha... Sorry Mrs.Shirley, won't do that next time. Hehe...

So far, math, econ and computer's lecturer is good but not ENGLISH! : )  I enjoy studying here. Haha... Those lecturer and my lovely classmate make us can't feel any stress in the air. xD Ohya~! I'm one of the monitor of class. So sad... : (  But nevermind, I can cope with it!! Haha... Seilo~ Still can't get any idea how to do my STUPID english homwworks! Ish... Put it aside... =P

Yesterday after college, 2pm Joon Kiat come fetch me go 1U bowling with Christopher and Chee Seong. Lol... Crazy la we all always meet  for badminton and bowling only. Haha... Well, this week Tuesday and Friday I go bowling. Thursday and Saturday go badminton. Unfortunately, today I din join them for badminton cause I'm lazy and hand pain due to yesterday bowling 2hours non-stop. Fuyoh~! Haha...

Here's some picture to share and introduce to you all my classmate @ lovely friends... : )

Me, Lim Hsiu Juian, Wong Li Kuan

Hsiu Jiuan, Nastya (She's the Russian girl I mention)...

Hsiu Jiuan (Crazy girl, every picture also got her.), Leong Jia Huey (Pretty girl~!)...

Lol... Jia Huey always that shy to face camera...xD

Kausalya (Such a special girl that always make people speechless... But she's "cute ". xD)

 Tengku Adina (Pretty girl also~! And family background very strong one...Xp)

The monitorSS... : )


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Third day of college!!!

Today 1pm only got class. English as my first class, then math. Hmm... Our english teacher, Mrs.Zach? Math teacher is Mr.Anuar. Mr.Anuar is good, he did not let me feel the stress on air. Haha... I can say that, math is add.math!! Its such a waste if can't get high marks in that since we learn before. So, I wanna fight for it~!!  : )

As you all told me lor, english teacher was SUCKS~! First day of class, she request us to do an essay entitled Influences in life. 250words per paragraph, need write 3 paragraph. The point is we need hand up in 30minutes?? Of cause I fail to do so. And my group kena scold by her in class. Ish~ Cant talk meh? Mouth is use to talk de ma. So lan si de her. And give us such senseless useless homeworks. Lol... Admit a bit dislike her la, but overall its still ok. I can cope with it~! Hng!! There's some homework for english...
1) Go youtube see what's about TED talk
2) Find some words we don't know on daily life and write in a book
3) Read newspaper or news from TV n radio, write journals about it
4) Think got what general knowledge can share out

Lol... I'm so speechless on that. How to do? How to start and where to start?
TAN SWEET YEE, Boleh tolong tak?? xD


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New friends

Well, today 9am-12.30pm got briefing. Who knows? It ends on 10.36am, means we can early back! Lol... Hmm... Know new friends aka classmate. : )  Sorry, I can't remember their name. Hehe... Its 4 chinese, 1 Indian, 1 Russian, 3 Malay. They're good and friendly, most important is got a chinese girl as talkactive as me. We just teasing or even morking each other non-stop. Haha... Lunch with them, thanks Hsiu Jiuan for treating us drinks. Gosh~! Such a hard remember name huh?? Haha... My class all together got 20+peoples if not mistaken. We will start our class tomorrow onwards. Ohya~! We got a handbook. Quite cool, front and every page is printed our name. Lol... Facing a problem too, I fail to remember our lecturer name. Haha... Like today a women incharge of foundation, she just told call her Ms.?? Just a awhile, I got things wanna ask her, but I forgot what her name le. Lol... Until now also I cant remember, so I give up to ask. @.@

Here is my timetables... Its only until 14 Ogos

Monday : 11am-11.50am(Econ), 1pm-2.50pm(Comp)
Tuesday : 2pm-4.50pm(MCom), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Wednesday : 12pm-1.50pm(ActHour), 2pm-2.50pm(Eng), 3pm-3.50pm(Econ), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Thursday : 1pm-2.50pm(Eng), 5pm-5.50pm(Math)
Friday : 10am-10.50am(Econ), 11am-12.50pm(Comp)

Its ok for me la. But the time of math class got a bit weird? Always at last class de. Lol... Anyway, its not as pack as I thought. Hahaha... Still can hang out with friends. Not bad~ xD


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Second day of college!! :)

Today I skip orientation, 10am only reach college. Meet Chen Hui at Cafetaria and chit chat there for an hour. : ) Around 11am Ai Juin and Ker Jean finished class, we go 1U bowling and movies!! Lim Chee going with us, we meet up at McD~! Yeap, we had McD as lunch. After bowling Lim Chee back first because he still got class. Then 3 of us go watch transformer~! Unfortunately I cant finish the movie due to some personal problem. Haha... Lazy to tell lar, long story. xD

Hmm.... Tomorrow I will be at college 9am-12.30pm. After that go badminton with Ker Jean, Lim Chee and don't know. But then Chris is joinning. Boleh tak Ker Jean?! I know you will read my blog. xD  As tradition went starplus badminton on 2pm-4pm. Now ah, my days were so exhauted!! Haha...


Monday, July 4, 2011

FIRST day of college!!!!!

Today was a fairytale~!!
Hahaha... Yeap, today is my very first day of college...
New study place... New friends... New environment... New chapter of life...

Hmm... My orientation is 9am-4.30pm. FRIENDS of mine are huge! Heart them! First step in KDU, Sweet Yee is waiting me at the front door there. She show me the way to auditorium before heading to her class. Not longer, Fabian come meet me in auditorium, he accompany me and aunt travel along kdu. Lol... Then show my aunt the way out from kdu. After that went back auditorium accompany me. At the same time Cheih Yin texted me told that she will meet me up on 11pm.

In a sudden, heard someone was shouting my name... Its SHARON!! Hahaha... Twinkle of eye, its my break time. So, meet Zi Han, Juliana Tan, Sweet Yee, Kalye, Chen Hui, Vivian Tan, Qian Ying, Cheih Yin, Ker Jean, Ai Juin, Yi Juin and Sunnie Lu Jia Xin at Cafetaria. I though I was blur untill recognise wrong people. Haha... But its real, that's JIA XIN!! Oh my God~ She's having study break and come kdu for....?? Haha... Well, tomorrow she will back Nothingham le, take care friends! xD

We lunch from 11.30am-1pm. After that they go class, me and Jia Xin go computer lab. Stay there from 1pm-3pm while wait others after class. :) Then realised that Jia Xin not feeling well. So, I fetch her back around 4.30pm by driving her car. Thanks for trusting me, allow me drive your car!! We straight go Pn.Teh husband's clinic before back. Unfortunately, I bang Jia Xin's car when parking that time. Luckily its nothing serious. VERY SORRY LU JIA XIN~!! I feel guilty now!! Paiseh~ Thanks for trusting and sorry for the mistake... If need $$ repair, just told me. :(

Anyway, I knew few of new friends there...xD But then I dislike my group, very weak~! Not powerful and active enough!! Those guys ah... *shake head* Na pek!! Shout and talk very soft one. Group cheer that time even girls voice louder. =='''  That's why I give up, no eye see. After lunch break I din back auditorium le. Imagine a group leader missing?? A group without leader?? Heheheeeee... I know I'm bad! Xp

Tomorrow, I would not join my orientation. I will go college on 10am and go computer lab wait Ker Jean them after class 11pm. We go 1U bowling~!! Muahahahahaha.... Ok, that's nothing much I could say. As conclude, I felt GREAT~!! Its fun!! Its awesome!! Better than stay at house right?? Haha...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chill peoples...

Wondering for so long but at last I choose to blog. LOL~! Don't know why I very lazy to blog le...Xp Today early in the morning 7am wake up go back smktbm's sports day. : ) 7.45am, Michelle WONG's dad come fetch me. ( not Chia not Tan...Xp ) We go 'gou yuen' had our breakfast with Min Hua, Kar Yee and Emily. Unfortunately, they start earlier, so we force to rush back school by not having breakfast there. SORRY for troublesome you, Kar Yee. Once back school go their PPS's 'dao'. See them busy preparing for marching. I KNOW I'M OUTSIDER!! You all just won't know the feel... Haiz... No direction at all. : (  As an outsider, help them record videos and take pictures.

Meet Jin Min, Joel, Christopher, Fabian, Zi Han, Sharon, Shan Hoe, Song Yuan, Sweet Yee, Xin Yan, Catherine, Ai Juen, Yi Jie and some ex 5E & 5F students there. After they marching, few of us went double seven lunch?? While few of them staying in school accompany pps's waiting for the marching results. Luckily, we still can rush back to see the results. Hehe... PRS won this year. Its good~! Means din have any unfair judgement. So, PPS~!! FACE THE FACT and don't give up. Try your best next year since its fair judgement now. : )  Its no point to be sad peoples!

Another funny mistake happen. Some problems appear, at first teacher say overall winner drop to Rajawali (red team) then after that they say got mistake. The overall winner actually is Jentayu (green team). Hahaha! I WAS DAMN HAPPY MAN~! You know the feel from dissapointed to surprise happy? Hehe... Thanks god, Jentayu won back!  Yeah~! Marching, PRS, Scout and Rajawali are the winners. :)

Just now went Jusco with family, saw new Myvi... Its awesome~! DAMN YENG! Cheap, nice, high tech, interier design good, very worth~! Haha... I like it! xD  Then mum sudden told aunt brought that, tomorrow will drive come show us. Weeeeee... Hahaha... Ok, time to sleep. Good night friends!
: )    ( :



Invited Feng Ling, Siew Hwa, Keat Ming and Roney Yap go badminton with me due to too bored~! Went badminton at starplus from 3pm-4.30pm. : ) Spend an hour to learn basic, how to 'kai qiu' height ngam ngam pass the net and can reach the line. Lol... Its seem easy but actually not! ><  A bit piss off that time keep cant do so. Haha... Thanks Roney purposely come fetch me go badminton. : ) ( I think he use to it le. Haha... )  Around 5pm dad come fetch me back and fetch Feng Ling go ktm station. Have a nice day. : )


Thursday, June 30, 2011


As time pass a bit fast~~~ A BIT?! Lol...
I can't wait for the every coming of Friday night. Haha... Tomorrow don't need 'fat mou' at house le. Yeah! Because I'ma going badminton with Feng Ling, Siew Hwa, Keat Ming and Roney Yap. xD ( ps: Chris might be joinning us. ) Hmm... Will badminton on 2.30pm-4.30pm/5.30pm? Depends lor~  Hehe...

Err... Going back to SMKTBM sports day on Saturday! Kinda much number of us going back. Yeah~! Haha... Aftet that maybe join CSeong, Chris, Fabian and SMei them bowling at 1U!! Again? Haha... Yup! Addicted to bowling and badminton nowdays. Whose fault?!! Lol... 

Michelle Wong Kitt Yue, Catherine, Carmen Heng, Sweet Yee and many..... I hope you all can join bowling too~! Haha...

Ohya~! I'm selling handphones recently. Samsung, Sony Ericson, Nokia, Apple iphone4 and ipad2 also got! Its my OWN part time job from dad. Don't ask why so sudden...Xp Long story, lazy to explain and talk. Haha... Who wanna buy phones, come find me ya. : )


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost myself....

Passed Monday as normal... : )
Today badminton with Carmen Heng, Kar Yee, Hui Yew, Merissa and Kok Kuan at starplus from 3.30pm-5.30pm. I don't know why I'm not in the mood to play. Keep missed balls. : (  After that back house, its damn tired! Did not feel that tired before, although tired than last time de chicken run. What's wrong with me?? : ( 

Ohya~!! Have to mention that... Thanks Alex Teoh for helping us register for McD run...xD  He was damn sot~ Help us go register but he's not joinning. LOL~! Anyway, thanks friend!!

Few more days, I gonna start my college life~! New friends, new things to learn, new study environment... Don't know feel happy or scary. Haha... Or should I say, I GONNA ROCK THE COLLEGE?! Lol... Still thinking about transport problem. Ish...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awesome Saturday...

Yesterday went The Challenger which locate beside Jusco? Err... Anything la. Haha... Badminton with Divyaa, Christopher and John from 10.30am-12.30pm. Emily join us for lunch after this. Had lunch with Chris and Emily at Oldtown. Then we go Zi Han's house play?! Actually is Chris wanna install and copy some movie and games from ZHan. : ) Meet Lim Chee and Chung Yao there. Not longer, Emily fetch me back. Thanks! xD

Let me perasan a bit, have to admit that my badminton skill had improved. Hehe... Thanks friends for teaching me and reminding me this and that. Haha... How awesome you guys helping me all the time! Haha... Thanks Chris and Divyaa, appreciate. : )

Reached house, bath and eat! Haha... Then went Ikano, Cineleisure and The Curve shopping with family. I wanna buy cloths for college ma. Hehe... Long time didn't that high profile. LOL! Brought two long pants and two polo-t cost almost RM400. Fuyoh~! Parents pay ma... Hehe... We had nyonya food as dinner at The Curve. Damn nice wei~! I like nyonya food! Haha... Friends, we should have a try on it. xD


Friday, June 24, 2011

1U again...^^

Hanging out with the same fellow... =.= Went 1U bowling with Christopher, Joon Kiat, Fabian and Chee Seong. Joon Kiat be our driver this time. Thanks very much la!! Haha... All guys. @.@ Luckily got Fabian, make me wont feel weird. Hehe... Had our lunch at McD. Plan go ask about McD run register stuff de. Who knows? It need go KL Wisma OCM to register. Haiz... Damn far wei~ And I don't know how to go also. Sigh... I think I will miss out this McD run le. : (  So sad~! Who can help me about this run?!! I will appreciate much! Haha...

Hmm... After that we play pool~! Fabian play with me, Chee Seong and him teach me all those rules and technique to play. ^^  We had our bowling after two rounds of pool. This time more fun! We play 2hours, which mean 3 and half games. Worth!! : ) So far so good. Lol! Haha... Other than that, we learn spin's bowling. JK and Chris pro in spinning. Too bad I still cant handle how to spin. But don't know why I still can get the highest marks in spinning wor. Hahaha... Its luck!  

Besides, going badminton at starplus tomorrow on 10am-12pm with the almost same peoples. xD Well, some picture share out here, but no human being! Lol... All boys ma, don't like to take picture de. : )  If Sharon them come sure will got many picture. Haha...

1st game~ Yea, I'm third high score. Hehe...

2nd game~ All also drop due to tired already. I become last. ~.~

3rd game~ Spin's bowling...xD


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Middle of the week....

Yesterday, follow grandma mix with those aunties chit chat there. Lol... I'm that bored, force to follow. Haha... Then lunch, I drive grandma and uncle out. Hehe... We meet uncle's girlfriend at the restaurant on 1pm. After lunch, uncle ask me try drive to Jalan Ipoh, outing with them. Too bad, grandma disagree, she say if Pearly drive I don't want go, very scary. LOL~! So, uncle drive back lor. At first we go temple, then go eat dessert. Actually its road side '"tong sui'. Damn nice wei, but its REALLY dirty, I mean environment there. The bowl we use to eat ah, didn't wash properly de, after use simply sink in a pail with water, then take out and let other peoples use again. == After finished eat only I saw that. Eeewww~!

So, start on yesterday night. I feel something wrong with me. Finally knew it!! I got food poison AGAIN. Ish! Plan to see doctor today morning, but mum checked fridge still got medic left. So, dont need purposely go see doctor again. Fuyoh~ Seem like the sick I always get is food poison huh?? February, April and June also get food poison. LOL! Gonna be careful after this, cant simply eat le. Yesterday just heard mum say, after SPM you boring at house keep eating hor. That's why look fatter now. ISH! I KNOW LAR YER! That's why I'm trying to keep fit and good to know I from 48kg decrease to 45.8kg now! Hehe... So, exercise more, less meat, more fruits and vegetables is works for me!! Hehe... Hmph! Now, should work hard for my tummy! ( Not until six pack so scary lar. )Haha...

Add oil for me!! I can do it!! You guys gonna help me right?! Hahahaha.... Ohya! 2more weeks, I gonna start college le. Waaaaa~ Very scary ah... Haha...



Wake up early in the morning, plan lend car from uncle go LS's house find her de. Who know its fate~ Many problems stopping me to do so. Sigh... : (  So, just face the fact! Haha... Gonna wait a month only can meet. Aiya, one month only ma, very fast de la. Hehe... Glad that still got chance to chat with Lai Yenn on facebook before she's heading back...xD No worry friends! After you back, I will come find you yamcha with Xin Yan them de. : )

Hmm... Went De Pastry breakfast with aunt and grandma, after that rotten in house. : (  Wait until afternoon, went Jusco Sushi King had lunch. Yucks! Sushi again! My goodness... @@  No choice~ Haha... Of cause back house face computer whole day lor after lunch. Haiz... That's my lifeless life so far~ Xp


Monday, June 20, 2011

Take care friends!

Just knew from Ms.Ng that Xin Yan hospitalize!! She's having appendix problem which need surgery. : ( Take care! Add oil! We all also very care and worry of you lerh. Get well soon ya! : )

Since yesterday, I already not feeling well. Then went clinic, knew that I'm having fever. Yesterday night, damn torturing man! Cant sleep whole night, dizzy and felt cold. Whole body bones pain and no strength. Felt like my tears gonna drop out from eyes...Xp  After have medic and bla bla around 8am only feel better. : ) After that, keep take medic on time and sleep.

Not longer, heading to Ling Sze's house. Evening, Yen Ping come fetch us go Tesco watch Kungfu Panda2! == Haha... Thanks Yen Ping! Before back grandma house, Ling Sze allow me to drive her AUTO car. Woohooo~ Feel fun wei, din touch auto before. Hehe... But then seriously should improve my driving skill. Should be more caution. Haha...

Hmm... Keep went out this few days, I feel so good! Haha... Hope time could stop on this moment. ^^ Good time passed quite fast until make me feel like its just a dream! Xp So, SLAP me! I gonna wake up from dreams tomorrow onwards. LOL... Haha... Yea, buddies! I need yours help again! Siao with me again tomorrow onwards ya! Haha... Thousand of words hard to voice out. Aiks~! Who can help me?! Haiz...

Oh ya! She's back to camp tomorrow. Sigh. Anyway, take care! : )  ( Heard until sienz right? Lol...)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awesome days. : )

Yesterday went 1U bowling with Ling Sze, Eelyn, Zi Han, Chris and Fabian. Had sakae sushi as lunch since LS craving for it. : ) After lunch only know the bowling all full! Lol... So, forced to bowling at Curve. Shop around Curve after bowling. Then Eelyn fetch me back take stuff and went Ms.Ng's center BBQ! Haha... Thanks Lyn! Too bad LS cant join it cause she got dinner with parents. Who knows? Around 10pm she came. Yeah! Haha... I plan straight go her house fetch her come de, once reach her house then her brother told, I just fetch LS there. LOL! Nevermind, Michelle, Kheng Fai, May Kei and me back to Ms.Ng there. Treat as "yao cheh hor". Haha... Ok la, thanks Joel for trusting me and lend your car for me to drive. Hehe... Appreciate! Sei yeh aka Yumiko Chung Kar Yee~! Din even dare to allow me touch her car...Xp Well, after the party most of them back and left few peoples cleaning there. Sorry, when Chris and Catherine sweeping the floor I still disturb there, I'm not purposely de. Haha... I think some picture will be uploaded by Carmen Lim and Zi Han soon, wait for it...Xp

Well, today? Hmm... 4pm-6pm went behide Jusco that badminton court with Ling Sze, Chris, Joon Kiat and Teik Man. Argh~! Sad man, starplus and others court also full! Force to went here lor. Its expansive and environment not as good as starplus. : (  Anyway, had a nice day too! Better than stay at home right? Thanks friends! xD 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teacher's Day

Thanks Yen Ping's mum fetching me. Dated Yen Ping and Yit How back school meet at bus stop on 10am today. : ) Yeap, its teacher's day~! So, we back school to visit teacher lor. Good student lerh? Haha... Honestly, this year teacher's day was so BAD~! Boring like hell man~ Nothing special to see, those performance sucks! (Sorry ah, say until like that, but its true. >< ) When we haven graduate that time de performance most good ler. Hehe... Well, it ends an hour earlier than estimated time. So, me and Yen Ping force to loitering around while others gone. Yen Ping stay in school chat with teachers. Me and Yit How go Jusco buy his girlfriend's flower...xD (They celebrating their 1year anniversary.)

Then around 12.45pm Joon Kiat come fetch me and Yen Ping go lunch. Too bad Joon Kiat house got cook, he couldn't lunch with us. Thanks bro~! Purposely fetch us, sorry for troublesome you. Hmm... After lunch, Christopher come fetch us and Divyaa go starplus badminton while Joon Kiat go by own. Divyaa keep tolerating me and Yen Ping at first and teach us some skill. Thanks friends! After Yen Ping back, JK&Div, Chris&Me compete. We won wei~! Hahaha... Best teamwork huh? Xp Around 4pm, JK fetch Div back while Chris fetch me. Have a GREAT day with you guys~ ^^ Thanks~! Especially those who were fetching me here and there without complain...Xp Appreciate... Haha...

Looking forward for tomorrow's outing...xD  Hope you can join us as well. : )


Thursday, June 16, 2011

SMKTBM, I'm back...xD

Just know from Yit How, tomorrow is my ex-secondary school celebrate teacher's day. Haha... So, I'm back with Yen Ping, Kar Yee, Yeow Xin, Yit How, Catherine and Joel? xD Feel so great and a bit excited for tomorrow. Honestly, don't know why I miss SMKTBM oh. Haha... Well, tomorrow early in the morning need go market buy some BBQ foods. Then 10am will go school and 1pm go starplus badminton with Yen Ping, Christopher and Joon Kiat. After that go yamcha and back house. : ) Saturday, morning go friend house give things, then put those BBQ stuff at Ms.Ng center first. Afternoon go 1U with Eelyn, Sharon, Carmen, Christopher and Zi Han. Night BBQ!! Heheeee... I feel good wei~! Long time did not make my time pack already. Everyday also stay at house so cham. Now, its the chance!! Hahaha... Thanks much my friends... Specially thanks and appreciate for those who fetch me here and there without complaining. xD


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its Wednesday!!!

Its Wednesday~!!
Yeap, rotten at house until forgot the date liao. ><
Time pass really slow nowdays. : (
Seriously, I cant bear of it anymore!!! Argh~!! I gonna get mad!!
It was very super hyper duper damn freaking BORED~!
My life sucks wei~ How come so lifeless one??
Stayed at house from Saturday to Wednesday!!
Two more days to go, which mean I gonna stay at house on Thursday also. ==
No choice, all friends start college already. Haiz... Pity me~ : (
Luckily Friday still can go badminton with friends...
Thanks dude! xD  Lol...
There's no other words can describe out what's my feel now. Jeez!
Very piss off~ Very sienz~ Very bired~ Gonna get mad~
Well, Saturday will have BBQ party at there.Heheee...
Cant wait and looking forward to it. Haha...
Hope everything goes well and smooth. xD
At the same time, LS will having 4days holidays. : )
But then, I know its non of my business also. Happy for what? Lol...
I shall not bother so much to make myself tired. :) 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lifeless me. : (

Boring boring boring boring...!!
Emo emo emo emo...!!
Lol... Was damn freaking bored this two weeks.
Haiz... Why nobody drag me out one??
Its true hard to find friends out nowdays. : (
All college, work. Left me lifeless in house. ==
Argh~!!!! I cant bear of it anymore!!
I gonna get mad~! Get crazy lor~!
I don't care, who ask me out I also will go de.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Aww~!! Ouch~!! First time drop my w995 from so high... Haiz... Luckily nothing. Haahahahaha...

Today went timesquare buy cloths with Michelle, Catherine, Kit Teng and Carmen. We went there by ktm. ^^ Feel so good?? Long time did not use public transport go here and there already lor. Haha... Malaysia's ktm SUCKS!! Walao eh~ The people much dao~ Beh tahan~ Become sandwich inside. I'm bread, Mich is meat, Cat is cheese, KT is vegetables and Car is mayonese. Lol... Lame! Haha... Mich most pity, always stand in middle. Let peopleSssssssss 'giap'. Haha... Back that time most scary, I try hard to block and not to move inside. I'm trying to not allow more peopls come in ktm cause its really no place liao. Finally I not as strong as those Malay's girls. Lol... Heard they shout and straight like rocket like that come in. We stunt! Mich pity, let them knock dao her stomach. Hahahaha... But we not very good also, let them stick until near near, smelly +hot+ uncomfortable wei. Ish~! Anyway, brought 8 cloths and accessories. Ok~ Let's see some pictures here. xD

Black shirt for presentation. : )

Singlet~!! Xp

Justin Bieber~ Heheeeee...

Normal T-shirt. Nice? xD

This one was so tight for me, thinking how to settle it. : )

Plain black long sleeve. : )

Red jacket. : )

Grey jacket. : )

26days. I feel bad. : (

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today didn't hang out anywhere, whole day face computer facebooking only. Haha... So good girl eh...Xp Had planned many things, but don't know really can do it or not. Don't know whether can success what I had plan and aim for or not. : (  Hope all goes well for my future. Haha... Last time say very looking forward for college life, but now actually got a bit scare of college. Hehe... Lonely~ I got to lonely~ I got nobody~ Lol... Singing? Hahaha... Trying to be independent!! Trying to change myself to be a better person. Hehe...God bless and help me please~ Lol...
Ok~!!! Tomorrow gonna hang out with Michelle, Catherine, Kit Teng and Carmen Heng.
Unfortunately, we have to go timesquare shopping by ktm. ~.~ How sad is that? Haha... Nevermind, important is we can meet each other. Hehe... 
: )  ( :


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RE-Decided. : )

Its fate~!! Its fate!!!!!
After been torturing for so long, facing so many problems, finally and LASTLY...
I had decided, confirm take Foundation in Arts at KDU college.
Well, I take 5 subjects which is English, Computing, Math, Econ and Mass Com.
After this foundation I will go HELP college continue my degree. Heheheeee...
So, don't need think also know I will take what at HELP college ler...Xp
Erm... Hmm... Letcha tell you. : )
Bachelor Of Business Psychology (HONS) 
 For sure many peoples wonder why I don't straight take foundation in HELP college??
Oh~! Because.... I also don't know how to tell. Haha...
July intake, I'm coming...xD


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today wait Xyan come grandma house fetch me hang out on 11.30am. : ) Got XYan, KYee, Jxin, ZYing, Carmen and Meri. At first we went Jusco, had Kenny Roger as lunch because we got the voucer.  Haha... Then go Tesco for movie. They watch X-men, but I did not join them. I early back, around 3pm their movie start and its my back time too~! Because after this I need go KDU meet the counselor, Valerie Tan. Before the movie we go play machines basketball. Lol... Adictated to it liao. Haha... 

After back from KDU, went Jusco and Tesco again with parents. =='''  Meet Pkim again~! Lol...  Morning meet Pkim with her sister. But night meet Pkim with her sistaSSSSSS. Chatted a while there. : ) We just teasing each other, your house eh? Morning until night also here. Hahahaha.... Funny~ Ohya~! Brought guitar tunner. RM55, paid by own. Feel so expansive~! Haha... Stingy people is like that de la...xD

Yeap!! BAD NEWS~!! Confirm AUSMAT July intake postpone to January!! Why I so bad luck de?! Ish!! Haiz... Fate~ What to do? 1st, change to Foundation in Art. 2nd wait until next year January. Suffering~ The counselor say if  remain take AUSMAT January intake the half year I boring at house. Can try to work in KDU's office, don't know help typing what stuff. Lol... This idea not bad. But if don't want then need change to Foundation in Art le.

Heard some comment, AUSMAT is better than Foundation in Art. Few number of people suggest me wait. Because they think its not worth to change the things I wanna study due to the intake time. Haiz... Actually both I also ok de. Will see how lar. If the work condition is good for me, mostly will remain take AUSMAT. If not, I will change Foundation in Art.  : (

Parents strongly suggest I work in KDU  half year to wait my AUSMAT January intake. They say can got work de experience and can early use to KDU's environment. ( For preparing next time easier go aunt there study also. Hurstivalle Town, Sydney, Australia. ) Lol... So how? I dont know. God~ Why always need give me such make decision de things to suffer?? Fed up~

21days Fed up also~!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Spec!!

Today went optical shop take my new spec~! Hehe... Its full white, because I like white. xD My opinion, its ok for me la. But then sister say not suit me oh. : (  So, take a look on some pictures here. Haha...

Front view...

Side view...

Me with new spec...xD

Nice huh?? Suit me or not?  : )

Yeap, from now onwards I need 24hours wearing the spec. And MUST spend 2hours everyday to close a eye with gauze+tape for practicing my lazy left eye's muscle function.. Lol... Its so tiring my eyes. Gosh~! So not use to it wei~   : (

Additional picture : 

Medium and Big... Haha...
Last time go shopping, Yamaha shop saw small size guitar. Its soooooooooo cute~!  xD

Received call from Ms.Lu just now, told that she will go travel tomorrow onwards. My god~ So, we need early a bit go work and late a bit back from work. Lol... Sure will be a busy and tired day tomorrow. Haiz... A good news also, I will work until this Friday. Hehe... But then Ms.Lu is requesting me work more one week for her, which mean work until June17. I still thinking of that~ Haha...


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smile peoples... : )

Today as usual went work at center. A student there, Li Yang's sister finally came. She had many times of operation on her leg before. Now she just recover and start come tuition. Because of this, she cant walk like normal people. And she cant fall down or knock by anything. We must very caution her from beiing bang by others student. Lol... And for sure many kids there asking why she walk like that. *crossing finger* I also dont know how to stop them from being asking non-stop. She's smart and cute. I like her, she brighten up my day. Make me very got mood to teach. Haha... No matter what happen or what you talk to her, she just keep smiling and answer. Keep smiling make people feel good wei. Mood bad also let her smile change dao mood good lor.  
So, smile always my friends~! xD


Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday its my very first time go visit Ling Sze. Honestly and seriously, I feel nervous? Haha... Long time no see ma, don't know what to talk also. Saw her from far away but I dare not to go near, keep walk with her brother and grandma to longer the time from nearby her. Lol...

Environment there was so nice wei~ I want go lar!!! Xp Its so funny to see a bunch of peoples there, so crowded. Wearing same cloths, lining up take foods, wash plates...... She enjoyed her life there very much~! Those Malay's girls were so friendly and nice. So, no worries!!  : )

And there's a mini market there which they called it as 'Jusco'. It small until limits 5 peoples per entry. Because there cant fit more than 5 peoples inside. Can saw few of them lining up outside for wait their turn to went in. Lol... How funny is that? Hahahaha....

So once we reach there, her mum take out many foods and some soup for her. She eat and drink until very cham? Means very full already still need force herself to finish it. Pity~ Xp After eating, we chatted there lor. Very fit already lar her, always went up and down the hill and exercise so much there. So envy~!! I want go there keep fit lar...xD

Not longer, we back lor~ Because around 1pm she need follow NS's bus go to temple. At first we decide to follow de. Who knows she not allow us do so. Say what very paiseh so big girl already we still follow go here and there. So, we did not follow her went temple lor. A bit disappointed for me actually.  : )

Next week, her parents go Hong Kong. So, we had no chance to go visit her again lor. So sad~ >< But then, its good to know she will have 4 days of holidays start from June18. Which mean she can back house 4 days!!! Hahahaha... But then also non of my business right?? Lol...

Today went eyes specialist check eyes. Had confirm I got lazy eyes and now it become worst. So, warned to wear spec whole day. And still need spend 2hours everyday close my right eyes to see things. Well, I got a new spec liao~!! Its full frame white. Fuyoh~ Hehe...

Yeap, my lazy eye is on left side. If I did not do so, my left eye will be blind after this. The aunty scolded parents... Say why did not bring me go check eyes before, so big already still can have lazy eyes. Lol... Hahaha...

So, for my own good. I MUST spend 2 hours cover one eye to see things everydays. I SHOULD bear it!! Need force my left eye's muscle fucntion ah now. Anyone can sponser me gauze and sticker to stick my eye everydays?? Lol... I know it must be very tired and will not use to it for using 1 lazy eye to see. But, no choice~!  : (


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pissed off...

Its a long story to told out. Yeap, pissed off with my study stuff. Plan go KDU settle it as soon. Who knows? Its already two weeks I plan to go but not success. Parents always not free. Hoiyo~! Haiz... I also lazy to talk about it. Leave it since still got time.

Today went starplus badminton on 9.30am-11.30pm with Eelyn, Sharon, Emily and Carmen. Thanks Eelyn for fetching my sister go school and be my driver today. Hehe... Thanks~! After badminton we went lunch, eat pan mee nearby Menjalara?? Well, its taste good. Not bad ah Lyn introduce de. xD After lunch me and Lyn go Jusco cause I wanna buy some stuff. Emily and Sharon go cut hair. Lol...

Besides, tonight will go spicy yamcha with classmate. And cant wait for tomorrow, going Semenyih. Yup, go visit Ling Sze. Haha... : ) ( But then so sad to know only I going to visit her. : (  )


Life is wonderful actually. : )

Today after work, I went Yeow Xin house buy bag for college. ^^ Brought a full black de bag, its nice and cheap. Thanks Yeow Xin~! Haha... I still got many things to buy lerh. Bottle and some cloths. Hehe... Need some changes when college start. Was discussing about what cloths to buy and wear to college this few days with Mich~! Don't forgot go shopping with me ar!! xD

Now only I realised my time can be very pack or very free. Its depends on me. Yea, thanks my friends inviting me go here and there. Although some can say as not so close de friends or long time didn't contact de friends also invite me out. Touching~ I'm not lonely~ Lol... Haha... But then, sorry Christine, I cant go skating and movie with you all. Sorry Yen Ping I didn't go church with you and keep ignore your inviting. Will have the chance next time ya~!

Tomorrow my time really pack, force to cancel some invitation. Paiseh ar~ Hehe... Hmm... Badminton with Carmen, Eelyn and Sharon on 9am-11am tomorrow. : ) My juniors also invite me go badminton on the same time. Lol... Fate~After badminton, lunch and back house lu~ Evening need rush to KDU again, last week didn't go dao. ><  Then at night go out yamcha with my classmates. Haha...
After few times feel lifeless, now don't have such feels already~! My friends make my life wonderful. Hahahaha...

Ohya~!! Quite surprise to knew that actually many people around me playing SDO. Lol... Michelle, Sweet Yee, Fabian, Kar Yee, Zi Han, Joey, Walter... Geng oh~ Hahaha... Most balia is me liao lar...xD

ps : Yea, surprise and happy to know so fast get back phone but unfortunately argued.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its Wednesday!!! : )

Time passed kinda fast actually. Twinkle of eyes, tomorrow is Thursday!! Then Friday, then Saturday. Hehe... Nowdays, quite busy with my work because those kids were having their exam. So, we just keep rushing to do revision with them. Very busy the whole day, once see the clock, its already almost gonna end our work time. : )  I only got free time for myself after dinner. Haha...

Me and Yeow Xin so gonna piss off for those kids. My god~ Just don't know how they passed for the several years. Theirs standard really like BULL SHIT~! What happen to them?? Last time teach with Ling Sze didn't face this problems before. Walao eh~ Already standard5 and standard3 but their level just like a standard1 student. Alamak~ I scold them kao kao but it seem no use for them. They really blur until don't know got what words can describe them. Luckily my house don't have such BLUR and NGONG people. If not they might let me tear into pieces...Xp I'm gonna faint~

So, what I doing recently?? As normal working from 9am-5pm. After work back grandma house rest and watch TV a while. Then have dinner and after dinner eat fruits. Usually I wont cut fruits by own because its wasting time. But now I spend my time to do so to avoid myself feel bored...Xp After settle those stuff, bath, practice guitar. Time pass really fast, parents come fetch me back house. Reached house at 10pm then online blogging and facebooking. Again, time pass as fast as rocket, a while only its already 11+pm. Then~?? Sleep lor!! Once wake up its another day liao. Haha...


Monday, May 23, 2011

Pain to the deepest...

Sunday went Sunway Chicken Run with Catherine, Xin Yan, xy's sister, xy's sis's boyfriend, Kok Kuan, Kk's brother, Merissa, Jeat Yinn Carmen Heng and Lim. We meet Xue Wern and Yoke Mun them there~! xD Early in the morning 6.10am KK come fetch me. We reach there 7am+? Then go register check name and take EGG with ice-cream cone. Yeap, we have to hold it and make sure it didn't break along our 4.8km journey. Haha... Before start run, its some funny warm up dance. But its quite cool~ xD Know how to dance the time liao eh? Hahahaha... We start run at 8.15am and I finished my journey on 9.20am. Chai Meng get 8th place out of  3000 peoples. Me? 99+ out of 3000 peoples. Lol...Xp After settle those stuff, we straight go Sunway Lagoon's water and extreme park play!! xD

At first we looking for locker put our things and change shoes bla bla~ Then start our craziness~! Hehe... This time I what also got play except pirate ship. Lol... Last time Genting that pirate ship already make me scare until face white and whole body no strength. Now Sunway's this pirate ship turn 360 degree lerh. Siao ah~ Of cause me, Jeat and kkuan's brother wait there la. Others very geng, dare go challenge and play. ^^ Saw them 360 degree hang there very funny and those peoples shout like mad. Hahahahaha... Anyway, having much fun in this day. Its the second time I play those roller coaster things due to I scared height. First time is Genting, second time is Sunway Lagoon. So, when is the third time huh?? Haha...

Around 4pm, me, XYan, xy's sister and xy's sis's boyfriend back first. Others still play there and they will be back after having dinner there. Xy them back because they got things do at night and Monday got college. I decide to back first because I'm really tired liao. Tired until eat also no strength. Haha... Once reached house, I faster go bath and lying on sofa there cant move liao. : )  Lying on sofa there while texting is the best time ever I feel. ( Too bad its just few of time to do so. : (  ) Haha...

And today~! Because of I lack of exercise de people, run and play so GENG at Sunway. When I wake up that time, I feel my whole body super HYPER duper pain!! So hard to get up from my bed. LOL~! My whole body bone and muscles pain dao~ From the innermost pain until outermost. Walao eh~ San fu dao~ Walk and do any movement also pain. Now my action just as slow as old people and like robot like that ar~ Haha... But then nevermind, I enjoy the fun day very much~!  : )

Ohyah~!! While playing in the water park and extreme park, we do take some photo there. There's camera man everywhere which ask us to take photo, after that tied a paper to our wrist. Back that time go counter see photo and its really nice wei~ Too bad its VERY expansive, RM35 per photo. LOL~! So, we decided don't want those photo le. Haiz... Such a waste, but its really expansive lar.  Waiting XYan to upload some of the photo. And thanks her sister for fetching me back. xD 

ps : Very sorry that I cant come, I wish to...... But no choice. : ) 


Friday, May 20, 2011

520 : )

Today went work at Ms.Lu there with Yeow Xin. Everythings go well as I though. I feel go~! Hahaha... Because work alone really very tired and sienz. Luckily now got Yeow Xin, I feel more relax and happy. Hehe... Hope you enjoyed the work too~! xD Beside, Ms.Lu ask Yeow Xin what's her name. She told, can call me Brandy. Then Ms.Lu say your parents like to drink alcohol eh? Brandy... Haha... Lol...

But then receive a note from a student there @ Mun Wei. She wrote our name ( Ling Sze Yap, Pearly Lim, Carmen Heng, Catherine Wong ) inside and told that she found our facebook and she added us. Lol... I was like~ How the hell you can found it?? She say its from CARMEN HENG~!!! And now, I was so busying from blocking those KIDS's friend request~! Aiyoyo, all saw photo in profile and gossip there. ALAMAK~! PRIVACY~! I'm so speechless about it......xD
And those student was so busy compare and remember our name. All grumble...
Ling Sze lao shi~
Pearly lao shi~
Catherine lao shi~
Carmen lao shi~
Brandy lao shi~!

YEAH~ Tomorrow its Saturday~! Hehehehehehe...
And, cant wait for Sunday!! =P
Imma (learn from Emily) joining Chicken Run at Sunway Lagoon.
Early in the morning 6am need gather at Merissa house lerh!
Before 7am we should reach Sunway Lagoon. O.O
Anyway, looking forward to it~! Haha...