Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh my god~! Muscle pain suffered me since yesterday. I almost can't withstand it le, its super pain. The level of pain is unexpected! God, help me~ A bit regret of work out too over on Monday as a beginner. Nobody tell me huh? No advice huh? Then own suffer lor. Sigh. Today went Manjalara park again with Christine. I just go for a WALK, cant jog n exercise there. I tried, I really can't. So disappointed on myself for can't bear of the pain. When I force myself to do it, its super pain until my tears gonna out. Lol. No lie, its unexpected pain. But then after this only heard some advice from some people that beginner first time work out sure VERY pain and should wait until the pain recover only can continue. O.o Sad me~ Like that how to achiev my goal?? Lol.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fire burned

Feel so lifeless nowadays, bored until brain a bit blur already. Last Friday went Manjalara park jogging with Carmen Heng. Hehe. Thanks for willing accompany me!! During thie 2months+ break I had a some plan for myself to keep FIT? Haha. Hmm...

And Satirday!!!! Went movie with Ls at tesco... What we watch??
tada dala dala datdat tada dala dala datdat circus dat dat circus datdat...

 Hahahaha... Yea, we watched Madagascar3

From now onwards, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will go for jogging and gym, while Saturday is badminton. Wahaha. Don't know why feel very motivated to go for all that. Hope it is not 3min heat. Haha. Anyways, i do success in my plan. Today went Manjalara jogging n gym for second time. Then still go Ls house for Wii yoga. Super duper tired, exhausted! Pray hard tomorrow my whole body wont muscle pain so that I can continue my plan on Wednesday. Hehe.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Invisible tears

Thursday after our last exam straight all go out play gao gao!! xD Me and Jiuan go cut hair then only go back fetch them. Hehe. Yea, new hair cut for us.  Hmm... Go Sunway Pyramid shopping, thanks Jiuan fetch us as I don't know the ways. (Feel guilty being a KL kia don't know most of the KL road and sorry for weak in recognize road) We lunch at Sakae Sushi then shopping keep walk, leg muscle pain until today. Lol. Unfortunately, before we back Maeve lost her camera. Omg! Luckily we manage to found it at last. Thx god~ =)

Around 7pm went buffet steamboat with LOVELY college mate as last gathering? Sniff sniff... All busy take picture as memory until not free to eat like that. Haha. After that we went LIBRARY, its a pub name. Play a dice game taught by Maeve, quite fun and I love the environment there. Hehe. Then go for pool? Then what happen I don't know le, memory lost. Haha. Thanks for who take care of me during I drunk that time. >< Overnight at Carmen them's place. Around 4.30am only sleep oh. @.@ Then 11pm wake up have Dimsum together as brunch. I FEEL GOOD!! =)

Today purposely went brunch again with them. Cause I really not willing to leave you all. Wont let go any chances of meeting up you all. Haha... I just don't know why I feel very sad! Tears dropping without anyone realise. Seriously, complicated feel which I haven face before. Sniff sniff... Sigh. Stupid Pearly Lim!! Wake up!! Don't so sampat liao!! Sorry that I can't control my sadness... Haiz.

Anyways, have a lots of fun this two days, those memories keep appear as video clip on my mind. Precious moment when be with you all, very sad to face that we graduated and separated into different place. I'm here to apologize, sorry if I done anything wrong or you all dislike among this whole year. Good luck for your future, wish you all success in life, keep in touch!! I will miss you all FSB01-711... =''(

Here's come again

Wanna blog but lazy and no mood to type much. Haiz... I feel very down and sad for a reason that myself also cant accept. Lol... I just can't face the fact! Sigh... I will miss you all. =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

For you all... :'(

Sorry for being long time didn’t update my blog. This few months busy for college life? It’s enjoying until I lazy to update blog. Haha… Time passed super-fast, it’s almost a year and I finished my foundation SOON. (after next week)

Time flies, today is the last day of my class. I sudden think back the first day I step in KDU and know new friendssss. Now, I’m leaving.  NO! We all are leaving, separate… Lol… Sigh. It’s too fast la, I don’t want to leave them. Although know them not very long, but don’t know why the friendship can deeper than friends that you know since secondary school. Maybe because of the time we meet or spend together a lot? Seriously, I meet my college mate more than my family lor. @.@

As tradition, last day of school sure everyone busy snapping photo there. =)  We exactly do this since yesterday. Lol… Hmm… Although some unhappy things keep happened among this whole foundation, but just ignore it ok? Nobody is perfect, we all are friends! Duh! Its just like virus spreading around. Lol… Anyways, I will always remember the day we fooling and laughing around. Talking craps all the way in class, play draw my things or facebooking with phone while having class. =P And also a memorable Genting trip, no its awesome trip! Haha…

Of cause not to forget the a-level’s… Although we not same course but we can still mixing, joking, crapping, chatting and TEASING around. Thanks for always lunch with me and take care of my friend. Haha…

So, hope to meet you all in future, keep in touch.
Thanks for your appearance which brighten up my pre-u college life.
Appreciate what you all had done to me!
Good luck in your exam!
All the best for your future!
I will miss you all!

Friends are like water, it appear everywhere. But we can’t survive without any drop of it.
Foundation in Business

A level Science