Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nt feel well...

Wake up on 10++am, as usual brush chg cloths bla bla bla~~
Thn start feel tht I'ill having headache soon... : (  I dun1 tht!!
Argh! Til nw stil gt a bit nt feeling well (left part of head)...555....
Ltr stil hv go out wif family attend their secondary sch fren gathering.
Lolx... Sure wil borin lik hell de la 2night...Xp
On d other hand, I feel lik lost connect 2 d world 4 5days dy... : (
I din study at all, din do ttn work at all! I din sms/ chat wif u at all.
Well, its borin n sienz wei...>< Mayb is my 016hp stop use jo.
Feel tht sudden very quiet...Xp I mean my handphone... Haha...
Luckily stil gt hotlink tht num la...Xp  Hmm...Less thn 5ppl knw tht num.
Hahahaha... Watever... Argh!! My headache, realy start... Shit!!
Bye, I gonna hv a rest 4 2hours... Gosh!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hmm... A short post here 2 share out my feel...XD
Altot 2day I text til my finger feel lik 1na break out.
Bt... Its worth...Xp Its realy hlp me much! Weeee...
Hahahahahahahaha..... Damn happy wei!! Knw y?!
Cuz d stone in my heart had breaks by someone!!
I feel good!! Its kinda long sumting keep in my heart.
Nw I duno y dare 2 voice out n d things. Settle!!
Yeah!! Hahahahaha.... Hahahahaah.... Hahahaha....
Aiya, u all wont feel d happiness of me nw dela...Xp
I totally relax~~ Nw u wan me do wat oso can ah.
Hahahaha... Thx u very much!! Thx!! Thx!!  Xp

A Successful Monday......Xp

Well, I gonna 2 b copycat 4 this post cuz I'm lazy...Xp
Lend out ur time 2 read this cuz it wil b kinda long.

Yes, I am here because I skipped school. Hehe.. (c)
Woke up at 8.40am 2day cuz grandma 1 me acc her go market.
So, forced myself 2 do so altot I'm very slpy n tired. :)

Anyway ytd went 2 Yit How's house. 
His sister birthday n he invited me / I went with my aunt...
At first decided nt 2 go de bt since my aunt n she's goin so, I folo...Xp
I went thr earlier thn d sapo cuz she's being in Jinjang b4 came here.
Whn she text me tht time... I damn freaking surprise + happy!  : )
Cuz its out of my expactation tht she wil go...XD   V knw dela....
Those auntiessssssss sure wil make us feel paiseh n borin de ma.
So, I tot u scare 2 face it n din plan 2 attend de. Bt finally... Haha...
N I heard sumting funny. Those auntiess said ur mum look lik u eh?
Lol... Izzit thy said wrgly?? Nt surpose said u look lik ur mum meh?
Hahaha... I din feel paiseh thr altot WTing n Kalye din come...Xp
Cuz stil gt my classmate YJ,KS,GR,JY n his BF. N!! My aunt~~Ah San
Hahaha... Sound funny huh? Ya, my aunt nickname Ah San!! Xp
Those auntiessss very cute de, straight ask me Ah San is ur whose ah?
Lolx... Zadao~~ Knw I'm Ah San's niece bt duno Ah San is my aunt?
Ok jz 4gt abt it. V all act mouse lik tht eat at Yit How's room. Wow...
His room was dirty bcuz of us...Xp He keep on serve us food. Thx!
Quite pity him went up n down serve foods n drinks 4 us... Xp
While waiting d sapo, me n my classmate eat, facebooking at room. 
I was keep on check d time. D sapo tld tht ard 8.30pm she wil arrived.
So, I scare she feel paiseh, purposely keep on went down wait her..XD
Finally, she's wearing PROPER OUTFIT arrived wif her mum... Lol...
Ofcuz start frm nw, I b a follower lo...Xp  Wait her finish her dinner....
 As usual, I keep on tease her whole night and disturb her. Bt my aunt!
Lagi teruk! Omg...Tease? Me infront of her!! She laugh of tht! Hmph!
Anyway, skip.....Xp  Thn v keep walking ard. Watch badminton live...
N thn finally went k-room. At 1st v tolerate those kids let thm sing 1st.
After tht, d k-room is mine!! Wahahaha.... Hmm... Nope, is us!!  =P
Well, those kids!  Singing Shouting in d k-room. Walau...My ears~ Xp
After tht thy all went out thn only I dare 2 sing thr bt stil very paiseh...
Cuz of d sapo!! Keep on laugh n stare at me while I'm singing... Blek~
N!! She brg her sch job came here... Wat I mean is PA sistem things.
She keep on ajust/testing d music n mic volume, base all tht... Lolx...
Dun need so YIM JIM n act pro la. Watever u do oso sound lik duck dela.
Kidding + Joking...Xp  Honestly, its ok la, din sound lik duck. Dun worry.
Its ok, sumtimes its nice... SUMTIMES only lar! Sum1 worst thn u thr...Xp
I'm hvg a lot of fun wif u all during d time in k-room. Thx!! Thx sapo!
Ard 11++pm she's back. Yjuan fetch me back on 12++pm. Thx YJuan!!

Instead of tht... Thr's some funny conservation among my parents wif me.
Me    : Ltr I gt party 2 attend, u 6sumting fetch me go. D near SAI GONG thr de.
Mum : Wat party? Whose party is tht? Exam coming stil alwys hang out.
Me    : Ppl's Birthday party. Dun need worry transport, 2nite I slp at grandma hse.
Mum :  Michelle  gt go ah?
Me    : No...
Mum: Y  Michelle  din go? Thn y u 1na go?
Me    : ==lll  Y shld she go only I can go? She duno this fren la! Nt same gang...
Mum :  Michelle  din go, u go 4 wat?!
Me    : @.@  This is my classmate party, nt same gang wif Michelle. So she din go!
Our conservation end lik tht... Lolx....

Other thn tht,  I hlp her uploade d video 4 many days. Finally 2day success!!
Wow... Luckily din listen 2 u. Proud of myself--wont easily give up! Haha...
Altot tht's nt my video... Bt I'm very happy n can feel d feelings of success.
Hahaha.... Wa~~  D sentence sound knowledgable + meaningful right? 
K la, I'm oso *touching* tht u keep on say thx 2 me at everywhere la...Xp
N, u're welcome. Rmb tht, hlping among fren dun need rewards...Xp

p/s : Fair enuf huh? Both oso gt appear......Xp

Drag me to hell!!!!
84 days to SPM!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Agn... Agn... n Agn......Xp

Yea, ytd I went her hse AGN. Lolx... Annoying right me? Hope u din fel tht...Xp

Ehum...As usual, I gt ttn Bio n Phy frm 8am-11.15am. After tht stay at center til 12.30pm.

Thn. Ms.Ng fetch Cat back n me go LS hse...^^ Go thr agn, agn n agn....4?? Study lar!

Yup, I'm seriously study thr, nt playing! Xp Duno whether she agree wif tis sentences or nt.

Bt ofcuz gt talk crabs?? la~ Hw can jz keep quite study thr, I'll b crazy lerh if lik tht...Xp

Hmm... ytd I challenge study Bio, sucess half way ny...>< Seriously, I dislike study Bio,

Cuz Bio is almost d same wif Sej, borin...@.@ 1st, I'm revision on F5 chp6 since I stil rmb.

Thn saw her study chp1 thn ofcuz I oso folo...Xp "I'm nt a leader, I'm d follower" Lolx...

Sentences terbalik wif my shirt pulak... >< (Ppl who saw my shirt b4 can gt wat I mean eh?)

I realy can study n rmb cuz I'm disturbing her. I keep on ask her ques...Xp Sry+paiseh ah~

I knw u cant accept my study style n I'm disturbing u much... : ( Bt no choices 4 me...Xp

Bt at last, u stil gt cooperate wif me la, at least u gt choi me some of d ques I ask u...XD

Thx ah!! N sudden in half way, I oso 4gt whn, I fel damn slpy n close my eyes rest a while.

Uhum... Nt slp! Jz let my eyes rest! Xp At d same time, she's read out d Bio loudly...XD

Cuz I ask her 2 do so, its brg benefits 2 me...Xp I need listen 2 ppl read, n I'll rmb...^^

While closing my eyes, those sound wif knowledge r surrounding me... Its fel good wei~

Hahaha... Agn. thx ah! After tht, she ask me repeat agn wat she had read. I voice it out.

Fuyoh!! I can rmb wei, its work 4 me altot I'm closing my eyes while she readings...Xp

N thn duno whn I keep on "fishing". So, she ask me 2 go her bed slp a while. Tht time...

I was damn paiseh, I realy very paiseh! Bt I stil slp on it cuz too tired at d moment. : )

Luckily, I shoo her out...Xp If nt ah, very uncomfortable lerh, a ppl sit thr n stare at u.

I mean slping tht time, sure wil fel uncomfortable de ma altot ppl din kacau or stare...

Sumore, its LS lerh... Nt so close de fren, hw can I'll b comfortable? Lol... Kidding...

Ahahahaha... Sry...Sry... I'm jz kidding, U under de la~ Taurus ma, no ned explain right?

So, I oso duno hw long I slp thr, wake up at 4.35pm. Thn continues wif my Bio study.

She finish chp1... Wow!! I hvn lerh...Xp So, quickly rush on it. Thn v decided stop it.

V went downstair watch TV n upload her make ppl fed up+piss off+angry video. =='''

Agn, its realy very super hyper thx 2 u... Alwys wlecome me went ur hse disturbing u...^^

1st, u alwys prepare lunch 4 me...... (actually I very paiseh alwys eat at ur hse)

2nd, u alwys hlp me in my study...... (I knw quite much ppl wil do tht oso)

3rd, u teach me in any sub tht I weak...... (others fren oso gt do tis 2 me la actually)

4th, u're patient enuf 2 my un-controlled atitude (u're d one can lik tis..Xp)

5th, u let me keep on make fun on u without any complaint n feel angry. (solute~~)

6th, u hlp n teach me edit those blog stuff. (less ppl wil hlp me in those nt important things)

7th, U're realy awesome!! Hahahahaha.....

Washeh... Touching lerh~~ An advise here, prepare tissue whn u're reading my post...Xp

Ard 6pm, my parents cum fetch me back. After dinner me n my family stil go shopping.

Wa~~ Realy very long time din go shopping dy lerh. I mean me… >< I feel good~~

Hmm… Me, sis n dad buy d same cloth. Yer~~ Alwys lik tht de thm, folo me! Huh~

Hahaha… N thn I finally buy my pencilcase!! Knw hw long I 1na buy 4 it since it lost.

K, its almost d same wif tht one I lost b4. ICON ma, all almost d same la…Xp

K nw, gonna hlp her upload d video… Hope I can do it!! Hahahaha….XD

p/s: I knw hw 2 chg front, size n colour dy!! Thx u....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dissapointed 2 myself.......

2day I gt go sch cuz v gt PJ! V ply basketball n football.
Wow... Its feel fun n good right?! ^^ I lik sports...Xp
Yea, V whole gang girls ply basketball at 1st, thn football.
Fuyoh, its damn special wei girl ply football?? Yup...^^
Cuz v're d sporty one!! Hahaha...Recall back F3 tht time...
I oso ply football wif our classmate. Tht's d 1st time...Xp
Hmm...I mean all girls ply football. Its wif Min Hua thm.
Bside, 2day v ply football tht time, Sum zai video it...XD
Its damn tired after PJ la, tired til I slp at class...Xp
Slp non-stop... >< I slp b4 recess n on BIO lesson... ><'' Hv fun during recess time. Long time din laugh lik tht...XD Btw...
SORRY X 10000000000000000
Izzit enuf 4 U?! Haha... 2day I din folo thm go movie...Zzz...N I back hse at 1.45pm. After sch went lunch wif my class tht gang...^^ Quite rush. Aiyo, d Mr.Ong Kai Seng ah! Childish! Say hw many times!! Dun1 ply, stil 1na ply... Throw things here n thr...Sudden! 2day d bottle hit duno whose d car n d ppl angry wif it. Omg...No eye c! Xp 2day went hse early, it was damn borin! Haiz... Actually nw I'm sad enuf... :( Dun ask me y!! I fel tht I'm very SAT BY... 555... PADAN MUKA Pearly Lim!! I fel lik 1na cry... Realy, tears almost coming out... ==''' Hey! Pearly Lim! U shld knw u cant lik tht! Tht's nt ur style! Hahaha...K fine! Stop tht C2pid mixing feel! Wan Sot liao lo~~ Erm... K jz 4gt abt it... Deserve wat u had done Pearly Lim!! Dun bother abt those C2pid stuff le, nw important is study! Xp So, nw...我用读书来麻痹我自己!!...Wow...Meaningful sentences huh? Hahahaha...Sry, Mich, Cat,XYan,small Carmen, Jeat, Meri n KK. Dun ask y, I juz fel tht I shld say sry 2 u all 4....(secret) Lolx... Act misterious pulak... >.< Watever la... @.@
No1 wil k abt it... I wil rmb "N.O.M.B" this words... -.-

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mixing feelings......

2day plan 1.35pm back hse de gt at last I back on 4pm.
Cuz Yan thm ajak me to stay till 4pm for playing...Xp
Ya, v jz stay 4 fun. Lolx... V play math magic...^^
At 1st, go eat at canteen n thn went library play...
At last, go pusat akcess on9 n watch my vampire diary.
As time pass so fast, 4pm v all back hse...Xp
Nw, cuz I'm borin 2 death, so express out some feel here.
Haiz...Hw? I feel tht feelings agn...Xp I hate it badly!
It seem lik very troublesome me, very fan! Argh!! >Angry + dissapointed = piss off. Hehe... I had no idea.
2moro n Sat hw?? I wan watch movie!! Wil u go?? Lol...
Bt I duno wan go whr, whn n wat movie tht suit u all!!
Out of sight, out of mind.... N out of control...Xp
Its realy very ma fan de lo, jz a movie, need plan so much?
Wat I need is tht simple, I wan ppl acc me go movie on Sat.
N I need ppl acc me waste my Fri after sch tht time...
Oh yea, Fri after sch I din hv ttn...XD Wahahaha...Xp
HOW? HOW?? HOW??! HOW??!!! Can sumbody help ,me all tht?
Hahahaha.... Dreaaming~~ Its impossible...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Normal type Taurus....Xp Guilty....Q.Q

Err...2day after sch BC~ing boro PM note frm fren photostat.
Cuz 2moro PM n BI test!! My own PM note dissapear dy... >< Finally, troublesome her agn... :( Cuz her's hse d nearest. So, after sch went her hse boro n photostat it n return back. 2day promise went movie wif WTing thm n ZI YING de. Haiz... At last, I decided nt 2 go...:( Realy sry ah ZI YING...XD 4give me pls, I...I...Gt my personal reason 4 nt 2 go...Xp Sry WTing, Sry Kalye, Sry Zi Ying.... Guilty eh me... "sob" Aftnoon I went Jusco wif aunt&grandma pulak...>< Guilty agn~ Phew~~~ Tht's d 1st guilty things.... 2nd??
Ok...Dont say untill like that la. I'm just make fun on you. Hmm...Ah no!! Err...I always make fun on everyone dela...XD No choice la, who ask me is K-TYPE TAURUS...Xp 555555... Feel very guilty lerh!! Haiz!! Play too over already eh? ><
Owh~~ Its sad to saw your post, put PINK somemore!!! ==''
Ok now.........
Very sorry that I always troublesome and make fun on you.
Very sorry for wasting your time to teach me everythings.
Very sorry for kacau you until I feel myself are annoying.
Very sorry for complaint about everything without thinking.
Very sorry for always ZAT you and quarrel/argue with you.
Very sorry for always make you reach your boiling point.
Very sorry for disturbing your sweet afternoon's nap.....
Very sorry for although you already very patience teach me.
but I still did the same mistake.
Your patience + your time = me + wasting + dissapointed
Very sorry for the eight sorry above....@.@ == :)
Very special thanks to YAP LING SZE for treat me so good.
Wish thanks to you from my innermost part. Thousand thanks!
Phew~~~ Feel less guilty after voice out... Hahaha...Xp

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Proud of myself......Xp

2day I'm proud of myself...Xp I trust tht no1 wil do lik me.
Well, 2day once d sch's bell ring I rush 2 5A, chat a while.
Actually purposely 1na wait sum1 walk 2gether dela...XD
Hmm...After tht she back hse n I go 4 lunch + do my stuff.
Go lunch at mamak while waiting d ppl photostate my things.
Thn, went Pui Mun's hse nearby ttn center return her things.
After tht plan 2 buy sum junk food b4 went her hse de bt...
Nt same direction, its totally 180 degree diff. Lazy me~~
Its too far n tired 4 me...Xp I'm tired lik hell tht time.
So decided straight went her hse without buying anythings.
Hahaha...Nxt time ya, I sure wil buy junk food thr de...XD
Whn walking on d road, I realy jealous 2 those ppl can drive!
Walau eh!! Its save time n wont burn out much energy oso!!
Rolf!! Wonder y parents dun let me gt my undang test...X.X
Thy jz cant thnk abt me? If gt transport, I no need so CHAM.
Hehe...Thn I can go anywhr I wan 2 go without troublesome U!
Apalah ni! Nt understanding one! Brain's blood vessel stuck!!
K ah, I start my story ah? I knw it wil b destroyed ur image.
Sry...Bt... I 1na mention out here... Hahahaha... (hw bad me)
I jz 1na express out my feel. Al those memories lerh. Hehe...
Once reach, ALAMAK! She's 衣冠不整 while open door 4 me...Xp
Hahahahahaha... K la, dun so bad laugh at u la. Actually...
I'm ntg wif it de...Xp I fel funny bcuz after tht u.....
U say u fel very paiseh n use d skirt cover?(if nt mistaken)
Quite funny la u, bt I din laugh tht time, I laugh in heart.
Hahahahahahaha...XD K LA! STOP LAUGHING PEARLY LIM!! Sry...
Paiseh! Paiseh! No need my explaination hor? Taurus ma...Xp
A har!! Rmb tht?! Dy say u btr finish bath b4 I come de lor!
Who ask u so slow! Stil updated blog thr...Walau eh! Zadao~
K, I admit tht I'm a little bit early, bt no choice la...XD
Me this type can manage an affair in high efficiency de.
Sure can finish my things in short/sharp time...Xp (perasan)
Hmm...After tht keep on shoo u go bath cuz I 1na bath too!!
Omg...Its wasting my time 2 saw u loitering ard d bathroom.
Lolx...I jz 1na start my study+revision earlier ny ma...XD
Cuz I knw tht sure nt enuf time 4 me one! Hahaha... Fake~~
K,nw...I'm realy wonder y gt such fren appear in my life one ah?
Hahahahaha...Weird+special ppl. Keep on ask ppl do this n tht.
Ppl dun1 stil 1na forced 2 listen. Omg! Exp: eating...Xp
Since u plan 2 gv me eat thn dun ask me whether wan or nt la!
Many times dy lo sapo!! U ask me bt thn u make ur own decision.
Zadao agn... Its realy crazy wei!! == N paiseh + sry la...><
I found tht my apperance, make u hard 2 concentrate study...XD
I oso dun1 lik tht de ah, jz duno y cant control myself...Xp
N sry ah, I unkful drop d books n wake u up frm nap. Hehe...
K la,I gonna stop nw, if nt ltr everythings ful of urs story.
Omg!! Eeeeee....(I lik copy) Geli + Weird = vomit. Hahaha...
Tht's all 4 2day. Ohya! 2moro Add.math n Sej test!! Oh gosh!!
Add.math???! Sej???! Yup!! Its killing me...Xp
Wish every1 of my fren GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow... Such an open minded mum... Touching~

Hmm saw this on facebook some fren share d link.
It doesn't mean anythings bt jz touching~~~ XD
This a mum write 2 her's daughter....

就不行了嗎? 就是錯了嗎?

After saw this, her's daughter touching til cry...XD

SMALL test........

2day hv d SMALL test/exam on BM, Chem n Math... Overall is ok.
Hmm...BM I duno d peribahasa part n bina ayat part ah!!! X.X
Chem is ok, I use ard half n hour 2 finish it lerh. Geng!! XD
Nw lets talk abt math. Ehem! Once gt d paper, I do ques 3 1st.
Cuz I scare 4gt hw 2 do, so spend quite much time on this ques.
After finish this ques ny do others. Thn finish d paper. Fuyoh!
I go check agn d ques3. Shit! Found sumting wrg wif it. Area...
Yea, d area I nt sure abt d ans, duno whether is 75 or 37.5.
@.@... So, I damn scare tht time, heartbeat 200++ 4 no reason.
Haha...Nt longer time's up! I din bother abt it n jz pass up.
After sch, quickly go search 4 d ans. For ques3 la, ny last wrg.
My 1st reaction was... Dissapointed n angry wif myself. :(
2nd reaction was... Happy... Hahahaha... Sot jo me? Nola!! Xp
I happy cuz this is d 1st time I do transformation ques lar!!
I'm happy 2 knw tht I stil can do tis ques bt jz except AREA la.
Hahaha...Quite good jo la me, at least gt improvement.(perasan)
Geng lor, I can rmb wat she teach eh?! Nxt time study sej thr!
Haha...Joking...Joking la...Ltr ppl complaint I'm nt study de!!
=='' Watever la since its pass...XD 2moro BIO, PHY n BC...
Omg...Die lo, BIO n PHY 2gether. Bt nvm la, I dun 1na bother!
Hmm...Me is lik tht dela, Lazy! No ppl force me, I wont study!
Hahaha...Nt responsible enuf huh? Try 2 blame huh? Speechless!
Haiz...2day after sch sudden feel gt a bit cham... :( 555...
Back hse tht time knw grandma din cook, so cook byself...Xp
Cook maggie mee, duno whether izzit d maggie mee expired...
Or... Its taste weird...Yucky, duno hw 2 describe out d taste.
Sudden my mind flash back tht day d maggie I ate at LS hse...XD
Mine?? Taste weird! I din eat it n straightly pour it... ><''
As conclude, I ate ice-cream n cakes 4 my lunch. Cham eh? Haiz!
So!! 2moro!! I gonna stayback wif fren do revision n go lunch!!
Hmm...Any idea 4 tht? I stil hvn ajak ppl go lunch wif me 2moro.
I lazy ask la...Ltr ask jo, no1 acc me do revision n lunch lerh.
If realy lik tht I'il feel very paiseh n sad delo...Xp ==
Cuz of d maggie, I feel very angry, N!! Msg ppl 2 find out d ans.
So stubborn huh? Stil 1na knw abt d area's ans... Ciaoz...XD
I knw its a small test, bt d pro is... Nt I k abt d marks la~~
Aiya duno hw 2 express out d feelings la. Its ans is 50! X.X
I knw hw 2 do it. Christine explain 2 me whn v in bus tht time.
C2pid me!! Talking so straight n mind oso straight? ><
Wont thnk frm others side 2 solve it?! Actually it easy delo!!
Damn u Pearly!! Xp K, jz 4gt abt it...^^
After tht I plan 2 on9 de, bt I lost d broadband! Cant find it!
So, maggie mee + math + cant find broadband 2 on9 = very angry!
Lolx... Totally lost patient on it! N jz "fak mang zhang" thr.
I jz dun thnk so much n straight slp...XD Slp til 4sumting.
After d nap, my angryness lost...XD Sot sot de la me...Xp
Hmm...I slowly n patiently look 4 d broadband. Yea! Found it!!
So, nw I hv d chance 2 blogging here...XD Hahahaahahahaha...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday+Exam= hate

2moro EXAM!!!! Gt a bit worry abt it oh. Bt...
Jz a small test, dun need bother abt it right??
Hehe... Lazy la me... Din study 4 chem oso. ~.~
So, chem exam, no eye c, jz let it fail!! ==''
Math I think is stil ok 4 me...Xp Average la!
Cuz gt revision a bit math on Sat...XD A BIT?!
Yea, jz a bit-tansformation at Taurus sapo's hse.
BM... I'm kinda scare of it, only tatabahasa.
Scare I'll fail BM... :( Hope it wont happen!
Hehe... Good luck 4 all of us in our exam!! XD
So, some advice 4 myself...Xp
Pearly Lim!! Dun regret!! U shld deserve it!!
Hahahahahahaah..... Ciaoz~~ 38~~ ==''
K la, tht's all...Ntg do, sienz...Off...xP

Memorable+touching+shock+happy day

This 2 days was A FAIRLY TALE 4 me...XD Realy damn happy.
Y say so? Cuz can b wif thm n happen many funny things.

This day I din go sch, bt 12.35pm only I go...XD ==lll
Cuz 2pm gt ttn, n oso promise acc Sze Mei thm lunch.
Whn I reach sch tht time ny knw Yan thm oso go 4 lunch.
Din tld me earlier huh? I'm angry wif it...Joking...XD
So, tht time I realy duno hw, gonna cut me into half?
Duno shld folo which side...Xp Sze Mei? or XYan thm?
At last, I choose 2 b wif XYan thm...XD Sry ah Sze Mei.
5C gang--SMei, MPoh, WTing, Kalye, KSeng, Sum, CSeong,
YHow n YHow's KAI MUI....
My gang--Big&Small Carmen, Cat, XYan, Sweet, Jeat, Meri,
KKuan,KarYee, KYan n Me...
Crowded huh?? KOK HING full of our voice/sound...Xp
V all 2gether went KOK HING, 20++ ppl... Fuyoh! Yeng!
Haha... Ofcuz v seperate into 2 tables...XD
Among eating tht time, ite realy fun.
Anyway, we talk, laugh, chat, smile, mock wif each other.
Its realy funny d ways v chatting. Laugh lik hell...XD
Its hard 2 say out here. If u're thr u'il knw d happiness.
I'm happy 2 be wif thm lik tht... Laugh all d time...XD
Especially d 2 kids...Xp Small Carmen n Jeat(fly)...><
Its new member huh? I mean in our gang. V alwys brg along thm.
Haha...Its realy very happy n good 2 b wif u all my dear fren.
Haiz... Duno graduate jo tht time hw tim... Less time 2 meet.
Haiyo!! SPM hvn finish jiu thnk of graduation...Haiz!! XD

Saturday (2day)
2day ard 11.45pm go Taurus Sapo's hse do h.w n revision.
I'm here 2 say sry 2 Taurus Sapo, I'm late 1hour ny come.
Haha...Cuz I slp late n b4 go her hse gt sum stuff 2 do.
Those Ms.Ng Birthday party stuff lo...XD Haiz...555...
Bt unluckily, Ms.Ng cant attend on her Birthday party.
Cuz she went hospital, kidney inflammation.(if nt mistaken)
Its realy sad+dissapointed abt her absent. Bt no choice...
Hope she wil b ok... :) Mon gonna gv her surpise agn...^^
Ok, back 2 d Taurus sapo tht part...XP
Went her hse, 4 me, is ok, I gt learn sumting n study thr.
Bt 4 her I duno, after saw her blog, seem lik useless 4 her.
Sry 4 being disturbing thr...Promise wont hv nxt time...Xp
Hey!! Nolo, I'm very very diam diam tht time jo lo. Blek~
Very good self-controling oso!! Less playful jo lo! Hmph!
Bt, she's quite good oso. She hlp me 2 edit my blog...^^
She realy very good lerh, altot I keep on complaint...
Bt she stil very YONG XIN hlp me edit much...XD Touching~
Hahaha... Bside, she stil do many things 4 me lerh...Xp
Hlp me take this n tht without complaint, teach me math.
I lik d time while she's teaching me math. Patient enuf!
The most make me shock de tings is she cut apple 4 me ma.
I dun lik d apple wif skin. Sry ah my eng nt gud...Xp
Thn she take d apple agn 2 cut off d skin 4 me... I was~~
Washeh, if others sure scld me, cut 4 u stil complaint much.
So YIN JIM, u dun1 eat! Go cut urself! Washeh... N...N...
Lunch at her hse tht time, d mouse mee? Dun laugh ah...(Haha)
Dy say my eng nt gud lo! I dun lik d fried onion on it.
She jz very serious lik tht hlp me pick it one by one...XD
Washeh! Walau eh! She was so teliti n serious whn picking.
If 4 others ah, sure same scld me YIM JIM n ask me dun eat!
N~~ She keep on gv me wat I want... Exp, buy junk food...
I jz simply say I alwys eat junk food while doin revision.
Thn she ask her bro go buy it. I knw u all oso 1na eat de.
Bt jz, duno hw 2 voice out la... 4 sure I oso gt d junk food.
Hahahaha... Taurus sapo, u lik QI ZHI right? K la, I tld u.
Whn d time u hlping me do such things without complaint...
Is ur most gt QI ZHI de time la...Hahaha... I'm realy shock!
I feel tht u tolerate me all d time...XD U realy awesome!!
I knw wat I say gt a bit geli/touching. Bt u dun perasan ah!
Hahaha... I'm jz tld d truth. Agn~~ Thanks You Taurus sapo!!
Its frm my heart innermost part 2 say Thanks you! Xp
On d other hand, I'm wonder tht izzit same horoscope....
Realy wil hv same mind, same thinking n very ngam key de ah?
V quarrel+argue+tease each other all d time. Bt its fun oso.
Its realy ngam key til.... Aiya, duno hw 2 say la...Xp
4 sure same wif thm, u make me happy n enjoyed whn b wif u.
Hahahaah.... Eeeee....Shld stop...Feel geli abt it eh...Xp
K! Nw v jump back 2 Birthday party tht part...Xp
Altot Ms.Ng nt thr v're very sad. bt overall is ok.
After I went thr... Heard n wondering sumting make me...
Duno hw 2 describe tht feel...Haiz... No1 wil knw 4ever!
I go out walk byself n nt answering any1 phone. I feel...
Haiz...I feel tht I need fresh air n a place 4 me 2 b alone.
I need 2 refresh my mind n silent world tht time...XD
Bt ard half an hour later, saw XYan, Meri n Mich call me.
I din ans oso...N thn walk back 2 center cuz scare thm worry.
While half way, meet Jeat n Carmen, so v walk 2gether lo.
Luckily gt thm, if nt Yan thm sure wil ask whr I go bla bla~~
Hahaha..... K la, d party is fun. V played 3 games...
I lik it...XD Thx 4 u all 2 gv me an enjoyable n happy day.
N hor, 2day gt talk wif Mich's mum. 1st time talk so much lerh.
As u all knw I very scare of her mum dela. I oso duno y...Xp
I cant rmb clearly wat she say la, sure gt a bit diff la ofcuz.
2day she talk 2 me 1st, ofcuz I ans her. 1st she ask abt Ms.Ng.
Thn she sudden say. Exam come dy oh, dun ply lo. (heartbeat 200++)
Tht time I was damn scare n thinking... Seilo, she 1na scld me?
Cuz exam coming, I stil plan party 2 wasting her daughter time.
N thn she say...Shld study hard ya...I say en en...(heartbeat300++)
She put a hand on my shoulder say, U shld put more effort in study.
Repeat agn...>< U muz study hard 2 gt good result u knw... O.O
I was scare lik hell man! (heartbeat500++) XD Bt I'm happy too.
Cuz I wonder y she wil k abt my result things. Even my parents...
Oso din talk 2 me lik this b4. I think my engine let her heated up.
Altot I very scare u 4 no reason, bt I stil 1na say Thanks auntie!
U make me feel lik 1na put my heart in study 4 SPM...XD Haha!!
Back 2 party tht part!!! K, food was nice, games was nice...Xp
Everythings is good, v played 3 games thr... Its damn funny.
If Ms.Ng thr, I'm sure tht she wil laugh+crazy lik hell...XD
Thx Mich, XYan n Cat 4 planing us those games...XD
In conclusion, 2day many things make me shock n touching.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Skiped sch 2day....Xp

Yea...I din go sch 2day cuz lazy...Xp
Hmm... If go sch ntg 2 do n its boring!!
So decided take personal study leave.^^
Haiz...Ltr stil gt ttn, sienz lar wei!!
No choice, SPM jz ard d corner! Wake up!
Hehe...Ltr need rush ttn work oso..Zzz
Ard 12.35pm I'll go sch cuz dy promise...
Go lunch wif Sze Mei n after tht go ttn.
Well, ytd went Tesco buy those drinks.
Knw y ah? Cuz 2moro v celebrate burfday.
Who? My awesome ttn teacher-Ms.Ng burfday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy day.....

Well, 2day quite happy. I oso duno wat's d reason...XD
2day plan stay back study wif Cat thm de, bt din do so.
Cuz I was helping in decorating our class 4 d competition.
Its realy look nice n every1 pass by sure wil take a look.
Hahahaha... I'm nt LC or wat, jz can say '5C' r awesome!!
Such a good idea Sarah gv n such a good cooperation of us!
Hahaha... I'm nt lying its big chance 4 us 2 win!! Yeah!!
Another things tht make me feel touching is my dear fren~~
Among decorating, i gt curi tulang went library hv a look.
Saw Cat n Yan thm were teaching Carmen n Jeat. Do revision.
Fuyoh!! Damn good wei u all. Last time I PMR oso no1 teach me.
A bit jealous lor. Haha...Nola, I'm nt tht small gas. Joking~
Anyway, listen up. Add oil in ur PMR ya!! Seriously, good luck!
K la, tht's all 4 2day... Sleepy... Nitez...

Monday, August 16, 2010


2day at tapak was quite excited abt this Sat.
So, v discuss/talk non-stop abt it. Unluckily...
Let d C2pid Mr.Tan(sami) tegur a bit. Fine~~
I knw its realy my fault, so din argue wif him.
After tht, as normal mood. I'm ntg. I'm fine...Xp
C!! I dy say, if realy my fault, I wont argue bek.
Bt once I knw tht, its nt my fault, I sure argue!!
Take notes on this my fren...Xp Skip......
Hmm... Our sch gt wat class decoration competition.
Ofcuz all class hv 2 take part including "5C"!! XD
Can c tht most of d class start decorating on 2day.
Ehm...Every1 of us spend RM2 to buy those things.
Err...Buy those flag n related patriotik stuff la.
Heard frm other say tht 3C decorate til very nice.
So, went 2 hv a look wif JYong,YHow n Sum...Xp
Cheh! A piece of cake!! Who said nice?? Hahaha...
Wow... Sound so LC huh?? No choice, tht's us!! ^^
Our class start decorating on d last 2 period.
Its a big projek 4 us...^^ 1st all of us pack our bag.
Thn, lik exam tht time all put outside corridoor thr.
Including all d desk n chairs gonna move out! Rolf~~
Haha...Cuz thy 1na hv sum painting n sweeping in class.
N sumting was so special n YENG. Hahaha... Its awesome!!
Kalye thm seem lik so hardworking colouring outside corridoor.
V arrange sum tables n chair to let thm use until 4E's thr.
Washeh... Whn 4E's student saw this, their reaction was...
Walau... Wat happen... Geng wor lik tht oso can. Zadao~~ XD
Bt, hv 2 say sry 2 4E'student ya, v block ur ways...Xp
Hahaha...V block their back door n make thm diff 2 went in.
Among our decorating tht time, sum of us decided wash floor.
N!! Nxt time v shld take off our shoes b4 went in d class.
Well, after our whole 5C's student discuss, its been cancel.
Sure la, leave hw many month v hv to graduate? Y do such...
Do so many DUO YU de things for our class?? Actually 4 sch!
Hw hardworking u r 2 mop d floor, I'm sure it stil wil dirty.
Cuz u knw tht duno wat floor, stil wil auto gt many dust de.
K, fine... Buy Map? 2 cover d floor, dun C2pid la...><
Ard RM100 v hv 2 spend 2 buy those stuff cover d floor lerh.
So, at last v had decided 2 make it nice simply...^^
Only buy much flags n stuff hang ard n paint a bit finish.
N survery wif MK... V found sumting very funny on d others.
Sudden, sum song appear in my mind...Hope u all gt wat I mean.
4A...V wish u a merry Christmas, v wish u a merry christmas~~
4B...He xin nian zhu xin nian, xin nian dao~~ (in chinese)
5A&5B...Negaraku tanah tumpahnya darahku, raja hidup bersatu~~
5C...Satu Bangsa, Satu Suara, Satu Nada, Satu Irama bersama~~
4E... Selamat~ Hari Raya bla bla bla.... I duno hw 2 sing jo.
Hahahahaha... It was damn funny wei...Xp Can gt it huh?? Xp
Lolx...Watever la....
Aiya, its damn boring nw...Xp No ppl let me 2 hv chat tim.
Hahaha... Ciaoz ppl! Pearly Lim! Go study lar!! SPM cuming!
Ur fren all so BC cuz they r studying lerh. Like u so lazy meh?!
Omg... I feel sienz abt it. Sendiri talk n scld thr... Sot sot~
K la, Tht's all 4 2day...XD

Sunday, August 15, 2010

D world r so small??

Walau eh, realise sumting funny jz nw...XD
Wahahahaha....I jz cant stop laughing...Xp
Knw y?? Hahahahaha...I cant believe tht...
Ling Sze's mum is my aunt's fren!! *tadar*
Hahahahaha...Omg!! Y d world so small ah??
My aunt knw Yit Hau n Ling Sze's mum eh.
3 of them is dancing de fren lai de...Xp
Omg!! "ngor zhan hai zip sao ng dou lor"
Haha...Oh gosh! My fren de mum u oso knw.
Very geng lo! Can keep an eyes on me lo.
Lolx...Watever... Nt related anythings oso.
Who cares?? Blek~~ Bt jz... Hahahahaha...
Y so.... D world r so small! Hahahahaha...
I jz worry nxt time duno when I realise...
Agn!! My which fren de mum u oso knw. ==
Hahahahaha.... I jz cant control myself...Xp
Nowonder tht day saw LS's mum feel lik...
Feel lik I saw this ppl b4, yuan lai... ><
Is d pic tht my aunt gt show 2 me b4...XD
K, stop this funny topic...Xp
Aiya, my leg's muscles pain ah...><
Ply badminton, hand muscles din pain bt jz leg.
Weird right?? Hahahaha....
Tht's all 4 2day.... Nitez~~

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Argh!! Its too many things happen on me at d same time.
I gonna burst, explore, mad, crazy, out of control! X.X
Haiz... Actually I gt many things 2 post up here de. :(
Bt gt a bit lazy 2 type out...Xp Its long long story~~
So, jz cincai say abt it ba...^^

I'm sad + dissapointed + angry + hurt...I wan give up!!
I'm tired 4 being lik tht... I duno wat happen on it.
Mayb its realy mine fault or both of us oso gt faults!!
I duno, is up 2 u all. I'm totally heart death!! @.@
I dun feel lik 1na mention on it. Its complicated...Xp
Bt, I hope tht my things wont effect others ppl mood.
Urs PMR jz ard d corner, focus on it n dun bother abt us.
Pls, I beg u two. I dun1 hu'r nt involved worrying abt it.
Kidz....Xp Mind ur own buisness...XD Add oil in ur PMR!!
Dun same lik me alwys study last min n bcum too playful!!
I knw it cuz I try those b4. So, nw wat's d benefit 4 me?
Listen 2 wat BIG Carmen say. Study!! Study!! n Study!!
Dun ltr same as me feel regret n Everythings is too late!!
Anyways, I sincere wished u two... GaMbAhTeH in ur PMR!!!

Well, 2day after ttn went badminton wif d same gang bt...
This time more special+interesting?? Cuz gt Ling Sze...XD
She damn well in badminton oh, realy too look down on her.
Lolx...Watever...Haha... Thx la, 4 gv us an enjoyable day.

Actually tht sumting make me damn angry after ttn. Wth!!
I'm very beh song tht kind of attitude while talking 2 me!!
Tht time I angry lik hell man! Almost 1na scld rough words out!
If dun dissapear infornt of u al quickly, I think I'll fight!
Walau eh, I duno y lo, damn damn damn hyper super angry lo...
Its oso related to others things la, actually all combine...~.~
Honestly, I knw many things tht hw u all treat me without u knw.
Sum1 realy out of my expactation n make me damn disspointed.
Bt luckily stil gt sum1 warm-blooded...Xp I knw hw u treat me.
I knw everythings n many things... Bt I jz alwys acting duno.
Its nt waste tht I alwys treat u extra good among thm. :)
Altot sumtime u oso wil make me angry, bt I wont k abt it...Xp
Cuz d things u make me happy r more thn tht u make me angry.
Hahaha...Mayb sumtimes I'm jealous abt sumting...Bt... Err...
Aiya suan la... Duno hw 2 express out my weird feelings la...^^
So, jz 4gt abt it n back 2 our topics.....XD
All negative things combine 2 make me angry lik hell!! Bt...
Jz cant blame it on me. I'm human oso k?! No1 is perfect!! X.X
While walking on d road, my mind running, thinking many things.
Tht time I realy angry til feel lik 1na destroyed everythings!!
I feel lik 1na pull d trees on roadside out of ground... ==
I feel lik 1na break all d parking on roadside car's mirror...
I feel lik 1na fight wif d ppl/stranger who walking on d road...
I feel lik 1na stand in d middle of road c gt car crash me or nt.
I duno.... I realy damn dissapointed + angry tht time....
I'm out of control tht time...Bt luckily I can calm down a bit.
After tht, walked AlOnE 2 sch's bus stop 4 waiting Jeat Yinn.
Cuz... I knw I cant show tht infornt of fren tht nt involved.
Sry Jeat Yinn... While d time u walk wif me, lunch wif me...
I seldom talk wif u n shows d black face. Very sry abt it. @.@
Cuz tht time I'm trying my best 2 calm down myself.... >
After tht, everythings is ok while I meet sum1...Xp (Geli~ing)
Duno wat's d reason, once chat/zat/meet/play wif her....(geli)
All unhappy things, angry feel n bad mood will lost automaticly.
Mayb she's crazy n 38 enuf huh??! Hahaha... (Dun perasan) Xp
Well, special thx 2 Ling Sze. Thx u 4 being my listener...XD
Sry 4 being troublesome u this few days. Thx lot my fren!! XD
Haha... Yea, u're right! Its fun 2 keep on zAt U...xP Lolx...

On d other hand, I gt shock cuz I gt such thinking.....
Nw I'm wonder... Wonder tht did I need chg ttn class??
I dun1 ttn at Fri n Sat le... I wan wif PKim thm... Can I?
zzit true I hope 2 b lik tht? Did Ms.Ng allow me 2 do so??
Who cares.... Jz scare I'll feel regret on my decision.

p/s : I'm totally lost.... Can sum1 guide me??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Cooking at Sweet's hse......Xp

Focus on MKT......Xp

Tht's d real Sweet......XD

Xin Yan's solo part......XD

Redbox singing 1......XD

Redbox singing 2......><

The awesome part......Xp

small Carmen VS Jeat Yinn......XD

Focus on Xin Yan!! Its damn funny......XD

Yea, playing Wii at Ling Sze's hse...Xp
Pearly VS Jeat Yinn...... Sure I win...XD

p/s: Dun wack me ah whn u saw I upload this video without permission. Xp

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I hate 2moro... Rolf! Xp

2moro is MONDAY agn... ~.~ Seriously I hate it...Xp
Sienz... Hv 2 wake up early n go sch ntg 2 do de. :(
Err... I think I shld start my study nw? Hmm... ><
Wat shld do lerh?! Shld form a study group? Its work?
Stayback study wif fren or either go fren hse study?
Could it b...?!! Any1 can cooperate wif my planing ah?!
As I knw, If wan me study alone, its impossible...Xp
Haiz!! Watever la... C one step walk one step...Xp
Gosh! My hand muscle stil pain. Izzit prove tht I'm lauzy?
Duno whether Jeat's hand gt pain or nt? Hehe...
If she same as me gt muscle pain oh, means I'm nt lauzy.
Muahahahaha.... Its pain thn ply badminton duno y. Zzz...
Ehem... Abt Wendy's Birthday, refers to Steph's blog...Xp
Most of it abt me...Xp (perasan shit) XD :)
K la, seem it alomost 10pm. I need off n slp early.
Cuz......... 2moro is sch day n MONDAY!!!!! Grr~~~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog agn.....Xp

1st of all, I 1na say sry 2 Ms.Ng, I knw its my fault.
U shldnt put high expactation on me, I feel very guilty.
I'm sry 2 say tht, dun waste ur time. I'm useless... :(
2day actually did sum wrg things. Bt its worth 4 me...Xp
Cuz hv a lot of fun wif Nai Cha & Jeat in Nai Cha's hse.
After sch, hlp thm tidy up those stall place n bla bla~~
Finding ppl n thinking whr 2 go until 3pm ny go ttn...Xp
Finally found Jeat acc me n Nai Cha brg us back her's hse.
Yeeeee... She say v very pity wor so jz "sou liu" us. Xp
Bside, at her hse tht time, she kep on ask us go out lerh.
Hw bad la her... >< Hmph! Nola, I knw tht she's jz joking.
Cuz me kep on zat her ma, so she been force 2 say so. :)
Hahahaha... Aiya, watever la... Lolx... ^^ XD :)
Plan went her hse C C only bt finally v ply Wii thr...XD
Her family was friendly n big bro was awesome good...XD
I dont mean tht Nai Cha nt gud. No nid mention la...Xp
Hmm... Its very funny n happy thr la. Our reaction....
I mean while d time v eating meehun mee by her grandma.
Its ok la, wont insipid. Nai Cha no nid feel paiseh la.
Hahaha... Bt its true d meehun mee nt enuf salty. ><''
Bt at least u gt gv us kicap wat...XD Lolx... =='''
Sry ah Jeat, hope 2day d decision I make din borin u.
I say 1na ply basketbal wif u, bt choose 2 go Nai Cha's hse.
V ply Wii thr, ply til wont stop n out of control jo...XD
V ply til crazy. Our action was...Argh!! No image...Xp
Tht's y make me dun feel lik 1na went ttn jo..Xp Its fun!!
Honestly, its my fault, dun blame on others. Sry all~~ :)
Ah! N Nai Cha say 1na post a video up ma, bt seem ntg.
I din saw it on her blog n facebook oso. Luckily...Haha!!
Other thn tht, I gt Wendy's birthday party 2 attend...Xp
At 1st I dy tle her I din go, jz 4 giving her surprise...Xp
Oveall, d party is ok. 1na C pic?! Pic refers 2 facebook.

p/s : I'm serious, u wear spec btr than din...Xp

Hari Kokurikulum......

2day is my sch hari koko. Early in d morning let ppl make me sad.
7.10am went sch, meet Ai Juin, she ask me y din back SMKTE. ><
Cuz 2day SMKTE gt activities open 4 all de. Haiz...Dun hurt me!
Hehe... Actually I realy 1na went back visit my fren lerh...Xp
Bt I gt PBSM duty 2day, so cant lo. U stil mention 2 me! ==''
Ok, jz 4gt abt it.... Smile :)
Well, u guys done a good job 2day. I mean those who kawad.
Altot v r nt d best, bt I knw, u all dy try ur best...^^
On d other hand, I very angry abt d ppl who duty. jz 1 ppl.
Complain abt this n tht! Walau eh! U!! Form5 dy lerh, stil...
Wat d hell u r talking 2 me, I wil rmb 4ever!! I can say tht...
U r no ability to b a PBSM member!!! U jz get off!! Stupid!!
Bt d other 2ppl which form2, very good. U done well in duty.
K la, tht's all 4 2day... Lazy type dy...
Wondering goin 2 ttn or nt. Haiz... Feel tired n no mood go.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, 2day mood damn nt good. Finally I cant tahan.
I show out my weakness? Moody innfront of my classmate.
Its... Duno I'm angry? Sad? or Dissapointed? Haiz...
Watever, jz leave it. Thx my beloved 5C classmate.
U all hlp me a lots, urs advised is useful to me.
I almost 1na cry of it dy, luckily gt u all...XD
2moro is our sch hari Koko, so need wake up early.
Hope anything wil b fine 2moro. Its ntg much 2 say here.
PBSM aDd OiL!! Dun make us dissapointed! Try ur BEST!!
Altot v r nt d best, bt v shld try our best!! ROCKS!
I knw sum1 put high expactation on tis time kawad.
I hope tht thy wont make u dissapointed. Cheer~ :)
Every1 who gt take part in kawad pls drink more water ah.
Take k urself ah, dun fall sick ah... ><
2moro after tht, plan go McD! Weeeee...(Learn frm WTing)
Hahahaha... Bt after tht 3pm gt ttn lerh... Haiz...
N!! At night, go Wendy's birthday party. Nai Cha~~
I had decided 2 go lo, Haha... Bt I din tld Wendy tht I'm goin.
Cuz I wanna surprise her... Smart lerh me... (perasan shit) Xp
Ltr she tot I din go n sudden c me duno wil touching til cry or nt.
Hahahahahaha... Brg tissue oso prepare let her wap her's tear...Xp
Walau, Pearly Lim!! U think too much lar!! Stop ur perasan nw!!
Hahahaha... K la, tht's all 4 2day. Every1 nitez!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love 31 July - 1 Aug Linggi Camp!! XD

1st of all, lend me ur 30min...Hehe... It wil b kinda long...^^
Went 2days 1nite Linggi,Melaka Trans-adventure camp on 31July - 1Aug.
It was realy fun!! I damn lik it! Its diff n btr thn others camp. XD
Cuz v stayed in air-conditioned dorms & were served wif tasty food!!
On Sat morni, v all gather at sch on 6.30am. Mich's dad fetch. Thx!
Bt d buses came 2 sch super late, so v reached destination at 11am.
D journey take us ard 2 n half or 3hr. DUH! Sienz til wan crazy dy.
V keep on eating, chit-chating, disturbing fren n slping in bus...Xp
Bcuz of d buses late cum, so v late 2hr ny reached destination... :(
After reached, v listen 2 a short talk on d activities n facilitators.
I love Amelia & Jocelyn Yeoh, thy were crazy n funny enuf!! Siao po~~
Bsides, Major Christopher, I tot he's a very strict person, bt nt!! XD
V seperate into 4 groups n thy decided choose boy, girl n group LEADER.
After thy mention Merissa name, I knw tht I sure kena cuz of my name.
Thy lik 2 choose who had eng name infront. Its in my expactation. Sudden!
D major said, Wa tis oso a nice name ah. Pearly Lim!! All laugh~~ ==''
Tht time I was shock n totally speechless...Xp I'm d leader of Group3.
V given tasks forming group names,cheers & sum mental indoor activities.
Our group name was BUGZZ!!Tis is bcuz insects have great teamwork...XD
Other than tht, v stil gt a nice cheer~~~
HOR!! ^^
V had tea time & lunch & tea time agn b4 d outdoor activ started.
D'Dragon head & tail' game,'Dutch Lady Toilet Bang Watermelon' n...
'Mind ur own business' game were so fun...XD V r so enjoyed it~~
My body was soaking wet whn playing 'mind your own business'. O.O
Tis game v r d last finish, cuz our teamates cant mind own business.
Hahahaha.... Anyway, I'm touching 2 c tht others group keep hlp us.
Those games were given points so v were actually competiting.
After taking our dinner,night sense /walk begin. Its quite special.
It was Miss Chai's birthday as well,so v threw her a suprise hihi.
Emily came into d mini hall wif hands holding a cake & al of us
stood up singing Happy Birthday song.
Ms.Chai said tht it was d most unforgettable birthday she ever had.^^
It was a heavy raining night, d wind blew strongly til I gt stunt.
At night, I realy felt very super hyper cold in d dorm!! Grr~~~
Cold til I felt lik 1na slp wif big Carmen bt nt dare voice out. Xp
D c2pid blanket useless, cold til I close all d air-cond thr...Xp
I din slp at my own dorm cuz its less ppl n make me felt bored thr.
So, decided go Nai Cha's dorm slp. Unluckily, its damn crowded thr!
Ppl slp thr much til I oso no place 2 slp jo...:( Smelly Nai Cha~ Huh!
Thn, went 2 Mich dorm wif MK. Ya, v slp thr... Cuz thr gt place...Xp
If I knw earlier small Carmen n Jeat wil slp in my dorm, I sure wil back.
Sun morn ard 5am stil raining, altot MK wake me up (If I'm nt mistaken)
Bt I jz ans its raining, cancel my group meeting n I'll wake up at 6am.
Ard 6am my teamates wake me up wif some strong tone n black face. ==
Sry lo~ I knw its my fault, ask u al gather at 530am, bt me slp til 6am.
Thy BOIL me lerh!! Al dun felt lik 1na choi me!! Hmph!! Except Nai Cha~
Hahaha... U a bit good la... Cuz u r d one who stil choi me... Hehe...
After done everythings, v gather n do some exerciseswhich kill me...Xp
Lying down on wet floor do some hard exercises...(6 pack) o.0
V ran for 1km, walk for 1 km......After tht, came back n hv breakfast.
Our damn fun 4 continuous activities started
-3RD > ELECTRIC something...
we didnt play the last activitiy > TREASURE OF LINGGI
bcuz v had no enough time.
After we kept all things and having our FUTURE CAR presentation ...
Teacher told us that the bus haven reach !!! =.=
So, all of us went 2 took photoS....XD (D only chance 2 take photo)
Among d game I'm damn stress actually cuz I'm holding d much point.
Cuz team leader deduct marks more thn others... ~.~ Scare ah~~ Xp
Bt I'm realy happy tht my teamates r very good, tolerate n cooperate.
I'm here 2 say thx 2 u all my awesome teamates!! GO BUGZZ!!! XD
In d way back, v stil ply, slp n cit chat in bus. I lik d time in bus!
Tht's all 4 tis camp. Nw, is d time 2 express out my own feelings. XD
Hmm... Ehem... Errhem hem... Erm... Hmm... >< K la, dun ply dy!
Through tis camp, I realy learned. I learn hw 2 communicate well.
Other thn tht, I felt fun whn I'm crazying wif Emily n Ling Sze...XD
Well, can say as tis is d 1st time v been 2gether so long. I miss it!
Hahaha...I felt comfortable whn crazying wif u 2...Xp (dun perasan)
Thx u all 4 brging me those happy n crazy times...Xp
On d other hand, thr's oso sum1 make me a bit unhappy... :(
Duno whether its can say as unhappy or dissapointed?! I realy speechless.
Hmm...I took quite much photo in this camp, bt jz din hv 1 photo wif her.
Alamak... Wat d hell r happen? Its weird~~ Its hard 2 explain out.
Haiz.... Tht's all... Photo go facebook c...XD
Long lerh my post...Xp

Monday, August 2, 2010


Owh... D Linggi camp was damn fun!!
I lik it... Well, I wont describe it out nw.
Cuz I'm lazy...Xp I will fully describe it on d nxt post.
Hahaha... Wait 4 it ba~~
2day my whole body muscles start pain dy!!
Walau eh, after d camp realy very cham...><
Pain til hard 2 move....XD
Hmm... 2day din go sch cuz muscles pain..Xp
Went Sweet's hse do ttn work...^^
Wakao! Fuyoh! Hardworking lerh...Xp
K la, its late, 2moro gonna go sch... Nitez~