Friday, April 29, 2011

Decided... : )

Yeap... Finally I had make up my mind. Went KDU with dad today.
I had registered in KDU for Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT). xD
Phew~ I feel lighter now!! Lol... Nothing to wonder and suffer anymore.
Hahaha... Look forward to my college life. ^^
New study environment, new friends and new things to learn.
Well, should have some self improvement. Its time to improve my socialize skill.
Hehe... No matter how, I must cope with it~! xD
Ohya~! My student ID is 57516. Hahaha...
Remember it ar everyone~!!  ><'''
Sure dont know what's so special with it eh??
Well, letcha tell you~ ^^
57 is my birthday while 516 is LS's birthday. Lol...
If she din told I also cant realised that...Its such a joke?? Xp

Good~! I can remember my student ID very well.
Hehehe... xD

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost Direction... : (

Who are me? Where's Pearly Lim??
Come back and stop dreaming like a stupid~! Lol...
Dont know what happen to me recently, kinda blur on everythings. ~.~
Always dreaming like that and body is here but soul dont know go where liao.
Lol... Like today, me and Ling Sze went KDU, I'm lost direction.
My mind dare to keep blank~! My god!
I cant show the road how to back from KDU and we went wrong ways.
I'm sooooooo sorry Ms.Yap Ling Sze!!
Luckily got ur GPS if not dont know how. Even a GPS also useful than me.
Haiz... After that go fetch my sister and I bring her to visit my relation house.
Visit pulak~ Since she likes babies, purposely bring her go see babies.
Lol... Hahahaha... Ok, come back to topic.
Finally she had registered A level, but me STILL wondering..
I think mostly will take AUSMAT or any pre u de la.
Stop finding excuse for myselft to avoid psychology and study alone.
I must awake~! Friends are not everythings, I should think for my future. : ) 
So, July gonna go for ausmat ALONE if I didn't change my mind. xD
Hope everything will be fine and went smoothly... : )
After that went Jusco, planning to have movie but we didn't do so at last.
We just shop around and had sushi king.
Sorry again I lost my mind to remember the parking place. Lol...
I was so speecheless for what I done. So, I'm become "sat wan yu" today eh?
Sorry and thanks for today. : )

ps : Its 17 days more~!! : (

Late RE-Post...

Went KDU with Ling Sze and Sharon. Sharon go for her meeting while me and Ling Sze search for the counsellor there. She need to settle her scholarship stuff and register as soon due to dont crush with her NS stuff. But I just went for get some advice and comment even explaination from the counsellor. Xp Before we heading to KDU, there's a must to visit 1U~! Hehehe... Lunch at Penang's Corner and Tea time at Sushi Zanmai. Fuyoh~ Hehe... Thanks for both of urs treat~!! Haha... Had a movie---RED RIDING HOOD there. Ohya~!! We meet Kalye and Kent Lam ( Did I spell wrong? Sorry... ).

Early in the morning went Sharon's house for finger nail's painting. Its non of my business I know. : ) Lol... Actually is she asked help from Ling Sze but unfortunately I heard that and of cause I will go along to kacau~!! Hehe... Pity Sharon's finger nails let me play+torture like that. Hahaha... But thanks for trusting me and accept my ARTS~! Lol...  I paint foundation for her!! *Wink* 
Glad to see that Ling Sze using my msn account to chat with Ms.Ng. Haha... And kinda sad to know Ms.Ng was disspointed we go to art or business but not continue to studies science in future. : (  Sorry Ms.Ng that I couldn't do anythings bring proudness to you. Sigh. Both of them were teasing me as usual~! LMAO~ BUT, feel touch to heard Ms.Ng said wanna celebrate my birthday. Aww, I'm so gonna cry. Thanks and appreciate it. : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bored Monday...

Again~ I feel lifeless... : (  Such a bored Monday is it~! Wth~ I wish I could start my college tomorrow. I HATE MONDAY~! Ya, I dont know why, I will easy angry on Monday de wor. Lol... Dislike this day since few years ago. Haha... Last time dislike is because every Monday will have assembly, now feel every Monday I also nothing to do and stay at house de wor. Lol... What can I do?? Online, Play guitar, Read books, play computer games... Like very much things can do but STILL cant fill up my time~! xD Maybe I'm hyper active and use to busy all the day?? Lol... Its really hard to ask friends out now. Haiz... Some working, some college, some dont know what... Bla bla~ Getting mad~!  My goodness... Texted Ms.Ng, she ask me go help her at center. Know do what?? Cleaning... Lol... Za dou~! Hahaha...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miracle's Outing...

As what I blog yesterday... Bored at house, so keep phone my friends to drag me out...Xp Thanks Carmen Heng for tolding me have an outing and allow me to join. Yesterday went out lunch at Kay's Garden, Desa Park City with Ling Sze, Catherine, Carmen, Min Hua, Xue Ren and her sister Xue Wern. Catherine back after lunch. Then, they wanna take some photo and swim there but unfortunately its rain heavily. : (  So, we all went LS's house stay for a while while waiting the rain to stop. Of cause they were crazying in taking photos. Lol... Though her house is a traveling place?? Hahaha... Thanks god the rain finally stop and all of us preparing to swim. Too bad Carmen didn't join us swim oh, dont know why. Like that I also feel like dont wanna go already. Who know? Miracles make me decide to go and borrow all those stuff from Min Hua and Sweet Yee. Honestly, long time didn't not swim, not swim is play water. I dont know how to swim and really not use to it my finger's skin all like grandma like that. Haha... Lol... Anyway, thanks my friends.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Good morning everyone~! Wow~ I'm so early wake up eh? Seldom wor. Haha... Maybe yesterday early a bit sleep. So now I feel hyper and din feel sleepy...Xp Wake up on 6am today because wanna follow dad fetch sister to school. As usual, let dad teased I dont have the ability to attend hari anugerah. Ish... ==''' Aiya~ Who cares?? I'm hoping got any plans for today. I'm damn bored and free from now~!

Went to her house due to really boring to stay at my own house...Xp
So, bring along my laptop there to update some songs and others stuff.
Yea, I'm learning to play Dota because really nothing to do recently.
Story is like that, sister saw me always so bored at house. Lifeless~
Then she borrow pendrive from friends copy games for me. : )
There's sdo season2 that I want and warcraf3. Sure I copy all of it. xD
After that know its Dota, I decided to have a try on it. Hahaha...
But I had no idea at all, then ask help from others lor. Sucks man~!
As conclude, Dota really hard to play for me. Its so complicated...Xp
Lol... Complicated pulak, >< Lazy to search how to play lor... : )
Have ban mee and longan nai as lunch also. Long time din eat liao.
Who knows?? My goodness~! Rubbish~!! Aiyer.... Yucks....

THE BAN MEE TASTE BAD compare to last time~!   : x

Dated KT and Sweet went KYee's house learnt guitar in the morning. : ) Sweet keep remind to fetch her go KY's house before the day. I promised. Who knows I dare to forgot about it. Lol... Early in the morning fetch sister go school and had breakfast with parents at Maluri's kopitiam. Dont know when I saw some sweets on the counter there. There sold lollipop and it label "pop sweet". After saw that I stunt for few seconds only realised that I forgot to fetch sweet. Hahahahaha... How funny and blur is me?! Lol... Of cause I quickly phoned KT to fetch sweet lar. Thanks KT for teaching me guitar and sorry sweet that I forgot..... Hehe... : )
Ohya~! Have to mention, Ky got a very special and fun electric bike? Its so attract me to keep riding on it. Haha... First is ky fetch me, then I ride myself. A while, I fetch kt and so on. Its cool~! Too bad it doesn't sold in Malaysia. Its ky's dad's friend brought it from China.
Afternoon we went school pat gua for a while...Xp Wait the Form4's to lunch with us. As usual, LS fetch all of us go Kok Hing lunch. Then fetch some of them back and we go Ms.Ng there kacau few minutes. Its so funny the conservation between to us and WZheng to Ms.Ng. HAHAHAHA...
Besides, we went LS's house play wii and sing k. Its fun.... Thanks my friends. : )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nottingham, Semenyih 1 day trip

Today 7.30am gather at Yan Ting house wait Jia Xin come bring us go Nottingham.
We went wrong ways, take almost 3hours to reach. Gosh~!
Its registration day, so Jia Xin went there to settle those fees and register.
Me and Yan Ting walk around the campus lor. Have a visit on it. Haha...
The environment is nice, food is cheap and nice too~! 
Facilities there modern and complete. A bit like study there...Xp
Have a visit to her hostel too... : )
Two people have to fit in a small room with small toilet and queen size bed.
Unfortunately, Jia Xin roomate a bit big size. Pity her~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Backed! Long post....

Yea, my computerSss and laptopSss were all backed~!! xD
Finally, Saturday dad and me go take it back from repairing. Hehe...
Unfortunately, its clean and clear. Xp  Yup, its empty now!!
Those pictures, movies, games, songs all gone~! Aiyoyo... Headache~
I want PPS, msn and some software back~! Who can help me ah?
Ish~ I have to start all over again to fill up my laptop... Haha...

First of all....

I'm very sorry if I did anythings dissapointed and upsad you.
I know I wont stand on people's position and think of their feelings.
Sorry... But just forgive me and dont talk about that anymore.
Well, just forgot the day~yesterday. Lol... Haha...

Hmm... This few days didn't work KINDA boring. Feel lifeless~ Xp
Luckily still got hang out with my lovely friends. Thanks dude! Dude? Haha...
Erm...... Let's start my stories day by day.... : )

Wen Ting fetch Yeow Xin and me back school lunch with Pn.Sughita. xD
Ohya, we meet Kar Yee, Merissa and Kok Kuan too~!
After that we went One Noodle,DPC lunch due to teacher wanna eat chinese food.
Those foods was nice, especially a dont know friend what vegetables. Haha...
First time heard I praise a vegetable nice eh?? Lol... Sot sot...Xp
Around 2.30pm we fetch teacher back and went Jusco movie. Haha...
Its such a 50% scary, 30% funny and 20% geli's movie.  xD

"Ghost Must Be Crazy~"

Went 1U with Ling Sze and Feng Ling. Thanks for fetching us.
Dont know why I will ask Feng Ling out in sudden. Lol...
Have our lunch at A&W then go buy guitar pic before movie.
We feel so weird and paiseh?? I mean when watching the movie.
Haha... Cant imagine we brought a 15years child watch such movie.
Lol... Omg~ Very funny... Hahahaha.... I was so paiseh~ Sorry ah.
So, what movie we watch?? 
"Love and Other Drugs~"

Went Curve, Cinelesure and  Ikano book shop with my family and Ling Sze.
Parents purposely bring me there buy books and of cause they wanna shopping.
Then I purposely bring Ling Sze there choose books for me. Lol... Haha...
Brought 2 books... Wow~ Pearly Lim buy books... Lol... Lame~
#1 International Bestseller

And a Pocket Guide : Guitar chords book.

Accompany Jia Xin watch movie at Teaco with Yan Ting. Haha...
Thanks Jia Xin for fetching us. We lunch there but its not nice~!
The Taiwan food's restaurant located ground floor of Tesco...Xp
Honestly, the food there... BAD~!! The service there... BAD~!! xD
So, smart peoples... Next time dont go there eat~!!! Hahaha...
Watched a movie also.

Wow... Realised that all movie I watch also 18 and above one eh?? Hahahaha...
Yea, we can watch and dont need worry cinema workers check our IC. Lol.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Express her's feelings...

I'm very angry now ar~!! What the f***!!
Just a dinner, need see so many people's face colour. Ish...
If I got car, you all wont have chance to see me always and eat urself~!! Hng!!
Grandma didn't cook. Yea, she's sick, even see doctor also she need walk byself.
How sad is it?? I'm sad and angry I cant help anything. 
So, phoned parents and aunt to fetch grandma go see doctor and settle our dinner.
Who knows?? All say you dont kacau there lar. We busying now.
So, end up I'm hungry and angry like hell here. WTF~

Ok fine. Clam down. Forget about it. Ish~
Well, today is the very last day of my working day.
Means tomorrow onwards, I will be measuring floor at house everyday.
So, my beloved friends please come and DRAG me out...Xp
Today quite relax...xD Catherine and Carmen went work with us.
Haha... Have to praise Cat, she really got talent in teaching.
OK, that's all... : )

ps: my computer and laptop spoil together. Repairing~ I cant online for a week. Ish... Wth~

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lack of brain juice...

Aww~ I feel sour after heard about it. ( Screwing myself... >< )
Well ... ... ...
Today once wake up dont know why my neck and shoulder there pain like hell.
Its pain like something pulling your arteries and muscle?? Lol...
Thanks for your massage with oil. Feel less pain and tention now. xD
BUT~! Still having problems with it...Xp
Dont care lar... Hope tomorrow will be nothing. Hehe... 

Its gonna countdown for few more days working in LT Kids Potential Center.
Lol... After that I will measuring floor in house...Xp
Between, study stuff as usual troublesome and torture me all the time.
 Sucks~! I'm still cant confirm that I want go for psychology. ><'''
Yeap. Still in the middle, dont know what to study. Haiz...
My mind always change de, 3min heat is my style. : (
Heard many comment from friends, aunties uncle and even parents.
Its true I like psychology, but who know whether it can help me in future??
Business at least more scure than psychology. Ya, I knew that.
But~ I really scare I will regret next time if didn't choose psychology.

So, how?? Can I just decide it with coins?? Lol...
Beside, I agree with what Kar Yan had mention at her blog.
Make the right choice.
After decide which course, just go ahead

No regret- don't look back~!  : )

Monday, April 4, 2011


Nothing special to blog about this few days.
Yea, I'm speechless......
So what??
Grow and wake up Pearly Lim~!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hurt-ed Deeply... : (

Just came back from my driving test. Yeap, I FAIL on hill there!! Haiz...
After that go on the road, the hill there. I can pass it smoothly.
Then the tester ask me, why here de hill you can handle but fail the hill there ah??
I answered, I also dont know~! Maybe its fate??
Wasting my whole day time wait there get nothing.
Now should retake on 9May. Ya~! Its 9May!! Damn long man~!
Wtf... Yala, I what also weaker than peoples de lar.
SPM also bad, undang also go twice, now driving test also take twice.
Born to be useless right?? Haiz... :'(
Face the fact, you really useless...
( Angry~ing myself )