Sunday, January 30, 2011

No title....

Friday got my salary... Hmm... More than half gone because keep on treat family one by one and give grandma some. Yor~ So, second month get salary only can go shopping use all. Haha...

Saturday whole day fat mou at house lerh. So cham~ My dad lar, very busy during Chinese New Year de. Busy untill not free choi us. What to do? Wanna earn money ma, is like that de lar...Xp Luckily evening I texted the bak guat jing, she come fetch me go eat Mcd...xD

Today go shopping with mum, sister and grandma. Traffic jam+many people in shopping center. ==''' Sienz dao~ But I bought 3 cloths lar. Not wasted time shop there. Haha.. But quite tired lerh shop so long...Xp I'm hunting for short pants and shoes. Haiz... Chinese New Year coming I still haven finish buy my things. : (  Ohya!  Meet Pui Li and her family. Then meet Kimberly with Ade and Rachael. : )

Tomorrow go 1Utama with aunt and grandma...^^ Aunt wanna buy cloths wor. Lol... Anyone wanna join me? You are welcome~ Xp Come accompany me lar wei~ Shop with aunt a bit bored lar. More people more fun, more crowded. Haha... 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As Chinese New Year coming, our tradision... Buy new cloths!! Sunday, went 1 Utama shopping with parents. Finally have that chance because before that I'm busy with my undang stuff, visit IMU bla bla~ Brought 2 shirts which from romp and nike, a wallet from teddy milk? Lol... ( Next target, nike shoes... Begging dad to buy it. Hehe... )But its still not enough for me, sister already buy lots lor.
: ( Anyway, mum said this is the last week for me to shop. Better treasure the time! xD I have to buy many cloths in short time, if not later Chinese New Year no new cloths wear...Xp Much things to buy lerh! Pants...Shirts...Shoes... Hope I can finish buy those things I want on this weekend... : )

I get my L license but my driving lesson start after Chinese New Year. Now is not the time. Ish~ Still have to wait soooooooo long only can drive. Haiz... : (  What to do? No choice~ Just wait lar...Xp Besides, I'm getting my salary SOON! Hehehehe... After get it I wanna go shopping buy LOTsssss of things. Although I haven get the $$ yet but I already finished think how to spend it...Xp No left!! Just ngam ngam only. Lol... First time work and get salary ma, should spend it lar...xD  And this Chinese New Year I will be very bored because parents cant bring me go visit people's house. Because my grandfather passed away haven 100days, parents shouldn't... Its some pantang larang. Luckily I can! Hehe... But parents cant then who bring me hang out oh?

Ohya!! My aunt from Australia will back on Chinese New Year. Yeah!! Cant wait for it...Xp Everytime she back, she will buy whatever things I want from here. Always bring me out and shopping. : ) Between, its also the time for me to think WISELY whether wanna follow her go Australia after Chinese New Year or not. Haiz... Its soooooooo troublesome me because I cant make a good decision for myself so that I wont regret. Aunt say if this time follow her back, I need study and work there, dont need back Malaysia already. But, how can??! Yer~ I will miss my friends and family lerh...Xp Anyway, put aside first, sick to think of this...xD 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eelyn's house...

Today we got work because of dont know what replacement on Chinese New Year. Today each them math and essay, wanna faint liao. Early in the morning already let them GEK this high blood pressure. Same things repeat more than 10times!! All facing the same problems, and still keep on repeat ask me the same things. Beh tahan~ And then afternoon that one more faint and speechless... == Theirs essay SUCKS!! I straight dont wanna bother, all throw to bak guat jing mark it. Xp 3.30pm, my mum come fetch us back grandma's house aka Eelyn's house. : )

Yeah~ We go Eelyn's house play. Really play! Haha... Her room and bed and bla bla~ Let us play untill kelam kabut!! Xp Wahaha... We take her money and throw everywhere. Whole floor money. But then after that bak guat jing tidy it. xD The most funny is Carmen, LS and me count 1,2,3 and jump onto her bed. Cover her's blanket somemore although we were dirty! Keep pull down her pants... Haha... And!! Thanks Emily spray me!! I'm soooo smell good after that. Ish~ Xp That was so crazy!

After that we go opposite Jusco Metro Prima to have steamboat as our dinner. : )  ( Emily keep on say that she wanna eat steamboat! Xp ) Hmm... Then, Lyn fetch me back and Emily fetch LS and carmen back! Enjoyed today.... : )

Friday, January 21, 2011

Timesquare >>> 1 Utama

Yesterday was Hari Thaipusam?! So, we off on Thursday...^^ Decided go Timesquare with Ling Sze, Eelyn and WHan. 11am me and Lyn reached. Then wait LS and WH there for KINDA long. Zzz... Around 12.30pm, we still cant get in KTM due to its damn MUCH people untill we cant squeez ourselves in. Lol... Zadao~ At last, we give up waste time wait there and decided go 1 Utama by taxi. : ) We have our lunch at Italianise which 5A got their gathering before there. Eeeee... The food was NOT NICE at all!! Wasting money eating those geli's food...Xp After lunch, we went shop around. Plan to watch movie but the time not allow us to do so.  So, shop there the whole day lor. Did try some cloth and plan to buy. Blinking of eyes, its already 6.30pm! We quickly back house by taxi. : )

Besides, there's something special happen among we shop around? Before we had our lunch, we went dont know what shop already. Before we line up plan to order food, WH realised a crockoach there. Then he show us and we quickly run out from that restaurant. Lol...  Second, Ling Sze was bump into a wrong fitting room! I though I'm in the first fitting room, who know I'm in second. == I give wrong information to her and make her saw a boy trying his pants! His honor lar let you see! Xp Hahaha... Sorry lar~ Paiseh ah~ My fault! Sorry sorry sorry...xD

Today, the center was KINDA much stuff for me to do. Today is Friday which mean math day. I teach those standard 4,5,6 math.  Teach untill want faint already. Divide also dont know ah? Gosh!! Xp Own out 20 divide's questions for them then photostat a paper for them to do. I'm wonder why 2hour they cant finish those just A LITTLE questions. IsH~ Almost get mad there, whole brain was stuck with those numbers. After work, once close eyes also can saw those numbers dancing in my mind...Xp After work, LS's brother fetch us go cut hair at THE ONE(shop name). Then sent me back house. Thanks much ya. : )

Ohya!! today YAP LING SZE CANED ME!!! Well, today there's a boy very naughthy which dont wanna do his work fast and keep on play and dreaming there. Ling Sze was very angry that time and plan to caned him with strong strenght. Who knows? Piak!! The boy no feelings, but I'm the one who OUCH there! Everyone is laughing at me there. @.@ Lol... Wei, I know you very angry that time lar, but before you cane hor, better watchout lar! Zadao~ LOL...

Tomorrow, we got work oh. Sienz... Because those primary student tomorrow got school. Dont know what ganti holiday of Chinese New Year. So, should wake up quite early tomorrow for work. But its half day only, we work untill 3.30pm. After that they go my gandma house aka Eelyn house. If not mistaken LS and Emily? They come play and swimming gua. Watch some funny movie together at Eelyn house lar actually. : )  Ok, that's all, I stop here.

ps : Dont know why now feel like lack of time, always dont have enough time to facebooking and play cityville. Hehe...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Piss off~

Well, yesterday knew some unexpected and unbelievable things from friend.
An aunty is gossip about me wor. Told I'm bad lar, got intention lar, bla bla.
Ask people to avoid me? Wa~ GENG!! Say like that?!! I solute you AUNTY!!!
Aunty ma, no choice!!!!
Like to simply gossip people and simply spread it to others de.
That's not important. important is I'm not as what you say!!
So, PLEASE dont simply say things to judge me and...
 the worst is really got people trust it!
Walao eh~ Its so horrible, terrible!! Fuyoh~ I cant accept ah!!!
Why like that one? What's wrong with that? What's wrong with me?
Nope. Should say what's wrong with her?
Why she wanna do so to spoil my image?
And why she wanna trust? Why? Why?! Why!!
Dont she think... Though who I am oh? Cheh! Who.......her oh? Cheh!
Go bang wall lar! Ish... Too free lar I think... Talk such stupid stuff!!
Free untill her mouth full of CRAPS!! Go brush teeth lar, talk so much!!
What the hell...
Go die lar you stupid asshole!! Dont let me know whose is the feler!!
Find out, she sure very cham! Slap untill she vomit blood!! Ish...
Angryyyyyy.... Hng!!  X.X
Who will know what I feels?? Thousand words keep in heart, no one could share.
Oh my god~~ Very san fu + cham ar!! Haiz... 555...
Yesterday I found that no one suit to be my listener in this stuff. : (
Mii Xiao ah~ Chee Kuan ah~

ps : I know you also very cham + san fu. I realy know you are more suffer cause in between. I'm not blaming or what but thanks. It doesn't mean anything, I'm just nag. : ( 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heart IMU!!! xD

Yesterday went International Medical University (IMU) open day. Plan to have a look on there, who know I really like there liao. Cham~ Xp First I step in, the smell of hospital come thru me. Wa~ Smell so PRO there. Lol... Haha... Then I saw most of student there wear uniform? Full white!! Oh gosh!! I like it and its look PRO enough! Hehe... The place and environment there was good and damn clean!! In conclude, I like IMU! Like only, but dont know really will study there or not de. : ) Hmm... We went there ask something about our FUTURE courses...Xp She ask about dentistry, I ask about nutrition & dietetics, and we ask about psychology. Lol... We went for psychology tallk and walk around the university to have a look. Haha... We go museum? Museum of human organs? All real organs been cut out and put in some solution to protect it from rot. Her mum, after watched it say she beh tahan, wanna vomit to see those geli's organs. Lol... How funny! We no feelings at all, still watch it near. Haha... Its just a waste we did not take pictures on it and share it with you all here. Hehe...

Besides, chat with Ms.Ng at yesterday night also. I still wonder in between psychology and nutrition & dietetics! : (  I asked her about which better if compared with this two. Whast so good to study this and that? Suggestion? Comment? Advices? Ms.Ng say psychology suit me. Then I ask why? She said, its her sixth sense! Lol... Zadao~  But then study psychology can get self improvement, self control can become very well, more confident and good in consulting! This is what I heard from Ms.Ng. Hehe...

Well today Sharon, Ling Sze and Jia Xin had driving exam. Thanks god they PASSED! Then I got another 3 driver! Hahahahaha... Joking, joking~  Hehe... A ha!! Try to cheat me lar! Lie to me that you two fail lar! Tan Xue Ren!! Go improve your acting skill lar!! Balia~ Wanna lie also dont know. Wahahaha... Haiz... But then someone still very moody although she passed. Speechless on that... I not good in advicing people de. : )  My friend, be happy lar wei...Xp You sad I also sad lerh, you moody I also will moody de lerh. ( Aww~ Geli!! Pearly Lim stop that!! Ok! Lol... ) Haha... Sot liao lar me!! No choice, life being difficult! As we growth, we will have much things to think, plan, decide and do it! Piss off~ Lol...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tesco with the gang... : )

Today went Tesco for the movie~~GREAT DAY. 
ts was a bit touching and a lot funny!! Xp 
Someone sit beside me, tears dropping there. Hahaha... 
Anyway, I like it much and dont mind to watch again. Hehe... 
Me and her went Tesco early to buy tickets and lunch there. 
Xyan, Kfai, Wzheng, Jeat, Carmen Lim and Heng around 3.40pm only come. 
They were late because went badminton before come Tesco join us movie. : )
So, we leave the tickets at counter there, let xyan them collect byself.
The people working there was funny, told password is Chinese New Year.
Means xyan them should say Chinese New Year only can get the tickets. xD
After movie went downstair eat Fish Head Noodles. 
We phoned KAR YEE there! xD  And take turns chat with her.
The first she asked me, your undang passed already?? Lol... Haha... =='''  
Seriously, I miss her wei. : (
Yumiko Chung Kar Yee, you faster come back lar!!!!!  : )

Friday, January 14, 2011

I stunt~!

Have a short post here due to nothing much happen on today. : )  As usual me and Ling Sze go work. Today got a girl named Tammy, sudden do math in high speed and correct quite much questions. At first, I got wonder why she sudden bcome so PRO because she's most NOT CLEVER, talk much and do slow in class. But then today math can finished so fast and correct much WITHOUT draf on paper. She say she know Xin Suan, then I really believe her. But after Ling Sze told choose some questions test her. Then only we realised she simply circle the answer and wait untill I discuss only rub off and correct it. Walao eh~ Such people!! I still believe her! Cheh!! Then Ling Sze talk with her with a strong tone... "Now I give you a chance to told me the truth! " She still try to lie+hide... Then Ling Sze give her 10canes! And ask her write 50lines... "I next time dont want copy answer already ".  Then ask her parents signature on it sumore. Monday if she din pass up, 100lines! And ask me give her the paper and redo all again. Fuyoh!! Wow~ O.O You very gang lerh! So fierce! Hahaha...
Ok that's all for today....xD

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday went undang test AGAIN. Luckily, I PASSED!! xD Phew~ ( Of cause ler, second times already still cant pass can go bang the wall liao...Xp ) Weekdays really very fast lerh, 7.30am go center gather. Then meet Michelle Khor. Weeee~ Got people accompany me! Haha... Then 8am go Batu Lima take our test, 8.40am I finished and get the tesult liao. : ) First I texted Ling Sze told that I failed liao and say very sad dont want go work. Haha... ( How bad me...Xp ) Second, texted Ms.Ng told that I PASSED already. Haha... She ask me fast fast go driving lesson, say SHE CANT IMAGINE WHAT'S THE FEEL WHEN SIT ON A KEEP ON SEI FOR CAR WOR. Walao eh~ Zadao!

After that, me and Michelle Khor decide straight go amali. We dont wanna waaste time ma, straight go dont need purposely find another day go again lor.Therefore, I really din go work lor, but at last I rush to my teaching center on 4pm. Wei, I got go lerh, did not break the promise! Hehe... Once reach my center, walao eh~ Smelly face there liao! ==''' Wanna talk also dont have chance. Keep on hmph and hmph! Lol... My plan spoil lor. After work go eat KFC that time lagi cham. Haiz~ I rather straight go back house better.

I can say the amali is damn BORING! Walao eh~ The 6hours time can kill US. Michelle Khor better lor, got bring story book go read. There's an aunty lagi PRO. Bring LAPTOP there. When we're listening those FEI HUA! She was busying with her laptop. I was soooooooo ENVY! Xp After lunch, we had practical part. This make me crazy, its hot standing outside there listen to the uncle talk FEI HUA again. Damn~!! Me and Michelle Khor did not concentrate on the uncle but a cat sleeping on the chair. Lol... Every action of the cat was sooooo funny untill I cant move my eyes on it. Hahaha...

Today, Ms.Lu got something urgent, wanna went out early in the morning, phoned Ling Sze ask us early go work. Zzzz... Around afternoon, her daughter sudden say "I need go out already, you two teach here, my ah gong wan duan qi liao!" O.O  Lol... Then me and Ling Sze gao dim all lor. WA~ So seinz and so tired today. Want sorethroat liao! Xp  Tomorrow onwards, lagi cham. 8.15AM we must go there and back on 5.30pm. Because Ms.Lu's father passed away ma. Nevermind lor, we help her lor. We sooooo GOOD! Lol... xD... Means what?? Means Jia Xin's grandfather pass away eh?? Anyoone know?? Hmm... PLan to ask her later if I free...Xp That's all for today. : )

ps : Addictated to cityville. Cham~ xD

Saturday, January 8, 2011


As what I said yesterday, today went undang test with Catherine, Xin Yan and Carmen Heng. We were spending much time waiting there! Ish~ My balia center lar! We reached there seperately due to not same center. XYan and Carmen reached there earlier 1hour than us, so XYan get num.22, Carmen get num.36. Me and Cat reached there around 8.30am so I get num.100 , Cat get num.101. So far away from XYan them, walao eh! Faint~ @.@ No choice lor, wait, wait, wait and wait there lor. Boring to death! After XYan and Carmen finished their photo session, undang test and even get the result and BACKED. Me and Cat also haven start anything yet, sit and wait there. ==''' Very super hyper damn freaking sienz waiting there! Really piss off~ XYan them back on 11.30am me and Cat back on 3pm. == Then we din go tesco join them, sorry ah~ I dont have the mood to go already. : ( 

Yes! Yup! Ya! I FAILED my undang test!! I also dont know why it will happen...Xp I really finished those 500questions lor. When I saw those questions came out, still though its easy! Neh, you two taught me before, nafas35, blood80, urine107... All out man!! But then why I will fail har?? The computer spoil already eh?? Walao eh~ When I saw there write GAGAL, I really stunt!! Stunt and dont know how to respond back! Cant accept that I failed! I though it was freaking easy one?? Wa~ Cant look down on undang test, should study! Lesson learnt, dont take anything for granted, dont though its easy and lazy to put afford in it. Haiz... Damn angry that time!! Damn boh song~ Anyway, I will be taking my undang test AGAIN on Tuesday!! God ah~ Please help me. Must pass ar! I dun wanna waste my time anymore! : )
Congrazt Cat, XYan and Carmen passed!! Cat get 46, XYan get 48 and Carmen get 49. Wow~

Wish me good luck on Tuesday!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Friday, January 7, 2011

Undang Test~!!!

Today went the center earlier 15minutes AGAIN. How hardworking we are! Shows that how much we like this work! Xp ( Yee~ Pui!!  ) Haha... Today was nothing special to mention out about those kids stuff la. Maybe I'm use to it and din feel like anythings special to blog out? : ) Ohya!! Got la!Today our lunch is mee with many stuff such as vegetables, fishball, egg...... The point is I was stunt to see the maid prepared MUCH mee for us as lunch. Can say as much like mountain like that. Fuyoh!! Scary~ Of cause I cant finish it lar, but Ling Sze finished oh. Geng~ Haha...

Afternoon, after settle those kindergarden kids done their homeworks, they all go nap. Then, heard they were fighting for blanket there. How unlucky its only left a blanket there but both a boy and a girl need it. Lol... Both of them were fighting for the blanket untill get my attention. So I get an idea to settle them. Hehe... I asked them share the blanket. I told them move near to each other and share use the blanket. It was soooooo funny, both of them were hide in blanket with cover their whole body included head! Ling Sze say both of them like doing something in the blanket. Lol... Then I asked Ling Sze, izzit ok they share? Hahaha...Of cause ok lar, they were wtill small wei. Watcha thinking huh?? Xp Zadao~

Tomorrow I'm having my undang test! Early in the morning 7.30am me and Catherine should reach the center there. Haiz... Have to wake up early, so cham! @.@ I'm worrying about this undang test tomorrow. I just finished the 500 questions but I dont think I can remember all that la. Most of it I was refering the answer de. Some stll cant get the mean. Cham~ Seriously, I really scare that I will fail! Walao eh~ The stress is coming to visit me liao..Xp As you all know, driving is very important to me! If this time I fail, all my driving stuff will delay and will pay by my own for the next. But if pass all smoothly, my dad will pay all the fees...xD  So, do you think its important and can stress me up or not?? Lol... : )  God bless me please~ Must pass! I must pass!! Pearly Lim must pass!!! Lol... xD

ps : Do you think I need spend time to memorise some of it? Or its easy and dont need to do so??

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walao eh~!!!!!

As same today went the tuition center work with Ling Sze. We reached there 15minutes earlier. So, have some jokes and playing there. Forgot what I tease Ling Sze jor. She tried to kick me but failed and end up she knocked her leg! Hahaha... Of cause her leg have a serious big bruish in sudden...Xp Sorry lor. >< Between, saw a boy "4"YEARS OLD  la!! ( for ling sze to refer ) Just started his school, so his writing was "awesome" !! Haha... Dont know what planet de words lai de, alien words! Photo refer to Ling Sze's blog...Xp

Evening, we were teaching those BIG KIDS which from standard 4 , 5 and 6. Today teach science and I cant manage to teach them due to my poor chinese and explanation skill!! Ish~ There was a FAT GIRL with PINK shirt!! When she face some problems wanna ask for help, I saw and try to help her but she said... Dont want let you see!! Walao eh~!! Such a big "chi ru" for me. Yalar, I balia lar, cant even teach them science, so all stick to ling sze there ask and learn lor. Honestly, have to admit that she's well in teaching science lar. A bit bit solute her lor, what also dim one, important is explanation skill damn geng. Hehe.. ( Yap Ling Sze!! Dont an shuang there ar! Xp ) I only know how to do but dont know how to explain to them why that's its answer. @.@ 

Ohya!! As today I''m teaching those standard one student SCIENCE. I'm still ok with it lar wei!! Ng dim in standard 4, 5, 6 only ma...Xp But then, today teach them sense ma. Ears to hear , I draw ear and sound wave out~ Eyes to see, I draw the experiment eyes and image form~ Nose to smell, I draw a SHIT out!! Hahaha... It was soooo funny. ==''' And also teaching standard 4 , 5, 6 science that time, I fail to explain and talk much very difficult words which is Biology stuff with them. Lol... Stunt~ So, means that I cant teach them lor. As I mentioned just now, I gao ng dim their science, I balia... ><

Ok! Have to go adn sleep now. Start working then no time to nap liao. So, have to sleep early everyday, tired...Xp And hor!! Tomorrow hor!! My gang go badminton and lunch together lerh!! ITS WITHOUT ME!! And important is MICHELLE WONG KITT YUE got join!! Such a miracles...Xp Soo sad I cant join them, waste! Haiz... Anyway, will have the chance next time right?? xD This Saturday ar!! Go tesco with me after me and catherine finished our undang test... : ) Go tesco lunch and movie! No excuse absent on that day!! Xp

ps : Quite worry for the undang test, scare fail. : (

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mission impossible---KINDERGARDEN......

Yea, today is my first day of work as a TEACHER. Aww~ I'm playing MISSION IMPOSSIBLE...Xp So, early in the morning, 8am reached LS's house and wait her brother together fetch us go there. Its located in Desa Jaya aka Jia Xin's aunt center lai de. Wow~ Can ask Jia Xin along? Go decreases my boriness and madness at there?? Xp Ok, here's our working time to refer. Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. ( Purposely write out for those stalker de...Xp )  

At first its ok de, we teach there. But until afternoon, I got a bit dislike lor. Need help to feed those who eat slow. WALAO EH~ Though who m I oh? Ur maid ah? Feed somemore. Ngong gui one! Xp Of cause I did not do that. But LS, saw dao her jiu GEK HEI. Haiz... Help those kids tied hair, feed them, almost socks also wanna help them wear liao lar...Xp Some student is good there, but just some very annoyed and quite make people dislike them. Nevermind lor, I know I can use to it de. Be inderpendent!! Be patient!! Be cold temper!! Lol... 

Finally I know how hard to be a teacher. Sorry Ms.Ng, I think I know the feel when you teaching me liao...Xp You will be very piss off and sienz keep on saying the same thing with the same people. Faster do la, dont talk lar, listen to me lar, faster copy lar, diam la...!! Or even you explain much there but no people is listening to you, ignoring you! Gosh~ And also a very important things that I always do when I tuition with Ms.Ng. I always lazy to do this and that although I know how to do it and keep on ask Ms.Ng do for me. Lol... I face the same problem with Ms.Ng liao now...Xp 

Well, meet a girl today which have a characteristic like that. Zadao~ She keep on ask LS do this and that for her! And also ask people take this and that for her. Another boy, very talkactive, very annoy, say much CRAPS untill I dont feel like wanna bother him. Flash back, those 2 things was I usual do in tuition. Lol... Feel so sorry to Ms.Ng. Haha... Its not fun I know, its only will annoyed and make your teacher piss off...Xp I like call teacher more than let people call me as teacher! Its soooo horrible terrible vegetable...Xp Ohya!! The lunch there OK only, not that good. Eeeeeeeeyer.....Xp

Ok, dont talk about it liao, later let people say me so wai wat work there better dont work. Just a bit complaint nia, not wai wat... Hehe... A lesson learnt, please respect your teacher and try to to cooperate with him/her in class... : )

ps : Hmm... how's Kar Yee now huh?? xD

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today do quite much things. Details please refer...
Well, went a tuition center nearby Desa Jaya there have a look with LS and CY. We volunteer work there for 

2hours. I really cant accept that I ok with it!! Walao eh~ M I Pearly Lim??? I'm crazy laio...Xp The most 

unexpected and surprise is... I already confirm will start my work there, teaching those KIDS on tomorrow. 

WALAO EH!!! Really walao eh!!! Can hear them calling. teacher here. teacher there. 


Anyway, its kinda relax work there, its near, and fair pay. : )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sad + fan + annoy = mad + piss off

Today went undang with catherine. The people was damn funny!! I like the talk cause it wont be bored as I though. The guy bring many toys there. Hahaha... Lol... Those stuff helps in demostrate us some driving stuff lar. But what's for those guns and sword?? He use to shoot us if we were sleeping or not concentrating in class. Lol... How funny is it!! xD Finally, kar yee go NS liao. Around 3.30pm she gather there and went up bus. Then reach airport around 7++pm. I cant rush to meet her due to my undang class until 4pm. Since yesterday I keep on texted and phoned her, but I dont know why I speechless...Xp I sad until dont know what to say keep on repeat the same things untill she also beh tahan. Haha... Anyway, god bless her. : )

Tomorrow is my first day of work!! Live for 17years din work before. Honestly, got a bit worry and scare of it. Haha... Now feel like dont wanna go work tomorrow. But scare let parents scold badly because I already spend $$ buy work's cloths. ( Not uniform! Xp ) At first I though the work is ok and quite good. But after ask around, I dislike liao. All people get high pay than me much. Then what for I'm being so stupid work there and get low pay although got much holiday?? Aiya, as conclude its really not worth lor, So, finding another jobs instead of working this...Xp Anyone got jobs and can introduce me?? I need work with friends dar, dont wanna work alon!! (  I know I'm useless! : ( )

Besides, tomorrow got a gang of friends go Sunway Pyramid play err... : (  How sad, because of this stupid work make me loose the fun! Haiz... Cham~ People a\enjoy there, I work like mad?? Pearly Lim Hui Jing!! Why you become so cham liao de?? Haiz!! @.@ God please bless me find a better jobs which can accept my request! xD  Anyway, even though I haven go work, but already LEARN that its hard to find jobs and hard to survive!! Lol... I miss high school life! Its much easier.... : )

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010.12.31 n 2011.01.01 UNFORGETABLE DAYS

Here to wish everyone Happy New year!!!! Bye 2010 and Hi 2011. : )
Yesterday went Desa Park City with friends and walao eh gang. I'm lovin it...Xp
We went there countdown for the 2011 year. We have steamboat as our dinner.
Its was damn much people there and its crowded!! xD  We enjoyed much there.
This is my first year go countdown with friends lerh... I feel good~ Hahaha...

I was busy around LS's gang and walao eh gang. Much friends, no choice. =P
As usual, we all loitering around there. There's many stall sold FOODS! xD
And also 10 game stalls and bla bla~ We need buy ticket 2 play those games.
So, brought 10 ticket for walao eh gang. RM3 per ticket, its quite cheap. : )
Walao eh gang go for the tatoo.  All of us write on hand...Walao Eh~Name

Then I join LS them play at playground while waiting walao eh gang finished.
I'm having fun with them in the playground. Haha...Thanks for pulling us the...
Not longer walao eh gang go Sweet's house due to nothing to do walk around. 
We play heart attack there. ( Our favourite game! Xp ) Its was damn funny.
WZheng keep on loose on this. Haha...Sudden, me and wzheng laugh non-stop. 
We saw xyan and pyee did some very funny action when taking group picture.
Its hard to describe here out what was it but its funny and I laugh non-stop. Xp

11.30pm, Sharon phoned us to get back there earlier due to much people jo.
Then, we move our ass from sweet house to the place we gather to countdown.
Each of us was holding a spray waiting to have fun with it after fire works.
Walao eh gang keep on shout walao eh in there, just like mad. But, we like it~
Hahaha...After that, our spray war had begin!! Hehe...Whole body dirty~ ><

Some back after this, some still stay there because its serious traffic jam.  
We enjoyed the loud music there and some get drunk, sing, play, dance... xD
All so high that time, one word to describe my feels~ AWESOME!! Haha...
I overnight at LS's house because its late and lazy to back. ( Excuse! ) Hehe...

Hmm... Her brother fetch and CY back. I go CY's house borrow toilet.
Haha...And I cant open the toilet door when I was inside, luckily CY helped!
How funny is it. She keep on say, push down the lock... I still blur like that.
She repeat few times, then only I get it and she help me push the door open.
Lol...I'm seriously get drunk lor that time. But NOT really drunk, blur only.
Haha...Anyway, thanks CY!! Xp Oh!! Another things to mention here. ==

This two days really...Dont know how to say... Ish~ Very special day...xD
Before go LS's house overnight, i asked! Do you have extra toothbrush?
She said, sure! My house most much is toothbrush de ler. So, I dont worry.
Who knows, after go her house and decided overnight there, only she told.
My house dont have toothbrush already! You were so LUCKY. I was~ O.O
Cham...Cant imagine what happen on it...AwW~ I dont wanna mention...

Lol... Then today morning went her dad's office to see puppies. Its black!
All black black very wat dat!! ( I'm a bit dislike black dog...Xp )Haha...
Went dinner with her family and they send me back. Thanks uncle auntie!

Conclude for this two days, happy, fun, unforgettable, high, enjoyed....
And also felt weird + awkward on those things she GIFT me!!  Xp
Ok!! I wont forget things happen on this two days forever and ever....xD

Add on :
Tomorrow Yumiko Chung Kar Yee aka Sei Yeh will go NS lor. Haiz... I was so SAD!! : (  Sorry that I cant go although I promised you before. Very sorry.... 555... Anyway, take care yourself there!! Do enjoy and stay health...Xp I will phone you every saturday. : )

ps : Tomorrow having undang with Catherine.. Hehehe.... : )