Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7 May 2013

 19年以来, 一直渴望有个宁静而孤单的生日

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to the Town

Alright alright, I know I had been long time didn't update my blog. Well, I should say I am too busy until I don't have time blogging. Haha. Degree sem2 life is not easier, go through a lot of up and down, stress, mood swing, brain collapse and mentally disorder? LOL. It's tortured and suffered me to rushing up bunch of assignments, tests, presentation, debate and exam in that short time. I almost get mad during this sem2. Gosh! Thanks god I passed it with flying colors. Hehe.

Imma having two weeks breaks. Yay!! But then feel kinda lifeless recently, hope time can pass faster as I am excited to start my sem3. Stress, challenges, here I come!! Haha. Frankly speaking, I am very enjoy my Uni life now although I always complain about the stress I went through. Actually I am enjoying solving those big and difficult task. I really learn a lot from that and I feel that I am growing. Haha.

I am glad to have bunch of friends in Uni, at first I still afraid of cant get any friends cause I am not the outstanding people. Thank god it give me lot of new friends that actually help me in difficulties and stay by my side giving me support. Without you all, I wont keep reflecting myself and keep push myself to improve and become a better people. I know sometimes I am stubborn, I just stand still on my own ways own thinking, but I am trying my best to change it ok? Haha. Its shocked me that there's one of my friend forces me to speak English with her. The reason she give is because I gonna study until master, so I have to improve my English. Once I heard it I feel awwww... Haha.

Let 's get into my heart. I learn how to view a things from every different angel, it seriously helps a lot and can clear our mind when making some decision. People just too likes to take things for-granted, I will just stand on every point and tell them about the good and bad side of the problem. But seems it is not welcomed my opinions for them, its just a friendly advice, they treat that you're crapping. Can I just say, mass commer's thinking only mass commer will understand? Outsiders just cant understand my point and keep disagree with it, they didn't even have prove for things they said and don't try to listen to my middle side opinions. I wonder, is it my problem? Their problem? Or i see things more clear as compare to last time? Is it I changed to become more annoying or their have not grown? HAHA! Ok, I will stop by here, lots enough to express. Again, I feel released. =)

*Think out of the box!! Try your best to be the perfect one.*