Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last few days SOME unhappy, really disappointed things happen but just forget it. Not worth cause of those fucking aunty and affected my mood. Chill Pearly!! Hope my parents could understand it. =)

WELL, Monday went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid with Chris, Fab, Walter, Joel, Jk, Tm, Yap, Emily, Joey, Carmen HENG and Ls. First time go for ice skating. Haha!! Funny but not really fun for me because I keep fall and don't know how to skate. Ohya! Meet Carmen's collegemate, Beng Guan?? So sorry to Chris, Yap and him because they keep tech me but I still don't know how to skate. Haha... Leg damn tired after the bored skating. @@ After skate we went Sushi Zanmai dinner, then Carmen, Ls and me back first and others continue with bowling and pool.

Tuesday I went KDU because of too boring to stay at  house. Hehe... Jiuan, Jetkee, Carmen TAN and me went breakfast dim sum at "Jing Xuan". Expansive but nice food there and our lecturer treat us for that. Thanks! Haha... As same as Wednesday I went back KDU again with Carmen because wanna have a look on people those who resit. *Ge po ji* We go give them support lar!! Haha...

Today, went in and out, here and there with dad. Buy lots of healthy food for keep fir and building. Hehehe.... Looking forward to tomorrow's jogging and gym section with Michelle Wong. xD