Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super duper hyper SAD!!! : (

Just know from grandmother, she donated my PBSM uniform without asking my permission!! What the hell~!! I know already straight cry there. Lol! Cry for 2hours, its soooooooo sad for me! Very angry that time, almost get mad. Grandmother say you want it I buy a new for you lor. I heard dao straight shout at her, diam lar u, $$ I din have eh? Not everything can use money to get it! Lol... I really really very angry that time. Haiz... The uniform really important for me, it represent my TWO high school memories! What to do? Help~ 555... Just now go lunch with grandmother, she also know I angry her. She go sit another table. Haiz... Dont know what's the feel. Haizzzzzzz... She donate on Feb18, now I just wait this Friday, the car come again and I try to get back my uniform! : (  God bless me please~

Yesterday went sweet's house watch horror movie with my gang. As usual, I bring thai's horror movie but this time without subtitle. Lol... I also haven watch it before, dont know that ok? Sorry lor...xD But luckily we are not stupid, still know what's the movie about although we dont know thai's language...Xp For them its very scary, for me its funny+scary...Xp We shout like mad lerh~ Hahaha... Evening, Kt back house and we accompany Ms.Ng went nearby Sunway Giza see doctor. XYan fetch us go there by Ms.Ng's car lerh...Xp After that back Kuang Station dinner. Then Carmen Lim them come join us.Loitering around Desa Park City untill 12am only we back house...xD

Ohya!! Yesterday I got driving lesson too! xD But this time not so good lor, mati engine for 3times. ISH~! Dislike myself that time why can mati engine so many times! Hoiyo... Nevermind, I will try to wont repeat the same mistake on the next driving lesson! Haha...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first driving lesson... xD

Yeap. Today had I, me, Pearly Lim Hui Jing, my first driving lesson!! Hehehehe... It was fun!! Locking forward to the second lesson... : )  Better than what I expect lar, din "shou mang jiao luan"! Xp But just a problem that I cant control my right leg's strenght. I keep on drive with 60km/h untill the uncle ask me "xi wen dian". Lol... He say, you wont scare dar drive so fast? I answer, its hard to control what. Hahaha... Then spend some time practice my leg's strength there. Zadao~ xD Unluckily, today when I was driving that time rain lerh. Hoiyo, have to pull down window see the tayar. Not so nice lor if rain. : ) Anyway, thanks you lar.  Before I went the driving lesson, she told me how and what to do. While teaching that time still keep on ask me repeat the step. Lol! Because of that, then only I din "sei for". Haha... TQ~! xD Now my legs got a bit tired cause of the stupid clutch! Xp

Yesterday go optical shop again check and check my eyes. Different people different comment. Lol... Faint~ Then talk untill what low blood pressure bla bla~ @.@ So, go have some body test, blood test. Lol... Purposely go clinic have blood test. The doctor "sucks" me a small bottle of blood to run thru those test. Haha.... It was "not pain". =='''

ps: Heard that SPM results gonna out on 28Feb. Please dont! I'm affraid of that! Please god bless me~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm backED!! : )

Long time din blog huh? Yeap, I'm lazy in blogging now...^^ Actually is I got nothing to blog lar, my life so bored. Everyday pass like meaningless...Xp Lol... Dare to say that?? >< Work everyday lar, work untill numb lor. Everyday blur blur ngong ngong like that jiu pass liao. Haha... So, once reach weekemds, ladies and gentlement, girls and guys dont forget to invite me hang out ar! xD

Hmm... Well, Tuesday morning went badminton with Ling Sze, Catherine, Emily, Jess and my family. After that I early back because afternoon still got lunch with family's friends. Ya, I meet my special friends. What means that? Lol... Err... Friends I know since I was born and both of our parents was good friends for few tenth years. Lol... I'm happy can spend time with them! Huge! Xp

Wednesday and Thursday, geng lor. Nice lor! Haha... Ms.Yap Ling Sze drove me go work! Heeee.... Thursday? After work accompany her go her optical shop settle her lens stuff. Then just for fun go test my eyes... Realised that I got lazy eyes! Lol... Unexpected~ Say untill very serious like that which I ONLY USE MY RIGHT EYE TO SE. Lol... Left eye not functionning, if I still din wear spec or try to use it, my left eye will sleep. ( blind? ) Watever lar then... : ) Back house told parents but they seem like doont care about it. Haiz~ Only feel the caring from you, only you a bit bit worry there...Xp Make me a bit touching~ Hahaha... Sotsot lar me...xD

Today we got work, dont know replace what again. Ms.Yap fetch me go work again. But before go work we go breakfast...^^ The breakfast place there oh, got few chickens walk around. Lol... After having breakfast, the chicken was near her car. I was a bit scare of it, then the VERY GOOD de Ms.Yap locked her car door in the time oh. Make me a bit nervous that time, scare the chicken bite me. Haha... What lar me scare of chicken pulak. Funny~ =='''  Then, 4pm++ we went Tesco movie. We watched "What women want". Hmm.... A bit boring lar that movie, but overall its ok, still got some part is funny de...xD

Somebody was sucks! She's having problems in her friendship, relationship and family. I know that feels, I not so clearly know what happen on you lar. But its sad to see you so cham lor. Haha... I got try to help you but dont know how oh...Xp But, if you got things or problems, welcome share it to me lar. Learn to protect yourself ok?? xD

Monday, February 14, 2011

Food Poison.... @.@

Today early in the morning dont know why start vomit. Before I went work, keep on vomit and go toilet. Lol... Can vomit 7times in an hour. Whole body no strength liao lar. So cham so san fu lerh... : ( Vomit until nothing in stomach already still wanna vomit water out de wor. Ish~ Very dislike food poison! But I always kena one wor. Hoiyo! @.@ After that really cant bear already, faster ask aunt bring me go clinic. Although get MC from doctor but afternoon I still go work. ( Hardworking lerh me! xD ) Today whole day seem so blur~ Haiz... Vomit until sot liao lar, no strength+blur. The worst is I 3 days cannot eat those oily, fried and hard to swollen's foods. Lol... Today whole day din eat anythings, only drink the salt water which gave by doctor. How cham~ I want eat foods ah! Xp

Ohya!! Here to wish......
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
: )

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Thursday went to Ling Sze house have what praying stuff. We played card and sing-k there. First year join, that night was awesome! Its such a waste we did not take much photo on the day. Its so crowded and you can see everyone doing the same stuff. Like busy preparing some paper made house to burn and bla bla~ Thanks uncle fetch me back on 2.30am! : )

Friday I still go to work. ( How hardworking we two feler...Xp ) The center very less people ah. Afternoon only got 2 student come tuiton. Lol... We were so bored on that time. Dont know what to teach due to too less people. Its wasting our time go there work. Nothing do, sooooo freaking bored. Thught Ms.Lu will give us early back one. Who know, she not smart. Did not do so. Haiz... Sienz... Such a lifeless day. : (

Saturday whole day fat mou at house. Parents went out but I did not follow. Watching HAI PAI TIAN XIN whole day. Its damn funny movie lerh. I know its too late to watch it lar. Rainie in this movie damn yeng lerh. Cant stop watching it and can repeat few times to watch the same episode! Hahaha.... Night go relation house, so boring + paiseh. Keep on let them tease and purposely make me paiseh there. Ish... Around 9pm++ backed home! : )

Today went Tenji buffet with my family. Whole big family. Heard that Tenji's fod not nice. But its ok for me lor. The food there really not tasty lar, but dessert very much choice and nice. My little cousin got go too. At first we can eat nicely because cousin was sleeping in the baby car. Once he wake up, we were so busy take turn take care of him. Lol! Walk here and there, keep on fall down that type. When its my turn to take care of him. Faint~ I whole body sweat keep on chasing and carry him. Its so tired~ Lol... But he's SUPER cute! Haha...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long post....

Went Pulau Ketam with family. Big big family around 30 peoples. Wow~ Xp The whether is sooooo hot and almost burn my skin. Lol... I apply sunblock also useless...xD Anyway, its was fun and I quite enjoy with riding those motorboat and been block by "polis persisiren pantai". Lol... New one lerh, Pulau Ketam got rles already! Got police already! Zadao~ But damn yeng lar their uniform and  BIG powerful ship. Photo please refers to my facebook! Xp

Meet up with kar yee and my gang! Went xin yan house on the morning, then Jeat Yinn house, then Weng Zheng house. After that parents fetch me go dad's friends house. I like this day much! I can meet dad's friends daughter and son! We were very good friends although we're not same school and meet once a year. Heart them! xD

I take lift today although I got work. Half day lift. Haha... Went Kok Hing with my gang lunch. Kar Yee fetch me all the way. Thanks lot! Sorry Jeat I cant celebrate birthday with you due to I got work. Paiseh~ Happy Birthday anyway! Hope you like those present we gave and got surprise for the cake. Hehe...

Well, yesterday after work dad fetch me and ling sze go dinner. Then we straight went Min Hua house. Not longer around 7.30pm ling sze backed. : (  I stay there wait Kalye them to come. Hehe... After Kalye, TM, Joel, Emily, KTeng and YJuan came, we chated a while then decided went DPC. Haha... We ate "pao bing" there. Around 10++ Emily fetch me back. Thanks!

Today early in the morning received Jia Xin's call while I was STILL sleeping! == She told that will come m work place VISIT me. Hehe... I wait her from 12pm++ untill 3pm only she came! Soooo ON TIME huh? Xp Wait untill 5.30pm, Jai Xin fetch me and ling sze go mamak yam cha. Thanks for fetching us back house too! xD Tomorrow another fun day with their gang at ling sze house... Cant wait for that! Hehehehe....

Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday night late sleep, watch tv show till midnight.
Dont know when I fall asleep at living room sofa there.
Then dont know when my dad wake me up and ask me back to room sleep.
I blur blur like that, legs MA BI, no strength and straight fall sit on floor.
Lol... My leg dont know how knock dao? Pain dou~
But then I din bother it and go sleep.
Today morning wake up, once I stand on floor realised my leg damn pain.
My right leg ankles swollen jo. Wanna go 'ti da' also din open. Cham~
Today went out walk that time also "gat har gat har".  : (
Tomorrow still need go pulau ketam tim. Need walk so much. *finger crossing*
Nevermind, tahan pain a bit go walk better than stay at house grow mushroom right? xD
After pulau ketam, night we walao eh gang ho Ms.Ng house!! Hehe...
Hope I can come back from pulau ketam as early as I can lar. : )

Just now we go put what "kong ming deng".
And whole bunch of dad's friends come my house play.
Walao eh~ Cham liao...
My house sure will be very luan sui and dirty after they came.
Later we need help tidy a bit and sleep early.
Because tomorrow need early wake up go pulau ketam!! xD

Ohya!! Yesterday I got a dream. Very special+weird+funny dream.
Its about we all school friends went Dorani Homestay camp again. == 
Then we been seperate in severals dome. Lol...
But then why mix up with Linggi Camp's dome?? Idk~
Then me, Cat, Sweet and LS in a dome with others...
Xyan, Emily them all at another dome. Then the dream very blur.
Everyone is afraid of LS because she sudden take out a knife to chop peoples.
Lol... Zadao~ Of cause I still dare near her... Hehe...
Left both of us in the dome, others quickly run away liao.
On that time I feel very scare of LS, then dont know why and how...
The dream jump to LS fetch me out, I dont know what she wanna do.
I very scare that time in car, I scare she will chop me.
Then I scare till wake up jo. Realised that its just a dream. Lol...
Hahahaha.... How funny!! Zadao~ xD
Then went out room checked my handphone, received LS text.
 Can feel my heart is dropping down in a sudden. Lol...
I told myself, scare what? Just now is just a dream, now I wake up already!
Lol... Hahaha.... Beh tahan~ What a blur day...xD


Had a short post here!! : )
Early in the morning went grandma house lunch.
Wow...This sentences seem got a bit mistake huh?
But, who cares? Watever~ What we eat? Vegetarian~ No meat at all!! Lol...
After lunch we whole family 29people went sentul temple.
After settle those what SIP TAI SUI things, we go mamak.
They all chit chat there and thinking where to go next.
Around 5.30pm we decided went 1Utama shopping.
KFC as our dinner. There was my little cousin only 1year old, very cute!
Just learn to walk and talk. Hahaha...
Of cause, we all have fun on it. Keep on playing with him.
You simply slightly touch him while he was walking, then he will fall down.
Hahaha...Its sooooo funny+cute! Xp
Especially shopping that time, all people walk slowly just because of waiting this little kids.
Lol... Ok, that's all for the day.
Happy Chinese New Year and good luck everyone! XD

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year~!!

Have a short post here due to really lazy to type much...Xp
Yesterday had our so called reuion dinner at Ms.Ng house.
Yeap, walao eh gang having steamboat at Ms.Ng center last night.
Was so busy in preparing those steamboat stuff.
Thanks Ms.Ng for handle all those things.
Having party few times also din even troublesome Ms.Ng that much de.
This time? Haiz...Xp Nevermind, we did enjoyed!!
Early in the morning went market with Ms.Ng buy those steamboat's stuff.
The others went 1Utama buy Jeat's birthday present.
Around 7pm Lins Sze fetch me go center there. Thanks a lot! xD
While eating, Ms.Ng keep on say those geli stuff.
What shit, da bian yellow in colour. Yucks~
No choice, its our Ms.Ng... That geliSSSSSS... xD
So, Ling Sze and Carmen Heng, dont need get shock of it, should use to it.
Haha... Conclude, its was a very fun day!
Here to wish all my beloved friends...
Happy Chinese New Year!!  : )