Monday, November 29, 2010

Express HER feelings. =(

I left my blog for 5days??
Ohya, its full of spider web + dusty here...Xp
As time pass JUST fast. I had finish 4subjects. Hehe...
BM, BI and Math is ok, but HISTORY are NOT!!
I dissapointed? Speechless? on it... : (   ( WTH! )
Study so much end up didn't came out in exam.
Rolf! Grr~ "Gek Sei" me! First time study so much for history lerh.
Much untill break my own 5years record lor...Xp
See lar! This called work hard on it but still cant get result lar!
Ish... Eat shit lat history!!   @.@   X.X
(Anyone got Siva's hp num? Can text him for 'good' analysing work?)
Yup!! Went his seminar before exam. And Physic seminar at cekap.
I can make conclude here, those seminar were useless for me!

So, purposely phone Ms.Ng get an extra quick revision class.
Thanks much Ms.Ng Yoke Kean,  for the FOC class! : )
This time a bit different cause outsiders also can join. Hehe...
Ling Sze, Eelyn, Sharon and Carmen Heng got join!! Good! Xp
After Ms.Ng class, LS's dad fetch us supper.
Dont know the stall called what...Its nearby cekap there.
I bet most kepong and maluri's people also will know.
Ordered a bowl of mee for each of us except Lyn. (She's on diet? Xp)
Then some satay and some chicken wings.
In a sudden, we meet my aunt there also. 
She ordered 10pairs of chicken wings for us too.
We was shock to see that because all of us full liao.
Lol... All like compete to see who ate much chicken wings.
Ohya!! I found another Ms.chicken wings. Xp
Its Eelyn Tan! She geh geh there dont want eat but at last she eat MUCH! 
Hahahaha.... Ohya~ Thanks LS's dad fetch all of us back.

Well, 6 more subjects to go!! Tomorrow Pendidikan Moral. 
Its easy IF I manage to memorise all the 36 nilai.
Honestly, I DISLIKE memorise things! Can I say moral is hard?
Because its easy to get A if you can memorise all the nilai.
How about not? Then everyone getting A there except you lor?
Lol... Haha... So, what I mean is PMoral is just simple! 
Aiyoyo~ What I'm talking about? Sot already la me...Xp
Wednesday add.math, Thursday physic. This two days I will get mad.
Its hard!! Its killing me wei~ Especially add.math... : (
Ok. Here to wish again, all SPM candidates GAMBATEH!! 

ps : Anyone got any idea why people keep on headache this few days ah?? Cham lor~

15days to Genting!!! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

SPM tomorrow!!! : (

Wow! I did not blog for a week, KINDA not use to it.
So now, I'm back!! For a while only~  : (

Wake up early in the morning because not feeling well.
Non-stop vomit from 8am-11am. Whole body no strength.
Then dad fetch went nearby clinic. I food poison. Ish~
So, very cham lar! Cant eat anything for 3days! @.@ 
Always porridge porridge n porridge!! Sienz~ : (
Thursday and Friday night attend Sejarah seminar.
Its good!! Seriously, it help me a lot! Thanks God~ ^^
Not to forget...Thanks MUCH to Ms.Yap Ling Sze!
Haha... She help me a lot also... : )

Went De Pastry lunch with her gang. (De Pastry again?? @.@)
Hmm...Got LS, Eelyn, Sharon, Carmen, Steph, Joel, TM, JK.
Well, Eelyn's driving skill was so SCARY~ Heartbeat increases!
But its funny, she not enough strength to pull the gear?? Haha...
Luckily, got TM help her...Xp First time see 2 people driving A car!
Awesome?! Hahahaha... : )

Dad suddenly ask for badminton. So, we went starplus on 3pm-5pm.
Err...Because 3 of us go play badminton very weird. So... Hehe...
Ask LS along. We are so lasy to move. Actually is me only...Xp
Dont know why la, maybe eat too full on lunch, uncomfortable.
Oh!! Have to mention, LS this feler uncarefully wack my head!!
Walau eh~ Can hear the sound 'pong' behing my head. Gosh~
At the moment of cause pain lar. Haha... But nothing after that. 
So, just forget about it. : )  Thanks for your caring lor...Xp
Anyway, its a fun and tired day for me. : )

Tomorrow SPM!!! I nervous + panic the whole morning today.
I also dont know what happen to me! Oh gosh! Gonna crazy!
I sudden stress up! I scare?? I panic until dont know what to do!
Almost wanna cry this morning. PMR that time also din like that.
Huiyo! Listen up, Pearly Lim will not afraid to any exam!!
But except this time! : (   How come?! Maybe I care my result?!
Its good or bad for me?? Haiz... Relax~ God bless pls... : )
Thanks you for keep an ear on me, comfort me?? Xp  
Thanks for let me disturb all the time.  : )
Now feel better, not so stress and nervous + panic...Xp
I'm here to wish all my form5 friends....


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Have a combined post here...Xp Damn wasting time this few days.
Its true to say that, I had less mood to study while SPM is nearer.
I also dont know why...Xp Who can help me?? God?! Lol...
Facing computer while day also wont sienz one. Geng me~!
I just cant control myself to study already. How? *Sad*
Well, I wont blog so often due to exam just NEAR us. 

It was Sharon’s birthday. Went LS house early in the morning. 
Her brother fetch us go pasar buy the super big tau fu fa…Haha…
Its size BIG until scary and when buying that time we damn paiseh!
Can imagine what’s other people reaction when saw this? Lol…
After that rush to school cause LS wanna attend her chinese class.
Me?! Loitering around with Jeat, small Carmen and Kheng Fai.
We had our breakfast (nasi lemak) at mamak stall...^^ 
Then 10.30am me and Jeat rush back school. Have to mention.... 
Thanks small Carmen and Kheng Fai help me walk around to buy the paper.
Realy san fu sai, thanks much…Xp

Yes!! I’m graduated?! Omg~ Its just like a dream. As time flies realy fast…
Yesterday was my graduation day which means our last day in school?!
So, early in the morning we had Majlis Restu at the new hall due to raining.
Everyone of us take turn shaking hand and hug teachers. Hehe…
Of cause we were crazy at taking photos too! ( please refers on facebook.)
Ohya! Had to mention, we got something like blessing ceremony at dewan.
Haha…Its quite funny. Follow those instruction by the monks?
Most of us cant follow what they say and repeat again. It make me laugh…
But I din laugh out loud ar!! ( I got respect A BIT...Xp ) Lol…
After that each of us got 3 yellow string to tied on our RIGHT hand.
I wonder why some people tied on their left hand with more than 3 string.
They don’t know follow instruction eh? Or don’t know different left and right?
Hahaha….. Erm... Hmm... Err... ><'''
LS's mum brought me a necklace. (Scary~)  Xp
Take a look on some hotos here.....

Hehehe... Its a letter "P"....Xp

Its realy shockED me...xD  Anyway, thanks auntie!!  : )

                  My best friends......Xp                                                              

 The gang...... : )

With Pn.Teh......xD

Yup~ Its ME!!  ^^


Nice+special huh?! Edited by PEARLY LIM...Xp

Ok, Girls and guys!! 

Not to forget we left 10 days to SPM!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nothing special.......

Well, have a short post here due to nothing happen.
Long time din post? Quite busy this few days la.
Busy writing ppl's essay lar!! Fuiyoh~So long...Xp
Actually not so sure busy doing what. (Dreaming~) 
All my friends are preparing for SPM! But me??
Haiz...Lazy to mention it again! Wait die la me!
Monday our gang went Xyan's house group study.
But Jeat and small Carmen special la. Nice lar~
Enjoying there...Xp They play game boy, piano...
Facebooking....Anythings~ So relax lar. *envy*.
Haha... We jiu cham ler stil need fight with SPM!!
I did study add.math there. They all study chemistry.
Thanks xyan's mum cook chao kuey tiao as lunch.
Carmen Heng's dad fetch me and small Carmen.
Around 6++pm, we backed.
Thanks carmen heng!! And thanks uncle!!  : )
Tomorrow I'm going to school. But 9am only go.
Because have some stuff to do la...Xp
And also after school got lunch with the gang...XD
I'm not dare to countdown SPM days lerh.
Its scare me! Its stree me up!! Faint~

We just left 13days to SPM!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010



外公是基督教所以仪式很简单,没有很吵的"dong dong chang chang"。
这几句话,都是从牧师哪里学来的。蛮有道理一下。 哈哈...
在此奉劝一句,人...... 後悔~

但是不懂做么,今天状况不太好,发梦将!差到死~ 不甘心!
玩到不爽!哈哈... 过后我们一大班还一起去old town吃东西。
嗨~  别提了,这就是命运!哈哈...... ==  噢,对!突然想起!
今天打完羽毛球后,Jeat Yinn突然给我们每人几张纸? 信?
很奇怪的形容法。哈哈.... 如果有语病很多,请原谅。 

17days to SPM!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Finally have a nice sleep yesterday. : ) Hmm...Grandfather's funeral is ok.

Its will held 3days on Jinjang Selatan "jek xin tong". Tonight is last night.
Nothing to talk much about it. Its quite weird n special? For me only...
This my first time got relation pass away ma. No experience before lerh. 
So...Its weird when I'm being nothing there. Fat mou there! Nothing do.
Luckily got food eat...^^ Very special lerh, why funeral got things eat de?
Just like people's party?? Sot~ Lol... Got chicken wings! dessert, mihun... 
And thanks someone keep on texting with me, scare me fat mou there...Xp

Yesterday I got go school cause already agree go lunch with my gang.
We have our lunch in Tesco, KFC...^^  Of cause got take many picture la.
Its very fun and thanks you all for giving an enjoyable day. Thanks much! 
U guys are awesome! : ) XYan and Big Carmen cry lerh. Dont like that le.
Make me felt sad also. We will never forget you de la. Dont worry much~
I'm happy to know you all......^^  Our memories will always in my mind.
Permenant file lerh...Under protected one...Cant delete de...Haha... =='''

Ok! Somethings IMPORTANT almost forget to mention out here. 
KYee n LS brought camera to school. Last day ma, take photo lo.
Besides, Cat them still brought school uniform? to let all of us sign...Xp
Someone just took dy 117pic but dont know why without with me de!!!
Ish... LYenn, SRui and PTing awesome good! Like that called friend!
Haha...Automatic ask me take photo with them. (Learn people la ooi!)
Lol... Ok la... Better dont take so much already later I cham only....
Hahahaha......Ohya! tonight Ms.Ng will come grandfather's funeral.
Thanks to all the people who care of it. Thanks peopleS!!  : )

19days to SPM!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grandfather passed away... : (

Today around 4pm received aunt's call. Aunt is crying while talk with me.
She told that grandfather had pass away. I'm tuitioning that time.
Let Ms.Ng say I disturb her class cause answer phone.
Honestly, actually that time I got a bit boh song lor.
Like that say me...  : (    Very sad + angry la.
But forgive her since she dont know what happen on me.
Ya! I'm guilty. I feel guilty!! I din have the last chance to see him.
I regret~  Sorry ah gong!! Sorry... Please forgive me... 555...
Sorry...Very sorry... : (  I'm not purposely dont wanna go visit you de.
But just dont have the chance. Sorry ah gong. Please forgive me.
Rest in peace...Please accept my condolence.
Sudden flash back many memories with ah gong.
Sad~ He treat me very good.
When I was small that time, he always get me what I want.
He treat me very good. Even others cousin or my sister.
My grandfather also din treat them as good as me. 
Ah gong, you are the best! Realy very sorry ah gong!
I'll miss you ah gong~ : (  5555.... @.@  X.X  Very sad ar!!
Now I know, even I stand infront of you, you also dont know already la.
Haiz...Sad of it...Dont leave me lar ah gong! Dont dam dai us!! Its....555...
Ok. Since its already happen. We should face the fact right?
Dont worry ah gong! We will be happy. Stay a good life.
Wont let you worry of us. Argh! God ah~ My sadness who knows??
I'm just act nothing infront of you all only. Haiz...
Tonight sleep at dad's office due to everyone is staying grandfather there...
Take turns "Shou ye"?? So, just me and my dad have a chance to sleep.
Actually I cant go school tomorrow de. But its my last day. I beg them...
Of cause all my family member allow me absent a day. Thanks!  Xp
So, tomorrow night my turns to stay there. I will damn boring there lerh.
Ohya, when I saw the picture mum's brother show me.
I feel very scare... X.X  Dont know why... Cham~~
Its grandfather sleep in coffin's picture. Washeh... Scary~  @.@
Maybe I feel guilty and very sory to him?? Until I not dar to face him?
Please DONT let me feel scare...Sorry ah gong...God bless me...Xp
Besides, mum and aunt all cry like hell... Cheer up~  : )
Ok, Suan la. Its pass....
I should concentrate in my study right??  Yup!!   : )

21days to SPM!!!!