Thursday, November 4, 2010


Finally have a nice sleep yesterday. : ) Hmm...Grandfather's funeral is ok.

Its will held 3days on Jinjang Selatan "jek xin tong". Tonight is last night.
Nothing to talk much about it. Its quite weird n special? For me only...
This my first time got relation pass away ma. No experience before lerh. 
So...Its weird when I'm being nothing there. Fat mou there! Nothing do.
Luckily got food eat...^^ Very special lerh, why funeral got things eat de?
Just like people's party?? Sot~ Lol... Got chicken wings! dessert, mihun... 
And thanks someone keep on texting with me, scare me fat mou there...Xp

Yesterday I got go school cause already agree go lunch with my gang.
We have our lunch in Tesco, KFC...^^  Of cause got take many picture la.
Its very fun and thanks you all for giving an enjoyable day. Thanks much! 
U guys are awesome! : ) XYan and Big Carmen cry lerh. Dont like that le.
Make me felt sad also. We will never forget you de la. Dont worry much~
I'm happy to know you all......^^  Our memories will always in my mind.
Permenant file lerh...Under protected one...Cant delete de...Haha... =='''

Ok! Somethings IMPORTANT almost forget to mention out here. 
KYee n LS brought camera to school. Last day ma, take photo lo.
Besides, Cat them still brought school uniform? to let all of us sign...Xp
Someone just took dy 117pic but dont know why without with me de!!!
Ish... LYenn, SRui and PTing awesome good! Like that called friend!
Haha...Automatic ask me take photo with them. (Learn people la ooi!)
Lol... Ok la... Better dont take so much already later I cham only....
Hahahaha......Ohya! tonight Ms.Ng will come grandfather's funeral.
Thanks to all the people who care of it. Thanks peopleS!!  : )

19days to SPM!!!