Monday, November 29, 2010

Express HER feelings. =(

I left my blog for 5days??
Ohya, its full of spider web + dusty here...Xp
As time pass JUST fast. I had finish 4subjects. Hehe...
BM, BI and Math is ok, but HISTORY are NOT!!
I dissapointed? Speechless? on it... : (   ( WTH! )
Study so much end up didn't came out in exam.
Rolf! Grr~ "Gek Sei" me! First time study so much for history lerh.
Much untill break my own 5years record lor...Xp
See lar! This called work hard on it but still cant get result lar!
Ish... Eat shit lat history!!   @.@   X.X
(Anyone got Siva's hp num? Can text him for 'good' analysing work?)
Yup!! Went his seminar before exam. And Physic seminar at cekap.
I can make conclude here, those seminar were useless for me!

So, purposely phone Ms.Ng get an extra quick revision class.
Thanks much Ms.Ng Yoke Kean,  for the FOC class! : )
This time a bit different cause outsiders also can join. Hehe...
Ling Sze, Eelyn, Sharon and Carmen Heng got join!! Good! Xp
After Ms.Ng class, LS's dad fetch us supper.
Dont know the stall called what...Its nearby cekap there.
I bet most kepong and maluri's people also will know.
Ordered a bowl of mee for each of us except Lyn. (She's on diet? Xp)
Then some satay and some chicken wings.
In a sudden, we meet my aunt there also. 
She ordered 10pairs of chicken wings for us too.
We was shock to see that because all of us full liao.
Lol... All like compete to see who ate much chicken wings.
Ohya!! I found another Ms.chicken wings. Xp
Its Eelyn Tan! She geh geh there dont want eat but at last she eat MUCH! 
Hahahaha.... Ohya~ Thanks LS's dad fetch all of us back.

Well, 6 more subjects to go!! Tomorrow Pendidikan Moral. 
Its easy IF I manage to memorise all the 36 nilai.
Honestly, I DISLIKE memorise things! Can I say moral is hard?
Because its easy to get A if you can memorise all the nilai.
How about not? Then everyone getting A there except you lor?
Lol... Haha... So, what I mean is PMoral is just simple! 
Aiyoyo~ What I'm talking about? Sot already la me...Xp
Wednesday add.math, Thursday physic. This two days I will get mad.
Its hard!! Its killing me wei~ Especially add.math... : (
Ok. Here to wish again, all SPM candidates GAMBATEH!! 

ps : Anyone got any idea why people keep on headache this few days ah?? Cham lor~

15days to Genting!!!