Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smile peoples... : )

Today as usual went work at center. A student there, Li Yang's sister finally came. She had many times of operation on her leg before. Now she just recover and start come tuition. Because of this, she cant walk like normal people. And she cant fall down or knock by anything. We must very caution her from beiing bang by others student. Lol... And for sure many kids there asking why she walk like that. *crossing finger* I also dont know how to stop them from being asking non-stop. She's smart and cute. I like her, she brighten up my day. Make me very got mood to teach. Haha... No matter what happen or what you talk to her, she just keep smiling and answer. Keep smiling make people feel good wei. Mood bad also let her smile change dao mood good lor.  
So, smile always my friends~! xD


Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday its my very first time go visit Ling Sze. Honestly and seriously, I feel nervous? Haha... Long time no see ma, don't know what to talk also. Saw her from far away but I dare not to go near, keep walk with her brother and grandma to longer the time from nearby her. Lol...

Environment there was so nice wei~ I want go lar!!! Xp Its so funny to see a bunch of peoples there, so crowded. Wearing same cloths, lining up take foods, wash plates...... She enjoyed her life there very much~! Those Malay's girls were so friendly and nice. So, no worries!!  : )

And there's a mini market there which they called it as 'Jusco'. It small until limits 5 peoples per entry. Because there cant fit more than 5 peoples inside. Can saw few of them lining up outside for wait their turn to went in. Lol... How funny is that? Hahahaha....

So once we reach there, her mum take out many foods and some soup for her. She eat and drink until very cham? Means very full already still need force herself to finish it. Pity~ Xp After eating, we chatted there lor. Very fit already lar her, always went up and down the hill and exercise so much there. So envy~!! I want go there keep fit lar...xD

Not longer, we back lor~ Because around 1pm she need follow NS's bus go to temple. At first we decide to follow de. Who knows she not allow us do so. Say what very paiseh so big girl already we still follow go here and there. So, we did not follow her went temple lor. A bit disappointed for me actually.  : )

Next week, her parents go Hong Kong. So, we had no chance to go visit her again lor. So sad~ >< But then, its good to know she will have 4 days of holidays start from June18. Which mean she can back house 4 days!!! Hahahaha... But then also non of my business right?? Lol...

Today went eyes specialist check eyes. Had confirm I got lazy eyes and now it become worst. So, warned to wear spec whole day. And still need spend 2hours everyday close my right eyes to see things. Well, I got a new spec liao~!! Its full frame white. Fuyoh~ Hehe...

Yeap, my lazy eye is on left side. If I did not do so, my left eye will be blind after this. The aunty scolded parents... Say why did not bring me go check eyes before, so big already still can have lazy eyes. Lol... Hahaha...

So, for my own good. I MUST spend 2 hours cover one eye to see things everydays. I SHOULD bear it!! Need force my left eye's muscle fucntion ah now. Anyone can sponser me gauze and sticker to stick my eye everydays?? Lol... I know it must be very tired and will not use to it for using 1 lazy eye to see. But, no choice~!  : (


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pissed off...

Its a long story to told out. Yeap, pissed off with my study stuff. Plan go KDU settle it as soon. Who knows? Its already two weeks I plan to go but not success. Parents always not free. Hoiyo~! Haiz... I also lazy to talk about it. Leave it since still got time.

Today went starplus badminton on 9.30am-11.30pm with Eelyn, Sharon, Emily and Carmen. Thanks Eelyn for fetching my sister go school and be my driver today. Hehe... Thanks~! After badminton we went lunch, eat pan mee nearby Menjalara?? Well, its taste good. Not bad ah Lyn introduce de. xD After lunch me and Lyn go Jusco cause I wanna buy some stuff. Emily and Sharon go cut hair. Lol...

Besides, tonight will go spicy yamcha with classmate. And cant wait for tomorrow, going Semenyih. Yup, go visit Ling Sze. Haha... : ) ( But then so sad to know only I going to visit her. : (  )


Life is wonderful actually. : )

Today after work, I went Yeow Xin house buy bag for college. ^^ Brought a full black de bag, its nice and cheap. Thanks Yeow Xin~! Haha... I still got many things to buy lerh. Bottle and some cloths. Hehe... Need some changes when college start. Was discussing about what cloths to buy and wear to college this few days with Mich~! Don't forgot go shopping with me ar!! xD

Now only I realised my time can be very pack or very free. Its depends on me. Yea, thanks my friends inviting me go here and there. Although some can say as not so close de friends or long time didn't contact de friends also invite me out. Touching~ I'm not lonely~ Lol... Haha... But then, sorry Christine, I cant go skating and movie with you all. Sorry Yen Ping I didn't go church with you and keep ignore your inviting. Will have the chance next time ya~!

Tomorrow my time really pack, force to cancel some invitation. Paiseh ar~ Hehe... Hmm... Badminton with Carmen, Eelyn and Sharon on 9am-11am tomorrow. : ) My juniors also invite me go badminton on the same time. Lol... Fate~After badminton, lunch and back house lu~ Evening need rush to KDU again, last week didn't go dao. ><  Then at night go out yamcha with my classmates. Haha...
After few times feel lifeless, now don't have such feels already~! My friends make my life wonderful. Hahahaha...

Ohya~!! Quite surprise to knew that actually many people around me playing SDO. Lol... Michelle, Sweet Yee, Fabian, Kar Yee, Zi Han, Joey, Walter... Geng oh~ Hahaha... Most balia is me liao lar...xD

ps : Yea, surprise and happy to know so fast get back phone but unfortunately argued.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its Wednesday!!! : )

Time passed kinda fast actually. Twinkle of eyes, tomorrow is Thursday!! Then Friday, then Saturday. Hehe... Nowdays, quite busy with my work because those kids were having their exam. So, we just keep rushing to do revision with them. Very busy the whole day, once see the clock, its already almost gonna end our work time. : )  I only got free time for myself after dinner. Haha...

Me and Yeow Xin so gonna piss off for those kids. My god~ Just don't know how they passed for the several years. Theirs standard really like BULL SHIT~! What happen to them?? Last time teach with Ling Sze didn't face this problems before. Walao eh~ Already standard5 and standard3 but their level just like a standard1 student. Alamak~ I scold them kao kao but it seem no use for them. They really blur until don't know got what words can describe them. Luckily my house don't have such BLUR and NGONG people. If not they might let me tear into pieces...Xp I'm gonna faint~

So, what I doing recently?? As normal working from 9am-5pm. After work back grandma house rest and watch TV a while. Then have dinner and after dinner eat fruits. Usually I wont cut fruits by own because its wasting time. But now I spend my time to do so to avoid myself feel bored...Xp After settle those stuff, bath, practice guitar. Time pass really fast, parents come fetch me back house. Reached house at 10pm then online blogging and facebooking. Again, time pass as fast as rocket, a while only its already 11+pm. Then~?? Sleep lor!! Once wake up its another day liao. Haha...


Monday, May 23, 2011

Pain to the deepest...

Sunday went Sunway Chicken Run with Catherine, Xin Yan, xy's sister, xy's sis's boyfriend, Kok Kuan, Kk's brother, Merissa, Jeat Yinn Carmen Heng and Lim. We meet Xue Wern and Yoke Mun them there~! xD Early in the morning 6.10am KK come fetch me. We reach there 7am+? Then go register check name and take EGG with ice-cream cone. Yeap, we have to hold it and make sure it didn't break along our 4.8km journey. Haha... Before start run, its some funny warm up dance. But its quite cool~ xD Know how to dance the time liao eh? Hahahaha... We start run at 8.15am and I finished my journey on 9.20am. Chai Meng get 8th place out of  3000 peoples. Me? 99+ out of 3000 peoples. Lol...Xp After settle those stuff, we straight go Sunway Lagoon's water and extreme park play!! xD

At first we looking for locker put our things and change shoes bla bla~ Then start our craziness~! Hehe... This time I what also got play except pirate ship. Lol... Last time Genting that pirate ship already make me scare until face white and whole body no strength. Now Sunway's this pirate ship turn 360 degree lerh. Siao ah~ Of cause me, Jeat and kkuan's brother wait there la. Others very geng, dare go challenge and play. ^^ Saw them 360 degree hang there very funny and those peoples shout like mad. Hahahahaha... Anyway, having much fun in this day. Its the second time I play those roller coaster things due to I scared height. First time is Genting, second time is Sunway Lagoon. So, when is the third time huh?? Haha...

Around 4pm, me, XYan, xy's sister and xy's sis's boyfriend back first. Others still play there and they will be back after having dinner there. Xy them back because they got things do at night and Monday got college. I decide to back first because I'm really tired liao. Tired until eat also no strength. Haha... Once reached house, I faster go bath and lying on sofa there cant move liao. : )  Lying on sofa there while texting is the best time ever I feel. ( Too bad its just few of time to do so. : (  ) Haha...

And today~! Because of I lack of exercise de people, run and play so GENG at Sunway. When I wake up that time, I feel my whole body super HYPER duper pain!! So hard to get up from my bed. LOL~! My whole body bone and muscles pain dao~ From the innermost pain until outermost. Walao eh~ San fu dao~ Walk and do any movement also pain. Now my action just as slow as old people and like robot like that ar~ Haha... But then nevermind, I enjoy the fun day very much~!  : )

Ohyah~!! While playing in the water park and extreme park, we do take some photo there. There's camera man everywhere which ask us to take photo, after that tied a paper to our wrist. Back that time go counter see photo and its really nice wei~ Too bad its VERY expansive, RM35 per photo. LOL~! So, we decided don't want those photo le. Haiz... Such a waste, but its really expansive lar.  Waiting XYan to upload some of the photo. And thanks her sister for fetching me back. xD 

ps : Very sorry that I cant come, I wish to...... But no choice. : ) 


Friday, May 20, 2011

520 : )

Today went work at Ms.Lu there with Yeow Xin. Everythings go well as I though. I feel go~! Hahaha... Because work alone really very tired and sienz. Luckily now got Yeow Xin, I feel more relax and happy. Hehe... Hope you enjoyed the work too~! xD Beside, Ms.Lu ask Yeow Xin what's her name. She told, can call me Brandy. Then Ms.Lu say your parents like to drink alcohol eh? Brandy... Haha... Lol...

But then receive a note from a student there @ Mun Wei. She wrote our name ( Ling Sze Yap, Pearly Lim, Carmen Heng, Catherine Wong ) inside and told that she found our facebook and she added us. Lol... I was like~ How the hell you can found it?? She say its from CARMEN HENG~!!! And now, I was so busying from blocking those KIDS's friend request~! Aiyoyo, all saw photo in profile and gossip there. ALAMAK~! PRIVACY~! I'm so speechless about it......xD
And those student was so busy compare and remember our name. All grumble...
Ling Sze lao shi~
Pearly lao shi~
Catherine lao shi~
Carmen lao shi~
Brandy lao shi~!

YEAH~ Tomorrow its Saturday~! Hehehehehehe...
And, cant wait for Sunday!! =P
Imma (learn from Emily) joining Chicken Run at Sunway Lagoon.
Early in the morning 6am need gather at Merissa house lerh!
Before 7am we should reach Sunway Lagoon. O.O
Anyway, looking forward to it~! Haha...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wish...

I wish time can pass faster...
I wish my AUSMAT still can remain July intake...
I wish you will be safe and enjoy in NS...
I wish everythings will be alright in my future...
I wish all my friends good luck...
I wish I can keep fit before start college...
Lol... Siao liao me~ Hahahaha... 

I passed Wednesday quite fast actually. First day of work again at Ms.Lu there. Once a while I look on the clock its 4pm. Wow~ Time pass really fast wei... Haha... As usual, back house after work and prepare to go cousin's birthday party. So, I had no time to thinking of... .... ... Hehe...

Early in the morning had nightmare run my mood. Haiz... Its a long story about 4 or 5 parts. Lol... Its make me very sad until I cry very cham in the dream. But then I realise its just and dream and I was like phew~ Who knows? Once I wake up my tears dropping out from my eyes. Lol... Shock of it. : )

Today, I start felt that time past so slow while I working. Its so tired and so bored for me. As I told I'm impatient to face those child!! Now have to face alone and 1people do 2people stuff. So many memories came out from my mind. Who say go work better de huh? Its seem not. : ( 

Maded up my mind not to work there liao. Plan go for part time job at Kumon. Plan and think to tell a such big lie for don't want working there. Who know Ms.Lu not allow I resign, still agree hire Yeow Xin to help although she not so can afford 2 people's salary. Oh my god, I feel so guilty. But, who cares? Should treat myself better right? Haha... As conclude, I still will work with Ms.Lu for a month which mean until June18. : )


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Wesak Day...

Today is Wesak Day and its public holiday~!
Whole family go temple early in the morning liao.
Left me alone at house. Zzz...
As usual sure I will hang out with friends de.
Today I didn't do so wor. Whole day rotten in house.
Din even step out from house whole day.
Good girl lerh me?! Haha... 
Actually is I no transport. : (
Its a new quote from friends to tease me.
No LS = no transport = no outing.
Lol...  =='''


Good or bad news?? xD

Just know......
She's holding her hand phone until tomorrow night~!
Good dao~  : )
Its allow 3 days wei...
Others straight keep on the day lor.
Thanks god~! Xp

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lifeless... ... ...

I'm soooooooooo gonna boring to death~! : (
Nothing to do at all to fill up my time. Haiz...
I wish time could pass as fast as rocket this 2months. : )
Then I can faster start my college life. Hehe...
Will start working on Wednesday.
Although got work but I still feel very bored.
Lol... After work 5pm gonna do what? Fat mou~??
So, ladies and gentlement, girls and guys...
If you all free...
Text me ya!!
Hang out with me also can!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bye Bye Milk Tea : )

Yesterday was Ling Sze's birthday celebration. We were having steamboat at her house. Early morning around 10am I reached her house to help. Who know nothing to help on that time also. Haha... Then don't know when fall asleep in her room. Heard her mum say, wei both of you don't sleep lor, wake up lor, need prepare things liao. Therefore, start out preparation. : ) Evening like that Carmen come help us too~! A twinkle of eyes, we settle all those things and wait others to come. While waiting, me and Ling Sze take turn go bath first. Do stuff whole day smelly ma...Xp 7pm start, they come one by one. Haha... Got Carmen, Sharon, Eelyn, Kalye, Emily, Yeow Xin, Min Hua, Joel, Zi Han, Christopher, Shan Hoe and Teik Man. We eat first due to not enough place to sit. Chris them second round. After eat we sing k. Sing very long time until we feel bored. Then change to play wii. The guys were competing play table tennis and bowling. Let me perasan a while...Xp I always won the sword games although compete with guys. They tease guys say loose liao put the head in toilet bowl. So funny~! Hahaha... Dont know until what time I drunk liao, walk also imbalance. Sent Sharon back with Carmen also went wrong house and almost press the bell. Luckily Carmen shout at me. Hehe... Thanks ar~ Anyway, enjoyed this party much~! Thanks! 

As you all know, today is the day Ling Sze went NS. Afternoon like that her dad come fetch me and Eelyn went along with them. At first, we went Zetro, Setapak, she need gather there and went into the PLKN's bus. Meet Lai Yenn there too~! Her sister cry until very cham er. Make until I also feel very sad. Haha... So, we stand there wait very long until her bus go. Once her bus start go the camping place, we quickly run up to car and her dad drive and follow. Of cause along the journey, her mum very worry and keep calling her. Haha... Her camp place was nice actually but a bit 'pian pi' lar. Kinda dangerous lor. A good news for us but bad news for her. Will go visit her every week. Hahaha...

The moment when I saw her went in the camp place with her luggage, but we cant follow, was so sad man~! Xp Anyway, take good care of yourself wei. Don't make us worry. Enjoyed your  NS there. : ) Its 2hour more, I could wish you... Happy Birthday Yap Ling Sze~!!! xD

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Breaking News

Yesterday around evening, received call from KDU counselor, Valerie Tan. I was so shock to heard that AUSMAT July intake maybe will be postpone to next year January. Once I heard this, I was~ Omg! I dont want! She told its because SOME student say that July intake waste half  year there. Lol... Don't they think more half year will be more relax and better to them? More time to prepare exam ma, therefore ma get better results lor. Aiyoyo. Then she say I suggest you go for UNSW lar. Did you.... I faster told her, I don't want and I want AUSMAT because of can choose psychology and I want July intake. So, she say still in discussing, haven sure yet whether wanna postpone or not de. HOPE IT REMAINS~!! God bless me~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My 18th birthday blast...!! : )

Yeah!! I'm 18th now~! Become an adult liao~ Hahaha...
So, yesterday was my 18th birthday celebration at Yit How's house.
Early in the morning 11am (actually not early) Haha...
Zi han come fetch me and Yit How go tesco buy those BBQ stuff.
Thanks much to Zi han @ our dai lou. Xp
Thanks for willing fetching us went everywhere with his patient.

Around 1pm, me, Ling Sze and Zi Han reached Yit How's house to help prepare.
We chop those chickens and cut some ingredient to cook spaghetti source.
Well, have 2 admit that I 1st time chop chickens. Its was so oily and geli.
Need wash and cut off those oily place. A big YUCKS~! Xp
Evening, finally we have time to rest while waiting others come. xD

At the same time, I received birthday wish through call from my juniors.
First, I dont know who is that cause din saw this number before.
Then I asked only know. Haha... They sang birthday song for me. : )
Thanks Feng Ling, Siew Hwa and Zane. Thanks for your wishes.

When almost everyone reached, we start to fire up those stove.
We take long long long long long time to settle it. LOL!!
Luckily get help from Yit How's grandma. Thanks po po~! :)
Have to admit that our living skill not so good huh? Haha...
While everythings went well, suddenly whole house no electric.
Half way I'm in the k-room, its like all dark in sudden, =='''
But then around 30min Yit How's dad manage to fix it. Hehe...
So, we all back to normal, can sing k liao. Hahahaha...

Not longer, Ms.Ng came with a cake. Then all of us went in k room.
All of then was singing happy birthday song for me while enter.
Eelyn's was the one who bring out the cake. Fuyoh~
I feel so warmed and touched~ Hahaha... Thanks!!
And of cause, let them force to wear the dont know what mask.
Lol... Its sooooo ugly but funny. Like Mr.potato? Hahaha...

Thanks Yit How for planning this and lend out his house for us.
Thanks Zi Han for fetching us here and there with his patient.
Thanks Kai Seng for trusting me, let me drive his car on yesterday.
Thanks Yew Juan for fetching me and Ling Sze back.
Thanks Guan Ren for staying back to help in cleaning up.

Thanks Ling Sze for doing all those cleaning and preparing stuff non-stop from afternoon until late night. She's the first to be there and the last to leave. Help set up the fire, allegic to this and that but still wanna help until hand swollen. Washing stuff, mop and sweap the floor while all of them were back and some still enjoying in k-room!!  Busy until forget to eat her's urine infection's medicine. Dont know take care yourself eh?? Lol... Sorry, thanks and appreciate~!  :  ) 

Lastly, thanks all my friends who came on yesterday celebration.
Really had a memorable birthday celebration and appriciate it~!
Thanks for the celebration, wishes and presents~! xD
Thanks much my beloved friends !
Photos I think will be uploaded on facebook by my friends. Haha...
So ya, be patient to wait. : )

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday went somewhere with aunt to buy someons's birthday present.
Once I step out from car, I was like... Fuyoh~!
The things sold there much dao~~can "zak" sei me...Xp
Well, its something like a factory place.
At night, LS went Kepong Jusco buy some stuff.
Then I go find lai yenn chat. She gave me a hand made birthday card.
Seriously, I get touch of it. The things she write was so touching.
I feel warmed~ Hahaha... Thanks my friends~!! Hope our wish come true.
Your BC is far good then me I know. But then dont need write till so....
I cant under some words from the first page lerh Chan Lai Yenn~!
 Dont even know how to read. Lol... How funny is it...xD
Thanks anyway~!!! : )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rotten... : (

Its 4 days I did not hang out and keep staying at house facebooking.
Lol~! I gonna bored untill get mad liao. Haiz...
So sad I din have any outing.
Stay at house untill like a rotten apple. : (
God~ Help me please~
I need miracles~!!!! xD