Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jualan Minggu Koperasi

2day as same bc 4 Jualan Minggu Koperasi...XD Its tired~~
Actualy our slip is frm 9am-11.15am... Bt sure v wont...Xp
Can gt it huh? Haha...V stay at bilik masakan 7.15am-12pm.
Nt v 1 poteng clas, jz realy nid much time prepare ma. ><
Its fun, cuz me 1/3ply, 1/3kacau n 1/3do things thr...Xp
Sumore, our "very gt commen sense" FL gt come hlp us...XD
Its make me fel more energy&mood 2 kacau + play thr...^^
Honestly, u're awesome! I solute u~~ U damn wel in cooking.
Aiya, other thn tht de tings u oso gud la. U're nt useless.
...??!!...>< Well, u done sumting out of my expectation.
U btr thn "some" those FORM3/4 ppl. U geng...XD Thx!
Realy thx 4 ur in afternoon jualan. Ehem...(dun perasan pls)
Hmm...Fel fun whn kep on zat u...Wakaka... Its ok lar...
Its mean tht our frenship bcum closer jo dare 2 do so...XD
So, u wont scare me jo lo. I can go c singing compotition jo lo.
Hahahaha.... ok lets jz 4gt abt it....Xp
On d opposite way, Michelle Wong Kitt Yue!! Knw frm Mk....XD
Do u knw tht d things v wash 2day nt clean lerh. U...Sat by...Xp
Hw can u din double check izit realy clean. (purposely 1na blame her)
Ahahaha...No la, both of us oso sat by one la. Nt only u la...XD
N hor, 2day was damn crazy at bilik masakan. I mean afternoon.
Me, Cat, Wendy n her sis ply n chat til damn crazy at thr...Xp
Lolx... Miss tht time,long time din so crazy liao...XD Awesome!!
Cant imagine Wendy n her sis can b sooooo crazy. V kep on play thr.
Aiyor, I think FL & others oso beh tahan jo, c me crazy lik tht.
Seilo, I lost my image in front of my junior dy... ><'''
Overall, its freaking tired 2day...

Monday, June 28, 2010

3 in 1......XD

2day was d 1st day of Jualan Minggu Koperasi. Its tired...><
Bt overall is ok altot gt few complaning abt some stuff...XD
Hmm.... In conclusion, v jz hvg $$ pro. Budget nt enuf...Xp
Nvmlah lar, all things wil b settle soon. Think positive k?!
Err...I... I duno 1na hw 2 describe out abt d jualan 2day...Xp
As u all knw lar, my "biao da neng li" nt gud. Jz skip it..XD
Hmm...Altot my dad very bc 4 his work bt stil being hlpful 2day.
He fetch me n MK go buy those jualan things...
1.Selayang buy fishball
2.Another place buy eggs
3.Stil lend out his office fridge put our things
4.Lend out pot oso
I can c tht u gt d heart 2 hlp us in our things. Thx dad!

Anyway, last Fri on d way went ttn, my books fall on road. ><
Its rainny day... My chem n add.math note book all wet...@.@
D whole Sat&Sun I jz bc 4 recopy chem note. 1na ciaoz liao!!
Copy non stop almost whole two days. Hand tired dao... ><
I need recopy all tht cuz those word r blur altot its dry dy.
Til nw I jz finish recopy chem note. Stil gt add.math hvn copy.
Bt nvm, its ok. I realy din blame any1. Jz as revision lor...XD
I din lik study de ma. Recopy those note would hlp me rmb...Xp
Oso gt brg benefit 2 me de la....XD
One more thing, this day our ttn teacher--Ms.Ng was fierce enuf.
Tis time she's angry jo I thnk...Xp She 1st time lik tht lerh.
She scld/talk wif strong tonation to us. I oso stunt tht time.
Walaaaaaau eh, she realy 1st time treat us lik tht lerh!!! @.@
I accept tht v realy gt wrg, bt jz no need... Err... Hmm...
I knw tht she's been patient enuf 2 us long time. Bt...Bt...
Actually I'm stil blur abt it, I cant tahan shld voice out.
Wat's wrg wif tht?! Is d 2 Sinar Bintang gurl din do h.w k!!
Nt us pls!! I gt do it lerh!! Bt, I'm sry 4 late come ttn.
Its realy my fault. Sry... Bt since I make d decision. So...
Sumore, I realy din gt d probability paper. Jz gt d table ny.
Argh, dun 1na mention it agn. K la, its alright. Ntg la...
I'm sry 4 say lik tht... Bt its my feeling, gonna tld out.
Tld out wil make me more comfortable. Hope u al dun k abt it.
It doesn't mean anyting. Aft tld out here, I'll 4gt thr...XD
Since its my blog, pls respect wat I type out here. Freedom~
Sry... Hope hu c tis wont kep in their heart n angry wif me.
Pls n Thx....XD

Ytd sumting hapen wif my sch shoes. Long stry,lazy mention out.
So, boro sch shoes wif fren...XD Boom dao lerh!! Wahahaha....
Ask fren brg me shoes on 2day morning n chg it b4 step in sch.
Geng lerh me n my fren~~ Hahaha...My parents oso boom dao...^^
Bt my dad say... I'm lucky to hv such a gud fren wor....=.=
Ask me treat my fren gud wor.... (Sure gt sum1 perasan thr jo)
Dad! I oso knw lar... Gud fren wil hlp u much if u gt trouble.
Hmm... Altot only boro a day, bt sure nid wash it 1st ny return.
But!!!! Only 1day me wear it, I din dirty it...Pls... I din!!
KNS!! I bath ard 30min ny, bt d shoes take me 1hr 2 wash. @.@
Seem lik d shoes bath time longer than me....Xp ><''' Haha...
D shoes oh, grey in colour de. I almost 1 take it "piao bai" dy.
Bt since its nt mine, no nid so du~~~~ dela.....XD Hahahaha...
N hor, inside oso very dirty. Water flow out greydish-black...Xp
I swear tht almost 11yr, my sch shoes din been lik tht dirty b4.
C d shoes dy knw its owner alwys cincai wash it ny la.....XD
U knw "re ji yue lei" d dirt on shoes sure hard 2 wash out dy la.
KNS!!! Realy KNS!!! "Mug Qi Ju Yan Yeng" u knw.... (In cantonese)
Sry ah... I knw u're very gud... I stil say u lik tht...Bt jz....
Jz voice out my opinion, comment ny la...XD Its doesnt mean...XD
Hahahaha... I knw u wont so smal gas de. U soooo good hor....Xp
Dun nxt time dun1 hlp me jo ah....^^ Anyway, thx much MWKT. XD
K la, tht's all 4 2day... Hope 2moro jualan anyting wil b ok.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gonna Burst like Red Blood Cell....Xp

Wow seem lik long time i din cum update my blog.....XD
Yup, I'm busy this few days...Xp Busy SDO~ing. Hehe...
Since 2day I din go sch & moody. I gonna write long blog.

19June (Sat)
As usual, went ttn early morning...Xp Its...Its...
Ehem, Mich seem lik nt so concentrate in class...Xp
After ttn, v wait Mk brought her curry fishball come.
Let us try 1st ma...XD Its awesome!! Realy nice...Xp
After tht went buy those RUKUN jualan things wif Mich.
Thx Mich's DAD 4 being soooo gud fetch us ard...XD
Fetch us go buy things n back. U're awesome!! Hahaha...
In conclude, Mich's DAD is btr thn Mich...Wahahaha....
Duno wat happen 2 d gens of Mich, diff frm her dad.(get it?)
Totally diff...>< Hahahaha....Xu~~ (ltr kena hantam kao kao)
Then, half way paying $$ received Shi Wei msg...*&$#@#$3@#
D jualan time chg. V gt wrg information... Zadao~~ @.@
Nvm thn, luckily d things v buy wont expired de....XD
Bt juz Mk thr, d fishball...So, v decided brg it 2 sch.
V ate it at sch...XD Jualan's buy ltr. My classmate...
Al after ate d fish ball oso say nice. Well done Mk! XD

20June (Sun)
Father's day...Went XIN CHUI WA LOU celebrated wif relation.
Jz a wasting of time 4 being hvn lunch 4 2&1/2 hour... ><
Bt, its nice, its deicious...Realy gt all "SAN ZHAN HOI MEI".
Hahaha... Long time din ate such food---abalone all tht...^^
After tht back dad's office. SDO SDO SDO SDO SDO SDO SDO....
SDO until 7sumting lik tht, pack dnner bek hse.
Lazy this day n choose 2 nt go sch on Mon...Xp

21June (Mon)
SDO whole day til din hv breafast n lunch. Soluted myself...Xp
Ard 6sumting, I cant tahan dy. I less energy til 1na faint. @.@
Thn, fast go bath & Dinner...XD

22June (Tues)
Went sch, knw most of my exam result dy... Sucks!!! Damn sad~~
I cant accept it!! I cant trust wat I saw n wat result I gt.
Its out of my expactation much!!!! Wth!!! Wth r me?!! Haiz...
PEARLY LIM!! Jz DESERVE it since u DIN WORK HARD for it!! ~.~
Suan la... I'm "sam tam" 4 d result dy. Duno wat 2 do 4 it dy.
Ah, sudden recall bek, sum1 had taught me special sentences.
Gek sam, Sam tam, Tam yu zhi shui....(In cantonese) XD
Haiz... I gonna crazy + burst of tht. Oh gosh!!! Hlp~~ Hlp~~
Spin me ard~~ U make me crazier~ crazier~ crazier!!!
N then SDO SDO abit....Xp

22June (Wed)
As same, go sch gt sum results...(refer back Tues tht post) XD
Its ok thn, after chating wif fren my mood is being ok...^^
Bt thn!!! At night!!! Argue wif mum!!!! Wth U!! Wtf U!! Rude!!
Al urs correct, al my fault!!! U C2pid asshole!!! D mind ar...
Haiz... Pity u... Sucks!!! Cant thnk properly...Sad of u...Hah!
I swear here!! Its realy nt my fault!! Its realy my mum fault!!
2day din go sch oso bcuz of her!! Brainless ppl!!! Argue dy...
Dun1 fetch me go sch!!! Md~~ C2pid lifeless brainless!! Idiot!!
Dun1 hlp me in my study nvm, bt cant u dun disturd my studies?!
Duno its a stranger or my mother?! Stranger oso btr I thnk...
Damn angry!!! Fire up d whole day!!! Gonna kil ppl!!! Fight!!
Wth!! Wtf!! C2pid dude!! C2pid asshole!! Brainless!! Idiot!!
K fine! PEARLY LIM!! Calm down... Calm down... Stop it fast!
Realy, its ok. Its fine. Its gone. Ntg dy. Stop angry of it.
She has no ability 2 let u angry her so long. Pls... Stop...
Only d person u k wil make u very angry altot small things.
Bt she's nt!! She's ET!! Rude!! Evil!! Brainless!! Wtf!!!
K stop!!! Calm down..... Until here... Tht's all...Relax~
Jz calm down n dun gt emotional pro bcuz of C2pid ppl!!!
Its enuf!!! Hold on PEARLY LIM!!! Enuf!!! Over!!! Relax!!
K fine! PEARLY LIM!! Calm down... Calm down... Stop it fast!
Realy, its ok. Its fine. Its gone. Ntg dy. Stop angry of it.
Phew~~~ Fire is under control....XD K! I'm fine!! Phew~~
Its pass, let it b d pass tenses. 4gt it....XD Smile~ :)

p/s : while u finish read it, pls dun gv any comment abt it.
I dun 1na 2 recal back those bad things. Pls n thx.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Very Super Hyper Busy...XD

This few days realy very busy 4 sum out going things...XD
Went Midvalley RED-BOX sing k wif Mich, Sweet n Yan. :)
Only 4 of us...@.@ Cuz WONG CATHERINE, PUT AEROPLANE!! Xp
When I reach KTM tht time only knw tht Cat cant come...~.~
Bt nvm... She gt her own reason which can b accepted...Xp
Hmm... Altot only 4 ppl went thr shop n sing k, bt is ok.
V go by KTM lerh... Washeh, me 1st time go out by KTM...XD
I mean wif fren n d KTM is sooooo many ppl n its hot...@.@
I lack of oxygen along d way back hse in KTM... X.X
Other than tht, its no place 4 us 2 stand. Walau eh! Jam!!
Malaysia KTM sucks!! Anyway, enjoy d day.....^^
Went Taylor College join d wat College one day life.^^
Hmm... Gt me, Mich, Meri, WTing, KKuan n YJuan go.
Kalye's dad fetch us go can say as half way,
Thn v take bus go in d Taylor Campus Lake Side? .....
Honestly d Taylor College was damn nice... Damn lik it.^^
D view realy very nice, facilities sure good lar. Hehe...
After tht v ponteng college, half way went Sunway Pyramid.
Wahaha... Hw dare v do tht...XD Err...V jz shop thr n...
Hmm..... Dun fel lik 1na say more on this.... #$@@%#$^#%^
After tht v back hse by KTM agn..... @.@ Same....
Malaysia KTM sucks!!!! XD
2day most of us went 4 d FOOD HUNT TOUR 2. Its realy fun...XD
Lazy 2 tld out d details frm here la. Jz realy very hyper fun.
Oh ya, had meet a new fren?! Can say as tht ah!? Haahaha....
Our team marshall which named LARA, 19yr, pretty, nice n good.
Haha...She came frm Melaka de. Hmm... So, nice 2 meet her...XD
This time v go n back thr by KTM oso...@.@ Agn agn....Xp
Malaysia KTM sucks!!!!!! XD

In conclusion, I very busy n tired this few days. XD
Alwys early in d morning went out n back hse at 6++pm.
Less time slp n rest...@.@ N b wif fren so long time.
Alwys face thm actualy quite sienz de lor..(Sry, joking la)
Hahaha...N enjoy d time when v r in KTM. Happen a lot fun things.
Yeah~~ Realy enjoyed it...^^ I 1na join it agn by nxt yr...Xp

Monday, June 14, 2010

Angry.......... X.X

Hmm... 2day work at aunt thr. Jz hlp her la...XD Enjoy working...^^
Cuz alwys stay at hse damn borin...Xp So, whole day din back grandma hse.
Tht's make me in trouble. Grandma doesnt lik I work wif aunt.
Once I back, can heard sis n grandma gossip abt it. Damn angry wei!!!
U knw wat my grandma say?! So cham ah, need work wif ppl...@.@ X.X
Zadao~ Work very cham meh?! I dun think so! At hse ntg do more cham lor!
Altot my grandma can say as treat me quite gud, bt once I heard this...
My body temperature straight increase til boiling point in short while!!
Den she juz non stop nagm ngam cham cham thr... Walau eh! I gonna burst!
My sis?! Its make me CrAzY!!!! She lik 2 add oil on fire...XD Wth....
In conclusion, jz nw I'm Very super hyper damn angry la!!! Such 2 ppl...
Wat thy say n do doesn make sense!!! Senseless!!! Piss off me~~
Anyway, as u all knw I'm so gud. Wont angry long time, Nw me ok dy...Xp
K la.... Tht's all...Gonna go slp.....
2moro hang out wif Mich them.... Weeee.... (Learn frm Wen Ting) XD
Hahahaha.. Nitez~~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pencil case lost jor.... : (

Jz nw went Jusco buy stationary, recall back my pencil case lost.....
I try 2 nt think of it bt I cant!! Its realy... I need 2 voice out here~
Thurs, gt stay back. After lunch wif yan thm, I leave my bag at Laman Maluri.
Thn I dare 2 go APD without carry my bag 2gether. I leave my bag thr few hour.
Whn d time I back, jz rush 2 take bag n din bother anythings. X.X Noob!!!
Altot I found tht my bag had open, bt I stil seem lik ntg, jz zip it back.
Wat the... Realy din think much tht time. Stupid lor me!! Hw blur me...@.@
Thn back hse wan do hw tht time only realised my pencil case lost jor. :(
I keep on finding, d hse almost wan let me turn up side down dy...Xp
I stil cant find it, thn only I recall back at sch whn I back tht time...
I guess it had been stolen or..... at sch!! Thn plan Fri go c gt or nt.
Ntg more, I jz hope thy take all d things, leave back d key chain 4 me enuf.
Unluckily, dun hv!!! Wat oso din hv!! It totally al lost jor!!! Omg~~ :(
Let me knw which c2pid fucker stole it!! U gonna die soon!! Damn angry~~~
I'm nt sad+angry of those stationary, I jz 1na take back MINE key chain!!!
Oh gosh!! Wat ppl is tht ar?! Stationary oso 1 stole ah?! No $ buy meh?!
If u 1 tld me lar!! I buy 4 u, bt jz return me MINE key chain... Grr~~
As my classmate knw, hw I k abt d key chain. XDD Xp =.= =.=lll
Altot thy 1na touch\c\hold it, I oso nt so allowed one ah!! XDDDDD
D key meaningful...Its invaluableners...Its important 4 me!
Owh~~~ I'm very dissapointed 2 myself... Hw can it happen ah?! :(
I very super hyper damn freaking dissapointed wif myslef... Grr~~ @.@
Til nw I stil sad of it...Xp fren... I'm nt purposely de.
I knw every1 stil hv it jz me lost it...Its my mistake...I k-less...
Yee yer, sudden fel gt a bit geli tim say til lik tht...Xp Haha...
Bt, its real la!! I realy sad of it lar!! Haiz... Mayb its destine.
If any1 c it jz return it 2 me pls.... I wil very thanked you...XD
Bt.... I think smal chance 2 gt it back... :( @.@ X.X Hoping~~~
Hoiyo!! Stop! Sound weird me, y sudden so sad of it?! Sot jor...Xp
K, put a side...Xp Skip....
Haiz!! 2moro alone at grandma hse... Sienz... Borin lik hell... X.X
Cuz my grandma went hospital few days 2 do some treatment. Me alone~~
Lunch n dinner oso shld gao dim myself... Poor me~~ Pity pity... ><
Bt, nvm... I'm planing 2 watch agn d 谈情说案 2moro....XD (Sot jor)
No choice, I ntg do... Forced 2 c agn since I lik it...Xp
I knw u al shld say do hw at hse la! Thn wont borin lor! Bt 4 me...
I wil choose sit thr dreaming more than go do hw.... I'm lazy...Xp
Since d movie can let me diam diam sit thr, I'll use d chance...Xp
I'll do my hw while watching d movie...Xp Hahaha... K, tht's al.
Every1 nitez~~~

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Friday, its our sch teacher day...Its fun..XD
Especially d part Pn.Sugi, Mr teoh thm act....
Wahahaha... Its realy gud!! Its awesome!! Xp
Bt very tired lo, duty stand 4 whole day...XD
Bt nvm la, its worth!!! Its worth!!! Cuz....Xp
Hahahaha.... K then, night go Yit How hse BBQ.
Cuz celebrate Yit How n Kai Seng Birthday...^^
It's fun oso...Then ard 12am, Juan fetch us back.
2day fel gt a bit blur...Tired all d day... ><
Thn almost whole day stay at grandma hse... :(
Bt its ok I gt movie 2 watch (谈情说案) .... XD
Its realy damn damn damn nice wei.... I lik it!
Its awesome!! D way they settle those kes....
Omg! Very geng n YeNg.... Owh... Solute!! XD
Aiya, lazy type much la... Tht's all...@.@

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I cant accept it!!!! I gonna crazy.... : (

Well, 2day realy happen some unexpected things 2 me.... :(
1st of all, I realy very super hyper damn freaking angry...
Cuz of sum1!! C2pid asshole u!!! Wth... Wtf... Cant u juz...
I oso lazy 2 write out al d story... Tis time I realy angry jo!
Cant u jz think urself b4 saying ppl?! U gt brain! U very geng!
Me brainless!!! Me stupid!!! Me din think b4 I make any decision!
Bt!!! Hu can prove tht I realy....?!! N u C2pid asshole!!!! Wtf...
U tot hu r u?! U dare 2 say so, n u scld it loudly in public! Md~
Even my parents oso din say so sharp 2 me...U tot u gt layak 2 say so?!
U think if I tld my parents la, wat gonna happen 2 u?!
Can u deserve it ah?!! U gt tht ability 2 deserve it or nt?!!
Pls mind ur language la wei... Dun so low class la! Respect wei~~~
I realy very seldom argue wif fren til lik tht delo... X.X
U can say as very cheap 1 jo la...Can realy make me angry lik hell!
Pls la!! Dy knw many ppl dun lik ur atitude, pls chg la...Smart la!!
Ur lucky can hv such fren who gt tht ABILITY 2 make me calm down.
U lucky!! U realy lucky!! N me?! K, lsten 2 my fren, jz 4gt abt it.
I do so nt mean I scare u or wat... Jz bcuz I listen 2 my FRIENDS!!

2nd..... This one worst than 1st one..... 555...Haiz...><...@.@
Owh~~ Its damn sad 2 say so...My gudness!! My god!!Jesus!! Argh!!
I....I...I....I...I.... Haiz!!! Gonna crazy!!! I cant accept it!!!
Oh man~~~ Omg!!! I cant believe wat I saw n knw b4... Walau eh!!
I'm injuries....Xp Badly injuries... Badly hurt... @.@...
I'm gonna crazy!!! I realy cant accept it!!! Washeh!!! I...Haiz...
I cant accept wat my mind is thinking! I cant accept wat I had knw!
Walau ehhhhhhh.... X.X DRAG ME TO THE HELL.....Xp
Conclusion--> 2day surpose b early back hse. Dun stayback btr...:(
Its real!!!! I realy ...... Dissapointed~~~~~ Wif u....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bye bye exam.... Hello holiday....Xp

Yeah!!! Finally exam gone.... Bye bye luuuu....
Hahahaha..... Holiday coming....XD weeEE~~~
Hang out! Hang out!! Hang out!!! XD...=.=...~.~
2day happen sumting make me very very paiseh...Xp
Hvn try b4 lerh, bt fun oso la....Hahaha.....XD
1st, recess time, car put a rolled paper on michelle noodles.
Then knw our imagination dela, heard sum funny things n...
I spout out rice frm mouth 2wards michelle thm. Hahaha...
Hmm...2nd things is...如此如此,这般这般. =.= Hahaha...Skip!
3rd is d most I cant accept its happen 2 me. Walau eh...XD
Ehem ehem ehem..... Hem hem hem...Hmm...Finish my story...
Hahahaha...So paiseh de things, dun feel lik 1na tld out la.
Knw dy de ppl, u btr shut up!! Hahaha... Respect wei...><
K la, tht's all I write, 4gt jor wan write wat tim..><
Suan la, lazy type blog oso.... Byeeeee...Xp