Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sem break = Holidaysssss??

Finally started my break a week liao. Our "dearly" lecturer give many holiday worksssss. Gonna mad at them! Got lots of homework but don't know why don't have the mood to do. Maybe I'm just born to be last minutes feller. Haha... Anything lar, lifeless wasting time at house day by day. Twinkle of eye, 1 week passed without doing any USEFULL stuff. Lol... And so UNluckily, dad use my car because he haven got his new car yet! Aiyerrrrr... People most need car during holiday de lor. :(

Done quite much stupid things recently, my stupidity increases therefore it lower my EQ. Lol... I also don't know what I want, I'm lost control. I'm pissing off... My brain damage... I don't wanna... I dislike... I'm sick... Please don't bother... It only will get hurt...