Monday, June 25, 2012

Fire burned

Feel so lifeless nowadays, bored until brain a bit blur already. Last Friday went Manjalara park jogging with Carmen Heng. Hehe. Thanks for willing accompany me!! During thie 2months+ break I had a some plan for myself to keep FIT? Haha. Hmm...

And Satirday!!!! Went movie with Ls at tesco... What we watch??
tada dala dala datdat tada dala dala datdat circus dat dat circus datdat...

 Hahahaha... Yea, we watched Madagascar3

From now onwards, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will go for jogging and gym, while Saturday is badminton. Wahaha. Don't know why feel very motivated to go for all that. Hope it is not 3min heat. Haha. Anyways, i do success in my plan. Today went Manjalara jogging n gym for second time. Then still go Ls house for Wii yoga. Super duper tired, exhausted! Pray hard tomorrow my whole body wont muscle pain so that I can continue my plan on Wednesday. Hehe.