Friday, May 9, 2014

7 MAY - Happy 21st Birthday to ME! Haha...

Happy 21th Birthday to me! Yoohoo… Officially went into an adult world. Don’t know should feel happy or sad. @@ Late update my birthday post due to my laziness and tired. Anyway, later better than don’t right? Hehe. Well, Wednesday afternoon I went sing k at LoudSpeaker KD with my unimates. At first, we plan to sing from 11am-2pm but some of them late come so we extended to 5pm. Crazy enough! @@ Enjoy and had a lot of fun during this sing k session. Hahaha. A must to mention, friend A n B were trying to cross railings on roadside, friend A facilely passed it but friend B get stuck due to his “not thin” body size. Seriously, laugh my ass out wey! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay okay, don’t so bad Pearly! Hehe. Ahemm… Come to the appreciation part, thanks Tarn Sheng for attending this sing k session, thanks Danny for the Adidas tumbler and thanks Vincent for the Sakae Sushi, Bowling and Cake treat.

Adidas bottle from Mr Danny

Adidas t-shirt from Ling Sze

Nike jersey from Eelyn, Carmen, Sharon and Emily

Cow leather bracelet from Yew Xin, Min Hua, Kalye and Wen Ting

Ok let’s talk about the night part. After I fetched them all back KDU, and then I quickly rush back grandma house bath and NAP. I don’t know why once I back home I am dead tired. Around 7.45pm Ling Sze fetches me to Publika and the party begins. Haha. We had our dinner at Ben’s, as tradition birthday song singing part then everyone BYE BYEEEE. I understand, because it is a weekdays so probably most of them have class or wok the next day therefore we can’t have second round. =(  Well, due to everyone include myself also tired so the dinner ended at around 10.30pm. Haha. Oh yea, the scrapbook... I am really surprised on this and feel touched. this is what I want long time ago but just I don't say it out. The 1st birthday scrapbook is made by Xin Yan which make me always take out, flip it, read and recall memories. You don't know how great it feels when you're reading all those notes and your mouth automatically =) HAHAHA. Now i got my 2nd birthday scrapbook with DAMN DAMN DAMN a lot peoples included. Thanks! Besides thanks I really don't know how. Ok, let the pictures talk!

Group photo of the night. WE, US! xD

My superwomen aka organizer! Hehe.

The most valuable thing in my life - Birthday's scrapbook

Anyway, you all know me well that I dont know how to express much on my feelings and appreciation towards you all. Sooooo... Thanks my brotha and sistasss! I Haha! Once again...


No excuses... Keep moving to be a better person Pearly! You can do it! =)