Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 6 of sem break

This few days keep go One Utama shopping, eat, movie and bowling. Haha. First is pre birthday celebration, second is farewell then is just go to kill time. LOL. Spent quite a lot this few days. @@ Time to control Pearly Lim. =)  Changed my guitar string today. Hehe... Thanks m size driver! Haha. Watched Spider Man2 3D today, a not bad movie. Sum up for this few days = saturated! What an adjective... Lol. Well, we know what we did, god's watching, we will either get rebate or revenge. It's all begin with the letter "R". Good luck peeps! Imma watching... ;)

To do list for this holidays :
1. Exercise more
2. Eat clean
3. Touch up guitar skill
4. Produce a lyrics
5. Finish a book

*Hope I can do what I listed   ><