Monday, May 5, 2014

Five Five Two Zero One Four

Got no idea on what to put as title so... Haha.

First of all, Imma came out with my very FIRST own lyrics. Yayyy! Managed to write a whole song lyrics and now still figuring the melody part. Hope I really can successfully compose the song with the help of my partner. Hehe.

Today accidentally went KDU work and my friend told me he wanna go Tropicana City Mall to buy things, so I decided to follow since I also got my personal stuff to do there. Who know he said buy things actually is to buy my birthday present. Lol. I was shocked when he said he went several shops to find jersey for me but he dont dare to buy because scare I dislike the design. Lol. So, today purposely CHEAT me go and choose myself. Once I heard that, I was scolding him... "Are you mad? Jersey so expansive! No need la." He said RM100+ ma, as long you happy and he feel that 21st birthday is very important. Touched. @@ Haha. He even told that he already prepared debit card to pay and ask me no worry about the price. ==''' At last get a Adidas bottle as my 21st birthday gift la. Haha... Thanks a lot Danny!

Feel so great to know new friends through KDU student helpers. No regret of joining this because the environment of working is too awesome. Haha. Besides knowing a lot of good friends, the happiness while working is hard to describe. This is the first time I work until so happy and comfortable. Where to get a job with good pay and come work or go home whenever you want? Where to get a job that you can actually work and chat with whole gang of friends all the time? Where to get a job that you can play games, listening songs and Facebooking while working? KDU student helper can! HAHAHA! Oopss... Well well, I will try to be a responsible worker ok? Appreciate every moment I have now... Thanks! =)

Lastly, a picture of me working in the office! xD