Thursday, May 1, 2014

3weeks breaks like FINALLY!!!

Ok, I am too lifeless until I can remember I have a blog AGAIN. =='''
Well, sem break officially started yesterday. Yoohoo~ Realized I am the most free people among all the friends. Dammit... This is so sadddddd... Should figure out a way to keep on improving myself and fulfill all my time. Hng. Actually half of the emotional problems is due to my next semester stuff. I gonna take that freaking fu**ing RESEARCH METHODOLOGY subject. Haiz... Looking on how the seniors suffer and survived from that, I can feel the stress is waving at me. Lol. Plans on and off, I cant take it. Shooooo SICK. Few more days, I gonan feel the same as last year. Deserve it Pearly Lim! Deserve it badass... LOL.