Sunday, May 18, 2014

SUFFERING process of migraine

Sunday went KDU work for education fair as usual. While driving, I start feel something pulling on left side of my head. My first though was migraine? Nola also one and half years didn't happen already, so I continue drive towards KDU. Unfortunately, once I reach KDU, dammit!! Its really migraine, pain like shit and suffer like... INDESCRIBABLE! Then luckily called Ling Sze come and pick me up. Thanks a lot babe! Only her know about mine condition and can make me feel comfortable and relief. Sorry for making the guys worrying there but cant do anything to help me. Lol. At last went clinic for injection due to the serious pain. Damn no image because of no strength vomit here and there and rest/sleep here and there. I got no choice. HAIZ.

Thursday planned to buy all the materials and print all the wishes to decorate Ling Sze's room for her 21st birthday celebration. UNFORTUNATELY, migraine attack me again. Haiz. Sad. So, dad bring me go clinic for injection to release and relief the pain.

Friday once wake up at 10am. MIGRAINE attack me AGAIN! Got no choice this time dad sent me go DPC SimeDarby hospital. Went in their emergency for almost 2hours... That process is really really suffering then admitted. Haiz again. Go through all the MRI scan for brain and neck bla... Then forced to pass everything of my plan to Carmen and Eelyn to finish it. Thanks! While all my friends enjoying celebration out there, ME ALONE suffering in the hospital. How sad is that. GOD YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! No choice Pearly Lim, deserve it. :'(

Saturday reports out, brain nothing no tumors and all. YAY! Butttttt... Neck bone got something wrong. NAY! The behind neck and shoulder bone, one of it deep inside and pressing down the nerve which linked to brain, cause brain high blood pressure and blood vessels cramp, blood cant flow smoothly in brain and cause serious pain. Its hard to explain clearly here. Once i show u all the X-ray and explain face to face is easier. So, rushing the doctor to let me discharge at night. I SUCCESS! Haha...

Sunday feel so happy when I am home. So sad to say that I migraine again. This time I took the medication prepared by doctor and called Dr.Guna to help me to relief the pain. She keep remind me not to get angry and stress, need chillax and breathe. LOL. I need to bear it until Friday to meet another spinal chord specialist. Dr.Guna said she will gave me one week MC to rest, but I don think I need it. Skip one week class will have a lot to catch up. HAIZ and SIGH for my life now.

What else I have to go through? What obstacles god still wanna challenge me? I am tired~  Really really tired... :(