Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today did things that I never do long time before which is go Ling Sze's house study and do homework. Say until so nice, homework got do dao meh?? Lol... Hehe... Around 6.30pm, went Klang dinner with family, ate many seafood. Yummy~! Then went I city, an awesome place. Haha... Fun and a nice place to took pictures. Almost like fun fair? Got things to play but RM50 per person. Its resonable price la, unlimited play all ma. Haha...

Having badminton selection with Eryn, Minh, Jiuan and Kevin. Just go for fun only la, so many pro there. Haha... After that rush to Constance house to celebrate Jia Huey, Peter and Kevin's birthday. We having BBQ and got 4 birthday cakes. Geng lerh? Haha... Seriously and honestly, the chciken wings that night is the best compare to what I ate before. Hehe...

I drive Lalitha, Harjashen go Ling Sze's dad office. Hmm... First time drive so far at Shah Alam there? We went there because her dad have what celebration "hoi gong zao". Eat and watch lion dance, its different style, drunk lian dance. Haha... After that fetch them back kdu then only me and Ling Sze back house.

Many unexpected things happen this few days but I feel great with it. Thanks and I appreciate it. :)